State or Federal Gov’T Should Take Over Nassau County

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 The Government and for the moment I’m  speaking of the county and town  governments of Nassau County. There are 3 Towns,Hempstead, North Hempstead & Oyster Bay , 2 cities Long Beach and Glen Cove,64  incorporated village & 100 unincorporated villages should be Federalized or taken over by the state.
I don’t know what you think, But We  here at The Lerman Report. Com  think the varius Municipal Governments are totally out of control. None of these Municipal Entities exsist for the purpose of it elected officials non-elected officals, civil  servants and political appointees to make a living..They exsist  soley to run the  government thats all. Enough is enough the politicians are giving away the store just self serving without any forthought for the Hardworking Taxpayer. The brakes have to be put on the wasteful spending..start by giving out pink slips to plum political patronege jobs..more scrutiny on each and every  company that does  work for  various   Gov’ts within & Nassau County.
30 years ago interest rate on a CD was 18% the municipalities made back  their input to  the civil pensions in 3 interest is less than 1% .Today a Civil servant works for 20 years retires at 38 and with the lifespan & longevity the way it is can live up  to 90 and collect for 50years..Uterly  Outrageous! The extra fee on  moving violations ,the red light cameras,the speeding cameras,the Town of Hempstead giveaway to the Green Acres Mall Developers  voted by a non elected board and dont tell us that something of this magnitude didn’t pass muster with the higher ups? Managno and Venditto (Oyster Bay Town Supervisor)under federal incitement. Not only did the politicians sell out the future of this once great County but the present as well..Time for a big shakeup.


Additional Fee Proposed For Tickets In Nassau County

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    Nassau County Executive Ed mangano has  proposed an additional fee which will be added on in addition to the actual ticket cost of a moving motor vehicle violation which is slated to go to fund police overtime & rising  Police salaries.. Why should should Mr. And Mrs. Motorist pay for the county’s mismanagement of our taxes .We in Nassau County pay amoung the highest taxes nationwide,let the politician’s’start giving out  some pink slips & layoff some feather betting  jobs along with all the other plum political patronege jobs and save us from this fee. Its bad enough that I our  auto insurance carriers tie into the DMV computor and when they see that we were ticketed our insurance  rates go up. This new fee lends itself to perhaps overzealous police officers to  engage in a speed up of some kind  issuing more tickets  since the  extra revenue goes to  fund the  Police in one way or another…
We here at the Lerman Report would like to see  The N.Y. State troopers take over all  patroling on each and every state road in The County.. We are paying into the State coffers for thier services ..lets utilize them..also You can replace a Policeman with an Emt to arrive at an auto accident to take down the info ..You don’t need a high priced Police Officer to do that.Also  ever read your  tax bill ..well the Police Brass take a  very big chunk out of the tax pie.They  deserve a cut  and out whatever the savings derived from that put towards the Rank and File Officers. Also cut starting back on Salary & pension give aways for top Brass .This fee is nothing but a crying shame on the motorist back…enough is enough..time to vote them all out of office..they no longer have our interest at heart.
Mangano Proposes $10 Fee On Nassau County Traffic Tickets ..Light Orchid

Nothing Short of Reversal of Green Acres Tax Break and Full Investigation..Heads Must Fall For all Involved .

“You Cheated You Lied”



    There is an old expression” Please don’t Pee on my back and tell me its Raining”. There has to be an Independent  Investigation into the Tax giveaway  to the Green Acres Developers. The public  will accept nothing short of complete reversal and if anything is found not  to be above board  .. Imprisonment  for  everyone on that board including each & every Politican involved.   Don’t tell me that all the  leadership  in the TOH knew nothing..nobody buys that..Its very odd that non-elected  board members  vote on this travesty  while  the elected politicians sit buy and and dont have their  hands sullied. We have to believe in our heart of hearts that something of this magnatude had to pass muster with the higher ups.  Now board members are resigning left & right..well if you done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide then why are you resigning ? Ultimately in our opinion Town of Hempstead  Presiding Supervisor  Anthony  Santino must be held to accountable too,after all he’s the top man on the totum pole in the Town of Hempstead. Now all the politicians  are decrying  the deal.. There’s  no use shuting the barn door once the horses  escape..To all TOH politician’s ” Please dont Bullshit a  Bullshiter ” TODAY VALLEY  STREAM  tomorrow  your  town..

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Office Managers in Doctors Offices Are Running Roughshod Over Patients


       How many folks reading this post have ever been craped on by the Office manager of  your Doctor’s office? Sooner or later we will all feel the Office  Manager’s rath. They are rude, nasty, Disrespectful and  downright inconsiderate. Do the Doctors  accually  know how they are treating their patients? Some do some  don’t Doctors  generally  give their office staff a certain amount of  autonomy.Having said that every businessman will  tell you that if  anybody in their employ had that  miserable attitude,they would be shown the door. Somehow It seems to bypass Doctors. I had a wonderful Doctor..However l  will no longer go to him due to  the office managers attitude

You Tell Me That Non Of The Mainstream Press Knew That Steve Bannon Was In The Forfront Of Trump’s Campaign?

        We often find it a bit unbelievable when the day after the election that you first  hear about  Who will be White House  Chief of Staff, or in this case  that the press  knew nothing of Steve Bannon’s top involvement & slated to be  Trumps right hand man.We don’t  by that for one minute. Not one press agency  or reporter  neither print or  broadcast ever made mention of this.. Someone known  for leaning & supporting White Supremacy & it was  hushed up? Trump was supposed to clean up the Swamp of Washington DC..looks like he bullshited his voting base and is now  either softening  or reneging  on his campaign promises only one day after the election. While where not fans of  Chris Christi with  Bridgegate looming over him & The 23 cents a gallon  Gasoline  increase in Jersey, But after  Christi lended his support  all through the campaign to sort if drop him like a hot potato  because  Christi prosecuted  Trump’s son in laws tell me that Trump was of aware of that situation  at day one ?    The first 100 days in office is supposed to be a Honeymoon period with the press looks like there’s really no need for a “Honeymoon’  since it just about appears that the press was in bed with him all along.

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Whats With This Sriracha and The Salted Carmel Mystique

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Can anybody  enlightened me as to what is the mystique  of Sriracha  condiment and Salted  Carmel? I tried this  Sriraacha sauce..its a big zero ..nothing to wright home about .. a mediocre second-rate preparation if I ever saw one.Yet every place is on the Sriracha bandwagon.. Why ? I personally would take a Tabasco style sauce any day, Franks Red Hot or El Tappatio etc. I went to a famous Sea Food restaurant & ordered Sriracha Shrimp all it was shrimp with some Sriiracha sauce squeezed on it..This is cooking ? My favorite is a Vietnamese preparation Sambal Oelek  (more like a pastes than a sauce),.Someone must own stock in some sort of Sriracha farm perhaps it’s their reason for pushing this  product big time. Then their  is Sriracha’s good friend “Salted Carmel”again someone must own stock in  Carmel production because it’s all over the place.. why every shmuck and his brother are selling  the same food product that has or is ‘Salted Carmel’  You be the Judge  is it  worth  anything? We say no


The Lerman Report Staff


Who in Their Right Mind Thinks Congress Will Reform Itself… HA HA HA

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 Does any one think in their right mind that congress will ever reform and police themselves.. It ain’t  gonna  happen. It irkes me too that these  old cadavers  can still roam the halls of Congress & the Senate untill the day they die. They have plenty of pull as long time incumbents they  pull  the strings in their party & stay in office.The only way that it will ever cease to happen is if we have something such as a Hostile Military Takeover such as General  El Sissi pulled off in Egpyt.We dont and never should even consider going down that road because that will be the end of American democracy was we know it

But have Congress reform themselves..don’t make Us laugh!

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Don’t Watch Reruns of Hogan’s Heros

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       Don’t watch reruns   of Hogans Heros.The false portrayal of POW’S is downright insulting to our men and woman who served in the Armed Forces and were POW”S.When you see the old T.V. series Hogan’ s Heros starring Bob Crane,Richard Dawson it paints a false picture of all fun and games for the POW’S.They all appear to be having a great time of fun and camaraderie..This is the furthest from the truth for the WWII German POW Camp inside a German Stalag or The Hanoi Hilton or for the Poor Souls who endured the Bataan Death March of WWII and if they survived that they were led to a Japanese POW camp.
I personally had an Uncle who was an American  serviceman  captured in North Africa by Romels invading Army and sent to a German Stalag. The beatings  the Torture and stuff that went  there that we  can’t even begin to print here. There was even a POW WWII movie starring Peter Graves,Harvey Lembrick & William  Holden..Much if the same false picture being  portrayed.It was far from the reality of a POW camp ..Once again it was all  fun & games in the Pow camp just like as “The Hogan’s Heroes” T.V.Show.
 Whenever you see a War movie and you see the soldiers wearing official U.S. Army uniforms or even referring to themselves as U.S Army they enjoy the complete blessing and approval of the Pentagon  .Even when portraying a Post Office Employee for that matter and they are in shown wearing official Post office attire be rest assured it has the complete blessing & approval of UNCLE SAM as well. In other words perhaps our government wants this image to be  shown as to soften what is the true reality of war is really like.
If Uncle Sam dislikes the content of the script in any way shape, manner or form then it doesn’t give its approval to use official U.S. Uniform & insignia’s in that particular film. I saw many 3 stooges clips and the U.S.Army didn’t approve of their portrayal of The Army & they had to use non official  UNIFORMS &  badges in their films ..DO NOT FEED INTO THIS GROSS DECEPTION OF THE THAT THEY ARE PRESENTING.
International Herold

Todays Coffee Vs. Yesteryears…


Todays coffee is nowhere near as good as the coffee let’s say 30 years ago . once they switched to 11oz as from a full lb.can it’s just not the same anymore. yet more coffee is sold by the cup in outlets such as Starbucks, Panera,DunkinDonuts Seattles best than ever before either from Diners ,lunchonetts,and even those that were brewed at home .It seems that the worse it is the more popular it became. How many people use a percolator at home either a range top or electric anymore,maybe a Mr. Coffee type maker at home& you have to either microwave it or drink it fast as its never hot merely  luke warm .
 All coffee today is either a cheap Rebusto Bean or a quality Arabica Bean,gone are the days when all beans originated from  South  America,those  days are history today 90% of coffee beans come from Vietnam.
I remember when Publics  Supermarket packaged coffee. I was a snow bird and on my return  trip to N.Y. I would pack a suitcase with Public  Columbian 1lb brick.Today  the airlines  would think I was smuggling  something not on the up and up.
 Today I drink most of my coffee from  outlets such as Panera  Bread  (unlimited  refills) or IKEA  FREE with their  card..Bottom line  it’s no longer good to the last drop.

The Lerman Report Staff

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