Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In Favor Of Terrorists And Murderers …

Jews and Israel are being scapegoated  to pacify terrorists. Where has the World’s Moral  Compass gone? From the the E.U. and right up to the American College campus ‘s you can hear the Anti Jewish Venom being spewed. The BDS movement has been given a permanent seat of acceptance among  the political left and Anti Semitic propaganda is now making head way right up to the top rung of ladder in the Democratic Party itself. It has become open season to crap on Jews and Israel.
At one time even the most ardent hard-core Bigot or Jew hating Public figure whether it be a politician or celebrity would sniffle themselves holding their  tongue  publicly and leave the hate rhetoric at home behind closed doors. Today the  Jew haters have absolutely no compunction  to hide their bigotry and publicly and wear it like a badge of honor..

We guess the murdering  of innocent families while they lie sleeping by terrorists that entered  through tunnels is ok.
We  never thought  horror such as the like putting on a Suicide vest to the shooting committed in a kindergarten class or the heinous butchering of  families while they sit and have their  Sabbath Dinner all the way to the Random stabbings of unsuspecting Israeli Citizens would find acceptabily &  pass muster among the new liberal left.
Finally let’s not forget the slain Israeli  Olympic Athletes who were not even given a moment of silence after being killed  at the Olympic  Games and now the next Prime Minister of The United Kingdom “Jeremy Corbin” has visited the graves of those very Olympic Terrorist Graves and paid homage to them.You can’t make this stuff up. It defies  logic and all sense of  decency from every and all backgrounds. All of this now get a bye.
When terrorism reared its ugly heading France and Belgium every world leader marched in unison with the E.U. Nations. We were sickened and appalled when We witnessed P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas was  given place a honor allowing him to walk arm in arm among the World Leader’s at that  solidarity March. He should have been excluded right from the get go since he pays dividends to Terrorists that murder Jews and also names Streets after them. What a Hypocrite this guy is and does it with his head held high and not lacking any shame. Today bigots mask their deep-seated Jewish Hatred under the veil of Palestinian  rights ..They fool no one.We always say that decent people of all background will see right though their charade.
Still Champion These Murders?  Take A Look At the Reality Posted Below…
* Warning Contains Graphic Pictures 
 The grisly scene of the Halamish terror attack – Arab-Israeli



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