An Open Letter To All Fans Of Competitive Eating..


There is a concerted effort underway to undermine both my past Eating Ability and my Contribution to competitive eating..I was never a mediocore eater and all my hard work and earnest efforts are being made out to be  nonexistent. Further more input of mine into what was the burgeoning sport of competitive eating is now being  made out to be of  little or no importance. I helped shape and define the sport as it I today..I gave a 110% at every step of the way in day as an active participant in the sport..I was a champion eater who paved the way and set the table so to speak for those individuals that Eat today..I never entered  competitive  eating to do unpaid promos or to subscribe to Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of  fame  but to enter and win contests..That was my goal then and that’s the way I feel now.

Now the only thing that I can still  cling to as my claim to fame is My Butter and Baked Bean Record This is My “LEGACY ” and now I’m being usurped..

I found this you tube of few retired eaters or eaters no longer associated with Either Nathan’s Famous or IFOCE… The Footage shown above  was apparently sold to the makers of this clip which the U.N. is circulating to combat World Hunger .However both my image and name(on my hat) are clearly visable in plain site. I never gave any permission,authorization or written consent for this footage to be used in such a manner.  Thou I’m not pointing  fingers at anyone nun the less I’d like to know how did the producers of this clip acquired this footage?  I brought it to  the attention of Nathan’s Famous a while back to no avail & it still remains on you tube..recently the music portion was omitted ..but that’s not acceptable to is the clip. View it for yourself . Don Lerman

“Record by Don Lerman Stands” Butter Contest 2002 Glutton Bowl Accual Event.. Please Watch..


 LA Beast do you know who I am?.. I’m DON LERMAN & I made my name in this sport when you going out with Cheerleaders” 
    Recently there was an attempt to Break Don “Moses” Lerman’s long standing Butter Eating Record by someone who calls himself The LA Beast.  All during  the contest that Don Lerman set the Butter Record the actual sticks of  Butter used at “The Glutton Bowl were cut from big blocks of butter not precut 1/4lb.sticks that come in a 4 pack from stores.. They were actually between 1/4 & 1/2lb. Sticks used in the 2002 contest close it to (check out the video and see for Yourself) . Plus it was done in a contest under actual contest competition conditions..This is a standing World Record accomplished in a big contest on national TV and not at some rinky dink local burger challenge at Shlomo’s burger Joint. Show some respect for Pioneer in the sport.. Any attempt to break Lerman’s record should be done in an actual contestant and not in confines of someone’s basement . Leave the basement filming to shows such as Pee Wees playhouse.  Don Lerman informs us that he should be accorded  the courtesy to be on hand waiting in the wings during any such event… Under those conditions he will be a good sport and be the first to shake the winners hand, hoist his arm high & congratulate him . Having said that.. The current clip circulating  is that of L.A.Beast and his Butter attempt… It appears not taped with a cellphone but that perhaps it was filmed by a professional film crew. We have a sneaking suspension that perhaps someone else may have a hand in this  fiasco.. You don’t have to be a rocket Scientist to figure that out… if our  assumptions ring true than we think we know who was behind it and we’d  be highly offended and hurt.

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Kill Or Abuse An Animal Punishment Should Be The Same As if you did It To a Human


If You Kill Or Abuse An Animal Punishment Should Be The Same As A Human. No more slap on the wrists for those for those who do harm to   animals..  When you ride a subway or MTA train ot bus in N. Y. State if you asullt a conductor  the  law is so written that the same penelty appiles as if you asulted  a cop..7 years in prison now  I am not  comparing the 2 other than to bring out that the law must be applied equally. The  animal abuse   laws have to be rewriten at the penelity becomes servere the same as if you  asulted  or killed  a human. I know some will say  well what about farm animals in our food chain that goes to slaughter thou I’m saddened by that situation  for  the  purpose of this post   shall not aprouch  that subject  righ now.  I see all sort of horror stories of animal abuse hit and runs by automobiles to  Abandonment and every sort of cruelity whether its dog fighting  or  labortory experiments or just some crazy bastard  with plain old neglect abuse and murder of animals ..Time to change the laws . *read examples below..
Cruelty to animals can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony with a fine up to $1000 and/or imprisonment up to 1 year. Intentionally and maliciously torturing or injuring an animal can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor with a fine up to $5000 and/or imprisonment upto 5 years .
 Read examples belowImage result for arrows pictures download
Worst cases of animal cruelty – Daily ExpressLight Orchid
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Take Congressional Funded Studies With A Grain Of Salt..

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 Whenever you hear on the news that a study has been conducted for lets say for example  “The Dangers Of Eating  Meat  Thats Been Cooked Well Done Or Any Health Realted Issue…Its like Ripley’s ..believe it or not..The one conducting the study most proberly received a Federal grant to study it..These grants are known as Government” Pork Barrel” giveaways to influencial and well conected people.This shameful waste  of our tax dollar is equaly conducted on both sides of the isle by The both the Republicans and  Democratics.We would venture to say that it’s most likely that there isn’t one member of Member of either  Congress or the Senate That doesn’t engage in being part and parcial to Pork Barrel  grants are routinely tagged onto Congressional bills ..These grants can be anywhere in the range of $600,00 way up into million$ of dollar$ per grant..Many of these “Grant Studies” have not only been conducted before but many many times before yielding the exact same results. This may be the biggest waste of U.S.Tax Dollars yet ..Like We mentioned hundreds if not thousands of these type of grants are regularly  passsing muster through the halls of Congress yearly. So I don’t give much crediance whenever I hear advice from the people conducting these studies.So we at the Lerman Report urge everyone to call or write your representives and voice your displeasure and demand more Transparency on whats is include in Congressional Bills.
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Don’t Like Trump? Do Not Look To Overturn Trumps Election Results..

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign    Democrats and people on the left want to attempt to overturn the Presidential election results. If  the election results get overturned that it will be the end of Democracy as we know it..A precedent will be set allowing overturing election results… Do not go down that route..If Trump  is found to have committed any malfeasance or anything illegal than Impeach him then indite him and then Jail him ..Just as it would be done with any corrupt office holder. But to overturn an Election? We are even hearing disgruntled voices yelling for a Military Coupe and a lot of this subversive talk is coming from well known “A” List Celebrities no less..No active duty General is going to risk his enormous  Pension and the thought of spending his Golden Years in Levenworth..Anyone who chereshes  the thought of living in  nation where there are no elections and have Military Rule..Then We have good news for you..We hear that there are many homes avaiable in North Korea and Cuba.We’d like to remind Everybody that We are not some Rinky Dink Bannana Republic We live by the Election Results whether we like the outcome or not.


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Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C.

***For Nassau County Residents and visitors.READ ON
File:Seal of Nassau County, New York.svg
…Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C. The  Dinning public has a right to know who has a Roach or Rodent problem..who’s back room and kitchen has the mice droppings etc ..etc..etc.We heard that although there will this code system .the rating cards will not be displayed in the resturants window as N.Y.C. law requires. Why ?We want the rating cards displayed just like it is in N.Y.C. resturants less..write your county executive today and let them know how you feel.

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Whatever Happened To Decent Toppings On Ice Cream Sundaes?[/audi

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned Ice Cream Toppings ? In it’s place is stuff that has absolutly no buisness whatsover ever being in any sort of either Ice Cream Parlor or Frozen Yogart Eatery. I find the nuevel toppings not only ridiculous but not appietizing in the least. Gone are the Wet Walnuts,The Deluxe Sweetened Pinapple Topping,The Hot Fudge ,The Hot Butterscotch and a Cornicoppia of  other Toppings  that went to the wayside along with other great food of the past. We most likely will never see them again if they are avaiable they most proberly be of an inferier quality at best ..Here is sample listing of the crap  that took their place being pawned on us today…You be the Judge…

  • Fresh Fruit. ..
  • M&M’S….
  •  Broken up Cookies.
  • Gummy Bears …
  • Cookie Dough
  • Broken up Candy Bars

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Don Lerman Convinces President Of Krispy Kreme to Hold Contest In 2001

Don Lerman Pictured In Black Tee Shirt

Don Lerman Convinces President Of Krispy Kreme to Hold Contest In 2001
Back in 2001 I camped out all night to be the 1st costumer at the new East Meadow L.I. Krispy kreme donuts. I meet Ken Grimbal a local Cable reporter from new 12 ,he had done a peice on the Matzoh ball contest with me,I asked him to if he could get me on the air , there I met Sylvia Carter Newsday reporter who had me demonstrate eating a dozen donuts and also ran a 4 page spread on me in L.I. Newsday my hometown paper, there I met the president of Kripy kreme donuts who was interested in a donut eating contest but the president of franchises nixed the idea saying it wouldn’t dignify it with a contest

 and it would make them look bad. you can see the president first from the left and a 142 lb thin Don Lerman in the far right in a black Tee shirt , next to Ken Grimbal holding the microphone , they neverhad the contest, but I was sceduled to cut the ribbon at the new Philadelphia Krispy Kreme location in the near future. Now I understand that some 5000 people have signed up for a contest” all to my early efforts , you can thank me ”..


Today’s Obsession With Shampoo…

Typical Shampoo Isle in Todays Drug Store

“Hair” by the CowsillsLight Orchid
Open link in new tab to hearHuman Ear Clip Art
Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign    I never saw many  different  brands of shampoo in my life..When I was growing up  in the 1950’s we had only  3 Brands Prell, Breck and Johnson’s Baby shampoo and that’s it . Most people used a bar of soap and that was good enough..Fast forward around  15 years Head and Shoulders hit the market they saturated the airwaves promoting  their Dandroof  Shampoo . Today you have not only have to buy the  shampoo but a bottle  conditioner as well. The difference between  Shampoo and soap is that there is actually detergent in today’s Shampoo not unlikewhat you do your laundry with. However in ever bottle of shampoo there  are trace amounts of conditioner otherwise  it would be no different than washing your hair using a box of Tide. I say all this Shampoo is  nothing but frivolous. You can clean your hair with your bath soap and you’ll  get the same results..Instead of spending your hard earned money on  an expensive bottle of shampoo bring your money right over  to your toilet bowl and flush…It’s easier..bottom line either way line which ever one you choose to do… ..your just throwing  your money down the drain.

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A Quick Message From The Blog Administrator.

We would  like to mention that while in trying to accommodate smart phone users to our site some of our graphics normally appearing on their desk top version may have temporary been taken down. We At The Lerman Report Urge Our Loyal Readership To Post Comments However We Will Not Publish Anything Profane, Slandersess, Bigoted Nor Any Comments That Contain Links, Advertising Or Pictures. 

Thank You…
Moses Lerman
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Next War IDF’s General Staff Better Not Be Asleep At The Wheel.

         IDF Chief of Staff Eisenkot

Bibi Netanyahu said it all with his most famous saying  “If the Arabs would put down their weapons there would be no more war. If Israel puts down their weapons there would be no more Israel”.
There never has never been a more  accurate and truthful assessment of the Arab-Israeli Situation. In The next war The Arabs will be  going to come after Israel  with every thing they got.  From Hezbola to Hamas to Issis right up to Fatah their gonna  go to after Israel from every which way…Gaza,Sinai, West Bank,Syria,,Lebanon and Jordon.Let no one underestimate their fighters ability or resolve as they have some tough Mother Fu-kers out there ..not exactly a rag tail Army of years past lacking  only Aircraft and Tanks. As an Arm Chair Quarterback I say don’t let history  repeat itself  as it was done in The Yom Kipper War by David “Dado” Elazar  Chief of Staff IDF  war and eventually forced to resign for basically being caught with his pants down so to speak as Invading Eyptians and Sryian Forces atempted to take Israel by surprise.  This time the General Staff must not be sleeping  behind the wheel. What other Arab Goverments  if any will  be involed in the next war? Can anybody say  with any degree of certainty that they will remain noncombants?
We would bet our bottom dollar  that when the shit hits the fan there be will most likely highly saturated carpet bombing on the Israeli border by the Israeli Air Force. When we we Turkey’s Erdogon agitating and instigating Chaos and vilance to erupt..remember He  won’t be anywhere near those hot spots always remaining above the fray just like the rest of all the Palestinan leadership all  far From the front lines..Like we said earlier there s no second chance for Israel..
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Sad To Say That When It Comes To The Electorate Former Military Service Has No Value.

THIS IS THE ARMY –  Light Orchid



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 Whether your a fan of John Mc Cains politics or not that’s not the point of this post …I decided to write this story because it was reported yesterday that Senator John Mc Cain has been  diagnosed with Brain cancer.I had an Uncle who was an American Serviceman Prisoner of war in WWII and spent time in one of the infamous German Stalag’s .. It was no walk in the  park & nothing like the old T.V. Show Hogan”s Hero’s. John Mc Cain was a Navy Pilot who was shot  down in Vietnam…His arms were broken in the ejection fall from his aircraft ..His father John Mc Cain Sr. was a  current serving Big Time U.S.Navy Admiral  and because of that fact The North Vietnamese were willing him release him and  return him  home to the U.S.   However John Mc Cain wanted no special treatment that wasn’t accorded any other POW and declined the offer and stayed on as a POW..His  arms were never tended to properly and it never healed right leaving  him limited  motion from that point on .As a POW he lived in what became to be known as “The Hanoi Hilton” …his accommodations remain among the most deplorable conditions you ever saw ..POW “s were often crated like dogs.
Any Former military  Service is by no means any Barometer of political qualification to fill an  elected  government office.What I’m trying to convey is today it means Zilch, Nada..Bubiks. So after 50 years of no military Draft  Being a Veteran when running for office  has become  nothing to be either honored or looked up to and of no value at the ballot box not even a  veteran whose exploits rival that of a Sgt. York or an Audy Murphy ../end
Don’t watch Reruns of Hogan’s Hero’s « The Lerman Report®Light Orchid


Israel Must Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office In Favor of A Board of Rabbi System

   The Sephardi Chief Rabbi (Yitzhak Yosef)     The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi (David Lau)

 Listen Israel  must scrape the current Chief Rabbinate’s Office in favor of a Board of Rabbi System. The current Chief Rabbinates Authority is part and parcel to making it possible to rip apart the very fabric of Jewish life. No group of Jews is either the barometer of what’s acceptable or more entitled  to more  or exclusive  privedges amoung other Jews. The Israeli  parliamentary system  has to bear  some brunt of the blame too.These small religious parties are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. They have the major parties by the short hairs..What got to be done is for both major Israeli  political parties to shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.
Let me tell all in Israel the facts of life..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t serve in the IDF and put their  life on the line..they proform a valuable service to Israel  non the less..Without the American Jewish voter casting their most  valuable vote for pro Isreal Candidates in  America..Does anyone in think for one second that Israel would get any foreign aid package from  Uncle Sam?
So do not Alienate any stream of  American Judaism at the Kotel (Western Wall)  or have place   restrictions on them that Haredi Jews don’t have to adhere too.With the large influx of Muslim Immigration coming to American shores in a few years these people will vote and there may never be pro Israel politician elected again..Like I once said if they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballet box..Bottom line  drop The Chief Rabanate Office for a Rotation  system of the Board of Rabbis./end
Chasidim and Orthodox are Not The Barometer … – The Lerman ReportLight Orchid

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