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Unknown Stars Drank Out Of The Trough Of Roseanne Barr To Stardom And Let Her Down Like A Hot Potato


Basically a bunch of Unknown Stars Drank out Of Roseanne Barrs Trough To Stardom And Let Her Down Like A Hot Potato.Yes Roseanne made a bigoted remark and we are not excusing it.
However Mel Gibson said far worse against Jews and each time was welcomed back to Hollywood with open arms.A big double standard.What upsets us most is that when the rewind show of Roseanne wrote her out to obscurity every star deserted her.She made them all rich drinking at her trough..It was her name that made them rich.

When MS dropped Jerry Lewis each and ever co star walked away with Jerry though they were offered top spots on the Television Telethon.We hope that all the stars that rode to stardom on Roseanne fame are happy with their disgusting non sense of loyalty.
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A Dangerous Precedent Will Be Set If Both Houses Go To Democrats.



America will  have a new precedent will be set if both The House Senate tilts into The Democrats corner.Nancy Pelosi already said that they will look to expand the supreme court in order to pack it with Judges leaning in their party’s Directions..We should be required to have a constitutional convention to do such a thing.
They are also clambering for another impeachment of President Trump as a testaments to their patented form of mal contentment and sour grapes of not having the election go to Hillary Clinton.
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged everyone to vote for Bidden and to radicalize an already far left bigoted Anti Semitic ,Anti White Party which is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Granny and JFK but closer to Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong based in the company that they are keep.
As De Fund has become a mantra and battle cry for the leftist mobs who are burning & destroying cities Mayors in these troubled Democrat elected cities sit idly and do nothing.Governors also sit on their hands in those States and are neither removing those Mayors from office  or calling out the National Guard the squelch these insurrections.
The choice remains clear in this Presidential election does the American voter want to be closer to. Communist China and North Korea or want to stay on the course that our fathers layed out for us in our Constitution…Let us say thus and make it crystal clear ..The President has the constitution on his side. When he say its his call to pick a Supreme Court Justice.Had the Democrats held the presidency they would do no different.
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When This Nightmare Of Defund The Police Has Ended And Law And Order Restored Those Mayors & Govenors That Stood By And Did Nothing Must Be Held Accountable

When The Smoke Clears And Sanity is Restored In Those Cities That These Thugs Such As Anita and BLM Masquerading As Champions Of The Downtrodden Those Mayors And Governors That Stood By And Did Nothing To Protect Citizens And Property Must Be Held Accountable.These Mayors Who Refused To Allow Police To Do Their Job And Governors Who Down Right Both Remove Those Mayors From Office As Well As  Refusing To Call Out The Nation Guard Must  Be Held Accountable .
They Must Be Brought Up On The Carpet And Indicted So That This Never Occurs Again.
The Radical Left Is Destroying Our Great Nation And Is Looking To Turn It Into A Socialist One.
Haven’t We Learned The Lessons Of The Past With The Rise of Nazi Germany. And Castro To Let This Happen This Elected Officials Giving This. A Thumbs Up Are Merely Doing Biggest Act Of Pandering The World Has Ever Witnessed.
It Appears That These Politicians Want To Stay In Office No Matter What Happens And Are More Than Willing To Sacrifice Everyone Safety To Achieve That Goal.
Many Have Wondered How Jews In  Pre WW11 Germany Were Passive To Allow The Nazi’s To Perpetrate That Level Of Violence Such As kristalnight To Occur ..Well This Is How. By A Do Nothing Complacent Leadership.Well It’s Deja Vue All Over Again.Here Is An Exact Repeat Of History Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes..New Yorks Governor Andrew Coumo Said When Asked About The Toppling and Desecration Of Historical Statues Replied”It’s A Healthy Expression.Nancy Pelosi Said Of That. Same Question”People Will Do What People Do”When Its over it’ll Be time for self serving do nothing Politicians To Pay The piper
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One Man’s Take Can Turn America Into A 3rd World Nation…Think About It!


  • Fauci’s take is not the end  all wisdom out there when it comes to opening up or keeping  America shut.
  • Perhaps we are wrong but seems to us that it doesn’t phase him if we are all boarded up for the next 2 or 3 years.
  • What does he care how long we all stay shut up….He makes a very large salary plus commands an enormous department .
  • He’s sort of living it up in the limelight.
  • He doesn’t have the problems that Joe and Jane America has making a living…
  • He’s not a retailer who’s rent goes even though he has to keep his shop closed nor work at a Business that is closed down and employees are at the moment jobless at the moment due to that fact…
  • Fauci’s Favorite Song?


We get the impression that the Government will wait as long as it takes  one of the blessed & anointed member of Big Pharma to come out with a vaccine.What if takes 10years for any of these Drug Company to achieve a Vaccine?Will Uncle Sam still keep everyone in this semi quarantined state?
Many Nations have found other forms of drugs off label usage which works just as well.Israel has developed clothing which does the trick.
However Fauci remains adamant about standing by and saying that expect to be closed  up for another year or so.
Pfizer is getting  $1.95 Billion to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine by Year’s End and have now we hear that Johnson & Johnson has gotten their feet wet in a done deal with the Administration..
Open up America now ..Lets roll the dice and see what happens.
Keep this in mind the nuclear fallout from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long to dissipate.
America is being taken for a downhill ride to Palookaville right into being a 3rd world country.In a year if retail outlets are do not open up factories will fold for good and We as nation will never recover for a good 20 years.
We would venture that this Corona virus is all petered out reduced to a bad cold or flu like symptoms at best..
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Bet The Farm Everything Will Be Open For Buisness By Nov.2020

Bet The Farm Everything Will Be Open For Business By Nov.2020.Its only logical that One There Will Be Another Stimulus Package Before The Holiday Shopping Season By This Upcoming November ..and Two Every Shmuck And His Brother Will Be Open For Business.
If Stores remain Closed During The Holiday Season Our Economy Will Tank For Good.
Without The Big Retail Holiday Season Which Retail Needs And Waits All Year For..Retail Can Not Stay In Business Period.
Every Manufacturer..Distributor..Repossessor…Retail Outlet From The Giant Chains To the Mom And Pops Right Down To The Mall ..Strip Mall ..And Every Retail Renting Landlord Can Fold Up Their Tents For Good.
So Let Us Keep This Storyline Short And Say This Expect Your Stimulus In Time To Spend On  Christmas And. Chanukkah Gifts This Season.
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Is The U.S.Government Pushing Hot Button Issues In Order To Divert Attention From The Pork Barrel?


      There  not to many”Hot Button Issues” We could properly surmise that we can count them on one hand. Yet these same issues are dominating the news every night .The top ones are Abortion..The Middle East..Immigration…Health Care and Gun Control.These 5 “what We will term “Hot Button”Issues we are  witnessing  on the news everyday.
While we are not down playing or discounting the value or personal importance of these issues.What we are pointing out that it almost appears the media is making these issues their focal point and by doing so are creating an  atmosphere  of animosity and division among the populate as to steer everyone away from the real business at hand which is our elected officials in Congress making money for themselves and their friends (their campaign contributors and Lobbyists).
When a bill is passed it ‘s not a thin 2 page booklet but a  big thick publication like Ala Websters dictionary.There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.   We would venture to say that every member of Congress has their hand in the pork barrel at one  time or another President Ronald Reagan wanted  Congress to enact the line item veto so that certain other proposed Bills and Pork Barrel  that the President can veto it and still sign on to the rest of the Bill thus leaving selected laws in and eliminating other attached to “The thick phone book style Bill..


We further will go on to say that in reality it almost appears as if that is the Government is actually 90% Pork Barrel including government contracts ..grants ..federal jobs and Judgeship appointments and  only 10% actually policy making.
Think about it for a moment..the party faithful spends millions on a campaign for congress to get elected to a job that only pays a measly $174,000 a year. Why?
  So we got to walk away thinking perhaps all this perhaps is only a well orchestrated plan over the years only intended to be sort of a ploy in order to divert any and all attention from the all matters of business that those serving in Congress are up to... Could that be of raiding the Pork Barrel without any outcry or examination,scrutiny devoid of any public forum or  discussion of how our hard earned tax dollars are being spent?
 Tell us that we are wrong and this is not a Smoke Screen of sorts keeping Mr.&Mrs public in the dark and incumbency is not there basically for the Pork Barrel.Sad to say  we believe that if not for this cash cow the hall of Congress would empty. .The perception of way the news media presents it  is the Democrats and Republicans can never have meeting of the minds and is always at odds.Not  so..
2.THE 10 MOST OUTRAGEOUS PORK BARREL PROJECTS OF 2016 | THE FISCAL TIMES.Image result for hand pointing picture
3.GOVERNMENT PORK IS ALIVE AND WELL | THE HILL.Image result for hand pointing picture
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6.   .      Pork barrel – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture




Take Congressional Funded Studies With A Grain Of Salt..


 Whenever you hear on the news that a study has been conducted for lets say for example  “The Dangers Of Eating  Meat  That’s Been Cooked Well Done Or Any Health Related Issue…Its like Ripley’s ..believe it or not..The one conducting the study most proberly received a Federal grant to study it..These grants are known as Government” Pork Barrel” giveaways to influencial and well connected people.This shameful waste  of our tax dollar is equally conducted on both sides of the isle by The both the Republicans and  Democratics.We would venture to say that it’s most likely that there isn’t one member of Member of either  Congress or the Senate That doesn’t engage in being part and parcial to Pork Barrel  grants are routinely tagged onto Congressional bills ..These grants can be anywhere in the range of $600,00 way up into million$ of dollar$ per grant..Many of these “Grant Studies” have not only been conducted before but many many times before yielding the exact same results. This may be the biggest waste of U.S.Tax Dollars yet ..Like We mentioned hundreds if not thousands of these type of grants are regularly  passing muster through the halls of Congress yearly. So I don’t give much credence whenever I hear advice from the people conducting these studies.So we at the Lerman Report urge everyone to call or write your representatives and voice your displeasure and demand more Transparency on whats is include in Congressional Bills.
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4.Pork barrel – Wikipedia.

Our U.S.Of Government No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down..Our Solution

Our U.S. System Of Government Is No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down.We At The Lerman Report May Have The Solution At Hand. Not To Be Labeled Subversive or Un American We May Have The Idea That May Work To Fix That Problem.
First Off A Constitutional Convention Is In Order..The Only Thing That The Executive and Legislative Braches can Agree On Is The Pork Barrel Giveaways.Our Answer Will End That Forever..Our Plan Will Virtually Eliminate 100% Of The Pork Barrel Giveaways From Over 500 Members Of The Congress And Senate.
Here Is The Solution:
Have The Three Branches Of Government Constitutionally Dissolved And In It’s Place A Three Way South American Styled Non Military Elected Junta Giving More Power To The Senior Junta Member Who Whould Replace The Executive Branch Head Or Presidency.The Other Two Non Senior Members Of This Proposed Junta Would Take The Place Of Each One Of The Senate The Other Of Congress Thus Leaving Our Present Supreme Court As It Is Today “Unchanged”And “Unscathed” From The New Form Of U.S.Government.


We Will Then No Longer  Have Any Non Elected Positions Of Importance Such A Select Committee Chairmanship Posts Or Also Non Elected Sub Committee Post Chairs Or The Most Coveted Speaker Of The House Or Head Senater..All Three Whould Be Directly Elected Through One National Election Process At The Same Time…Leaving State Legislators And Municipalities Unchanged.
This Junta Would Not Be Made Up Strictly Of Non Military Personnel But Only Elected Officials And Be Based On And Tailored  Both To American Democratic Tastes And Laws.
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Trump Can’t Afford To Loose Support From American Jewish Republican Voters

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Rourke/AP/mercurynews.com


One of American’s newest  group of new Republican voters are pro Israel Jews.They are bigger in numbers than Actual polls show.
Trump cannot  alienate any percentage of these new voters even as little as only a few percentage points if he intends to carry any large metropolitan city where Jews reside.
However Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr.’s Girl Friend Kimberly Guilfoyle made a speech at The RNC in which she used an anti-semitic code word “The cosmopolitan elite” which we believe was solely intended to curry favor with white Supremacists a way playing both ends to the middle.

If you want any Jewish support stop that now and Instruct Your son’s handlers not to do that any more and a both an apology and exclamation are in order

Many Supporters of Trump  in Israel and abroad find it very troubling concerning the comments by Kimberly Guilfoyle and other Republicans at the RNC disputable .To see that each “elite speakers speech was not scrutinized and vetted before spoken remains deplorable among Jews or perhaps it was and the RNC didn’t care to change it.
We shall also like to emphasize that Israel and American Jews are most greatful for all the Good that pres.Trump did for Israel but he cant have it both ways and have his son’s girlfriend’ making coded anti Semitic messages.
We at The Lerman Report have been in the Presidents corner from the get go but if this is not cleared up soon and we get some sort of assurances that it will never occur again we will drop all support like a HOT POTATO”.
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New Peace With Arab Nations.. Deja Vu All Over Again?

New Peace With Arab Nations..Deja Vu All over again? First of all High tech Jets will be sold to the UAE making Israel loose its Qualitative Military Edge in Air Force Superiority.
This must never occur. Is this the heavy price that Trump sad Israel must pay for him to move the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem and a have The U.S. accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Why was this hidden from the general Public untill now?
Will We will also be witnessing once again a third lopsided Peace Deal where settlers are once again will be forcibly ripped from their homes & have their settlements dismantled right in front if them as in the past two Palestinian violated deals.

                * Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time

All Israel will get is a cold peace at best..giving away more precious Jewish land for meaningless promises from group known to renege on their word once they are in stronger position..


At first We at the Lerman Report Editorial Board were ecstatic when we heard of an accord with EAE as well as other Arab Nations.  Now we remain both highly cautious & sceptic to say the least from all this uncharacteristic behavior coming from all these Arab Countries.
Let us remind everyone that there are no moderate Arab Nations.The Olympics tought us that Remember when opposing Olympic players from “Moderates Arab Nations” downright refused to shake an Israeli Olympic Players Hand?.

We can see it all now settlers pulled from their homes that the Israeli Government promised would never happen again. However after hearing Various Arab Leaders say that any deal will be incumbent on a Palestinian state..goodbye Jewish Homeland..
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Is Fauci Giving Us All A Stall Job By Not Opening Up America Untill Syringes With Chips to Are Manufactured?

Did the Corona virus  peaked or even ended already?Are we all being held capitive in our homes under sort of under house arrest for nothing?

Fauci Caught iMask Off.Not Worried About Corona?

Are the new figures both untrue and inflated to make it appear that Covid 19 is still with in full force.We don’t buy it.

Sorry we have our doubts …even the influenza epidemic of 1918 didn’t last this Long.As a matter of fact the nuclear fallout from the Atom Bombs dropped at Hiroshima & Nagasaki ending WW11 in the Pacific Theater didn’t last this long..So what could possibly be happening?

We were led to believe that the first lab worldwide to develop the vaccine will get the brass ring…Now it has been revealed that the go ahead was given to two U.S.Labs..

We heard that a syringe with a chip which will become a permanent fixture in our bodies like  a piece of shrapnel  which will be injected along with the Vaccineine.We might very well be tracked like fish in the Ocean..

If this is so its beyond outrageous on multitude of levels.First are we being denied freedom to go outside our homes and reopened our retail shops all because of Big Pharmas greed? We hope not.

I never take the flu shot and don’t intend to this vaccine either..When my Doctor asks me why I ask do you ever listen to Bobby Brown…well its my prerogative!

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The Lerman Report Staff.

I Went To School With Fidel Castro’s Son At P.S.20 Queens




Now that we have normal relations with Cuba I’d like to tell this story of mine so here it goes…
  It Was in the late 1950’s -1961. Fidel Castro had sent his son to live with his sister in Flushing N.Y. during the revolution of Cuba & attended my school P.S 20 in Queens .When the war was over and Batista was ousted from office Fidel was supposed to come to my school, and take home his son home in  dramatic fashion in an elaborate ceremony  at the Tuesday Assembly.
Fidel was busy and sent his brother Raul Castro in his place.
I remember  Raul and his  fatigued wearing comrades marching down the aisle during our assembly…
   Raul presented the principal Mr. Phillips with a giant bust Fidel and Mr. Phillips couldn’t stop showing off and bragging that he was friends with Fidel Castro. Not long after that assembly Fidel started summary executions and reveled that he was  a communist. Mr. Philips hid the Castro bust in the cellar of the school and that was the end of his bragging.
My  Great Great grandfather and his older son had lived down south during the American Civil War and   left as there was not any work after the Civil War during the reconstruction period.They returned to Europe for employment….
Their  return to Europe was short  lived as they were to  forced to flee eastern Europe at the onset of the pogroms.They settled in Cuba as they were not able to immigrate to The U.S.  since they lived in the C.S.A. However my Great Great Grandfathers  youngest son my Great Grandfather in which I’am named after was born in Europe and was  able to secure a visa & immigrate to this country . . My mothers  Mother would travel to Miami  to visit her  Grandfather, uncle and cousins during the 1920’s and 1930’s from Cuba.
Castro confiscated property and  money from the common folk , now we are not talking about Big Sugar or Big Tobacco but the Small Retail owner the Mom & Pop style shops in which I had relatives that  fled Cuba ..
Castro was billed as a guerilla fighter  .well that’s just a fancy more palatable way the press cleaned it up for a terrorist..no different than Hamas….By the way all of my family in Cuba’s money and properties confiscated by the Castro regime without  any reporations.
People were burying their in money in coffee cans thinking that Castro would only  bein power temporarily maybe a Well maybe a month or so… that did not happen and that’s the way it was.


ISIS In Sinia What Are U.S. & International Troops Deployed There Doing About It?… Nothing


 What are U.S. &  International Troops in Sinai Peninsula doing about the ISIS buildup there?  Looks like nothing. The International Makeup  of Troops that are there as a Part of the Camp David peace accords. Is6is  should never have been allowed to build up and station themselves Sinai, Since Sinai is now under Egyptian  control. Egypt also is helpless ,the Egyptian army basically is just a police force ..not really able to handle oust an army the of  caliber that ISIS maintains. Soldiers of the International Forces should never have let Isis get a foothold there. It should have been halted and nipped in the bud a long time ago .The U.S. commander either has his hands tied or is no better than a new West point. Graduate and should be replaced…read below
Multinational Force and Observers – Wikipedia, the free …Image result for hand pointing picture
Task Force Sinai – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/Image result for hand pointing picture
Concerns grow about safety of US troops in Sinai – CNN.com/Image result for hand pointing picture


New ISIS threat prompts U.S. to send 75 more troops to …Image result for hand pointing picture


Want To Stop Massive Immigration On Our Southern Border?Then Stop Coffee Imports From Vietnam & Cambodia

The Crux Of Solving All The Illegal  Mass Immigration  On Our Southern Border.

If Uncle  Sam Wants to end Illegal Mass Immigration  from Central and South America  then stop all coffee importation  from those coffee growing nations  in Indio China such as Vietnam  and Cambodia.
Coffee was once grown almost exclusively in Central  and South America  at least  those beans destined for U.S consumption. Coffee Bean growth was basically their exclusive mainstay product destined for importation to the U.S.Their bread and butter which is no longer the case.The sad thing is that it was virtually impossible to grow another crop due to the terrain and hence a replacement crop was never implemented.


Most if not all coffee bean production destined for importation to the U.S. now comes in directly  from Vietnam and Cambodia…


Let me say it as it is..The major companies  involved in selling of Coffee never get to see nor handle their product.All coffee is purchased from Buyers by the Coffee Company’s representatives  based on both availability as well as what is bid on bought at the right price.


Beans bought on  the spot market go directly to a middle man.Theses outfits everything from washing the beans to roasting and canning.
One such purchase may contain rich beans such as Columbian  or Brazilian  or the weak beans such as the Guatemalan.
The Roast Master creates the same consistency from each roasting regardless of what beans are sent to him from the spot market..The contracting  company  never sees it touches their Coffee product untill it’s complete and in their warehouses back in The U.S..
Now we  almost exclusively have coffee being imported from Indo China..And as We mentioned awful lot of coffee beans are no longer coming from south of our border due to Cambodian and. Vietnam importation.


So it’s very simple  solution Stop importing Coffee from South East Asia and start reordering our Coffee Beans from Central and South America..Once  coffee production is increased have to old 1970 levels in Latin America then their will be jobs once more and a renewed economy in. Central and South America and will lesson if not cease most illegal immigration to our southern border.
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Let Drug Companies Fund Their Own Research


  The  Pharmaceutical  Companies have a sweet deal going the public funds the research with contributions and their profits are private.It’s just like that  with the Blood Banks you donate your blood and they sell your blood for profit.What a scam!
When they come out with a Cancer or Lung related Drug for example the public pays threw the nose and you won’t see a generic for 20 years. We say don’t give them a plug nickel. Let them fund their own research and don’t worry as they most certainly will…why? Because it’s still in their interest.. but as it stands now why should they? The public is nothing but a bunch of  Schmucks to let them get away with that.
They are laughing all the way to the bank .They have more money than Entire Oil Cartel. Think about it for a moment “Oil runs around  $ 120/a Barrel with other costs such as fractional distillation add  additional $25 a barrel while just  one bottle of pills such as AZT (for aids) or an Organ Anti Rejection Drug  can run around $30,000 a month” ..and here is the kicker “Both of those 2 Drugs just described proberly cost them no more to produce than a Dollar bottle of Aspirin.Wake up America  and see the picture for what it is…end

Drug Research (journal) – Wikip

Stop the Epipen Price Gouging – Petition2Congress
Image result for hand pointing picture
Blood Money: what you didn’t know about your blood donation – wptv .
Image result for hand pointing picture
HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER… ENDING …Image result for hand pointing picture






Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death Knell Of American Democracy


Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death knell Of The American Democracy as we all know it.Say no to mail on or absentee ballots.That is a prescription for chaos. beyond of what we ever witnessed in all our years since the election of George Washington.


Let every voter get off their rear ends and make your way down to the polling area..period.Remember the Bush -Gore debacle with the hanging chads on Florida?Well we at the Lerman Report remember it all to well.Compound that by 50 states and U.S.Terrortories and you will witnesses the biggest nightmare in American history.
First off The Post Office can not handle the overload of mail in ballots…Second crooked politicians of both parties can have dead people ,Dogs,Cats Parakeets casting ballots…



Bottom line if you can make your way to a Walmart during this Epidemic but can’t get off your keyster once in four years to a polling station to caste your vote then you don’t deserve to vote.


In addition to this madness California already doesn’t care if non citizens vote. FlorIda is now allowIng released Felons voting rights.It is said that in Texas illegals have been voting for Years and they amount to 25 % of the vote.Illegal aliens voting is paramount to the end of the  Once Great American Democracy.

You think Obama had an edge with the Acorn movement? It is nothing compared to what’ll occur in the  upcoming 2020 Presidential election.
If this will be the way the new radical liberal wing of the Democrat Party achieves office ..then say good-by to the American dream & Democracy as we know it.It will become a bastion of Jew haters White haters..Anti Christian crowd in office the likes that we never saw in this country before.

The Democrat Party used to be the Party of the working Man….now its the party of the Unworking Man.  Now the working stiffs taxes will go through the roof to pay for all the freebies that the illegal immigrants are  about to receive.

While the working taxpayer brings home a  smaller check every week … The non working illegals sit on their rear ends at home & watches shows like The Price is Right.

The word is out.”Come to the U.S.and receivce a Cornucopia of Freebies  S.S.I. Medicade ..Child Care ..Food Stamps  Free College Education,$1,800 relocation fee per person in your family..and a Free Subsidized Apartment.They will recieve all of these Perks as The Democrat Party attempts to create a permanent class of voters to pull their lever while in the voting booth.

The non citizen whether they are illegals aliens or legal green card holders can not be allowed to vote..period! What is needed is strict voter ID an inked thumb print…..proper paper credentials..Background checks on all current voters as well.Whether there illegal or legal green card or vacationers with passports refusing to be repatriated to where they hailed from.Citizenship has a value and should respected.Voter fraud is paramount to open borders.


Normandy Beach 1945 …They lost their lives to preserve our Constitution &  American Values.


Do not take this subject lightly .To many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwo Jima  and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away any  non citizens. Want to immigrate into the U.S.A. do it the right way ..get application from The U.S Embassy in your home land..wait in line..takes a Citizenship test..But if noncitizens and open borders mean nothing..Why serve in the armed forces? No nation can survive under those conditions..


Voter Fraud:

•Double voting (ballot stuffing): One individual casts more than one ballot in the same electionImage result for hand pointing picture


  • Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote as a result of being a felon.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person, but without that person’s consent, and forging his or her signature on the card.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • ..Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters’ names.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Ballot harvesting: A person requests a mail ballot for someone else or steals a mail ballot, then uses that ballot and forges the intended recipient’s signature. Also refers to filling out a ballot for someone else who has requested assistance in filling out a ballot, rather than assisting them. In some states, ballot harvesting refers to the legal practice of third-party collection of multiple absentee ballots for submission.Image result for hand pointing picture


Jewish Synagogue Service Attendance At An All Time Low

Jackie Mason Not A Part of this story

Jewish Synagogue Service is on the ropes and it’s due partly because of old school ideas.  I went to Florida a while back and wanted to attend a celebration of a relatives 85th Birthday at the shull..I was denied entry because I was not dressed properly in a suit & tie.I flew down there to be apart of that joyous  celebration..It seems that my clothes are important than my Character.


Like Mordecai Kaplan who founded the Reconstructionist Judaism and Zecharia Frankel  who founded the Conservative Jewish Stream its time for new fresh thinkers who can preserve Judaism in the most true traditional way that those who practice on the Orthodox manner can accept

             READY FOR  CHANGE ?

                 THEN READ ON…..

1. Get rid of the Cantor and replace it with a Good Stand Up Comedian..You will  pack the people in once again like in years past.
Today’s Cantor’s are old hat (no pun intended) On the High Holy Days they earn more than Sinatra did when he headlined back in the day at the Sands Hotel.
 2..Let the People attending sit on comfortable leather lounge chairs like you’d find in an expensive Hotel Lobby.
3. Let the  Congregants have coffee or any beverages including food available during the service .Smokers if you got em..then light em up!
4.Dress code let the Congregants wear whatever they choose so long as its cleanly washed or and pressed.

5.Shorten the length of the service .


6.Teach Hebrew  exactly in same method as the Chinese or Greek Schools do when those groups send their kids to learn their Ethnic language.They do a first-rate job teaching their kids to speak their native tongue as if they grew up abroad. 
For Jews let us take a page from those Greek and  Chinese Language Schools and immediately stop teaching our children Hebrew phonetically.  While many Jews can read Hebrew but don’t understand what they are reading as it mumbled during the service  faster than the speed of light.

7..End those big 6 six salary’s that Rabbi’s are receiving today and all the perks that go with it such as an all expense paid house to live in.If they earn a salary then let them pay their own living costs like everyone else. Before WWII many Rabbis lived off their own funds.The Synagogue should exist for the congregants to gather and pray not for Rabbi’s to make a living


8. Except any one from whether born from a Jewish  Mother or Jewish Father into the Jewish Fold . Acceptance from a Jewish Mother is not Torah Based.In Judea Roman soldiers took liberty’s with Jewish Woman sometimes against their will…hence there was a question regarding the status of any offspring of this union.Rabbi’s of that time decreed that any children born if this union are to be considered to be 100% Jews and not illegitimate Kariates consider Paternal decent when determining  the child’s status.Time to change all this..
While I believe in a Traditional Hebrew language Service. There remains no reason whatsoever why we must be uncomfortable  while we Worship. Where is it written in stone (No pun Intended) That that’s the way it must be done? Listen do you want to see the Jewish faith continue and flourish or go to the wayside..Then wake up to change.
         This goes for any and all denominations or Streams of Judaism from Orthodox to Reform & everything in between that’s my proposal ..take it or leave it..Moses Lerman.


Congress Must Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People To Answer Phones But Only Present A. Computerized Menu.



Must Act Quickly To Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People To answer phone calls but merely present a Computerized Menu
I like everybody else at one time or another had to experience this total disrespect to the Customer or patient dealing with an outfit today over the phone when a menu does not actually send you where you want either to..Relax your not the only one & your in good company.
Who hasn’t lost the voice yelling “Agent Agent Agent”.
Congress must step in and force every company to have a live employee on their phone line .
Let them slip it into the next bill package as pork.
Second as we discussed in a previous post what’s even worst is companies that have no contact number in order to contact them.

If Congress can bring the owner of Facebook on the carpet they surely can do this.Congress Must Quickly Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People But Only Present A Computerized Menu.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

Israel Must Annex All Lands In Their Possession Before Trumps First Term Ends

  Israel must swiftly and annex the entire West Bank..Retake Gaza and Sinai before the next  U.S.Presidential  election.If Trump loses to Bidden or any Democrat for that matter it will give the next candidate Carte Blanch to crap on Israel.
Israel has been a loyal Ally to The U.S.and a most valuable asset in the Middle East which gives America Air Bases as well as a Warm Water Port to the Mediterainian.We do not want to see Bidden bring the Israel P.M.into the Oval Office and bend him over his desk in order to have him capitulate to bunch of Terrorists in essence commiting national suicide for Israel.Let us clue our readership..in ain’t gona happen on any Israeli Head of States Watch.


Every Dollar that Israel receives from Uncle Sam goes directly back into the U.S.Economy when it buys its armaments from the American Defence Complex.Please dont make Israel bypass weapon patent rights and manufacture their own military arcenial on its on as their only means of survival.
The Palestinian Arabs can not he trusted to keep another treaty.Israel can no longer trust them..By their own words and deeds any 2 state solution is just a stepping stone  to further destroy Israel.



Just look at this Ahed Tamimi situation.Israel cuts her a break and within hours she is back on the propaganda trail  trashing Israel .From her to BDS activists to any E.U.delegate who arrives in Israel to Rable Rouse you got to get tough & incarcerate them up for a minimum of 3 years.
That fiasco playing out in  Gaza by Israel’s fence never should have been allowed to continue past day one. In 50 years if there is no longer a Jewish State everyone will say “Why did we listen to our own hearts and not and cater to World Opinion”?
What everyone sevens to be forgetting is that Jordan formally known as Transjordan was a colonial project setup to placate the Saudi Tribe.
It was part of the British Mandate just like then British Palestine now renamed Israel.It was stricktly intended and inforced by Britain for Arab residence only..Jews were not permitted to move within its lines.
Annex Now before The November U.S.Presiendential Elections.Indecision and hesitation adds up to loosing so Strike While the Iron is Still Hot.It is bizarre that people clamor and support Terrorists over their victims.
This clip below shows a the shameful out & out distortion of truth .It is 100% downright lies and a totatal facbrication of whats accually occurring in Israel.. ..It contains a condenation of Israel by Joe Biddens & Demonstrates What awaites Israel in any event of a Trump loss in 2020.Watch the things that Bidden gets angry about . We guess all the Terrorism and pay for slay intiated by Abbas passes muster with him. Soumds like what we are hearing from Bidden  is that Jews can do no right and the Arabs can do no wrong.







Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman Report
Terrorism Should Never Be Given A Bye « The Lerman Report®.



Hospital Empty Floors. Whats Really In There?

Let Us State Emphatically Right Now That Neither Myself Our Editorial Staff or Staff Itself Or Our Proxy’s Have Never  Witnessed  What Is On Those Floors..That’s Our Story and That’s Is What We Are Sticking To.


Hospital Empty Floors. What’s Really In There?Remember that Seinfeld Episode When Kramer Spots A Pig Man In One If The Rooms?
                  Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time

              Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time
Well Brace Yourself..Have A Seat..Take A Shot Of Scotch As Of What We Are About out of To Reveal.


If You Ask About Empty  Floors With No Elevator or Stairwell Access You Most Probably Be Told That They Are Electrical ..Let Us At The Lerman Report  Clue Everyone What We Believe Is what actually Is Occurring.
          Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time

               There Are Rumours That Babies Born With One Center Eye Are More Common Place Than We Have Been Led To Believe..and they can have as much longevity As Anyone Else..These Poor Souls Can Not Survive The Tounts And Stares Of The insensitive General Public So Here Is Their Forever home.There are also a. Cornucopias of assorted deformed people.These poor souls  must be housed behind closed doors as they to would also be stared at and put on a level of a walking freak show.Them along with one middle eyed folk must live a cloistered life on empty hospital floors forever.

*Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

Tragic ‘cyclops’ baby born with one eye after mum was ‘exposed to mercury ..

Amnesia  Victims..Most Folks Watch Plenty Of T.V.And We See What  The Producers Try To Convey  To Us Of What Its Like To Loose  Your Memory..
When You Have Some Sort Of Traumatic Brain  Trauma You Just Don’t Remember Who You Are ..But Become The Same Mentality Like A Baby Once Again. These Amnesia  Victims Must Start Life All Over Except That They Are In An Adult  Body..Diapers ..They Must Start Over & Learn To Walk And Talk And Everything Else  Once Again..This Takes A lifetime.


Accident Victims From Automobile crashes To People  Who Plunge From 30 Story Buildings..Yes Many Survive But Live Life As A Crippled  Pretzel So To Speak way Beyond A Regular  Quadriplegic


These Floors Are Trusted To Nursing And Other Medical Staff Who Understand  The Meaning Of Mums The Word..Now You Know What May Be Going  On In All These High Rise Hospitals  With Closed Floors.


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Concerning The Toppling Of Our Beloved Statues Whould Democrat Politicans Be So Accepting If White Mobs Reciprocated And Destroyed Monuments Dedicated To Martin Luther King?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the attacks on monuments “healthy expression” and “good statements.”Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically  uttered the same sentiments saying Vandals Can Destroy Statues Because “People Do What They Do.


‍Actor Robert Davi on keeping Columbus Statues

Would Those  Two Dare To Utter The Same Thing If A Mob Did The Same Thing To A Monument Of Martin Luther King? Both Acts Would Be Abhorrent And We At The Lerman Report Will Condone No Act Of Any Kind Concerning Any Desercration Of Any And All Statues and Monuments Here In The U.S.A. Period.
What The Democrat Leadership Is Doing Is Pandering For Votes On Everyones Back In Order To Cater To The Most Violent Radical Elements Of Our Society.The Democrat Governors And Mayors Should Have Nipped This Insurrection In The Bud.The Rioting,Looting And The Rest Of The Mayhem Should Have Been Dealt With As It Was Occurring ..And This Nest Of Sessionists,Terrorists And Rioters  Should Never Have Been Given Cart Blanche To Get A Foothold In Destroying The Nation.By Early Morning It Should Have Been History.
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Don’t Let The Politicaly Correct Police Take Columbus Day Off Of Our Calender..

   We decided to publish this post a bit early than usuall because there  is a movement underway do undermind the Present Holiday of Columbus day and replace it with an American Indian or Latin American Holiday in it’s place.This issue has a now morphed into



Let us ask every Politician today….Doesn’t the feelings and sensitivity of all those American’s of Euroupean exstraction count anymore ?

Actor Robert Davi On keeping Cumbumbus Statues

Every one who immigrated to the U.S.A. knew about this Holiday before they came to settle here..This is the American Standard.Columbus day will stay.

*All commenting covering  this  post will suspended by The Blog Administrator

Columbus discovered the New World.The Turks had just taken over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul..They also blocked the trade route making  spices unavailable..He had intended orginally to find an alternative route bypassing  the  then Turkish blockcade.We that are from European background honor Columbus for opening up the “New World “for us.
 1.It  remains a great source of pride for Italian American’s  for thier contribution to  America with Parades & Street Festivals that take all place on Columbus day as well as for all American’s going back hundreds of  years .Yes all American’s would honor  Christopher Columbus on his day of birth.
2.Jews also honor Columbus as one of thier own.It is widely believed that his name in Spain was Christopher Colon..He is believed that he was a Marrano (Slang fort the new convero’s )  a name derived from  pork used to describe those who would litterly eat pork in the streets to sort of prove that they are no longer a follower of thier old Jewish faith.Columbus hailed from Geneo a city that at that time frame was well known for the settling  of Sephardic Jews escaping the Spanish Inquistion.Columbus is said to have spoken very good Castillion Spanish but  did not speak well Italian..the debate on this continues to this day.. However We will say this loud and clear..We want Columbus Day to Stay!

The Lerman Report Staff


Will N.Y. Governor Coumo March In This Years Columbus Day Parade?

             Click On Video Below


    We at The Lerman Report are going to republish this story a bit early. .
Being the new Political climate we are wondering if The Governor will march in this  years Columbus day parade or skip it.
Will he capitulate to the new left and side with the new lefts mantra of Columbus was an enslaver & murder.Will he march in the indigenous Native American Indian parade playing both ends to the middle?
     Will he ignore the rants of the nouvelle politically correct crowd and proudly march once again in the Columbus Day parade as  he did last year? Will he try to bring the Party back to Center.
We are witnessing Governor Andrew Coumo’s campaign T.V.spots it shows among others for a lack of a better word in his crowd or supporters featuring a Woman wearing the Hijab. Jewish voters are being disenfranchised from the Democrat Party.

Actor Robert Davi On Columbus keeping  Statues

With the brash of candidate’s such as … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .. Thomas Lopez-Pierre and the constant socialist rantings of Bernie Sanders all who are Pro Palestinian..This image then  becomes troublesome for Jewish voters.
We at the Lerman Report question the wisdom of his campaign to include and obvious Hijab weaning Muslim Woman in his commercial. Yes the Democrat party should be one of Inclusive of all..However the reality of the situation is  quite different.What is playing out in the Middle East with Israel and it’s adversaries and to include this in his  T.V. commercial  is turning off Jewish Voters big time.
Here is a clip of the New Darling of The Democrat Party Pro Palestinian Anti Israel Linda Sarsour

The optics  alone in Governor Coumo’s T.V. clip of “Inclusion”  is not a good one if he intends on having any Jewish support on Election Day.
It paints another picture of perhaps where he now stands Vis-à-vis  Israel vs. the Palestinians ..
Do you want Jewish Support = Jewish voters or Muslim Support= Muslim voters?.In todays volatile situation in the Mid East you have to take a side..you can’t straddle the fence & have both
From the surveys that we saw when asked to most Muslims “Does Israel have aright to exists and does Israel have  the right to defend itself” The answer every time with everyone asked is a loud and resolving “NO”..

We all know of his Presidential ambitions.So what will he do? So what will candidate Coumo do? Get in step with the new Democrat crowd to garner more votes?
Jewish voters do not feel comfortable with this new Democrat Party’s stance..Will he break ranks and do right thing by Marching up 5th Ave.on Columbus Day? Only time will tell.
Italian-Americans fight movement to abolish Columbus DayImage result for hand pointing picture
Gov. Cuomo says there will always be a NYC Christopher Columbus …Image result for hand pointing picture
who Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Pro-Palestinian Socialist WinnerImage result for hand pointing picture
Anti Semitism Runs Rampant.. Take a Look at … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Democrat Leslie Cockburn: Anti-Semitic Or Anti-Israel? – The ForwardImage result for hand pointing picture


President Trump Find A Way To Remove Governors And Mayors From Office That Refuse To Protect Its Citizens.

President Trump Please Find A Way To Remove Governors And Mayors From Office That Refuse To Protect Its Citizens And Property..
The Mayor Can Only Be Removed By The Governor..Mayors Nationwide Are Instructing  Their Police To Stand Down To Rioters And Looters Thoses Looting And Causing Massive Distruction And Looting  And Lawlessness…
To Make Matters Worse Like Throwing Gas On A Fire Governors All Across The Nation Are Refusing To Call Out The National Guard.
President Find A Way To Bypass These Rouge Mayors in And Govenors And Help Protect And Defend Our Population When The Speaker Of The House Had The Guale To Say”People of Will Do What People Do .
 Governors Such As New Yoks Govenor Andrew Coumo Chined In AboutTreasured Stautes Being Torn Down His Reply To Distruction “Its A Healthy Exspresion”
President Trump Stand Fast And Do Not Release Any Federal Funds Earmarked For Clean Up And  Rebuild Those Cities in That Those Officals  Just Allowed Thosed Crazed Mob To Have Catre Blanche On Ripping Down Our Nation With Bizzare Logic Of Defund The Police
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.


     Israel is a Sovereign Nation Beholding Absolutely Nothing To Any Of The E U.Nations.
The E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.Each And Every European Nation Was Complacent In The Demise Of Six Million Jews
Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced them …

Jews who were denied a homeland for 2,000 years And Remained were good Subjects To Their Host Nations.
I Stop Short Of Refering To Those Jews As Second Class Citizens Because For Most Of Their Sojourn In Euroupe Were Regulated to Walled Getos Living Out A Merger Existance For Nearly 2,000 Years.
Even After The Nazi ‘s  Killed 6 Million Jews Those Who Survived WW 11 were Chased Out Of Europe At Wars End Being Denied Any Entry Into Any Of The Various European Countries Not Even Allowed To Return To The Nation That They Lived In Before The War.Then They Were Forced To Endured Any Three Years In An Internment Center In Cyprus Until Their Entry Into Their Ancestral Homeland Israel.

Its  Beyond The Pale Of  Both Shameful And Disgraceful That Jews Had To Endure This Fiasco At The Hands Of Their European Host Nations.So We Say This Loud And Clear To The Entire European Union



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A Pathetic Path Awaits If The Democrats Win The Either Senate or Presidency In 2020

      A pathetic future Awaits America If The Democrats Win The Senate or Presidency In 2020.
As Of Right Now Every Democrat Led City Has Been Giving Looters and Rioters A Free Rein In Their Onslaught Of Property.Mayors In These Municipalities Have Looked The Way And Tied The Police Departments Hands Behind Their Backs.Democrat Governors Are Reluctant To Call In The National Guard Which According  To Law & Protocol Its The  Governors Call And Not The Presidents.

            Non Citizens Allowed To Vote

Rioters And Looters Gave Crossed The Line And Are Now Terrorists.These Lawless Destructors Of America No Longer Fear Nor Respect Authority Just Like A Brazen House Mouse Who Rears Himself In Broad Daylight.
Democrats Had The Exact Position As Trump Pn Protecting Our Border As Trump When Obama Held Office


This All Occurs As We In A Shutdown First The Corona Virus.New Yorks Own  Mayor Has Downright Threatened To Lock Shut House’s Of Worship If They Break The Social Distancing Rule But Gives Protesters Freedom  To Congregate Wherever They Choose And May We Add In Massive Numbers As Well.

They’ve Been A Green  Light To Do As They Bloody Please.Politicians Have Already Capitulated To Their Demands Making A Sham Out Of Our Ballot Box.Anytime That They Find Something  Not To Their Liking Just Start Burning And Looting Again And Our Elected Officials Will  Just Throw In The Towel And Capitulate To Anything That They Demand. If You Ask Us That’s Not Anyway To Run A Nation.
Democrats Want Reparation For Slavery Paid To Blacks

If The GOP Loses In November And The Democrats Are Successful vin Capturing Control Of The Senate.Get Ready For A One Party System..We Will See Open Borders And Voting Rights For Non Citizens..Goodbye To Our Once Great Democracy.
These Rioters Should Have Been Stopped Right From Day One.They Now Reveal Their True Colors (No Pun Intended) As Anti White,Anti Semitic And A Communist Agenda..
Are You Mr. And Mrs.Voter With That? No? Then Get Out and Vote.
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Americans Political Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary



   Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary.Let me cut to the chase..

I saw many stage Hyptosists..There talent is scary mind control if you ask me.They talk to the audience and walks over to the people he had in stage touches some pressure point on their neck and they immediately go under his mesmerizing spell.However some audience members will go under in a room of lets says 1 in 50  will automatically go under his spell..Like  I said without him touching him in any way..1 in 50 is a very big number  believe it or not1 in 50 nationwide adds up to millions..As we all watch T.V.1/in 50 are getting their political  view manipulated by biased commentary Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Fake News Commentary .

There has never been  any President or Politician for that manner who has millions hate him more than President Trump.

When I ask people just what legislation did Trump vote for or veto that  gets your level of rath and distain..they cannot answer.

Like the subliminal cuts on movie theaters in the 1950s Anti Trump biased is being pumped out. This also implies to Anti Jewish and anti Israel thoughts are being projected by constant bombardment of negative commentary from the media..

We urger every American don’t just follow the popular idea by getting on the band wagon.Reject  news  whose main object is getting fans or adherents to their opinions.Form you own thoughts and stop your opinions from being manipulated By biased news commentary.

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N.Y State To Push To Clean up Grumman Poluted Water Area..Just a Photo Op..


*Updated Story




 N.Y.States proposal to clean up the Grumman area polluted by the Navy and Gruman.It just doesn’t sound right to us. It’s not a puddle beneath the ground but a river as wide  and deep as  New York States the Hudson River.Their going to pump out poisoned water and replace it with good water? Come on it sounds a bit wacky like Junk Science to us. Once all that water is pumped out then get prepared for massive land collapse sink hole style above the ground all around the periphery of all that water drainage.

The water that is to be pumped out & and different water intended to go right back into the ground?..That sounds ludacrist.

Listen every bit of bed rock, sand and soil would also have to be removed as well.In the future were going to be right back in the same spot. It takes 30 long  years for the water that was collected in the recharge  basins  (Sumps) to enter the  L.I. Aquifers.

Right now  if they drill any further they will be at the Brackish (salt) level..It sounds to us a like damage control & Grand Standing directed towards  with Mr & Mrs.Taxpayer who living in a High Tax State and County that from the Politicians and nothing more.

 Schumer had to be given some bad info by his staff for him to pitch an idea  such as this to Long Islanders.

 Schumer Just exactly how much is ito going to cost Long Islanders..are bonds going to be  floated  (got to pay them back down the line) or is all New Yorkers taxes going to go up..


There is supposed to be a Superfund in place for this already..where is that money now..Uncle Sam  must pay any cost incurred 100%. We will tell you this much for the role that Grumman played in polluting the water supply plus in addition to  what Grumman did on this other unrelated issue…Grumman took U.S.grants and  reneged on their promise to keep jobs in L.I. that Grumman  should be permanently banned from being permitted to do any further business with the Federal Government .

Northrop Grumman Should Be BARRED From … – The Lerman Repor/


Long Island Aquifers: The Basics | Nassau Suffolk Water …

lerman (1)


As Americans We Must Fight & Resist The Globalists At All Costs…

There is an ungoing movement to.Elminate  Borders…Have one World Goverment..One Religion.

It is already underway. The Chaos  that we are witnessing right here in The American Cities is a well orchestrated plan.We keep hearing they blame George Soros..While we and no media outlet can not point fingers at Soros with any degree of certaintly.We will say this..An awful amount of money is being pumped into this the amount has to be stagering as to make it impossible that anyone person has this amount of disposal cash available to funnel into this cause.

Lerman Report Not Responsible for content


We like our American way of life and both it’s values and our standard & we will resist and fight  any and inflitration and change from In American foreign influences.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

The Lerman Report Staff.

America Should Never Capitulate To Rioters.

No Municipal  ..State or  Federal Government should never throw in the towel and capitulate to these mobs of rioting thugs.

By doing so it means that election process means nothing  that all the unhappy campers have to do is burn,pilage and loot or threaten to do and what the Government will roll over  lay down and let them have carte Blanche for whatever politicaly correct nonsense that the bloody well chooses .
That in esences means that the Goverment has is 0% input and 100% capitulation.

That’s not any way to run a country..
Now these rioters demands a are being met at lighting speed..If they don’t like for example a statue of Columbus or a name of a town city and school it gets taken down ..no public hearing,no vote,not opposing views allowed..its their way or the hi way.When will enough be enough?
To make an ommlete You Have Break Some Eggs And Though It”s Not Politicaly Correct These Days Sometimes In Order To Quell A Riot The Police Has To Break Some Heads.
Even Though This Insurection All Started With What Was Said To Be Police Brutality We know Now That It Was Most Proberly Organized by Anifaa Snd Black Lives Matter Who Was Jusy Looking For An Excuse Such As Incident Such As This To Begin Their Mayhem.
Why have Election’s  then let us stop our voting process and leave it up too mob rule.Is that what everybody wants?

The Rioters and Looters should have been subdued right from the get go.
Hi Pressure Hoses.Stinky Water..Foam and We wouldn’t rule out that looters should be shoot.
Anyone find fault with that ? Ask the retailers that lost millions may even most of the damage booth to brick and morter building itself and merchandise not even recoverable by insurance how they like it.
Aparently prominant Black Leaders like Tomika Malory feels no compassion first them as she was quoted as saying
I don’t give a damn if they burn down Target, because Target should be on the streets with us, calling for the justice that our people deserve.”
Capitulate once to rioters and angry mobs and it’ll never stop.
We call on both the Muncipality’s involved and our Federal Government make no haste and nip this insurection in the bud toot sweet or we won’t have a country any more.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
 lerman (1)
The Lerman Report Staff.

Believing Black Lives Matter And Supporting The Organization Black Lives Matter Are Two Separate Things..


While We believe that Back Lives Matter as well as all lives We remain vehemently against the organization Black Lives Matter.

The Organization Black Lives Matter has Anti Jewish Platform accusing Israel of Genocide.

Jews were on the front  lines in Selma along with Dr.Martin Luther King .For years of support what do they get..a kick in the Ass.They have aligned with Palestinian groups and if that was no bad enough the BLM leadership is anti Semitic.

Anti Semitic Rhetoric as well as flyers making their circulation at these BLM ‘s protests sites are being observed.While We can not tie BLM to this vile literure their supporters are vocal echoing those  Anti Semitic thoughts The rioting and looting do absolutly nothing for advancing any black cause ..but sets its back years.

Other Black Leaders such a Mark Lamont Hill (Pictured Above)are ardent supporters of Palestinians and Big Haters of Israel.


The wanton disrtuction of propery cry’s out for a quick resolution by police.

Black leaders such as Tomika Malory who shut out Jews from any particpation in the Starbucks sensitivity training said “I don’t give a damn if they burn down,”

Mallory added. “I don’t give a damn if they burn down Target, because Target should be on the streets with us, calling for the justice that our people deserves.

Now the Black community from these ransacked,looted and burnt down buisnesses will not likely see these big retailer reopen in those areas for a good 10-15 years.

The best way to support Black lives is to distance and divorce yourself from radical militant outfits like the present Black Lives Matter Organization.

Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter & Ferguson Reps Take Historic Trip to Palestine.

…Watch Below…


WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
 lerman (1)
The Lerman Report Staff.

Supermarkets Making Out Like Bandits

Since the quarantine Supermarkets gave ceased to put out and run any sales. Everything sold in their outlets are way over priced.We as consumer’s no longer have the luxury to pick  & choose certain brands.Like the menu at Buffet Restura we must take what they give yes whether we like it or not.
Everyone gas to eat and wipe the rear end so they continue to gauge the public.They bend the public over the a shopping carts and gjve them a good
I was in a few retail outlets that sell T V’s . TV that before Corona  Quarantine which sold first $675 now sell for $875  .
In essence they want the public to foot the bill because of amy quarantine loses concured during this fiasco.
When this Covid19 is over We suggest that the public boycott just one supermarket  chain in their vicinity..
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
The Lerman Report Staff.


Open All Stores Now Or Risk Economy Going Down The Tubes


Like in a war ..There is always colateral damage.it can’t be avoided.
Unless we want boarded up stores fronts and a country looking more a third world nation and people walking around with wheel barrels of devalued currency..
Then open all retail outlets now.Yes many more will die from corona ..but that’s the colateral damage we have to have in order to save our economy and nation.I wish and fervently hope that we all remain safe & healthy buf we have roll the dice now and chance it
Open All Stores Now Or Risk Economy Going Down The Tubes.
Why can some stores such as like Big Lots stay open and not Marshals? Its a technicality that they sell sundries ..razors toothpaste etc.
So because they sell that they can still operate and still sell furniture.Staples office Depot can  also stay open as well.
We will tell everyone this “Let all retail  stores  reopen period”..Have both hired help and customers masked and gloved but for the sake  of our future economy let them reopen now.
Years ago when many of us were in school we all learned about ever nations natural resouses Coal,Timber,Ore,Oil etc.
Today most if not Euroupean Nations as well as countries such as Greece,Israel Spain etc make their living strictly from Tourism and Tourism only..Italy already announced that it is suspending all Tourism for a year..They must have some up ticks or inside information on Covid 19 and its severity that where not hearing  on the evening news.With the exception with stated such as Florida whose economy is based on vacationers and Retired communities the U.S. makes no more than 2% of its income on tourism..So for us Tourism  is a non issue.Florida will suffer big time as it attracts retirees with a tax abaitment ..The reason Florda hss no income tax is that they pass on to  tourists or vacationers who wind up footing the bill with high taxes on everything from car rental  to everything else.
Other than eateries we see no reason why We can’t start opening up more retail outlets now ..Have a store policy of limiting the amount of people in a store at a time can be implemented.
Bottom line open all retail businesses now ..require masks for everone entering and take it from there Retail stores are already 3 months in the rears with their rent In a few more months it’ll be impossible for a shop keeper tenats to pay their landlord and you’ll see store after store boarded up.Open up America’s Retailers Now!
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The Lerman Report Staff.


American Culture Is All Due To Manipulation

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OPEN IN  NEW TAB TO HEAR  Human Ear Clip Art
American Culture Is All From Massive Bombardement Of  Advertisements And Of  Bevy New Music Every 10 & 12 Years All From Manipulation by Media ..
Ever notice that if your a German or Russian or a Frenchman  or an Italian living in and growing up in your perspective Nations in Euroupe or any other continent that your culture or style is the same each & every generation.
Your style or manner is no different than your grandparents.
In America every  generation changes drastically changed say every 10 to 12 years.Those of the previous generation in America that don’t change are labeled “Old School”
Those of each era that refuse to change and bow down to commercial bombardment and peer pressure are labled “Nurds”. or “Squares”.
Those who grew up in the 1920’s are different than those who grew up in the 30s..40’s,50’s  60’s and so on get the picture?
In America the media manipulates not only our clothing style but the way we cut or let our hair grow long..Music changes as well as clothing style every 10&12 years in America.
While in Europe watch kid growing up listen to the same music as the grandparents did.
With a small exception today due to internet and T.V.  all through out the World each &  every generation will continue to grow up with the same style as their great granddad.
America marches to a beat of a different drum…all manipulated by massive bombardment of commercials,music and the new trendy clothing that we all must have.

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.


The Future If The Quarantine Last Much Longer..

Moses Lerman’s Prediction For The Future

If the quarantine last 6 months or or this is going to be rude awakening for America.Once landlords don’t get the rent for their stores then exspect them to longer maintance the strip mall properties as done before.In order to cut costs be prepare to see overgrown grass &/weeds not pulled out ..windows boarded up shut.The new tenants will pay much Lower rents but the quality of this shops will declined. We will see flea market caliber merchandise  what once top quality shops the likes that will Be a thing of past.
Neighborhood realestate price will pumel downward & realestate will be a cornacopua of budget priced houses will that will sell for a fraction of market value as they once were.The middle class will  evaporate and suddenly disappear and America will  eventually join third world nation status of having the very Rich and The Very Poor only.
Large Corporations will purchase large amounts of real estate  all throughout the nation and the top Fortune five hundred corporations  will eventually control all buisness.
We  must end this quarantine as quick as possible.Scientists and Medical Experts must graph improvement in air quality and the lessening Covid 19 patients as staistical fatal comes forth.
If this not done toot sweet we will sink into an abiss of some slum like condition that looks more at place in Calcutta or Singapore after a tsuname where people rummage through the Garbage dumps for  food for & other stufff.
We can not allow our to becomes this.
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The Lerman Report Staff.

U.S.Economy Will Be In Shambles Worse Than Crash Of 29

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Let everyone exspect to see the U.S.Economy In Shambles Worse Than Crash of 29.Due to stores and other Brick & Mortar concerns staying closed and the subsequent of not paying any rent all during this Corona Crisis.


Many landlords if not all will  refuse to allow them to reopen after months of skipping payments on rent.This will alter the landscapes in out towns and cites across our nation.
Our Economy will be in a spiral free fall for many money perhaps years .


We will see many neighborhood stores  permanantly  boarded up shut.Most will be Mom & Pops the likes you ever seen.
As  businesses of all kinds shut closed for those Covid 19 many will never reopen even its’s over hence millions of people unemployed.


There will be a similar comparison to  the Depression of 1929

The Great Depression of 29 was not a collapse of our Dollar as was the case in Euroupe but an uneven redistribution of wealth as Wall Street called in the margine on stocks.After WW11 The Italian Economy went belly up.People were seen with wheel barrels full of bills as their Unit of courrency was devalued down to nothing She thing practictly happed in Germany after  WW1.
That’s not going to be our picture.
While the American Dollar will remain strong ..just like 1929 it’ll be in hands of Big Corporations, Uncle Sam and the few lucky individual s who had a cushion of savings to rely on.Bigger Retail Outlets will swollow up smaller outputs and grown bigger while get little guy will take years to achieve the level of success that was all before Covid19 began.


The landscape of your neiborhood is about to change drastically.We will witness longtime familiar shops going to the wayside and disappeare from the American scence.The look of retail will take on a different appearance .We will recover but will never be the same.
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How About More Stimulus Money For All The Grocery Store Clerks Who Are Risking Their Lives First Near Minimum Wage..

How About More Stimulus Money For All The Grocery Store Clerks Who Are Risking Their Lives First Near Minimum Wage..

When we hear Nurses crying Constantinople because they are risking their lives with this deadly cirona virus ..It makes our blood boil.This is the field that they chose.We will make them a Pity Party how Patheic they are.Can anyone fathom a Policeman not ready to run into a robbery in progress at a bank or a Firefighters refusal to go into a burning building to save a life.No because we all know their dedication.This is the field that have chosen .These professions are well paid for their services but not all hero’s are well compensated.

Now we come to the Supermarket  clerk making near mimium wage risking their lives everday for you and I to get groceceries and stuff.It burns our Asses to no end when we hear stimulus money for ships not Flaged American with Foriegn Nation Registry.Its high time that Uncle Sam put its foot  down and grow a set and tell the Oil Companies that are richer than God and control our economic to take a hike…but that’s not happening.

The kicker is that all this passes muster across both sides of the Isle.Shameful.

Lets give a hats of and and an Extra Big Stimulus check for all these brave unselfish grocery clerks and  such workers who deserve much more stimulus money and are showing up everyday during this Corna virus.

Give Grocery Clerks Your Support!

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The Lerman Report Staff.

Let There Be No Stimulous For Oil Companies Or Cruise Ships Who Flag With Foreign Nations.

Trump lost us in this one..It rendered bipartisan support.Our law makers should be ashamed of their selves.First let us discuss Ships that chose to be flaged  by either Bahamian,Iberian in Panamanian . to avoid paying taxes into the U.S.coffers.In fact when doing that though they save a bundel they are not Uncles Sams  responsibity to either protect,defend ior to come to to ther aid in any time of conflict.It is incumbent on the nations that they sail under to do that.A while back the U.S.pulled a ships chestnut out of the fire when they got in hot water(no pun intended,)They dont deserve our Navy’s protection or bailout by Uncle Sam.

A while back in the strait of Hurmuz a Steam  not flying the U.S.flag was threatened by Iran..since they were forign flaged it was never our obligation irresponsibility to come to their aid..but we did the U.S.come to their aid like shmucks.I would let them stew in their distress.Maybe have them pay 30 Years back taxes & a promise to reflag under U.S.for ten years.

New the oil companis give them what they did to motorist  over the years bend them river their desks and give them bubkis ,zilch ,nada goose eggs.they profit enough.It was up to the editorial Staff at the Lerman Report we would nationalize them…

What or legislators did was despicable a giveaway to underservng entities.The stimulis they are to give to Americans is a pidance.Just how much more pork did they include I’m this stimulus bill? When both parties want to work together they do..for pork giveaways..read below link..

List of flag of convenience countries
Pop. 4.8 million
Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands
Pop. 58,000
Pop. 4.0 million
The Bahamas
The Bahamas
Pop. 39


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The Lerman Report Staff.


Jews Should Not vote For Self Hating Jews ..Vote Trump in The General Election

           Related image

Bernie Sander appears to be  a real self hating Jew. Although he marched with American blacks in Selma in the 1960’s and there is nothing wrong with that however how about  supporting your own ethic group  for once in your life .He is constantly  throwing Jews and Israel under the bus while pandering to Arab audiences.

His actions towards Israel are reminiscent of the concentration camps “Kapo’s”.

 He shouldn’t be getting 1 Jewish vote for dog catcher let alone President. I always hoped for the day a Jew would run for president  but he puts a big damper on it.

    There will always be Jews that will always vote Democratic under any circumstances ..most of them are over 95 years of age .Yet sad enough some misguided Jewish souls will run like Ganifs to pull his lever while in the voting booth..how pathetic


Those same Jews would vote for Hitler if he ran for office on the Democratic ticket..wake up and smell the new Democtat Party hatred for Jews..

Keep in mind that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of your dear old departed Bubby & JFK it has been taken over by a bunch of radical left wing Anti Semites.

Stay far clear of these new bred of Democrat Canidates that proudly display  their Jew hatred llke a badge of honor.

Fellow American Jews Stand tall and make a statement  don’t vote for Sanders. Don’t Let  SANDERS make headway in the Democrat Party as he’s  trying to win the White House.

Jewish support should go to any GOP Candidate in 2020 …

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The Lerman Report Staff.

Time for Jews To Bid Farwell To The Democrat Party

  Wake up to reality of today the Democrat Party of today is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Bubby & JFK…only the name remains the same.It has been  usurped with a new bunch of radical left wing Anti Jewish & Anti Israel followers.They no longer share Jewish values anymore.For All the years that Jewish people were among the most loyal of Democrat party voters in the end they get the old perverial kick in the pants.

Time for today’s Jews to leave the Democratic party.The Jews of old had a special relationship with the Democratic party. The old pre WW1 Jews who were foreign illiterate factory workers swore by the Democratic Party. There was always a Party Leader in the neighborhood in the 1920’s to help them out….However lets wake up and face reality this doesn’t exist anymore.
               The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

The new arriving freshman members of congress are Anti Semitic such as Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib who’s  first act was to accuse Jews of not being  loyal to this country.Along with her cohorts Alexandria Cortez and Bernie Sanders they’ all remain  vehemently anti Israel.This has to be a wake up call..its, almost like 1938 Nazi Germany all over again.
At each and every  Democrat campaign rally you need not have to look far to spot the Anti Israel placards being hoisted high 8clamoring for a 23rd Arab Nation And the end to Israel.Now We do advocate  that  you give 100% approval in every Republican issue..I know that I don’t but in balance they are pro-Israel and not Anti Semitic..The Democrats including Senate minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seem unperturbed by this new rash of Anti Semitic Lawmakers.This is not free speech it but is hate speach.The new “Squad “of Congressional freshman  are crapping on Jews and Israel and that’s seems ok with  the Democrats…shameful.


Well those days when The Democrat Party was in Israel’s corner are far gone. Once the senor Jews pass on  and by senor Jews we ate talking about  those 80 and over there  will not  be  a liberal voting Jew around. So Mr .& Mrs. Jew if you haven’t  yet switched already to Republican do it now.

Jimmy Carter No Friend To Jews


This is What Jewish People Invented The Word Putz For…


 This is what Jewish people invented the word  ‘PUTZ”for..No other ethnic or religious group on Earth would ever crap on thier own group in the manner like these self hating Jews  in the above picture have demonstrated. When I see someone holding up a sign or wearing a shirt that says  “Another Jew For disinvestment” It sickens me too.Sometimes its a non jew Wearing the shirt or displaying the sign for then cameras to score points for thier Anti Semitic organization . If you’re so embarrassed or ashamed of your own religious  background  then why don’t you don’t just convert to another religious  and stop your dissatisfaction once and for all.

What your doing is making a” PUTZ” out of yourself on the world stage and making it look bad for other Jews  .  For a Jew to publicly Protest against  Israel in this manner with what going on in the Middle East beyond shameful..I wonder if  they ever read a newspaper or watch T.V or listen to a radio and haves some grasp   of the current situation in Israel. This can only be described as a Shanda.If these poor misguided souls think that they will ever get respect or admiration from the Palestinians they are wrong all that they will get laughter behind their backs.
If It weren’t for Arab intransigence Israel would have no need first any military aid package from the U.S..Golda Meir once said that if thevArabs would put down their weapons there would be no more war..If Jews would put down their weopans there would new noore Israel.


Thousands of Orthodox Jews swarm NYC streets to protest Israel’s ..

Putz | Define Putz at Dictionary.com

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.The Lerman Report Staff

I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base..   Moses Lerman

The Lerman Report Pays Tribute To A Great Actor Kirk Douglass 1916-2020


Kirk Douglass born Issur Danielovitch Demsky was a great actor and even a greater person.

He made 52 movies every one a classic.

The last two decades he suffered with the effects of a major stroke but it didn’t stop him from enjoying life.

We may never see the likes of actors such as him again.

R.I.P. Kirk Douglas ..Moses Lerman.


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What Killed Vinyl Records

My Personal Record Collection”800″LP’s’

Compact Discs did not kill Vinyl Records.What the Death Knell to Vinyl was the end of an easy home recording medium or cassette recorders..
I got believe in my heart of hearts that the lack of available cassette tapes eventually did vinyl in.
A vinyl record is for the most only12- 15 minutes  per side however with  recorded cassette you can get anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 if an hour per side get the picture?

I like most people seldom listened to whole albums but made mix tapes.In other words one song from this album another from that album and made deluxe mix tapes.When no recording medium was available anymore that took life away from Vinyl Records to survive any longer.

As far as CD’s went it hurt but it was not the reason for their Demise.
Bringing back Vinyl without a home recordings medium is totally useless.
I gave collection away to a few nursing homes in the hope that others will get to get to enjoy my record albums as much as I did.

Never Sell Your Old LP Record Collection For Peanuts..





Why Doesn’t Speaker Pelosi Curb The Squad?

Picture Wall Street journal

Speaker Nancy  Pelosi is letting this squad continue to spew hatred and Bigotry..She places Ilhan Omar on the foreign affairs committee.The public cry’s to have Ilhan Omar removed but it all falls on deaf ears.Some sceptics say that perhaps Ilhan Omar’s campaign contributers contributed to Pelosi’s campaign and putting her on that committee is a condition of that campaign contribution..who knows but one thing remain fact Pelosi doesn’t take her off that committee…One has to conclude that she has no problem with their bigoted rhetoric that we are hearing everyday.
Many life long time Democrat voting families are outraged at her  just standing idle and doing nothing to stop the Squads snowball effect and picking up speed and new adherents..Shame on her not getting involved.
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Obama Fooled Us All…


Obama Fooled us all..His campaign manager and the DNC Chair made sure that certain facts did not appear in the news.
One fact is that he was adopted by his stepfather and his name was changed to Barry Soereto…He was raised a Muslim in Indonesia a picture of him in Muslim garb was hidden from the public.

Birth Certificate Below.. Real or Fake .You Be The Judge..

Although while there is nothing wrong with  being a  Muslim he did hide that fact as to perhaps not let the public know his true sediments visa vie the Arab -Israeli conflict.

The Congresional Black Caucus. Made extra certain that picture of him and Louis Farakann disappeared all during the 8 years of his running for the presidency and while in office.



We now see that The Jeremiah Wright controversy during his first run for the oval office was a smoke screen or perhaps a deversion inorder to keep the public away from his Muslim background…

Obama was touted as the great healer of race relations in America.. it was brought out and emphasized he had a White mother to drive that fact home to the voters.
He would up making race relations ten fold worse…All during the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman incident he took sides and was not inpartcial making race relations ten fold worse.

Netanyahu reveals how Putin foiled Obama’s anti-Israel efforts at UN…Read Link Below..


Secretary of State John Kerry had an Iranian son in law and perhaps that shaded his impartiality ..yet Kerry was allowed to be cast in the roll of  an honest broker in the Iran nuclear talks  all while He hid the fact that he had a Iranian son on law..

Wake up fellow Jewish Americans time to move on from the Democrat party..

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How Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

A Lerman Report Exclusive..

Leonard Solomon Lerman w born 1925  an American scientist most noted for his work on DNA. Lerman, DNA researcher & co-inventor of DGGE, is born in Pittsburgh.
We wonder what Leonard Lerman whould have to say on this matter.

A  One Minute Read….


Just how Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

Let us start by saying that we read that a chimpanzee shares 99%  of our DNA.So in other words All these home kits take everyone back to hundred and thousands of years all the way the way back  to our  Neanderthal relative with that 1%? Come on give us a break.

An entire family took a DNA test from one of these popular DNA home testing kits.One of my staff members took such a test. It showed both him and his sister are listed as full brother and sister…yet DNA found relatives that are are his 2nd cousin are his sister’s distant cousin..how is this possible?

Now a 2nd cousin is a close relative …. it means that one of your grandparents and their grandparents were siblings.It is impossible for you to have a 2nd cousin with and your full siblings is their 6th cousin… After they complained about that they reinterpreted their ancestral bio..Now they say that they’re 99% Ashenazic Jewish and less than 1% European and that 1%=they Trace their ancestry and and they say they are related to famous Polish astronomy Copernicus.. We’d like to know what DNA sample of Copernicus did they have to make such a bizzare outrageous claim who was a contemporary of Columbus..

These DNA Outfits have the exact same history for Jews of Polish Background coupled and mirroring the same exact DNA as those Jews of Russian of Background.

Jews of Polish background are Dark  & have black hair while Russian Jews are generally Blonde  haired stocky  and triangular shared head. .These two groups of Jews are from first a lack of a better term  “different stock’ thus making  it impossible for booth groups to have identical DNA Markers.

Let us tell you our theory.What we believe what they are doing is merely conducting a deep computer searches..90% deep computer searches and only 10% actual DNA testing at the most….

Most people think of computer search engines as a relative new thing ..not so.

Computers go back hundreds of years.

Henry Faulds – Father of Fingerprints. Henry Faulds was a Scottish physician, missionary, and scientist who is noted for the development of fingerprints.


Then cames , F Galton an anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin, began his observations of fingerprints as a means of identification in the in 1880.

So inorder to make any attempts at identifications a computer is needed.

Deep computer searches may contain restricted sealed records going back hundreds of years that may be in play and may not be that small cup of spittle that we all send in…All records from School records to vital statistics from church recordings going back not only your time but your grandparents and beyond are all available in deep computer  searches.There are also records from the census bureau with data that was taken  years ago by Government agency’s both obtained & going back longer more than a century.


Is this how they determine to have you trade those Dutch Klogs for a pair of  Bruno Magli Shoes .get real…get the picture!





A Tribute To Jerry Lewis On Labor Day Weekend

https://youtu.be/iacM6UGPswMImage result for hand pointing picture
Labor Day weekend will never be the same without Jerry Lewis..He was abruptly fired from the “MDA” Labor Day Weekend Telethon a few years ago..Now that he is no longer with us Labor Day will never be the same..It’s the same with New Years Eve.. Just as when Guy Lombardo died he took New Years Eve with him Jerry Lewis took Labor day with him.Neither of those 2 days will ever be the same.
I’m in my late 60’s now & grew up with Seeing Jerry Lewis way back in the Martin & Lewis days..Seldom does a talent come along and make an impact on the public as Jerry Lewis has done R.I.P.  Jerry Lewis.

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A Tribute To Jerry Lewis On Labor Day Weekend

https://youtu.be/iacM6UGPswMImage result for hand pointing picture
Labor Day weekend will never be the same without Jerry Lewis..He was abruptly fired from the “MDA” Labor Day Weekend Telethon a few years ago..Now that he is no longer with us Labor Day will never be the same..It’s the same with New Years Eve.. Just as when Guy Lombardo died he took New Years Eve with him Jerry Lewis took Labor day with him.Neither of those 2 days will ever be the same.
I’m in my late 60’s now & grew up with Seeing Jerry Lewis way back in the Martin & Lewis days..Seldom does a talent come along and make an impact on the public as Jerry Lewis has done R.I.P.  Jerry Lewis.

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