Israel Must Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office In Favor of A Board of Rabbi System

   The Sephardi Chief Rabbi (Yitzhak Yosef)     The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi (David Lau)

 Listen Israel  must scrape the current Chief Rabbinate’s Office in favor of a Board of Rabbi System. The current Chief Rabbinates Authority is part and parcel to making it possible to rip apart the very fabric of Jewish life. No group of Jews is either the barometer of what’s acceptable or more entitled  to more  or exclusive  privedges amoung other Jews. The Israeli  parliamentary system  has to bear  some brunt of the blame too.These small religious parties are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. They have the major parties by the short hairs..What got to be done is for both major Israeli  political parties to shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.
Let me tell all in Israel the facts of life..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t serve in the IDF and put their  life on the line..they proform a valuable service to Israel  non the less..Without the American Jewish voter casting their most  valuable vote for pro Isreal Candidates in  America..Does anyone in think for one second that Israel would get any foreign aid package from  Uncle Sam?
So do not Alienate any stream of  American Judaism at the Kotel (Western Wall)  or have place   restrictions on them that Haredi Jews don’t have to adhere too.With the large influx of Muslim Immigration coming to American shores in a few years these people will vote and there may never be pro Israel politician elected again..Like I once said if they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballet box..Bottom line  drop The Chief Rabanate Office for a Rotation  system of the Board of Rabbis./end
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Israel Must Quell Any Violence Stemming From The Temple Mount Area ..

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   You know what? You can not operate a nation or negotiate a contract if the the implied threat is “If you don’t do it our way then we will riot or do mayhem”. What that is paramount to is that you have zero % input but 100% compitulation .There is not a single corporation, nation or a municipality on Earth that can ever let that happen..its beyond anarchy. Israel must set straight all these Agitators, Investigators, Rouser Rousers right now & the Hell with World Objections..Israel you can no longer tip toe on keeping the peace concerning violence stemming from Temple Mount Area. Israel if you intend on keeping  a country  of your own you must maintain peace and order on your terms and your terms only. Like we mentioned  before that means you must exert 100% % Input and  0% Capitulation no ands if’s or buts…Keep this in mind  it’s your country .


Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In Favor Of Terrorists And Murderers …

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Jews and Israel are being scapegoated  to pacify terrorists. Where has the World’s Moral  Compass gone..From the the E.U. and right up to the American College campus ‘s you can hear the Anti Jewish Venom being spewed. The BDS movement has been given a permanent seat of acceptance among  the political left and Anti Semitic propaganda is now making head way right up to the top rung of ladder in the Democratic Party itself. It has become open season to crap on Jews and Israel.
At one time even the most ardent hard-core Bigot or Jew hating Public figure whether it be a politician or celebrity would sniffle themselves holding their  tongue  publicly and leave the hate rhetoric at home behind closed doors. Today the  Jew haters have absolutely no compunction  to hide their bigotry and publicly and wear it like a badge of honor..I guess the murdering  of innocent families while they lie sleeping by terrorists that entered  through tunnels is ok. I thought  horror such as  the likes of that of only occurred on T.V. shows such as Criminal Minds. From the Maniac who kills civilians in the market Place by doning a Suicide vest to the shooting committed in a kindergarten class or the  heinous butching of  families while they sit and have their  Sabbath Dinner all the  way to the Random stabbings of unsuspecting  Israeli Citizens.. It all  passes muster among the new liberal left. Finally let’s not forget the slain Israeli  Olympic Athletes who were not even given a moment of silence after being killed  at the Olympic  Games and now the next Prime Minister of The United Kingdom “Jeremy Corbin” has visited the graves of those very Olympic Terrorist Graves and paid homage to them.You can’t make this stuff up. It defies  logic and all sence of  decency from every and all backgounds. All of this now get a bye. When terrorism reared its ugly heading France and Belgium every world leader marched in unison with the E.U. nations .I was sickened and appalled when I saw P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas was  given place a honor allowing him to walk arm in arm among the World Leader’s at that  solidarity March. He should have been excluded right from the get go since he pays dividends to Terrorists that murder Jews and also names Streets after them. What a Hypocrite this guy is and does it with his head held high and not lacking any shame. Today bigots mask their deep-seated Jewish Hatred under the veil of Palestinian  rights ..They fool   no one  I  always say that decent people of all background will see right though their charade.
*Still Champion These Murders?  Take A Look At the Reality Posted Below…

* Warning Contains Graphic Pictures

In pictures: The grisly scene of the Halamish terror attack – Arab-Israeli ..Light Orchid



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Melania Trump Passed on Wearing Hijab…So What Get Over It.

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Hosni Mubarak At Yitzak Rabins Funeral Wearing No Yamaka

First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Wearing Hajib..Melania trump No Hajib

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  Melania Trump Passes on wearing the Traditional Muslim head covering for Woman “The Hihab”a Babushka type  womans scarf.You know What? I seem to recall at the Late Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral there were a few Arab heads of State and not one chose to put on a yamaka.  It is customary when a male enters either a Synagogue or a Jewish Cemetery to cover his head  it is a requirement whether they be Jewish or not..This a major Jewish rule. So Melania forgoes the traditional Muslim Womans head dress.  You know What?  Respect is a two way Street a Double Edged Sword …If you want respect then show some respect..Whats good for the Goose is good for the Ganda.You know what else? Had Rabins funeral been today..It whould have played out in the exact same manner.

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Who Will Speak For Dead Victims of Terror? ..Don’t Support Terrorists Who Are On A Hunger Strike

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We can’t get over all the vocal outcry of support for these Palestinian Terrorists Who wish to participate in a hunger strike.. Why should any decent person of any Ethnic or Religious background champion these Animals.. Who will speak for all the  victims of their murder and mayhem? You drive a car into a crowed street with the sole intention  killing Jews or either stabbing innocent Jews to death in the market place or sneeking into Isreal via tunnels from Gaza and killing famlies while there asleep… This is what people are siding with?
Who cares if they don’t want to eat.. More food for everyone else that’s all.. There’s an old Yiddish expression  “Thrasha the Voncent In other word Don’t threaten us threaten the bedbugs.. At  the end of day We Would venture to say that  is proberly is not one Jew or Isreali who cares one a way or another if  these Terrorists  won’t eat.Related image
Videos Show Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Snacking, Israel Says …Image result for pointing finger picture
Palestinian hunger strike heightens tension with Israel | ReutersImage result for pointing finger picture
At least 8 injured as Palestinian opens fire on market near Tel Aviv …Image result for pointing finger picture
Watch: Tel Aviv Hotel Terror Attack Caught on Security CameraThe …Image result for pointing finger picture\
 Comprehensive Listing of Terrorism Victims in IsraelImage result for pointing finger pictureImage result for pointing finger picture



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Did FDR Know All Along About Hitlers Final Solution for European Jews

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U..S .Soldiers Lie Dead Upon Invading Normandy Beach In WW11


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“Fanta ” on The Beach

THIS IS THE ARMY – 1943 clip 5 (Army, The End) –
  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign             Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unpresidented four terms as POTUS and in no way was a friend to the  Jewish people . Both FDR, and our Allies during WWII knew all along what Hitler and his third Reich as up to. The railway system that transported Jews and Non Jews to the death camps could have been bombed , but Roosevelt and the allies  didn’t implement that. While thousands of our servicesmans bodies lay dead on Normandy Beach Roosevelt with a wink and a nod look and looking the other way allowed certain corporations to do business inside Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola as the story is told sold their soda inside Germany all during WWII marketed under the brand name “Fanta” supposedly an embargo on Cokes syrup lead to the formation of ” Fanta,” if you believe that then we have a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you. This is beyond shameful. Also It is widely believed that FDR had for known knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and gave 2/3of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines off base liberty to lessen the casulty count..disraceful..had this been knownn back then he would have sat out the War in a jail cell..
Most of the American Jews of that time were poor  illiterate  immagrant  factory workers many who obtained their citizenship through the efforts of local politicians ..In those days before  1930  one of the party fathful would accually go inside the voting booth with them  and made sure that they pulled the right lever ..others voters listened to who their union advised them to vote for. .Back at home in WW11 Hollywood continue to tow Uncle Sams company line by pumping out movies make light of the Nazi Atrocaties with Hitler portrayed in a lite comical vain.
We dont know about you but we at The lerman Report are totally outraged by all of this. After FDR’s  death Harry Trunman opon taking over the ship of state a scraped a private deal FDR made to the Grand Mufti which basically said that there will be no more Jewish Immagration into then British Palestine and no future Jewish nation. Truman scrapped that deal. Truman while he owned his Haberdasher shop  was buisness partners with his friend Edward Jacobson who was Jewish  saw the Anti Semitic ways of FDR and through his efforts the Modern State of isreral was created. Jews all over remain greatful for  Harry Truman.

The Palestinaians Come Negotiation Time Will Reap What They Sowed..Bubkis


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      You know what…When your are negotiating for a raise and you demand too much do you know what you wind up getting? Nothing, Bubkis, Zilch, Nada. After all the Hateful and Disrespectful U.N votes proclaiming that Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem or a Judaisms holiest site the Western Wall (The Kotel) to all the other  present outrageous disrespect claims by UNESCO right up to the utter Filth that is being taught in their U.N. Run & Funded schools, To the very Rewarding  Terrorists with cash & when they murder Jews and in addition the naming of Streets after those Terrorists remains an all time low. Most Importantly the Palestinian Authority Regnaded on 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handiing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace.. Do they think that Isreal can trust them for a 3rd time?  There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. When it comes to keeping their word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Isreal if it were only one inch wide and they then  would fight Tooth and Nail with every Once and Fiber and Strength to take over that one inch ….Whos Fooling Who ?
Bibi Netanyahu  once said if the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no further war.. If Isreal put down the weapons there would be no more Israel..
There was never an outcry for any Palestinain state before 1967 when Jordon held soverighty over the West bank. There are 22 Arab Nations Comprising an Area the size of the Continental United States and 52  additional Muslim Nations While there is only one Jewish country the size of New Jersey..Its high time that their Brother Arabs Step up to the Plate and Show them some Hospitality and let then into their Borders once and for all to put an end to this Nightmare.  When Israel handed over Gaza the Plaestinian leadership received a massive aid package..Gaza was to be destined to the  “Hong Kong’ of the Middle East ..Instead their leadership (Hamas) chose Rockets of  mass discruction and to build Tunnels to Murder Innocent Isreali families while they Slept. There’s a saying that you  catch more flys with honey than vineagar..that concept  is allien to the Palestians.
 In the final anayisis  you reap what you sow Hence They’re going to get nothing.. They had their chance and they threw it away now  they’ll get Bubkis.
Bupkis dictionary definition | bupkis defined – YourDictionaryLight Orchid

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Anti Semitism Runs Rampant.. Take a Look at the New Democratic Party..

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   *Hitlers Voice Posted  Because This is What Lopez’s Speech is Paramount To. 
Right Click on Hitlers Face to Open Link In A New Tab To Hear Only

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       It has become open season to crap on Jews and a Isreal all the way from The U.N. to the E.U. right up to the American Universities and all over the U.S.A… This is the New Liberal Lefts Politically Correct Agenda.. Sad to say as far as they are concerned the old saying  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”  no longer seems to apply to Jewish people. Where is the outcry from the Leading Jewish Politicians and Office Holders  . The saddest thing of all is that all these Jewish liberals will run like a theif to cast their vote and pull the lever for this creep and other Jew Haters like him. Wake up fellow Jews the Democratic party of your dear old departed Bubie and JFK no longer exists.

Related image.

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I’m Not Fond of The Expression “On The Right Side of History”

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What concerns me as a  Jewish American is when I hear our  Liberal Politicians say time and time over again to other politicians and International world leaders “Your on right side of History”  refering to the Syrian refugee immagrants entering America and the West. Their version the PC of multiculturalism is not compatible with  my views and  or with Judeo_Christion values. Why is it alright to take up the “Palestinian Cause” while throwing Isreal under the bus is ok. I know that in a few short years these Syrian refugees will be voting and once they do there will never be a Jewish or pro Isreal politician elected.
When I see world leaders such as Angela Merkel turns
a deaf ear to her  fellow countryman  dissatisfaction with the influx of millions of incoming Syrian refugees.. I can conclude only one thing… That perhaps the German elections are not on the up and up and she knows that she can’t loose. Why else would she dilerbertly disregard her citizens wishes? There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area of the continental United States  let their brother Arab nations step up to the plate and show them some hospitality and take them in their co religionists it’s not the western nations obligation to do so.
The press is manipulating thus Syrian refugee story. While they constantly continue to show  mothers holding babies and young children, absent from the cameras are the big strong strapping young men who should be staying behind and fighting for their country.. Those men are there they are right next to these women holding up their babies but there not bring filmed..
Why should our boys in our Army have to go to Syria and pull  their  peoples chestnuts out of the fire?
Let’s tell it as it is the new left is not the left of  your dear old Granny and JFK.. The thing that they are looking to accomplish is to create a class of voters that are indebted to their  political party.. Nothing more.
The US Resettled 10,000 Syrian Refugees — Which Cities Are They …
Why are so many refugees young men? – QuoraLight Orchid


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With Its Crazy Obsession With Isreal The U.N. Has Accually Writen It’s Own Obituary.

So Long (It’s Been Good To Know YouLight Orchid


Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign          The U.N is out of control. With its lopsided unbalanced treatment of Isreal along with their of Anti Isreal resolutions it won’t be long untill backfires on them. We can’t wait  until the day  that the  U. S. puts the lock on the door and sends all those Jew hating “diplomats” packing permanently.
Who needs them anyway, it has become exactly the opposite of what it was created for. It serves no purpose  anymore to bring about world peace. It is also a den of Espionage and many illegal drugs come into our country through diplomatic pouch. The so called diplomats flaunt their disrespect for our nations law from parking violations and beyond claiming diplomatic immunity.. Plus it creates the worst case senerio for tying up traffic to a security nightmares for our Police.
From the days under leadership of Nazi Kurt Waldheim to the  Anti Jewish Tutledge of Sun Kim Moon it has been a stacked deck against Isreal never giving it a fair shake.. Can’t wait fit the  U. S. Marshalls to make their move and close it down permanently.. Good Riddance would like to say it’s been a pleasure but it hasn’t now go find some dictatorial despot nation to host you for the next 50 yearsRelated image
Another UNESCO panel to vote on text erasing Jewish ties to …Light Orchid