Turkish Ambassador Must Be Expelled From U.S.

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     We are going to make this story short and as its plain as to what occurred.. Four days ago the Turkish Ambassador had his security detail attack and assault U.S. Citizens protesting outside the Turkish Embassy, nine of those assaulted were hospitalized .  Maybe they can pull that crap over in Turkey but not here on U.S.Soil. There has never been any foreign dignitary ever to come to our nation nor any of our ambassadors abroad ever dared to say anything about protesters in the nations that they are stationed in.Take a look for yourself.
                  Take A,look For Yourself

Turkish ambassador Serdar Kılıc shouldn’t never have even  remotely criticized any protestor against his nation on U.S. soil let alone have his security detail assault them .  He shouldn’t  never said intervened in the protests  against the protesters regardless what was being said.There was never a physical threat to either him nor the his Embassy’s personal . Now the ball is in Secretary of State Tillerson’s Court to eject Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıc’s credentials and get him he hell off U. S. Soil… This assault on our citizens is beyond the pale of acceptability for any visiting dignitary to have contributed to do ..Please read below..

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Insurance Industry Must Be Banned From Lobbying Lawmakers




    Write or phone your State representative and Congressman& Tell Them to pass legislation to banning any and all lobbying on behalf of the Insurance industry. What they are doing is having laws changed to solely benefit them run rough shod over the Policy Holder.. They give us less and less for our coverage. It’s hand tailored for then and no one else.
I’ll give you example.
I was driving my car it was rush hour I was stopped at a red light  there were several cars on front of me.. Low and behold a Truck behind me barrels into the rear end of my car.. I did not stop short and was in no way responsibly … It was no way my fault My Insurance Carrier completely recouped any loss  from the other driver and yet I’m being charged for the accident.. Yes they lobbied my state legislators to alter the law to suit themselves. Nothing really is  wrong with Obama care it’s the Insurance Companies that must be reined in. This goes on in each and every Insurance category from Auto to Homeowners to life Insurance.. What most people don’t know or realize that Politicians and High Echelons Government  Employees Become Lobbyist when They leave politics  because they have “An In” Within Government Circles. We at the Lerman Report will lead the Charge to have  the Insurance Industry permanently banned from lobbing both on the Federal, State and Municipality level since they are principle players not only in our health care coverage but  other genres that are mandatory insurance coverage such as Auto and homeowners. Everybody who ever had to buy any form of  Insurance knows all too well that any coverage is not only way overpriced and its gauging the  consumer big time , We are  focusing on The Insurance Industry as our first stop to help  put  them in their place.
How does anyone ever expect to be self sufficient and hold a full time Job if The Insurance Industry makes it virtually impossible to Both pay rent and Eat and have money to shell out for Auto Insurance Insurance.No one can ever gett off the Dole and be a member of the working class at an entry level job all because of the insurance industry.
Today’s  Auto insurance company’s a charging a hefty $10,000 a year For 3’Years as an assigned risk.
Between Big Pharma, The Insurance Companies and the Health Care are providers themselves it has be impossible to not get raked over-the-counter. A permanent ban from any lobbing on their behalf must be enacted and any legislation benefiting them going back 10 years must be repealed/ Below Read it And Weep…
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Who Will Speak For Dead Victims of Terror? ..Don’t Support Terrorists Who Are On A Hunger Strike

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    We can’t get over all the vocal outcry of support for these Palestinian Terrorists Who wish to participate in a hunger strike.. Why should any decent person of any Ethnic or Religious background champion these Animals.. Who will speak for all the  victims of their murder and mayhem? You drive a car into a crowed street with the sole intention  killing Jews or either stabbing innocent Jews to death in the market place or sneeking into Isreal via tunnels from Gaza and killing famlies while there asleep… This is what people are siding with?
Who cares if they don’t want to eat.. More food for everyone else that’s all.. There’s an old Yiddish expression  “Thrasha the Voncent In other word Don’t threaten us threaten the bedbugs.. At  the end of day We Would venture to say that  is proberly is not one Jew or Isreali who cares one a way or another if  these Terrorists  won’t eat.


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                  INTERNATIONAL HEROLD

The Sad Truth About All Those Bumper Protectors

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Let me first tell everyone a story concerning another product, “A Pair of Auto Seat Covers” It was in the year 1994 and I just bought a 1990 Toyota Terrell.. I wanted to protect my original vinyl seats so I purchased a quality set of Auto seat covers.. I had them professionally installed, they made my car interior look fantastic. I was about 155 lbs When I bought the seat covers.. I  gained about  140 more lbs. Over the next few years ballooning up-to 290 lbs. It was a  several years since I had those seat cover installed. They had been now frayed on the driver’s seat side and when I removed the ripped cover..The upholstery underneath it was ripped to shreds ..Well whatever Brand “Bumper Protector” that you decide on be warned that the day comes that you decide to remove this Bumper product from your car… You’re going be in for a rude awakening. You will discover a great number of damage  beneath the “Bumper Protector Product” your bumper will be dinged, chipped hit every which way.. It practically begs to be tapped by the driver parking the car behind them to tap your bumper as if it’s invulnerable and be warned…  they most certainly will do that. In the end it actually defeats the purpose that was you bought it for in the first place. 


Trumps Wall.. Let Us Tell Everyone The Facts of Life..

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The Facts of Life Theme Song – YouTube/
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       Trumps Proposed Wall on our Southern Border…Whether your pro or con we will attempt to explain the folly of this Suggested undertaking. First off  let us give everyone some insight to the reality of this venture. Over 20 years ago a I was a passenger  in a Limousine on route to the Airport the Limo Driver pointed out the fence along The L.I.E.(495 Highway). He went by to tell me that it costs a million dollars a mile, and that was then. Today that Same Wooden Fence along Fence along the same highway would cost with inflation 10x that amount. The MTA is building a tunnel from Pennsylvania Station to Grand Central Station it has been being built for the last 45 years and counting though it’s drilling through Earth and Stone  the distance is only a mere 15 minute walk from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. This Wall will take a minimum of 20 years to complete.
Trumps Wall if it’s ever going to be built was supposed to constructed of Brick Mortor and Lime, and not  like one small patch of highway but from California to the end of Texas. It will be a  monumental undertaking if it’s ever gets launched. Now secondly from the start of the wall to the end is not a straight line many of not most of the land will have to be confiscated under the guise of Eminent Domain. Now this Eminent Domain is not like  your local county taking the. piece of grass between the Road and your Sidewalk, this undertaking will involve the scraping and relocating and restructuring of many Anesments. ..Such as Water Rights and Useage , Mineral Rghts and Unions.. Many  Water Anesments will have to be rerouted , Mineral mining and oil extraction beneath those areas are along with everybody else will put up a big legal battle..And thou when you normally build something in  Tank Town in Texas labor is non-union and dirt cheap that’s not going to be the case here. This would become entirely a Union production..It  be an extremely high paying sought after  Job similar to the Employment opportunity reminiscent of the “Alaskan Pipeline” Every Shmuck and his brother will be applying to work there.
It will be marked for dome right from the get go. If and when there is ever another Democratic party President regaining  the Oval office the very first item on their  order of business will be to eliminate any funding and further construction  no different from  what Trump did with Obama care..Bottom Line At the End of The Day a  Construction of The Wall across our Southern Border was nothing more than a  Great Campaign Sound Bite nothing more..That our friends  is The Facts of Life concerning the Wall and You can take that to the Bank..Believe Me!
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Was FDR Pro Nazi All Along And Did He know About Hitlers Final Solution for European Jews

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U.S .Soldiers Lie Dead Upon Invading Normandy Beach In WW11/Fanta on the Beach/ Fanta On The Beach


       Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unprecedented four terms as POTUS and in no way was a friend to the  Jewish people . Both FDR, and our Allies during WWII knew all along what Hitler and his third Reich as up to. The railway system that transported Jews and Non Jews to the death camps could have been bombed , but Roosevelt and the allies  didn’t implement that. While thousands of our serviceman’s bodies lay dead on Normandy Beach Roosevelt with a wink and a nod look and looking the other way FDR allowed certain corporations to do business inside Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola as the story is told sold their soda inside Germany all during WWII marketed under the brand name “Fanta” supposedly an embargo on Cokes syrup lead to the formation of ” Fanta,” if you believe that then we have a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you. This is beyond shameful.
Also It is widely believed that FDR had for known knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and gave 2/3 of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines off base liberty to lessen the casualty count..disgraceful..had this been known back then he would have sat out the War in a jail cell..


Most of the American Jews of that time were poor  illiterate  immigrant  factory workers many who obtained their citizenship through the efforts of local politicians ..In those days before  1930  one of the party faithful is would actually go inside the voting booth with them  and made sure that they pulled the right lever ..Other voters listened to who their union advised them to vote for. .Back at home in WW11 Hollywood continue to tow Uncle Sam’s company line by pumping out movies make light of the Nazi Atrocities with Hitler portrayed in a lite comical vain by showing Charley Chaplin  or The 3 Stooges spoofing Hitler in that manner.

Watch Video Above
We Don’t know about you but we at The International Herold are totally outraged by all of this. After FDR’s  death Harry Truman upon taking over the ship of state a scraped a private deal FDR made to the Grand Mufti which basically said that there will be no more Jewish Immagration into then British Palestine and no future Jewish nation.
We ask those people who will never buy a papa John’s because it’s owner is an animal hunter…I then ask them have they ever had drank a bottle of  Coca Cola or Snape’d a picture using Kodak film.They reply back why?
I then clued them in on These despicable corporate Operating with a wink and a nod inside Nazi Germany all during WW11
I continue and tell them it seems that while you a against hunting of animals(which I agree) However the hunting of over 6,000,000 Jews and others passes muster with you & is ok with you. 
Truman scrapped that deal. Truman while he owned his Haberdasher shop  was buisness partners with his friend Edward Jacobson who was Jewish  saw the Anti Semitic ways of FDR and through his efforts the Modern State of Israel was created. Jews all over remain grateful for  Harry Truman

The Palestinians Come Negotiation Time Will Reap What They Sowed..Bubkis

You know what…When your are negotiating for a raise and you demand too much do you know what you wind up getting? Nothing,Zilch, Nada,Goose Eggs,Bubkis. After all the Hateful and Disrespectful U.N votes proclaiming that Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem or a Judaism’s holiest site the Western Wall (The Kotel) to all the other  present outrageous disrespect claims by UNESCO right up to the utter Filth that is being taught in their U.N. Run & Funded schools.
Now nothing is off-limits with Abbas and Company as he attacks Holocaust  victims by placing blame on them for their savage fate that they all endured .We are now witnessing  Palestinian Arabs attempting to breach the Israel Gaza  border  dressed  Jewish concentration. Camp garb.This is a an all time low even for the Palestinian leadership to interject these poor departed  death camp victims into the fray in a this most disrespectful manner.Abbas continues to the Reward Terrorists with cash & when they murder Jews as well as  the naming of Streets after those particular Terrorists remains an all time low. Once Terror it s introduced  as means to advance their cause .. agreeing to any of their whould be capitulation to terror and that can never be allowed to occur.

Most Importantly the Palestinian Authority regnaged on 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace.. Do they think that Israel can trust them for a 3rd time?  There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. When it comes to keeping their word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Israel if it were only one inch wide and they then  would fight Tooth and Nail with every Once and Fiber and Strength to take over that one inch ….Who’s Fooling Who ?
There was never an outcry for any Palestinian state before 1967 when Jordan held sovereignty over the West bank. There are 22 Arab Nations Comprising an Area the size of the Continental United States and 52  additional Muslim Nations While there is only one Jewish country the size of New Jersey..Its high time that their Brother Arabs Step up to the Plate and Show them some Hospitality and let then into their Borders once and for all to put an end to this Nightmare.  When Israel handed over Gaza the Palestinian leadership received a massive aid package..Gaza was to be destined to the  “Hong Kong’ of the Middle East ..Instead their leadership (Hamas) chose Rockets of  mass destruction and to build Tunnels to Murder Innocent Israeli families while they Slept. There’s a saying that you  catch more flies  with honey than vinegar..that concept  is allied to the Palestinians. The Palestinian Arab leadership signed on to OSLO that is all their getting.. period
The Palestinian’ Arabs want all Terrorism perpetrated  against Israels Jewish population from Suicide  Bombings,Car Ramming and Stabbings forgiven as the end justifies the the means.That will never happen.
Israel has witnessed  sophisticated Tunnels drilled with International aid that was  intended for to make Gaza the Hong Kong of the Middle East for the sole purpose to murder Jews while they sleep  their  homes.Someone should  tell the Palestinian Leadership that will only serve as a deterant  for any future International Aid as you can only  fool people once.
Golda Meir  once said if the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no further war.. If  Jews whould put down the weapons there would be no more Israel..
 In the final analysis  you reap what you sow Hence They’re going to get nothing.. They had their chance and they threw it away now  they’ll get Bubkis
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