Synogogue Shooters Should Get Life Sentence- 24 Hr. Solitary Confinment Without Any Privileges Plus Publicly Cained On A Weeklly Basis


The Shooters who shot up a synagogue while services were in session that took place om Pittsburgh and the also at the Chabad Center of Poway synagogue in Southern California should receive Life sentences that includes 24 Hr. Solitary confinement without any privileges whatsoever No ands ifs or buts..

This thought should also be also applied to every deranged  maniac such as thus shooter that targets people in  such a manner.

They should be publicly cained on a weekly basis as it may serve as a deterrent to others.




Abbas’s Wrath Should Be Directed At King Hussein Not Natanyahu Or Trump

Before 1967 the term”Palestinian”was yet to be coined..

It was only after the conclusion of the 1967 Arab_Israeli War that those Arabs from those conquered territories began using the term Palestinian’ to apply to themselves.

The war started when five invading Arab Armies invaded Israel and may we  even add”unprovoked”

In 6 days when the fog lifted the Arabs lost Sinai.Gaza..Golan..East Jerusalem and the Known as “The West Bank”.Let’s face it  King Hussein deserted his Subjects & never came back for them..for  all practical  purposes he wrote them off.

Yes this is the sad reality the very crux of the situation concerning the massive poverty and economy that he’s former subjects endured over the years..The King washed his hands of them & never provided for them through a proxy of any kind whatever.

All the subsequent unrest all during Israeli control was a direct effect from those historical events stated above plus mismanagement of funds by the Palestinan




When King Hussein became caretaker and in charge of The Al Asa Mosque that made it Paramount to an official acceptance of his countryman’s fate.

All Arabs residing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank should be repatriated to Jordan.Gaza should be administrated by both Egypt and Israel with Israel controlling the borders.

Half of Gaza’s population must be transferred to Egypt to elevate Gaza’s overcrowding.

A new international aid package should be in effect and the purse strings tightly scrutinized.

                     6 Day War

The Six-Day War, also known as the June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was fought between 5 and 10 June 1967 by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Relations between Israel and its neighbours were not fully normalised after the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. Wikipedia



Europe Got Muslims for Jews | The Brussels Journa
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Trump Must Garner All Jewish Support At The Polls In America

  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     Trump has been a true friend to the Jewish community both here in America and in support for Israel.. American Jews must wake up to the rude awaking that the Democrat Party is now radicalized and has become ardent Anti Semitic..What We are about to say is the crux  of why some old  time Die Hard Stalwart who will not leave the Democrat Party..So listen up:

       The Crux to His Lack of Jewish Support.

Trump must address and put permpermanly to rest his comment concerning This Alt Right  rally(A white supremacists rally where Neo Nazi’s) we’re in their ranks/also known as the Charlottesville rally or Charlottesville riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, from August 11 to 12, 2017 I’m which he said”There are very fine people on both sides”..This was a response from an inexperienced politician ..A poor choice of words off the top of  his head & nothing  more, so please don’t read anything further into it.
What he most properly attempted  to convey is that there are many people on the alt right who deep down though decent but Grossly misguided.It was merely poor attempting to defuse a most volatile situation..This is the ammunition that the Democrat are using to keep Jews in their fold..
So untill Trump clears up that issue & that statement  he will forever he haunted by it by and it’ll be constantly be used as fodder by the Democrat Party.
So Fellow Jewish Voters Wake up to reality of today’s Democrat Party . It is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Bubby & JFK…only the name remains the same.It has been  usurped with a new bunch of radical left-wing Anti Jewish & Anti Israel followers.They no longer share Jewish values anymore
Time for today’s Jews to leave the Democratic party.For all of the yeas that Jewish people who were among the most loyal of Democrat party voters in the end they get the old pervervial kick in the pants
               The Pathetic Sad Reality Below


A New More Palatable Way to Be Anti Jewish..Be Pro Palestinian

          An Exersize In Bigotry.

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign I been around for 70 years and I met my share of Jew haters. I heard all the lines and more of my share of Anti Semitic taunts and messages.Sad to say that a good deal of the time it was spoken right in front of me as I’m often mistaken for Italian
I never denied the fact that I’m Jewish and I am very proud of it
I was in the Marines and took plenty of Anti Semitic brow beating on a daily basis as any Jew can verify to that who served in the Armed forces .
However today the Jew haters cloak there hated of Jews in the veil of Palestinian rights.

They couldn’t care less about the Palestinians but will say that in order to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more than hard core Jew Haters.
What they are really saying is ”the hell with the “Jew Bastards”
Today we witnessing bigots such as the likes of Jeremy Corbyn as he rears his ugly head on the world stage.

                  Jeremy Corbyn

When we hear and read stuff like that we have to wonder does thees protesters really care one Ioda about the Palestinian plight?

News reporters are infamous for this new way of reporting this sham of these bigotsventing their way of being a Jew haters and at the same time wanting to come across well all Caring folks.
Do they really care about the poor Palestinian’s?Not really they couldn’t care less about them in reality. Do you hear them being vocal about The Kurd’s or People in Africa or any of the worlds downtrodden people …answer “No” enough said/end

Kristallnacht once again

 Jewish shops  are targeted by Anti Semitics  crowds …read on…..

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Netanyahu Must Politicaly Disassociate Himeslf From The Haredi


 In his quest to form a coalition government Netanyahu has included the
The Haredi’s United Torah Israel party.This is a major mistake.The Chasidum are ripping a part the very fabric of Israeli society.Lukid is willing to give them whatever is needed for their Party to stay in office.
The United Torah Judaism Party will bend the major Political Party Leaders over their desks in order to extract every thing on their wish list..One these wishes are to keep their draft except status continuing.Their other demands range from shutting down everything on Sabbath and to becoming the”Boss concerning who can and can not pray at the” Kotel” (Western Wall) .
As far as draft exempt status & the demands of closing everything down on Sabbath that remains strictly the Israeli electorates business & Problem exclusively. However when American and other Diaspora Jews are being crapped on by not allowing them access at the Kotel to pray……Then that becomes  the  American and Diaspora Jews bone of contention.
As of today there is a dangerous trend among American Jews are secular who over the years. They are being manipulated as to become ashamed of their background and apologists for anything Jewish in other words
“Self Hating Jews” With the alarming trend in American politics with new anti Israel politicians rearing their ugly heads. Plus the Increased  dissatisfaction for President Trump who is Pro Israel  plus that of increased Muslim immigration ..soon whatever Jewish voters are around it will not be enough to elect any pro-Israel canidates.Bibi is now alienating the very American Jewish base that votes in those Pro Israeli politicians.
Netanyahu’s major appeal to American Jews is command of the English language and not coming across and sounding like for lack of a better word what  Pre WW 11 American Jews once refered to as “A Mocky..Once another Israel politician obtains the Prime Minister office and English is not their first language drives a wedge  between & distances itself from who American Jewish voters can relate to as one of their own.
It is important for any Israeli party to distance themselves from the United Torah Israel Party as they do the same concerning the Arab Israeli Party when forming  the next Collison .


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We Urge All Media Outlets To Refrain Showing Palestinian Arabs Throwing Objects With The Sling

       What they are trying and accomplishing is to make a comparison of a David vs. Goliath ..The little guy battling the big guy..Let us clue everyone in. First of all the sling does absolutely nothing for any accuracy whatsoever…what’s more it also lends nothing what’s ever for more distance if anything it may hinder distance.
 It more likely  is to employed throwing a hot molotov cocktail to hot to handle to be thrown.
They want to invoke sympathy for them and the viewer to conjure up The David vs Goliath story & make that anaolgy..period
Lets clue everyone in a young David in the Bible never looked to breach a border to hack up families while they sat down to eat and  enjoy a   Sabbath Dinner..Any media outlet  who airs or prints this in their new report is guilty of taking sides & editorialized in favor of the Arabs.So we tell everyone not to fall for this photo.op.

TERRORISM SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A BYE « THE LERMAN REPORT®.Image result for hand pointing picture
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Trump Most Supportive President Of Israel Ever & Can’t Get Enough U.S.Jewish Support To Make A Minion

Photo: Andrew Harnik

President Trump  is most supportive President Of Israel Ever & Can’t  seem to get enough U.S.Jewish support to form A minion..When will U.S. Jews wake up to  the reality that the Democrat party is no longer the party of your dear old departed Bubby and JFK.It is craping on Jews and Israel big time..It no longer shares both Jewish and American values.The party is turning Socialist which is the best friend of Commumism.It has become a bastion  of Anti Jewish and anti Israel hatred . They cloak their distrain for Jews and Israeli under the veil of constitutional free’s not is Jewish Hate Speech nothing more.
I never saw an overall hate for a  sitting U.S.President as I’ve seen given to Trump ..It’s gross manipulation by the media and commercial bombardment  Plus news the hour which is not news but only presenting commentary.It doesn’t share Jewish or American values.It’s Monkey see monkey see  do….Follow the leader get on the band wagon.. whatever you want to call it..It’s not  logical.Jewish Americans are not embracing Trump. Jews should be more grateful  & lend at least if not financial support to Trump  but at least  vocal  support for his efforts ,deeds & going out on a limb for Israel.
Did you fellow Jews like Obama? He fooled us all.
Remember his real name was changed to Barry Soretos by his step father who raised him In the Muslim faith which was suppressed all during the presidential campaign.Also a photo of him wearing Muslim Garb remained hidden as well as a picture of him and Farakkan which were kept under wraps by the congressional Back Caucus
Now newly elected to Congress are 3 new Democrats 2  of which are Muslims one of them is a Palestinian the 3rd while not  a Muslim like the first 2 are pro Palestinian and Anti Israel. They are Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez…Alexand Tlaib & Ilhan Omar.The party is treating them like stars…They are the party’s future.Jews no longer seem to count.

So to secular Jews let me make this clear HITLER made absolutely no distinction between the very Pius and secular Jew..Why you ask? Because he knew that each one can be made equally into the same quality Lamp Shade..Wisen up!
                      Is This the Party You Want?


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Editorial “Why Can Every Ethnic Group Have a Nation Except Jews”?


How Come Every ethnic group can have a Nation of their own except Jews.Germans have Germany Italians have Italy France has France,The Spaniards have Spain but when Jews want their own country they call it Apartheid?
 In each & every one of those non-Jewish countries if you’re not of the host nation’s ethnicity than you’re a guest..perhaps a citizen but a guest non the less.
That’s the way it’ was accepted for thousands of years. However in Israel the non-Jewish population wants to take over and throw out their hosts”The Jews” out  &  push them into the sea. Not one European & Middle East Nation would Allow that to take place in their country so don’t wait around for Israel to roll over and let it happen.
Anytime anyone no longer cares their host’s accomedations & hospitality the exit door remains wide open..
Any Israeli will to you to leave get out ..go elsewhere  Farewell.. arrivederci…avidazane…Hasta La Vista Baby…take a hike…Vagahged..  Ich Club dear ba cock .So here in Israel  we reserve 2 choice word’s for you and it ain’t Happy Birthday.
So if a certain part of your anatomy reaches another part of your anatomy  go perform a certain act open yourself!
We can’t say that’s it been pleasure –  Can’t say that it’ been good to have you’s but it’ll be great to see you leave. 
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                         THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Feet Is Held To The Fire By Democrat Party… While Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar Gets Carte Blanche To Say Anything About Jews

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam College yearbook surfaced shows two people one in blackface together in a kkk hooded outfit on his page. He denied any  culpability and said that it was not him in either picture.If it was him then only those of the African-American community can grant him forgiveness.However the Governor did say he sometime in his defence and let it be known that he finds that picture unacceptable today and that he’s not the same person he was in 1984(time of yearbook).Although I niot an AfricanAmerican..I am a Jew and  exsopeienced by state of hatred in my time.I remembered when England’s Prince Harry and Price  bc William dined  Nazi uniforms for a  Halloween partyl.I let it go ..they were young and foolish & so was a Ralph Northam back in 1984..let it go as I did for the Prince’s.


Low and behold the 3 New Freshman elected to Congress Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez,Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar can say whatever hurtful Anti Semitic thing toward Jews reminiscent of what Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said about Jews and that seems Ok with the Democrat party ..and these 3 haters remain firm in what they say and are not one iota apologetic in any way . While we hearing plenty displeasure from the Democrat Party faithful concerning the Virginia’s Governor ..We hear absolutely nothing of that sort from coming from either Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or the Democrat Party Rank & File concerning three freshman members of congress.


Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.So Should all four should be asked to step down? Keep in mind while dressing up in that manner remains repreheciple the Governor back 1984 was only in his 20’s.
To complicate matters Nancy Pelosi just installed Iham Omar on a key foreign relations committee .shameful!



       Please Watch Only A 30 Second Clip

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