Epi Pen Raise Hike Outrageous. Call Your State Attorney General.

Epi Pen manufacture has raised  its retale price 450 %. U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia whose daughter is Mylan CEO tge drug companythat manufacturers the Epi Pen.She just gave herself a “10,000,000》End of Year Bonus.This is totaly outrageus Call or write your states attorney general and voice your concern and disaproval of this rate hike today.

Mylan defends 450 percent price hike on EpiPens by claiming to have …



CEO at center of EpiPen price hike controversy is Sen. Joe Manchin’s …



Here’s what you need to know about the CEO behind the big EpiPen




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Vegertarian The Way To Go..

 I was  talking to a friend she was  a Vegetarian , and in conversation I said that its sad that when we see a plate  of veal or sausage  or corned beef sandwich we are fooled as to  what it really is It is a lot  of suffering  and cruelty that went into that meal.  I often heard stories of  slaughterhouses   and even saw a small glimpse of one on T.V. for lees than  a few seconds but when I saw pictures of  pigs that live out their life in a crate or a  calf that’s taken away from its mother right after birth and put into a darkened crate so we can eat veal this  was the wake up call. I will try to be a vegetarian  soon, it’s not easy, but my heart broke when seeing these pictures