Gettting Old … Robot Body Awaits You Soon !


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  In 20 years or less a complete bionic body will be at hand for an implant of your brain as the control center. The only thing holding it up is scientists and Doctors really don’t know too much about the brain and  making a transplant at this juncture in time nearly impossible. No longer  will be we in aging bodies  running out of steam , right now as we speak I posted below stories on bionic legs and arms .. Judge for yourself/end

First mind-controlled bionic leg a ‘groundbreaking’ advance
Modular Prosthetic Limb: Bionic arm ‘like something from space ..

Man Has Nose Grown On ForeHead

A new nose, grown by surgeons on Xiaolian's forehead, is pictured before being transplanted to replace the original nose, which is infected and deformed, at a hospital in Fuzhou

After A horrible car accident  Xiaolian, at a hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian province cartridge was taken from his ribs and  a nose was grown on his forehead, , This procedure was invented believe it or not by Gallello hundreds of years ago , we will let you know soon when its completed/end

Chinese man has new nose grown on his FOREHEAD – Mirror Online
That really is a nose job! Chinese man has new nose grown on his ..
Chinese doctors grow new nose on man’s forehead – USA Today



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Long Island N.Y. Drinking Water Is It Killing You?





 Long Islands Water supply (Nassua & Suffolk Counties) comes from an underground aquafer . I know that when i turn on my shower in the morning it smells like  I’m in an indoor pool with all that chorine .Is that water safe to drink ? The water company says yes , I say let them serve it to their familiesi if its acceptable to drink. Someone told me that the top layer  of water is unexeptable or un potable and that they are  dont want to drill close to the brakish level.
If we can have oil rigs that go deep miles deep why can’t we go deep for water? Even if they filter out all that crap they can’t filter out the metals in the water  as a matter of fact you can’t even boil out the metals . and every  one likes nice green lawn with all the poision we put on it , Perhaps a momumetal task can be put in motion to get water for the Island from updastate like  N.Y. C. gets theirs.My  untill that time  comes adviseis stick to drink bottled water./end

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A Tiny Chip Implanted In Your Brain Will Perform All Remote Controled Use In The Near Future


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In The Near Future A Tiny Chip Implanted In Your Brain Will Perform All Remote Controled. functions. It will cover all remote functions such as turning on and off all electrical appliances , lock and unlock doors, perform all function that normally are done with a remote control or a computer Mouse.
The technology is at hand all is needed  is a very skillful team of brain surgeons to implant and integrate it into the brain .So stand by  because in the next will see this come to be a reality /end

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You Never See A Bald Bum… Think About It !

 Hallelujah, I’m a Bum Again!” 
         I remember watching the Johnny Carson Tonite show and Dick Van Patton star of eight is enough was on Dick Van Patton went on to say that you never see a bald bum! That  statement stuck in my mind this last 45 years. Now there are many men who stay all night at bars drinking and are bald as a Billiard Ball. I figured it out….If your intake of alcohol  is  90 – 95% of your consumption of Alcohol  it does something to the hair growth . It seems to makes it thicker and stronger.   I wonder if  applying rubbing alcohol on  your head as topical would do the trick ?  The next time you spot a bum on the street buy him some food and take a look at his hair .I guarantee that you will see that I’m 100% right in my assumption/end
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The Sukkus Is Coming To Town !



Sukkot 2017 will begin in the evening of

 October 4

and ends in the evening of…

Wednesday October 11

   I  remember Sukkot 1967 I was in Paris Island  S.C. attending  Marine Corps Boot Camp and the Savanna  Jewish Center would make a Sukkah and stock it with fresh fruit and wine right on Paris Island .It was welcome site from the rigors of recruit training.

Because they couldn’t interupt the Saturday Training Schedule hence the Jewish recruits had to have their weekly services on a Sunday’s & as sort of consilation the Jewish Personel we were told that they would be  taken to Savanna Georgia to attend services on Yom Kippur. If that not all a lavish catered meal was supplied for us in a Catering Hall just like a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding right after the services. I thought it was the greatest thing ever done for us. In addition every Sunday they had Bagels and Lox waiting for us outside of the Activities Building were our services were conducted. I will never foget what the Savanna Jews  Community did for the Jews and Myself when  we attended Boot Camp.

I don’t know if that Savanna Jewish community remains there today in  or if  are do they still help the  recruits the way they did back then But I would like to find out and make a  long over due donation to them if they are still in business..

 *Sukkus- Ashenazic pronouciation of sukkot   Me on Yom Kippur at The Savanna Jewish Center 1967

PATENT PENDING… My Intellectual Properety… Poll.. Big Belly Clothing Line For Men(Cousin Chubby’s)

– Cousin Chubby     Beer_belly : Illustration of an unhealthy middle aged man with a beer belly Stock Photo
I  ( Don Lerman)  have this idea for mens shirts to be cut and designed different then they are right now as we speak. Mens shirts are sized by the chest size for example: 36in -38in is small , 38in – 40 in is medium  42 in -44 large  and 46in – 48 in is x large so on and so forth , get the picture?
My idea is to have the shirts cut biger in the belly area as the belly is always the first area to gain weight and leave the chest sizes alone . .Sort of like a materninty blouse for men so to speak .It’s an idea which time has come perhaps graced with the name Cousin Chubbys Big Belly , the ‘big belly line of shirts for heavier men .. whats your take let us know right here with our poll


If An Illegal Firearm Is Used In A Crime ..Make Manufactures Of Weapon Pay Compensation To Victims

 Cher Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Image result for extra news boy cartoon signIf An Illegal Firearm Is Used In a   Crime then there should be a law that make Manufactures Of  Weapon should  Pay Compensation To Victims as plain and simple as that.
If I were a betting man I would bet that the Gun manufacturers are producing way over the amount  of Guns that are intended for Gun Shop orders strictly to keep up supply and demand available for the corner street sales(Saturday Night Specials) I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if thats  whats occurring if I were  a betting man .
I say force the gun manufacturer to pay the  victims full compensation when an illegal firearm if it is used in a commission of a crime ./end
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Ain’t Called That No More… Partial List

                                                                                                                                        Here is A Partial List
  1 Prescriptions are now Scripts
2. Script  writing is now Cursive
3.Funky used to be the brown spot on your underwear after a week in the hamper , now its a modern article of
4.Stewardesses are now Flight Attendants.
5.French Fries or now simplified called Fries
6..Before WWI French Toast was called German Toast
Sauerkraut  was changed to Liberty Cabbage
.8.Frankfurters  Became  Hot dogs
 9.A Tapered Barber Haircut is Now a Fade
10.Pizza Parlors to Pizzerias
11, Sanitary Napkins are Now Pads
12, Shell shock is now Post Traumatic Syndrome 
13, Going Steady is Now in Relationship
 14.House Phone is now a Land Line

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