What Ever happened To Thousand Island Salad Dressing ?

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   What Ever happened To Thousand Island Salad Dressing and other Great tasting ones such as French and Catalina ? Thay have been replaced by Mediocore  Flavor Dresings such as Balsalmic Vinegar, Honey  Mustard and Ranch.   I don’t think that that the public really wants it that way but thats the stuff all the resturants are pushing and serving.   I recently orderd a nice chefs salad and the dreesing that the gave me was Dejonaise’
     Even when I go to a Italian Resturant & order an Antipasto Salad..its not the same that made them famous..Onece I ordered an Anti Pasto Salad & when it was seved to my table it had no lettuce..just meats. I remember when you oreded an Antipasto salad it  contained on a bed of Lettuce..Beets ,Hard Boiled Egg, Marinated Artichock ,large Green Oluive ,Large Black Olive . Slice of Roasted  Red Pepper, slice of Oinion,some Egplant appetizer(caponata) Anchovies,Celery Stalk.Capicola  & Prosciutto Ham Genoa Salami & Provolone…it was truley a feast.
Today they give you practicly nothing.. chopped up beets . mostly 99% of the above mentioneds stuff are missing …its not what made it famous. Even Panera  Bread is pushing a clean menu ..yes a clean menu of flavorles dressings ..I yearn for the way it used to be..this is progess ?  Its the dumbing down of American Tastes.


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Recind The Giveaway to Green Acres Developers and Do it Now !

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       Listen We saw on T.V.the Valley Stream Home Owners marching at the Town of Hempstead on town hall voicing their opposition to the grant give away to the Owners of the Green Acres Mall at  home owners exspence..Each & every Valley Steam homeowner s taxes will now go uow from $850 to $ 1500 per year.. Like we stated in an earlier post a non elected Board voted it through..Don’t tell us that the Higher Up Elected officals knew nothing of this deal untill it hit the newspapers.
.Something of this  maganitude had to pass muster with the higher up Elected Offcials. Hempstead Town Supervisor  Anthony Santino along with othre elected higher ups claimed that they were not in the loop..You believe that? We at the Lerman Report.Com find it hard to fathom that they were held in the dark..A full investigation by a Fully Independent Procector is  in order…Any  malfeasance by any official elected or appointed  or Employee must go under the microscope & if any wrong doing is found..procecute them & put them in prision./end


N.Y.C. Landlord-Tenant Court Must Tilt in Favor of Landlord For Change

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      N.Y.C .Tenent  Court is way tilted in favor of the deadbeat Tenent make no mistake about it. A tenent can stop paying  rent for any reason whatsover even if doesn’t involve Landlord  neglect or malfeasance and the courts will always tilt in the tenants favor..
        We Personaly know of an owner of a two family house, he bought a 2 family house as opposed to a single family home to help him  pay the morgage. Well the tenent was a good tenent on good term with his landlord which lived in the upstairs section  …then the tenant had some sort of brainstorm as to make his rental apartment a condo..”That’s out of the question the said the landlord ” the tenent then stopped paying any further rent. The landlord then shut off the electric..the tenant went the police & ..the complained ..the police told the  landlord he can’t do that as the  tenent has kids & he must keep the electric on. Every time that they went to court  the tenent received an exstention to further  stay at the  apartment rent free.The landlord argues that he has a morgage  obligation . .doesn’t  matter it always falls on deaf ears.
       Its high time that the Landlord is considered over the deadbeat Tenent . These deadbeats know  exactly what their doing . . What the deadbeat Tenents are doing paramounts to a grifter scam.  They do this all the  time  after this  poor soul  of a landlord gets taken they  will  move on & rent another place  & do the samething to the new Landlord.
       The courts never learn.. We could go on & tell you case after case  mirroring the above situation that we just describ.Oh by the way the deadbeat Tenent stayed rent and electric free for  3 years…
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Regulate Fish Farming….

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We remember back in the day circa 1950 -1960’s Every Friday resturants accommoded those who had to refrain ftom meat..You could  get all the flounder or  fried shrimp you can eat  at a place such as Grants for 69 cents. When you ordered Shrimp Marininara you didnt get 4 or 5 shrimp like you get today..It was loaded with shrimp..Same goes  Shrimp with Lobster Sauce at Chinese Resturant.
We were told that Shrimp  prices would drop with the advent of Fish farming particularly with its main stays  such as Shrimp & The Smoked Fish industry consisting mostly of  Lox ,Sturgeon and such items..Today the Farm raised fish is no cheaper ,You’d be lucky  if you get 5 shrimp on any shrimp dish in any resturant . .and Lox the color  has to be added  after its retrieved from the  Fish farm as the  Orange color only occurs when they swim upstream.
The sad  thing  is that  they often  feed these Farmed Fish  Pig Dung (crap)..At least  whats arriving  from China and We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it’s done here in the U.S.A .also.Heavy regulayion and legislation is well over do so this is never done here . Just how  healthy is farm raised Fish anyway . .You be the Judge.
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Time To Change Shopping Cart Procedure in America…

      I  remember  when some brain trust came up with the bright idea to have the  shoppers put a quarter in the Coral  in order to get a shopping cart & in order to get your  Quarter      back you have had to return it to the coral..The Shoppers  rejected that system and looked for other  Supermarkets to do their shopping….it didnt work. I  haven’t been  to Florida in a while ,but when I was there I used to l used to like to shop at Publix  Supermarkets they had a system….Your  shopping cart with your  groceries went to the  left of the cashier & the shopper went to the right on a sort of circular cash out counter .  The bagger was on your left bagged your groceries as the cashier  rung them up & brought  them out to your car (a good deal of the time the bagger was a  retired senior citizen) No tipping allowed..if you tipped the bagger bringing it to your car ..they lost their job . .at least thats what I understood that occurred perhaps  I was wrong on that  but no one ever tipped.Hence no shopping carts and no more dings.


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Dont Let Them Tell You Different..Supermarkets Can Be Responcible for Shopping Cart Damage to Your Car Due To Neglect

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The Supermarkets and all other malls that have shopping carts will post a sign stating “not responsible for shopping cart damaged to your car…Not necessarily so. Did you  ever go to a hat & coat at a check at a restaurant or hotel that displayed a sign  saying not responsible for  lost of damage  clothing checked..simple not true..it was already  proven in court.
If a supermarket leaves their shopping  carts in a unsafe  fashion then they are then 100% responsible. Ever go to a supermarket  or  a WalMart before  opening   and  all the carts all over the place..because the management either doesn’t want  to give to workers overtime at closing time or simply  just dont care.What we  at the Lerman  Report .Com suggest you do is document it..Take pictures with your cell phone and send it to corporate  Headquarters . .Once its documentmented guess what?… Then their liable its as simple as that . Also every locality has a stipulation that each parking lot marked stale must conform to certain widths you should document that too..Why should we as custumers have to put up with that sitiation and risk damage to our cars.


Cellino & Barnes Commercial Borders on a Descepitive Add

Cellino & Barnes Injury  Attornies  are running a commercial  for their law firm touting  what appears to be clients who received large awards..however if you read  the   supra beneath the people  speaking it say actors portraying people  with prior actual results. To me that’s  sort of deceptive..its all within the parameter of the law . .but as Lawyers they should know better.
I first was a bit taken a back when what appeared to be strong healthy indivials  claiming that they recieved high Dollar rewards… if you get In the Ballpark  of $1,000,000 then you have to be seriously permanently paralized ..para palelgic or whell chair bound..
Thou they are within confinds what the the law  permits.. We at the Lerman Report feel that the T.V/or cable outlets should have scruitrized these commercials bit more before they gave the go ahead to be broadcasted . Cellino and Barnes maintains offices in Los Angeles | Buffalo | Bronx | Brooklyn | Long Island | Manhattan | Oakland/SF | Queens | Rochester.


Kerry’s Middle East Speech Gives Isreal The Middle Finger

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     Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       John Kerry what a hiprocrite. For some bizarre reasoning the totalitarian dictatorship of Assad or The strict intolerant theoretical gov’ts of Iran and the rest of others 22 Arab nations doesnt phase Kerry one ioda . Isreal gave up Sinai ,Gaza and parts of the West Bank as a prelude for further peace . ..see any peace coming forth from the Palestinians ?  Remember  when Rockets were lobed into Isreal in 2014. .Rather than put any resources into infrastructure the Palestinian leadership prefers to  buy weapons & build  tunnels, the Palestinian  Authority are naming  soccer  stadiums & streets aftet terrorists thats kills Jews and for every Jew killed a free months salary  is given. This was completely missing  from Kerrys speech all that was said was only a strict repremand and lecture  to Isreal… Kerry please do not lecture Jews on values  ,does anyone in  their heart of hearts  believe that the  Palestinians  are  really interested in  peace ? Yes a piece of Haifa a peice of Jerusalem  peice of Tel aviv thats all .
  The terrorism continues unabated Hamas controls Gaza while The El Fatah terrorist faction  controls the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank,& Issis is settled firmly  in the Sinai Peninsula, In the end for all the brutal  acts  of terrorism perpetrated by the Palestinians it doesnt mean a Damm thing in World Court of Public Opinion.
 When terror struck in  France & Belgium the world stood shoulder to shoulder with them & rightly so but when terror  strikes in Isreal..Isreal is then  asked to capitulate and make concessions ..what a Double standard.
  A wink an nod of approval is given to the Palestinians..they can  do no  wrong . .The  hatred  taught in U.N.funded And run schools makes the  Nazi propaganda of  1930’s look tame. 1n 1967  “4” Invading Arab Armys of Eygpt , Jordan , Lebanon and Syria  attacked Isreal unprovoked and when the smoke cleared lost  ground.The Eastern  sector of Jerusalem was  liberated .
   The recent UNESCO vote concerning Judaisms Holiest site the Kotel or Western Wall remains to be the most disgraceful act ever perpetrated by the U.N. Lets put our cards on the table..the Truth  of the matter is  that the Palestinians will never accept  a Jewish State if it was only one inch wide..whos fooling who?
Isreal stay strong untill January 20th..
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I Never Saw a Snowball Fight That Didn’t Escalate to Fisticuffs.

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    Don’t delude yourself that there’s nothings bad will happen  when there is a snow ball fight .Take it from me I’ve been around for a pretty long time  and it happens  every time to everyone..It starts innocent enough but there us always some A hole that eventually throws a snowball right at someones face & let me tell you this its compacted icy and it hurts .Thats when it turns ugly and then the fists start flying/

Same thing with waterguns and water balloons there’always someone who got to get the last spritz in &  that too turns ugly. If you doubt just ask anyone and they’ll tell exactly what I just told  you.So remember don’t  be surprised if you pitch a snow ball to someones face and you get your head handed to you/


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You Can’t Live on Your Laurels Forever…

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 Image result for picture of stan laurel       Some food items sold today are not what brought them to the legendary fame of yesteryear. Lets start with Pizza…year’s ago you stopped by your local Pizza Parlour for a slice..in my time it cost only 15 cents..Today I had a slice although I ‘ll admit it had a topping & a small Fountain  soda the tarif… $6.50. Today you order a Pie with a topping it runs you close to $25.00..WhenI was growing up there wasn’t  a man who could left $25.00 worth  of Pizza .Plus they open up & comence to make a dozen pies with different toppings at 10am .by lunch time the slices are cold & dried out & have to be reheated ..not to tasty anymore.Plus all these franchise pizza places,sad to say thats the future of Pizza  stores  down the line so get used to it..Between cost of product & rent the Mom and Pop Pizza stores will soon go to the wayside.
Second Chinese food..at one time all you had was Cantonese..it was never authentic  ethic Chinese cuisine but the concoction  of the  great Chinese  American chefs who operated a central culinary  school .No matter what neighborhood in the N.Y.Metro area that you at every resturants had  identical receipes ..Today with the Schezwan  & Hunun It’s just not the same  not only that but every place has a dissimilar receipes and it couldn’t light a candle to the old  Cantonese  style of  years ago.
The list is extensive  but for a quick read on this site I will just mention the others briefly so here goes…. gyros, knishes, Diners .I’ll say this if they  started introducing those  items today the with the medicore taste & high today’s high costs like a thousand pound glider would get off the ground.


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