Bibi Capitulates To Hamas..Avigdor Lieberman Resigns In Disgust

Netanyahu Capitulates to Hamas returns to 2014 Deal.That will allow Qatar transfer $15 million Dollars to Hamas.Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman  resigned his position in utter disgust .What  Lieberman has described as capitulation to terrorism from Netanyahu

Lieberman added that the money transfer will be used as  slay for pay to fund and encourage  more terrorist activity activity.We at the  Lerman Report Editorial Board agree 100% with Lieberman.
Although we are not Israeli citizens we will say this…The Lerman Report enjoys an extremely large following  in Israel and all across the Middle East & our take is always  is always well received.


For all the months of rioting and mayhem Hamas gets rewarded with big bucks.The fiasco at the Gaza-Israeli border should never have continued after the first day.Netanyahu’s inaction and now appeasement  shows that terrorism pays off..At least for Hamas.Israel has to be weak.that they are hesitant to have a war on many fronts that they feel that they can not win.Keep in mind just one loss and no more Israel..
Hezbollah as is now well entrenched on the Golan Also the bill concerning conscription on Chasidim is still on the table and not yet enacted into law which Bibi is apparently for.
     Avigdor Lieberman takes  with him his party Yisrael Beiteinu. Although he would make  a first class Prime Minister….however his party just doesn’t have a chance and it”s bucking from the Lukud coalition will just drive Netanyahu to pick more seats from United Torah Israel

We at the Lerman Report remain saddened by these  turn of events .We will say this loud and clear  we consider Avigdor Lieberman  A Jews Jew and  is worthy of our indorsement and support.When Avigdor Lieberman runs for office he will have our support 100%

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Boycott Ben & Jerry’s



Let all Jewish people & any other People who are fed up with hate mongers and murders to immediately in a peaceful  manner to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Plenty of customers were appalled and  outright disgusted by Ben & Jerry rolling out the Red Carpet for Linda Sarsour  and with the kick odd of their new flavor “Resist” company.Now it’s  the publics time to unveil their new flavor”Boycott”
 Any Retailer will tell  you that the first thing you are taught in first setting up your buisness is that you never discuss Politics or Religion with your customers..and by never we mean never.You might say if We may borrow a spoken term.It is the”Cardinal Rule” of every buisness.If your going to break that rule ..then be prepared to lose custumers.In this case not only did Ben & Jerry’s ignore that good advice they went even further and took up  siding and  taking up with Terrorists and  supported their goals.
So hit em hard and hit them in the pocket-book and cease buying their Ice Cream. That is the only thing that will grab their  attention and by doing that it will set an example to other retailers who share similar thoughts as this will be their fate if they attempt to follow in the same footsteps as Ben & Jerry’s
We urge everyone to boycott Ben & Jerry’s.
Avoid buying their products at their ice cream outlets and in the supermarket freezer.Aviod them like as if you were avoiding the plague.
We don’t care how un religious any Jew is ..but to take up with terrorists sworn to destroy Israel and a close friend  and supporter of Hamas no other than Linda Sarsour..shameful.
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They had to be  aware of her connection to terrorists and her platform to bring about the destruction of Israel what she terms end the colonization of Palestine by Jews.
That apparently did not phase bother Ben & Jerry..
They had to know ..their not stupid..It was only when  Jewish people and others vehemently complsined that they reversed their association or alliance with this pathetic  excuse for a Human Being  and ardent rabble roser  & big time Jew Hater Linda Sarsour.
So we at The Lerman Report Editorial review board say that is not enough is merely damage control.
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*I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base all throughout the World….   Moses Lerman

Catch & Release..Linda Sarsour The Teflon Jew Hater


If you watch T.V. news long enough you will spot Linda Sarsour creating a disturbance either in a court Room or in a Congressman’s office.She’s taken away..but doesn’t seem to get any Jail time. I dub her “The Teflon Jew Hater”.She is the new darling of the Democrat Party..She perports to be a womans rights advocate ..however she doesn’t miss a beat proclaiming  her support for the  Palestinian causes along with her distaine for Israel and as she puts it stop colonization of Palestine .

All the media outlet should give her the blackout  treatment..The more T.V. exposure that she receives the more public time she gets to spew her hate and build up.more of  following.

She now has aligned herself with non other than self hating Jew and anti Israel senator Bernie Sanders.Last year she was invited to speak at NY. State owed colleges which she did spewing her personal brand of hatred for America..Israerl.and Jews.where was the outcry from the States Governor?..Answer: none.
 The sooner the top leadership of the Democratic party bars and bans her from attending and participating in their party’s politics can we begin to stop the vile hatred that she she is producing.




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I like Some Democrat Canidates But Basically All Office Holders Of Both Party’s Are Puppets..The Party Pulls Their Strings.

       I like Some Democrat candidates But Basically All Office Holders Of Both Party’s Are Puppets..The Party Pulls Their Strings.Listen every member of Congress are the Glory Seekers..but there is a minority or majority whip and basically tell them how to place their vote.With rare exceptions they all tow the party line.


Untill the day that the Democrats either disavow certain individuals and candidates such as Alexandria Cortez ..Keith Elison.and every office holder in their party that supports the Palestinians over Israel or are BDS and a boycotting  of everything from Israel..Then I can not on good conscience  pull their lever while in the voting both.
Take a look below at who Bernie Sanders is now aligning  himself with  Big Jew and Israel hater Linda Sarsour who supports Hamas.
Clean House first ..get back to your old values..Then and only then can I vote for some decent Democrats candidates that I find no fault in.
Former President Carter Jimmy Cater weighing in proudly displays his personally authored  book which basically denies Israels right to exist.

When I no longer see the Democrat members if their House and Senate  support Terrorists over their victims and  further cease to clamer Israeli Apartheid and BDS.Once tgey support Israel our trusted allie in the middle East  which shares our Democratic values..I will not pull any Democrats lever.. Policies below that the Deemocrats area concern ot me.



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Sad To Report The Jewish Voting Bloc No Longer Exists

      I remember when a Politician could not get elected in a local New York  city or  N.Y State wide election without Jewish support.In a national election ..same thing ..without Jewish voters you can’t get elected
There never an orchestrated  process to get out the Jewish vote.Jews were strong  loyal Democrat party voters.It was their obligation to vote and Jews all across the nation when inside the voting both pulled the Democratic lever.Certain incidents started to erode that support.
First was Jimmy Carter Many Jews  became Reagan Democrats
Second was the influence of Jessee Jackson into the party’s upper echelon
Third was Barack Obama.He did more to dissolve Jewish loyalty in the Democrat party by him what is seen as Anti Semitic  moves.Had Jews known in the 2008 presidential election both in the primary & General election that he posed with Louis Farrakhan and the Congressional Black caucus made extra,sure that picture with Farrakhan never surfaced in the elections.That picture would have said volumes if Obama’s true sentiments visa vie the Palestinian Arab Israeli conflict.
Fast forward to today ..A good deal of old-time stalwart holdouts refuse to take the GOP Plunge.You don not have to give the Republicans a hand down Carte Blanch support on every issue.. We surly don’t.
However but in balance Trump’s the most pro Jewish a pro-Israel President America had since Harry Truman.
Many old liberal Jews have now passed on.We keep telling whatever  Jews that still swear by the Democrat party that it is no longer the party of your dear old departed  Buby and JFK that only the name remains the same.It has been replaced by a radical bunch of Jew Haters who sooner take the side of the terrorists that murder Jews while they are asleep and target kindergarten children than support their victims.We see Jews today supporting BDS movement ..although many holding placards saying Another Jew for divestment are not really Jews but others merely posing as Jews.
We are now at a crossroads for Jewish survival.
Being an apologist for anything Jewish does not give any Jew more acceptance among anti semites..but  more laughter and distain.Let us remind all those apologist & self haters that Hitler made absolutely no distinction between the very pius practicing Jew & their non practicing secular one .Why? because he knew that both can be equally made into rhe same quality lampshade. Wake up respect your Jewish background and heritage


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Jeremy Corbyn Creating Hatered

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     The Difference between Hitler and Corbyn is a simple one.Basically What  the Nazi’s did was  in order to solidify their base in this instance with ethic German’s they sacrificed and crapped on another smaller group within their population (Jews)  in order to  pull the masses together.
We say when you apply for a job & your interviewer wants to know your qualifications ..Too just stand and say”I”m better”than the other applicants does not in itself show your qualitative edge from the field of others .If you think by knocking someone else  increases your stock YOUR WRONG.There is a ploy done by sleep away camp counselors to pick on a particular camper for something that excludes the others to hold the other together making a more manageable situation….This in a nut shell is what Hitler did.While  it remains despicable  and deplorable what  Hitler did .Corbyn has different  twist  on  him creating  hate.Corbyn deliberately took the terrorist side over their victims  He never missed a change to demean Israel and Jews.The hatred in the U.K. is picking up  everyday steam why is Corbyn doing this?
A good friend of ours may have the answer to this.  This friend of ours  is a prominent psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct professor in leading Ivy League school in psychiatric studies once told us that when someone lashes out unprovoked against verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though We not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge.

Boycott Elton John’s Farewell Tour



Everyone who is repulsed by Terrorism should boycott Elton John’s farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.
Apparently Elton John sooner side with terrorists than their victims.
He recently announced his support for BDS & The Palestinians.All the  innocent lives that the Palestinians killed mean nothing to him.He finnally showed his true colors.It seems that for Elton John the end justifies the means..and Jewish lives are exspendable.Do not support this Anti Semite as his support for BDS is basically to bring down Israel’s by taking away the oxygen from Israel by  destroying Israel’s economy.So we urge everyone to stay away from his concerts and send him  a message that support of terrorists will not be tolerated
So stay home from any of his performances.
NOW READ THISRelated image
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Israel Made A Big Mistake Releasing Ahed Tamimi From Prision

    Israel made a major blunder by allowing  Ahed Tamimi to receive a short sentence for assaulting an IDF Soldier.In any other Nation she’d be sentenced to 10 years hard labor for the same crime.On any U.S.Mass Transit system it is posted on each & every Bus… Subway Train or Computer Rail Car that assaulting any crew member it is exactly as if you assaulted a Police Officer with a minimum of 8 years incarceration.Yes she is only 17 years old and that was taken in consideration at  her sentencing hearing.She free now..gained quite a bit of weight while serving her very short sentance..unlike Israeli prisoners in Arab captivity who if ever released return emaciated.
While she cut a big brake with a short sentence she is wastes absolutely no time hitting the propaganda trail trashing Israel from pillar to post.Perhaps she is unaware but is being used as pawn by those who are running the Palestinian media blitz.Her release sends the wrong message to others such BDS adherents and other Anti Israel Jewish Organization’s that if your arrested causing trouble then expect to receive only a slap on the wrists. A 3 year mandatory sentence for anyone from an Anti Jewish or Anti Israel outfit coming into Israel to make trouble should be imposed…no nation…no world leader any exclamation as why they arrest and put away rabble rouses.
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U.S.Woman’s Army Corps Picture Being Circulated With WAC Wearing A Keffiyeh

Just who is responsible for this picture of an American WAC sporting a Palestinian Hamas/El Fatah keffiyeh on her uniform? Is the Pentagon aware of this? What about the Department of the Army were they  in the loop on how this picture became made and circulated?

Any time a U.S.uniform complete with official insignia’s are used in either a movie..T.V.Show, Commercial or Print add  it must have the official permission from the particular branch of service.This print add was not created hap hazard band neither by accident but deliberately created having an American woman soldier wearing a symbol of Terrorists and resistance against Israel.


Even though the ads picture is right in your face it still resonates sort of a subliminal style of  message.Whoever put this add together wanted to make a political statement that is contrary to the to  the current Trump Administrations U.S. policy and at the same time attempt to manipulated your sympathies visa vie the Arab Israeli conflict.


Who commissioned this add with featuring an American Service member wearing  a keffiyeh as part of their uniform?
The  keffiyeh is not GI issue  and wearing it disgraces the uniform.Somebody at the pentagon had to both commission and approve this add.While complements and alcaldes poured in on Facebook to what seemed to be a proud woman serving her country one seemed to question the keffiyeh on her uniform except the members of The Lerman Report Staff.
Although the add does not actually say U.S.Army it is meant to appear that it is.

We are intimating an enquiry and will find out who the culprits are.
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The Sukkus Is Coming To Town(2018)

Sukkot in 2018 will start on Monday, the 24th of September (24/9/2018) and will continue for 7 days until Sunday, the 30th of September.9

I  remember Sukkot 1967 I was in Paris Island  S.C. attending  Marine Corps Boot Camp and the Savanna  Jewish Center would make a Sukkah and stock it with fresh fruit and wine right on Paris Island .It was welcome site from the rigors of recruit training.

Because they couldn’t interupt the Saturday Training Schedule hence the Jewish recruits had to have their weekly services on a Sunday’s & as sort of consilation the Jewish Personel we were told that they would be  taken to Savanna Georgia to attend services on Yom Kippur. If that not all a lavish catered meal was supplied for us in a Catering Hall just like a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding right after the services. I thought it was the greatest thing ever done for us. In addition every Sunday they had Bagels and Lox waiting for us outside of the Activities Building were our services were conducted. I will never foget what the Savanna Jews  Community did for the Jews and Myself when  we attended Boot Camp.

I don’t know if that Savanna Jewish community remains there today in  or if  are do they still help the  recruits the way they did back then But I would like to find out and make a  long over due donation to them if they are still in business..

 *Sukkus- Ashenazic pronouciation of sukkot   Me on Yom Kippur at The Savanna Jewish Center 1967
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