The Left Is Ripping Apart America Seam By Seam..

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 I grew up in a Democratic voting household…My family like most  lower-income blue-collar working  folks were big time Democrats.As much as our my family and circle of friends and relatives voted Democrat we never had the hatred for Republicans as it exists today.No Democrat or Republican was ever made into an apologist for their way that they cast their vote on.

Bernie Sanders and Big Time  Hater Linda Sarsour


Let us make this perfectly clear..The new Democratic Party is no longer the party of your Dear Old  Departed Granny and JFK. In its place is a bunch of radical left-wing bigots.. They are uncompromising and have absolutely no respect whatsoever for anybody elses opinions ..values or traditions if it does not fit into their grand scheme of things.

Their rally’s have become staging areas for all sorts left-wing hate mongors..They are well orchestrated with plenty of  professional agitators and rabble rouses present to work up the crowd. We also spot at each and every rally a variety of fringe groups waving their flags and hoisting up their placards high.You won’t have to strain your eyes to find uterly despicable groups such as Hamas,BDS and the Antifa movement taking up space within the crowd..Are these the people who you want to associate and align yourself with? We think not..


We scratch our heads in utter amazement as The Democratic Party places Illegal Immigrants over of our Soldiers and Veterans as their top priority. Take care of our  soldiers and Veterans than play worlds social worker.
The Democrats couldn’t care less about the plight of immigrants..All they are attempting to do is  to create a permanent class of voters indebted to  their party for free benefits.
 Who do you  think will wind up paying for all of their free benefits? That right you and me.Ever see how much taxes are taken out each week from your paychecks? Now you know who footing the bill for all of their freebies? Yes it’s no other than Mr.And Mrs working stiff  that winds up paying the bill.
How about those college loans of yours that you’ll be  paying off till the day in which you die?N.Y Govenor Coumo now wans to give these DACA immigrants free college tuition. How does that grab you?
There  is a 1000 times more discontent in America today than in the all during the Viet Nam war.
Wake up see the situation for what  it really is ..a  bunch of sore  losers who can’t and won’t accept the fact that they lost the Election.
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