Israel Must Annex All Lands In Their Possession Before Trumps First Term Ends

  Israel must swiftly and annex the entire West Bank..Retake Gaza and Sinai before the next  U.S.Presidential  election.If Trump loses to Bidden or any Democrat for that matter it will give the next candidate Carte Blanch to crap on Israel.
Israel has been a loyal Ally to The U.S.and a most valuable asset in the Middle East which gives America Air Bases as well as a Warm Water Port to the Mediterainian.We do not want to see Bidden bring the Israel P.M.into the Oval Office and bend him over his desk in order to have him capitulate to bunch of Terrorists in essence commiting national suicide for Israel.Let us clue our ain’t gona happen on any Israeli Head of States Watch.


Every Dollar that Israel receives from Uncle Sam goes directly back into the U.S.Economy when it buys its armaments from the American Defence Complex.Please dont make Israel bypass weapon patent rights and manufacture their own military arcenial on its on as their only means of survival.
The Palestinian Arabs can not he trusted to keep another treaty.Israel can no longer trust them..By their own words and deeds any 2 state solution is just a stepping stone  to further destroy Israel.



Just look at this Ahed Tamimi situation.Israel cuts her a break and within hours she is back on the propaganda trail  trashing Israel .From her to BDS activists to any E.U.delegate who arrives in Israel to Rable Rouse you got to get tough & incarcerate them up for a minimum of 3 years.
That fiasco playing out in  Gaza by Israel’s fence never should have been allowed to continue past day one. In 50 years if there is no longer a Jewish State everyone will say “Why did we listen to our own hearts and not and cater to World Opinion”?
What everyone sevens to be forgetting is that Jordan formally known as Transjordan was a colonial project setup to placate the Saudi Tribe.
It was part of the British Mandate just like then British Palestine now renamed Israel.It was stricktly intended and inforced by Britain for Arab residence only..Jews were not permitted to move within its lines.
Annex Now before The November U.S.Presiendential Elections.Indecision and hesitation adds up to loosing so Strike While the Iron is Still Hot.It is bizarre that people clamor and support Terrorists over their victims.
This clip below shows a the shameful out & out distortion of truth .It is 100% downright lies and a totatal facbrication of whats accually occurring in Israel.. ..It contains a condenation of Israel by Joe Biddens & Demonstrates What awaites Israel in any event of a Trump loss in 2020.Watch the things that Bidden gets angry about . We guess all the Terrorism and pay for slay intiated by Abbas passes muster with him. Soumds like what we are hearing from Bidden  is that Jews can do no right and the Arabs can do no wrong.







Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman Report
Terrorism Should Never Be Given A Bye « The Lerman Report®.


E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.


     Israel is a Sovereign Nation Beholding Absolutly Nothing To Any Of The E U.Nations.
The E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.Each And Every European Nation Was Complasant In The Demise Of Six Million Jews
Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced them …

Jews who were denied a homeland for 2,000 years And Remained were good Subjects To Their Host Nations.
I Stop Short Of Refering To Those Jews As Second Class Citizens Because For Most Of Their Sojourn In Euroupe Were Regulated to Walled Getos Living Out A Merger Existance For Nearly 2,000 Years.
Even After The Nazi ‘s  Killed 6 Million Jews Those Who Survived WW 11 were Chased Out Of Europe At Wars End Being Denied Any Entry Into Any Of The Varius European Countrires Not Even Allowed To Return To The Nation That They Lived In Before The War.Then They Were Forced To Endured Any Three Years In An Internment Center In Cyprus Until Their Entry Into Their Ancestral Homeland Israel.

Its  Beyond The Pale Of  Both Shameful And Discraceful That Jews Had To Indure This Fiasco At The Hands Of Their Euroupean Host Nations.So We Say This Loud And Clear To The Entire European Union



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Americans Political Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary



   Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary.Let me cut to the chase..

I saw many stage Hyptosists..There talent is scarey mind conrol if you ask me.They talk to the audience and walks over to the people he had in stage touches some pressure point on their neck and they immediately go under his mesmerizing spell.However some audience members will go under in a room ofl lets says 1 in 50  will automaticly go under his spell..Like  I said without him touching him in any way..1 in 50 is a very big number  believe it or not1 in 50 nationwide adds up to millions..As we all watch T.V.1/in 50 are getting their political  view manipulated by biased commentaryAmericans Opinions Being Manipulated By Fake News Commentary .

There has never been  any President or Politician for that manner who has millions hate him more than President Trump.

When I ask people just what legislation did Trump vote for or veto that  gets your level of rath and distain..they cannot answer.

Like the subliminal cuts on movie theaters in the 1950s Anti Trump biased is being pumped out. This also implies to Anti Jewish and anti Israel thoughts are being projected by constant bombardment of negative commentary from the media..

We urger every American don’t just follow the popular idea by getting on the band wagon.Reject  news  whose main object is getting fans or adherents to their opinions.Form you own thoughts and stop your opinions from being manipulated By biased news commentary.

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Believing Black Lives Matter And Supporting The Organization Black Lives Matter Are Two Separate Things..


While We believe that Back Lives Matter as well as all lives We remain vehemently against the organization Black Lives Matter.

The Organization Black Lives Matter has Anti Jewish Platform accusing Israel of Genocide.

Jews were on the front  lines in Selma along with Dr.Martin Luther King .For years of support what do they get..a kick in the Ass.They have aligned with Palestinian groups and if that was no bad enough the BLM leadership is anti Semitic.

Anti Semitic Rhetoric as well as flyers making their circulation at these BLM ‘s protests sites are being observed.While We can not tie BLM to this vile literure their supporters are vocal echoing those  Anti Semitic thoughts The rioting and looting do absolutly nothing for advancing any black cause ..but sets its back years.

Other Black Leaders such a Mark Lamont Hill (Pictured Above)are ardent supporters of Palestinians and Big Haters of Israel.


The wanton disrtuction of propery cry’s out for a quick resolution by police.

Black leaders such as Tomika Malory who shut out Jews from any particpation in the Starbucks sensitivity training said “I don’t give a damn if they burn down,”

Mallory added. “I don’t give a damn if they burn down Target, because Target should be on the streets with us, calling for the justice that our people deserves.

Now the Black community from these ransacked,looted and burnt down buisnesses will not likely see these big retailer reopen in those areas for a good 10-15 years.

The best way to support Black lives is to distance and divorce yourself from radical militant outfits like the present Black Lives Matter Organization.

Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter & Ferguson Reps Take Historic Trip to Palestine.

…Watch Below…


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Press Not Being Thruthful Concerning Jewish Distain For New Democrat Party

The mainstream is  Press Not Being Thruthful Concerning Jewish Distain For New Democrat Party.This includes both Print and  Broadcast media.They constantly show Jewish apologist “A”list celeberties such as the Sarah Silverman’s  or  Rob Reiner bashing either Trump or Israel policy.You whould be hard  pressed for them to  showcase pro Trump and Pro Israel stars.

The way it appears is that Jews remain loyal and are supportive of the Democrat Party and are not  perturbed one ioda from any of this new radical elements in the party that slam Trump & Israel every chance they get.They constantly twist his words and try to create a situation thats not true.
We at the Lerman Report claim that there is more than a mere perponderance of convervative Jewish voters today but a  vsst majority and the public is being led to believe.


Jews are educated today are well  read and  on no way can they be are not upset with the new liberal left Anti Jewish diatribe of the Democrat Party.
Trump has been the greatest friend to Israel  that they ever had.In no way that this is being ignored or overlooked by todays Jewish community.
The Press is trying to manipulate  public opinion and in this instance shaping Jewish though against Trumpt…This charade It should stop immediately!

Most if not all of today U.S.Jews are outright discusted with the Democrats and support Trump.

Erik Kabik Photography/Media Punch/Alamy Live News

Jewish support should  & will go to GOP Candidate’s in 2020 …

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Jews Should Not vote For Self Hating Jews ..Vote Trump in The General Election

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Bernie Sander appears to be  a real self hating Jew. Although he marched with American blacks in Selma in the 1960’s and there is nothing wrong with that however how about  supporting your own ethic group  for once in your life .He is constantly  throwing Jews and Israel under the bus while pandering to Arab audiences.

His actions towards Israel are reminiscent of the concentration camps “Kapo’s”.

 He shouldn’t be getting 1 Jewish vote for dog catcher let alone President. I always hoped for the day a Jew would run for president  but he puts a big damper on it.

    There will always be Jews that will always vote Democratic under any circumstances ..most of them are over 95 years of age .Yet sad enough some misguided Jewish souls will run like Ganifs to pull his lever while in the voting pathetic


Those same Jews would vote for Hitler if he ran for office on the Democratic ticket..wake up and smell the new Democtat Party hatred for Jews..

Keep in mind that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of your dear old departed Bubby & JFK it has been taken over by a bunch of radical left wing Anti Semites.

Stay far clear of these new bred of Democrat Canidates that proudly display  their Jew hatred llke a badge of honor.

Fellow American Jews Stand tall and make a statement  don’t vote for Sanders. Don’t Let  SANDERS make headway in the Democrat Party as he’s  trying to win the White House.

Jewish support should go to any GOP Candidate in 2020 …

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Time for Jews To Bid Farwell To The Democrat Party

  Wake up to reality of today the Democrat Party of today is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Bubby & JFK…only the name remains the same.It has been  usurped with a new bunch of radical left wing Anti Jewish & Anti Israel followers.They no longer share Jewish values anymore.For All the years that Jewish people were among the most loyal of Democract party voters in the end they get the old perverial kick in the pants.

Time for today’s Jews to leave the Democratic party.The Jews of old had a special relationship with the Democratic party. The old pre WW1 Jews who were foreign illiterate factory workers swore by the Democratic Party. There was always a Party Leader in the neighborhood in the 1920’s to help them out….However lets wake up and face reality this doesn’t exist anymore.
               The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

The new arriving freshman members of congress are Anti Semitic such as Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib who’s  first act was to accuse Jews of not being  loyal to this country.Along with her cohorts Alexandria Cortez and Bernie Sanders they’ all remain  vehemently anti Israel.This has to be a wake up call..its, almost like 1938 Nazi Germany all over again.
At each and every  Democrat campaign rally you need not have to look far to spot the Anti Israel placards being hoisted high  clamoring for a 23rd Arab Nation And the end to Israel.Now We do advocate  that  you give 100% approval in every Republican issue..I know that I don’t but in balance they are pro-Israel and not Anti Semitic..The Democrats including Senate minority lessee Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seem unperturbed by this and their refusal to vote against the Anti Israel BDS bill.siting free free so each is crapping on Jews and Israel..thats acceptaple with the Democrats…shameful.


Well those days when The Democrat Party was in Israel’s corner are far gone. Once the senor Jews pass on  and by senor Jews we ate talking about  those 80 and over there  will not  be  a liberal voting Jew around. So Mr .& Mrs. Jew if you haven’t  yet switched already to Republican do it now.

Jimmy Carter No Friend To Jews


This is What Jewish People Invented The Word Putz For…


 This is what Jewish people invented the word  ‘PUTZ”for..No other ethnic or religious group on Earth would ever crap on thier own group in the manner like these self hating Jews  in the above picture have demonstrated. When I see someone holding up a sign or wearing a shirt that says  “Another Jew For disinvestment” It sickens me too.Sometimes its a non jew Wearing the shirt or displaying the sign for then cameras to score points for thier Anti Semitic organization . If you’re so embarrassed or ashamed of your own religious  background  then why don’t you don’t just convert to another religious  and stop your dissatisfaction once and for all.

What your doing is making a” PUTZ” out of yourself on the world stage and making it look bad for other Jews  .  For a Jew to publicly Protest against  Israel in this manner with what going on in the Middle East beyond shameful..I wonder if  they ever read a newspaper or watch T.V or listen to a radio and haves some grasp   of the current situation in Israel. This can only be described as a Shanda.If these poor misguided souls think that they will ever get respect or admiration from the Palestinians they are wrong all that they will get laughter behind their backs.
If It weren’t for Arab intransigence Israel would have no need first any military aid package from the U.S..Golda Meir once said that if thevArabs would put down their weapons there would be no more war..If Jews would put down their weopans there would new noore Israel.


Thousands of Orthodox Jews swarm NYC streets to protest Israel’s ..

Putz | Define Putz at

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I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base..   Moses Lerman

False Image Being Spread Concerning Trump To Divide Jewish Support

Jews Give Trump Your Support

Jews Give Trump Your Support


The left is disseminating false information concerning Donald Trump in order to neutralize the Jewish vote.For starters it paints Trump in league with Neo Nazi’s and all sort of right wing anti Jewish groups..This is patently untrue and an out and out lie.The Left is making illegal immigration  holding facilites equal to concentration such as Auschwitz.

Totally a false  narrative False Image Being Spread Concerning Trump To Divide Jewish Support.

Trump has been the greatest friend Israel ever had and never had ..He has never been part and partial to anything anti Jewish ..only supportive .

False Image is Being Spread Concerning Trump To Divide Jewish Support of Jews all during his life..Now we see Bloomberg throwing his hat into the election for POTUS

All Bloomberg can do is split the Jewish vote & be a spoiler for its ballots.Blomberg in his latest add he he is now showing  pctures of himself with Obama while praising his polical relationship with him.wrong move to garner Jewish Votes…

Click on Link Below and Find Out Why…



Bloomberg if he ever wins the White House  will attempt to be overly fair with the Palestinians by caving in to their demands ‘s  as not to appear  biased or partial..Hence he is bad for Jewish Interests. Trumps immigration policy  on our Southeren Border is now falsely being paralleled with Nazi concentration camps

Fellow Jews please don’t fall for the old liberal way of thinking:

Vote Trump not Blomberg or Sanders in the next General Presidential Election..


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The Lerman Report Pays Tribute To A Great Actor Kirk Douglass 1916-2020


Kirk Douglass born Issur Danielovitch Demsky was a great actor and even a greater person.

He made 52 movies every one a classic.

The last two decades he suffered with the effects of a major stroke but it didn’t stop him from enjoying life.

We may never see the likes of actors such as him again.

R.I.P. Kirk Douglas ..Moses Lerman.


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