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Cease Naming Teams and Team Mascots After American Indians.

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Betty Hutton – Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (1945Light Orchid

         The MLB commisssioner as well as the NFL commissioner should issue an edict that each and every major league team should come up with a new name for their Team that no longer included then name nickname or anything related to American Indians. That should  include names such as  ‘The Braves’ The Tribe “as well as The Indians” Its beyond politicaly correctness at this juncture in time & its just down right not nice…Also  included should be the name ”Padres” what if a team was named ”Rabbis’ I personally wittnessed Olympic Skaters  proforming outfits using Holocaust  prisoners uniforms as custume themes . What if a team was using such names as The N.Y. Jews  or       The Philadelphia Italians we would see the folly in the names right away .I feel it high time for a time for a change..I think originally when the names came to be  no bias, perjarative or ill will was intended …but this is today & and a fund should be set up by the Commissioners office to pay for any & all costs that may be incured when a perspective team changes it’s name due to this ruling. Bottom line…. ITS GOT TO GO !
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List of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous Light Orchid
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Ending the Era of Harmful “Indian” Mascots | NCAILight Orchid
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The Better the Commercial the Crappier the Product

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Julius La Rosa – Eh, Cumpari –Light Orchid


I see commercials for resturants and products all the time and this I will tell you from experience and common sense..The Better the commercial the crappier the product.
I see Olive Garden…the best advertising ever,same goes for Panera and McDonalds..but beware..I always say with all the fabulous Italian Eateries in the Metro N.Y.area  why would anyone sober choose this place ?…If I was in a famine area starting to death and  some came up to me & said”here  have some Olive Garden ” I would  say ‘ no thanks  I’ll starve”.Same goes for Dominos and all those chain pizzza places…Ever see the Dominos commercial?  That’s the most  ugliest crust that I ever saw..it looks like a burnt  Boboli  Crust. Unfortunately the list goes on & on sad to say most  folks don’t care..If the public would  walk out after their meal & leave the dinner plate basically uneaten then maybe the boss would get get the message  & say “Gee maybe I need a new chef or some different  receipes, but if everyones licking their plates clean then why should they change ? Good places rely on word of mouth to further their reputation as a greatplace… So remember  the Better the commercial the losier the place or product !
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Mangano Taxpayers Demand No Cuts in Services For Nassau County Instead Hand out Pink Slips

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  The Nassau County Taxpayer  pays amoung the highest taxes in the nation…The taxpayer would like no services cut instead start handing out pink slips to all those unneccesary workers who maintain political patronage  jobs.. The county work force is employee heavy at the taxpayer exspence.  When ever You receive a telephone call at election time and the caller urges you to go out and vote..that caller is a party member and is looking to either move up at his county job or get a better one thats all nothing more .and no mistake about it its not in your interst only the callers.
  A lot of uneccsary waste can and should be cut like all those free to the public concerts at  certain  parks.. the proformers   that the county   books  are old has beens” Cadavers of the entertainment field”cut them out not bus service.  Many low wage worker cannot aford a car and use buses. Please don’t  penelize the working poor buy cutting bus services..Just how are they to get to work ? Theres a lot of feather betting jobs on the payroll ..hand them pink slips.. 40 years ago when interest rate was 18%   civil service pensions were recouped in 3 years today at 1% its never recouped . A worker can start working  for thecounty at 18 work 20 for years and  recieve their pension and live on  & collect for 50 years ,,solution  no pensions for new employess/plus no double dipping,if you retire from one county job make sure that that same indivisial doesn’t start working  at another county job.
 Why should the taxpayer  pay for the years of inept mismagement by the county ?
Mangano donor gets $5M in Nassau County contracts, records show …Light Orchid


Mangano proposes $3.8 million cut in NICE bus funding | NewsdayLight Orchid
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Chasidim and Orthodox are Not The Barometer of Whats Acceptable in Judaism

        Chasidim and most Orthodox Today  are not the barometers of what  Judiasim is all about today. For that matter either is The Conservative movement,Reform ,Reconstructionist,  Karaite or any Stream of Judaism is the final word on Jewish practice today. When I was growing up in the 1950’s the term ”Orthodox ” was a relatively new term in Jewish culture, To this day when I hear the word Orthodox I think of  Greek Orthodox not anything Jewish.. It wasn’t basically untill he suburbs were built in the 1950’s that it came about . Cars are forbidden to be driven on Sabbath ,this stems from the fact that A horse or a beast of burden must have a day off  when ever a Sabbath or Holiday occurs as well.   Well  I say a car is not a horse but the so called Rabbinical authorities will stand firm on that restriction. Be that as it may ,the newly suburban Synogogue congreation  needed some sort dispensation ior permission to use their cars to get to Synogogue as it was far to far to walk..The Rabbis  wouldn’t go for it and so a new approach was put forth and  the conservative movement of sorts  which already enjoyed some success in England although under a different name was adopted. Cars were now permitted to drive to drive to and from The Synogogue  on Sabbath ,However a name for this new approach was needed..In the begging the  old movements Rabbis wanted to now call their orginal Jewish  Synagogues” Tradional ” but the new group insisted that they also are Traditional so a  mutual agreement was reached that the original will call themselves “Orthodox” and the new way ”Conservative” as to conserve Judaism. For the most part the  Conservative movement employees  the same amount of relgiousasity, its differences lie mainly in the change of protocol  concerning the Synagogue  services & purpose of speeding up this post I shall omit the other  differences.
The reform movement  had its beginnings in Germany in 1840. Intermarriage was frequent and to try stop that certain changes were made.The organ was brought in the Shull like a church , no more    head coverings , an abrevaited service and it was done in German. When the  German Jews immagrated to America they brough with them their Concept of their Reform Synogoue however sevices were now conducted  in English.
In N.Y.C in 1950’s you would be hard pressed  to find a conservative Synogogue thou I’m sure  some may have existed at that time although Reform temples there were a few . I lived in Flushing there was a very immpresive large temple named the Flushing free Synagogue . My father informed me that wasn’t for us &  said basically its for German Jews Not East Eurouoean Jews though that is no longer the case today . You did have Shepardic and Ashchenazic synagogues   at that time but only “orthodox ” today their are no Sephardic  conservative Synagogues  however all conservative Synagogues use the  Sephardic  pronouniation  In my parents time 1940’s a religious Jewish woman would marry a not so inclined man who was not religious  and they made a family it made no difference..thats not the case today the religious Jews only marry amoung the selves only.
In my time every mainstream as Jew  would practice  I would characterize as not reformed Judaism but if I may term it as a relaxed form of Judaism…you married,had a bris ,pidy haben,scholarship on Hebrew including BarMitzvah ,observed Jewish Burial traditions including shiva, said Kaddish for 11 months ,may not have light Shabbus Candles but always lit Yarhzite candles had Holiday dinners Such as Rosh Hashanah & Seders (although  my mother started her marriage with a kosher home eventually  abandon  kosher but  always  strictly  observed Pasach having a formal Seder ,Left work early on high holy day & Stayed home on high holidays.Growing up in N.Y.C.every Jewish kid always took off on each and every Jewish Holiday,we may not have attended services but had a mini vacation just the  same. Today the Orthodox are very strict & not too tolerant or respectful of  any  other streams of Judiasms practices or beliefs. It”s my opinion that the New so called ” Orthodox “of today have hijacked the Jewish Relgion from the old mainstream Jews like me.
What bothers me is that every Synagogue now uses the Shepardic Pronouniation not the Ashkenazic as I was schooled in.I don’t know about you but it irks me when I hear the Sabbath Braided Egg Bread being pronouced “Challah “it should be pronouced “Challey…I was having a discussion on Facebook with someone and also  I took issue with  the way they pronouce  Rush Hashanah  & Yom Kipper …  Today people say Rowsh Hashanah and Yom Kipoor ( spelling incorrect in order to demonstrate pronouciation)  .She then  went on to say that its not exactly the Shepardic Pronouniation but Haredi one..What is that I enquired ?  She went on to say that the  Haredi  version sounds better and sounds more like the original Hebrew Spoken in  Ancient Judea, I said it sounds phoney & putting on airs  and then asked her what tape recording do you possess from 2,000 years ago that you can make that statement./end
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Town of Hempstead’s Santino’s Big B.S. PR Move at Train Stations Parking Lots.

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Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor Anthony Santino has issued a ruling that clean engine cars will get a priority parking spot at certain L.I.R.R Parking lots..What a bunch of B.S..While the Town of Hempstead unelected board just gave away the store with this Green Acres Mall Developers on Valley Stream,it appears that this crap is nothing more than damage control.
While  Homeowners have grown old and gray  waiting for new Sidewalks ,Aprons and Curbs this is the P.R.crap we have to hear. Does it make any sense that if can afford a $35,000 new clean car you  will received preferential  treatment at R.R. parking lots but if your  amoung the working poor & only  afford an old clunker..”to bad  so sad “
The mailings from the T.O.H officials cost a small fortune to send out with the P.O. this  just  a total waste of taxpayers hard earned money.The Town  has to take  long hard look and reassess itself  .
We want closure and accountability on this Green Acres Mall Developers  tax give away..We want updated roads and  more scrutiny on contacts to those who received  contracts to service  the Town..And we want it now !


Whoever Heads The Veterans Administration…Don’t Hold Your Breath For Any change

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     Sarah Palin has been tapped by Donald Trump to head the VA. The outcry of disaproval is loud and clear, but let us tell everyone the Facts of Life. While we all heard the old expression “a new broom sweeps  clean “We would bet our bottom  dollar  it’s  not going to happen. First off The top Escalon  are all  the high level and mid level employees most likely are not going anywhere they will most likely be kept around as not  to loose the time in for their pensions & will continue on the VA’s Employ untill they put in for their retirement papers. Secondly  no lower level workers will see a pink slip.They are either Political Appointees or  Union & its harder than pulling teeth to send them to the Unemployment  line..Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan along with the AirTraffic Controller  firing just not going to happen in 2017.

Thirdly the VA lures  Doctors and Nurses  to work for them with huge sign on bonuses and the VA is not going to throw way their investment.  Lets clue in  all the workers in the VA’s employ..The VA does not exsist so the workers an make a living but to serve the Veteran..thats all.


Whats The Story With All The Faulty Zippers On Jackets Today ?

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Ruth Etting – Button Up Your Overcoat (1929)Light Orchid

 We would all like to find the answer as what  with all the faulty zippers on todays jackets? Why are Zippers seperating from the track mid way down making it a hassel to some how  zipper  it all the way up . This never occured years ago in the 1950″s, To the 198o”s.

Whether the Zipper is either plastic or metal it doesn’t seem to matter .  Its not a workable item today anymore.. Then there is the dual Zipper,Ive yet been able to master its proper way of use. and why in the world do some manufacters reverse the zipper on the left side instead of the right.. are these reverse zippered jackets intended for markets outside U. S. and by the way it runs  about  $35 to either repair or relace a  Jacket Zipper.

My advise to you is buy a jacket with buttons if your able to find one.


State or Federal Gov’T Should Take Over Nassau County

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 The Government and for the moment I’m  speaking of the county and town  governments of Nassau County. There are 3 Towns,Hempstead, North Hempstead & Oyster Bay , 2 cities Long Beach and Glen Cove,64  incorporated village & 100 unincorporated villages should be Federalized or taken over by the state.
I don’t know what you think, But We  here at The Lerman Report. Com  think the varius Municipal Governments are totally out of control. None of these Municipal Entities exsist for the purpose of it elected officials non-elected officals, civil  servants and political appointees to make a living..They exsist  soley to run the  government thats all. Enough is enough the politicians are giving away the store just self serving without any forthought for the Hardworking Taxpayer. The brakes have to be put on the wasteful spending..start by giving out pink slips to plum political patronege jobs..more scrutiny on each and every  company that does  work for  various   Gov’ts within & Nassau County.
30 years ago interest rate on a CD was 18% the municipalities made back  their input to  the civil pensions in 3 years..today interest is less than 1% .Today a Civil servant works for 20 years retires at 38 and with the lifespan & longevity the way it is can live up  to 90 and collect for 50years..Uterly  Outrageous! The extra fee on  moving violations ,the red light cameras,the speeding cameras,the Town of Hempstead giveaway to the Green Acres Mall Developers  voted by a non elected board and dont tell us that something of this magnitude didn’t pass muster with the higher ups? Managno and Venditto (Oyster Bay Town Supervisor)under federal incitement. Not only did the politicians sell out the future of this once great County but the present as well..Time for a big shakeup.


Additional Fee Proposed For Tickets In Nassau County

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        Dick Powell – With Plent Of Money and You     Light Orchid  –


    Nassau County Executive Ed mangano has  proposed an additional fee which will be added on in addition to the actual ticket cost of a moving motor vehicle violation which is slated to go to fund police overtime & rising  Police salaries.. Why should should Mr. And Mrs. Motorist pay for the county’s mismanagement of our taxes .We in Nassau County pay amoung the highest taxes nationwide,let the politician’s’start giving out  some pink slips & layoff some feather betting  jobs along with all the other plum political patronege jobs and save us from this fee. Its bad enough that I our  auto insurance carriers tie into the DMV computor and when they see that we were ticketed our insurance  rates go up. This new fee lends itself to perhaps overzealous police officers to  engage in a speed up of some kind  issuing more tickets  since the  extra revenue goes to  fund the  Police in one way or another…
We here at the Lerman Report would like to see  The N.Y. State troopers take over all  patroling on each and every state road in The County.. We are paying into the State coffers for thier services ..lets utilize them..also You can replace a Policeman with an Emt to arrive at an auto accident to take down the info ..You don’t need a high priced Police Officer to do that.Also  ever read your  tax bill ..well the Police Brass take a  very big chunk out of the tax pie.They  deserve a cut  and out whatever the savings derived from that put towards the Rank and File Officers. Also cut starting back on Salary & pension give aways for top Brass .This fee is nothing but a crying shame on the motorist back…enough is enough..time to vote them all out of office..they no longer have our interest at heart.
Mangano Proposes $10 Fee On Nassau County Traffic Tickets ..Light Orchid