Anti Semites Posing as Jews Supporting The Democrat Party & BDS Movement Inorder To Sway Jewish Vote





Beware that Non Jews or ”fake Jews” are going to Pro Palestinian rallys Posing as Jews and carrying signs “Another Jew for Divestment”.

Also there is an ongoing campaign that has Jew Haters pretending to be Jews praising Democrat party policy to that is clearly anti Jewish and in no way beneficial to Jewish Interests.

Don’t be fooled into falling for this charade by This BDS movement. The BDS movement is out to destroy the very fabric of Jewish existence. This BDS movement is getting an awful lot of press as of late & at each and every rally you don’t have to look to far to spot someone caring a sign  or sporting a shirt that reads “Another Jew for Disinvestment”.Most if not all of  the time this is fake and set up for the Cameras. 

Jew haters understand that while many Secular Jews being unreligious in nature there have always been some who remain apologists in order to gain some sort of acceptance in non Jewish circles that many watching this on the Evening News will be fall for this sort of stunt.Non Jews Posing as Jews Supporting BDS Movement

While there is nothing wrong with being a libral minded person and standing up for justice for all  however there has to be a time when you stand back and say this time supporting this particular situation  is not a ” one size fits all approach”and is counter productive & Detrimental to mine & I will not  champion their cause.

In 1978, the ACLU took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a Neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie  where many Holocaust survivors lived. This was  appalling to Jews and  Jewish Organizations everywhere.  It was the wake up call that you can’t be giving every cause carte Blanch Support and that some causes or movements you should take stock of yourself and walk away.

In closing we want stress that these phoney Jewish organizations may have a Jew on board listed  as president or  owner of there site or outfit .Beware that that Jew has to be a self hater to do this.Demand an annual statement report before you donate Anything to any of these outfits

WORLD HITS ON  INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture



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