I’m Not Fond of The Expression “On The Right Side of History”

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What concerns me as a  Jewish American is when I hear our  Liberal Politicians say time and time over again to other politicians and International world leaders “Your on right side of History”  refering to the Syrian refugee immagrants entering America and the West. Their version the PC of multiculturalism is not compatible with  my views and  or with Judeo_Christion values. Why is it alright to take up the “Palestinian Cause” while throwing Isreal under the bus is ok. I know that in a few short years these Syrian refugees will be voting and once they do there will never be a Jewish or pro Isreal politician elected.
When I see world leaders such as Angela Merkel turns
a deaf ear to her  fellow countryman  dissatisfaction with the influx of millions of incoming Syrian refugees.. I can conclude only one thing… That perhaps the German elections are not on the up and up and she knows that she can’t loose. Why else would she dilerbertly disregard her citizens wishes? There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area of the continental United States  let their brother Arab nations step up to the plate and show them some hospitality and take them in their co religionists it’s not the western nations obligation to do so.
The press is manipulating thus Syrian refugee story. While they constantly continue to show  mothers holding babies and young children, absent from the cameras are the big strong strapping young men who should be staying behind and fighting for their country.. Those men are there they are right next to these women holding up their babies but there not bring filmed..
Why should our boys in our Army have to go to Syria and pull  their  peoples chestnuts out of the fire?
Let’s tell it as it is the new left is not the left oft your dear old Granny and JFK.. The thing that they are looking to accomplish is to create a class of voters that are indebted to their  political party.. Nothing more.
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With Its Crazy Obsession With Isreal The U.N. Has Accually Writen It’s Own Obituary.

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign          The U.N is out of control. With its lopsided unbalanced treatment of Isreal along with their of Anti Isreal resolutions it won’t be long untill backfires on them. We can’t wait  until the day  that the  U. S. puts the lock on the door and sends all those Jew hating “diplomats” packing permanently.
Who needs them anyway, it has become exactly the opposite of what it was created for. It serves no purpose  anymore to bring about world peace. It is also a den of Espionage and many illegal drugs come into our country through diplomatic pouch. The so called diplomats flaunt their disrespect for our nations law from parking violations and beyond claiming diplomatic immunity.. Plus it creates the worst case senerio for tying up traffic to a security nightmares for our Police.
Front the days under leadership of Nazi Kurt Waldheim to the  Anti Jewish Tutledge of Sun Kim Moon it has been a stacked deck against Isreal never giving it a fair shake.. Can’t wait fit the  U. S. Marshalls to make their move and close it down permanently.. Good Riddance would like to say it’s been a pleasure but it hasn’t now go find some dictatorial despot nation to host you for the next 50 yearsRelated image
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Jimmy Carter No Friend To Jews


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                  Jimmy Carter is a card carrying Anti Semite.. He is no different than his brother Billy but in a 3 peice suit. His humanity doesn’t exstend to Jewish people as his anti Jewish rhetoric never stops . Even after an Israeli drug saved his life and put his terminal brain cancer in remission his anti Jewish diatribe continues unabated.. Usually when someone getting on on years they bury the hatchet on any old hatred that they may have had in their heart.. But not him… That alone speaks volumes as to his true character. He is not deserving of any praise or acakades . He proports to be a religious man, However we  at The Lerman report Report .Com believe that is the furthest thing from truth.     When he occupied the White House then Isreali defense Minister  Moshe Dyan wrote in his autobiography that at his Oval Office meeting with President Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale that Mondale  slaped him across the face. Though we will stress that this  incident remains to be alleged if true that would be unheard of for a sitting Vice President to stoop to something so low.. Slapping someone across the face was something you’d expect someone like  Moe of the The Stooges to do to Larry or or Curly…but  for a sitting VP resort to  such  behavior if true would be beyond unbelievable  That  alleged incident lost Mondale the Vote from the vast Jewish voting block when he ran for POTUS.  We have prepared some links on this topic .please read below…Related image
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This is What Jewish People Invented The Word Putz For…

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         This is what Jewish people invented the word  ‘PUTZ”for..No other ethnic or religious group on Earth would ever crap on thier own group in the manner like these self hating Jews  in the above picture have demonstrated. When I see someone holding up a a sign or wearing a shirt that says  “Another Jew For Disinvestment” It sickens me to,Sometimes its a non jew Wearing the shirt or displaying the sign for then cameras to score points for thier Anti Semitic oraganization   . If your so embarresed or ashamed of your own religious  background  then why don’t you don’t just convert to another religious  and stop your disatifaction once and for all.

What your doing is making a” PUTZ”out of yourself on the world stage and making it look bad for other Jews  .  For a Jew to publicly Protest against  Isreal in this manner with what going on in the Middle Easis beyond shameful..I wonder if  they ever read a newspaper or watch T.V or listen to a radio and haves some grasp   of the urrent situation in Isreal. This can only be decribed as a Shanda.Related image

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U.S.Womans “Right March” Diceptive As To True Motives. Don’t Be Fooled Any Longer

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   Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     First off let us say right from the get go that We at The lerman Report are 100 % for Womans rights..However it has come to or attention that many of these so called right groups are being disingenuous as their true agenda . At each and every rally for any cause thier are paid protestors or agitators who are nothing more than shills there to work up the crowd. We became suspicius when at every rally we can see the Palestinan flag being waved all over the place..this and other far left issues have absolutley nothing to do with ”Womans Rights”..We obtained a copy of ‘Womams Rights” platform and it seems that they have a hidden agenda Amoung one of these hidden agendas items are US ‘Women’s Strike’ platform calls for ‘decolonization of Palestine’ .This has absolutly nothing whatsover to do with womans rights issues..The public is being dupped by this and many other  organizations..We urge everyone to get acquainted  with each and ever organiztions platform before you lend either your them your finnacial support or join one of their picket lines.  We have listed the link showing this below.
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Charles De Gaulle Set a Bad Example by Packing up and Leaving Algeria..

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign The French were well settled on Algeria from July 5, 1830 to July 3, 1962  . Generations of French families were born and raised in Algeria.. The French living there considered it a second state of France. When Charlies De Gaullel gave the order to pack up and leave many Frenchman including the General Staff was near revolt.
That set an exstremly bad  example that with enough pressure and Mayheim Jews will pack up their tent and leave in the same manner. That was a poor assumption as fleeing Frenchman had France to go to that was never the case with Jews as Isreal is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people and Jews in Isreal are not leaving they’re staying put & are in for the long haul . American author Mark Twain visited the holy land in 1873..   He described it as a desolate country – devoid of both vegetation and human population: When Jews started returning fleeing the horrors of the pogroms it brought Arabs into that are seeking work, We are sure that there was some other  populations  there such as caretakers of Churches and other religious site by in large it was an unpopuated wasteland perhaps a few passing through Beduians but nothing more.
The current Arab population living in Isreal are not indigenous to Isreal, they are not decindants of the ancient Philistines (Who Were of Greek Origins) as they would like everyone to believe.. Thats just History revision for political purposes nothing more. You can always tell the geographic area of origin of an Arab by their last names. Many of todays “Palestinian s’ cam eto ths area from Tunsia in the 1930’s to buid the British Highway System..In closing we’believe the Arabs underestimated the Jewish resolve and excepted Jews to run away with  their tale betweem ther legs and exit as France did in Algeria in 1962 Well it didn’t happen./end
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Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism

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            Stars such as Elton John and Richard Gere have reared their ugly head, and have showed their true Anti Semitic  feelings by supporting The Palestinian cause. Today the new Anti Semites cloaks their Hatrerd of Jews under the veil of Palestinian Rights.. These people want to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more but cold bitter Bigotted Jew Haters.. Decent people of all backgrounds see right through this charade and know it for it really is just plain old Anti Semitism. The music and Movie Industry heads are fuming over  the loss of revenue which is stagering  that they will  be enduring from  the syndication and licencing rights of Geres movies after he reveled  his true colors. As far as any future movie career for Gere.. All we  can say at The Lerman Report  is  stick a fork in it It’s  done”
For a the terrorist acts Perpetrated against Jews and Israelis  over the years mean absolutely nothing to them.. Apparently they believe the end justifies the means and Jewish life  doesn’t matter . Let them look at the film footage of the murder and mayhem that they preformed from  the murdering of innocent Isreali Olympic Athletes, the  attacks on kindergarten’s to the suicide bombings in the marketplace and then let them make such a public support of this group.   The Palestinians still demand a 2 state solution.. Who are they bulls shitten. Israel handed over Sinai, Gaza and Part of the West Bank as a prelude to further future peace. Where’s the peace?  Like we said the terror  has continued unabated , from the stabbings to the Tunnels  intended to  kill  innocent civilians while they sleep,  the rocket  shelling, the intifada  & may we add that the hatered taught in their U.N.funded & run schools  knows no abounds.. Its practically a daily occurrence ..  Does this sound like it’s coming from people who desire peace?  Does anyone in their heart of hearts believe that Israel can once more trust them & take their word again on any future peace treaty?
We at the Lerman Report are not for a 2 state solution but for a 23 state solution. At the present time there are 22 Arab Nations comprising an area the size of the continental U.S.  and only one Jewish Nation.. Does the Middle East really need another Arab nation? There is  absolutely no need for a 23 rd Arab  Nation?, Its’s not as if there is no country for them to live in. . Before 1967 when Jordan controlled West Jerusalem the so called “Palestinians” Never once even gave  one ioda of a thought of an independent state of their own. The Arabs will never accept Isreal if it were only 1 inch wide.. The Palestinian Public Relations machine is reminiscent of that of the  lies and distortions that eminated from  Nazi propogander  chief Joseph Gobbels in the 1930’s. Israel is now being labeled an Aparthied State.. How dare they make such statement .. .Many Arab Gulf nations including Jordan and Saudi Arabia (so called moderates)  Jews are forbidden to live there and the Palestinians make no secret that any future Palestinian nation will be devoid of Jews.. So who’s practicing Arparthied  ?
The U. N.is obsessed with Israel.. They constintantly knock it from piller to post. They criticize The Isreal while ignoring  dictatorial nations where totalarisim is the norm.. The World Stage is  a stacked deck for Israel to compete in.  We don’t even have to suggest to Jews that they boycott all these celebrities taking up the Palestinian cause.. it is a given /end
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Isreal Must Continue To Build New Settlements…. and They Must Stay at All Costs

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     Isreal has made it known that it has begun to buid new settlements.  The press relaese said its the first in 20 years.. The International community of  Jew Haters are outraged.  So what.. Who gives a crap..Did they care one ioda when rockets were being lobed into Isreal from Gaza ..or Tunnels being build by Palestinain for the sole purpose to Murder innocent Isrealis in their sleep?  Or all the random stabbing?  Not a peep out of them?

     First of all its not their country nor their buisness to point fingers an  give ultimatiums to Isreal..They want a 2  state solution ? That alright  because with the their large Arab and Muslim populations in their own backyard  pretty soon they well face the same pressure to form a 2 state solution right smack in their own nation….when they do then they should  tell   Isreahow they like it..untill  that Time But out !

     With all this terror over the years  in the end  the International Nations give them a Bye & it  all get forgiven ..Terror means nothing to them  when it happens to  Jews.. however when Terror reared its ugly Head in Belgium & France then entire world stood shoulder to shoulder with them in solidaridy..and rightly so but when it occurs in Isreal ,Isreal is then asked to cappitulate and  make concessions. 

The Palestinain Arabs have zero respect for anyone other than themeselves. The Unesco vote claiming that Jews have no ties to Temple mounts and the Western Wall ( The Kotle) which is Judiasms Holiest Site demionstrates that lack of respect… Now Isreal is falsely being labeled an apartheid state by the Palestinian Publc Relation Machine ..Even if for any reason that that tract of land that the setelments are on are ever handed over then Why must Jews leave if in any future Palestian State? Why can Arabs reside in Isreal but Jews can’t live in Arab nations .Bottom line not only must new settlemnts stay but they must be incresed.

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Non Jews Posing as Jews Supporting BDS Movement



    Beware that Non Jews or ”fake Jews” are going to Pro Palestinain rallys Posing as Jews and carring signs”’ Another Jew for Divestment. Don’t be fooled into fallling for this charade by This BDS movement. The BDS movement is out to destroy the very fabric of Jewish existance. This BDS movement is getting an awful lot of press as of late & at each and every rally you don’t have to look to far to spot someone carring a sign  or sporting a shirt that reads ”Another Jew for Disenvestment”.Most if not all of  the time this is fake and set up for the Cameras. 

Jew haters understand that while many Secular Jews being unreligious in nature there have always been some who remain apologists in order to gain some sort of acceptance in non Jewish circles that many watching this on the Evening News will be fall for this sort of stunt. 

While there is nothing wrong with being a libral minded person and standing up for justice for all  however there has to be a time when you stand back and say this time supporting this particular situation  is not a ” one size fits all aproach”and is counter productive & Detrimental to mine & I will not  champion their cause.

In 1978, the ACLU took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie  where many Holocaust survivors lived. This was  appalling  to Jews and  Jewish Organizations everywhere.  It was the wake up call that you can’t be giving every cause carte Blanch Support and that some causes or movements you should take stock of yourself and walk away.



Madeline Albright Big Phoney


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 Madeline Albright is a first class phoney . She wants to register as a Muslim insolidarity with Muslims over Donald Trumps executive order on restrictive Travel. She should first register as a Jew..She and her family fled Nazi controlled Czechslavkia .. thou her family converted she feined ignorance of her Jewish background untill the press revealed it publicly when she was Secretary of State .She never once showed an once of pride for her true heritage all entire life… but for some bizzare esroteric reasoning in her mind shes now making this stupid jesture.  Let Madeline Albright her ask yourself this question..if the situation was reversed would any Muslims do the same jesture towards Jews?
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