Dont Let Them Tell You Different..Supermarkets Can Be Responcible for Shopping Cart Damage to Your Car Due To Neglect

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The Supermarkets and all other malls that have shopping carts will post a sign stating “not responsible for shopping cart damaged to your car…Not necessarily so. Did you  ever go to a hat & coat at a check at a restaurant or hotel that displayed a sign  saying not responsible for  lost of damage  clothing checked..simple not was already  proven in court.
If a supermarket leaves their shopping  carts in a unsafe  fashion then they are then 100% responsible. Ever go to a supermarket  or  a WalMart before  opening   and  all the carts all over the place..because the management either doesn’t want  to give to workers overtime at closing time or simply  just dont care.What we  at the Lerman  Report .Com suggest you do is document it..Take pictures with your cell phone and send it to corporate  Headquarters . .Once its documentmented guess what?… Then their liable its as simple as that . Also every locality has a stipulation that each parking lot marked stale must conform to certain widths you should document that too..Why should we as custumers have to put up with that sitiation and risk damage to our cars.


Cellino & Barnes Commercial Borders on a Descepitive Add

Cellino & Barnes Injury  Attornies  are running a commercial  for their law firm touting  what appears to be clients who received large awards..however if you read  the   supra beneath the people  speaking it say actors portraying people  with prior actual results. To me that’s  sort of deceptive..its all within the parameter of the law . .but as Lawyers they should know better.
I first was a bit taken a back when what appeared to be strong healthy indivials  claiming that they recieved high Dollar rewards… if you get In the Ballpark  of $1,000,000 then you have to be seriously permanently paralized ..para palelgic or whell chair bound..
Thou they are within confinds what the the law  permits.. We at the Lerman Report feel that the T.V/or cable outlets should have scruitrized these commercials bit more before they gave the go ahead to be broadcasted . Cellino and Barnes maintains offices in Los Angeles | Buffalo | Bronx | Brooklyn | Long Island | Manhattan | Oakland/SF | Queens | Rochester.


Kerry’s Middle East Speech Gives Isreal The Middle Finger

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     Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       John Kerry what a hiprocrite. For some bizarre reasoning the totalitarian dictatorship of Assad or The strict intolerant theoretical gov’ts of Iran and the rest of others 22 Arab nations doesnt phase Kerry one ioda . Isreal gave up Sinai ,Gaza and parts of the West Bank as a prelude for further peace . ..see any peace coming forth from the Palestinians ?  Remember  when Rockets were lobed into Isreal in 2014. .Rather than put any resources into infrastructure the Palestinian leadership prefers to  buy weapons & build  tunnels, the Palestinian  Authority are naming  soccer  stadiums & streets aftet terrorists thats kills Jews and for every Jew killed a free months salary  is given. This was completely missing  from Kerrys speech all that was said was only a strict repremand and lecture  to Isreal… Kerry please do not lecture Jews on values  ,does anyone in  their heart of hearts  believe that the  Palestinians  are  really interested in  peace ? Yes a piece of Haifa a peice of Jerusalem  peice of Tel aviv thats all .
  The terrorism continues unabated Hamas controls Gaza while The El Fatah terrorist faction  controls the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank,& Issis is settled firmly  in the Sinai Peninsula, In the end for all the brutal  acts  of terrorism perpetrated by the Palestinians it doesnt mean a Damm thing in World Court of Public Opinion.
 When terror struck in  France & Belgium the world stood shoulder to shoulder with them & rightly so but when terror  strikes in Isreal..Isreal is then  asked to capitulate and make concessions ..what a Double standard.
  A wink an nod of approval is given to the Palestinians..they can  do no  wrong . .The  hatred  taught in U.N.funded And run schools makes the  Nazi propaganda of  1930’s look tame. 1n 1967  “4” Invading Arab Armys of Eygpt , Jordan , Lebanon and Syria  attacked Isreal unprovoked and when the smoke cleared lost  ground.The Eastern  sector of Jerusalem was  liberated .
   The recent UNESCO vote concerning Judaisms Holiest site the Kotel or Western Wall remains to be the most disgraceful act ever perpetrated by the U.N. Lets put our cards on the table..the Truth  of the matter is  that the Palestinians will never accept  a Jewish State if it was only one inch wide..whos fooling who?
Isreal stay strong untill January 20th..
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I Never Saw a Snowball Fight That Didn’t Escalate to Fisticuffs.

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    Don’t delude yourself that there’s nothings bad will happen  when there is a snow ball fight .Take it from me I’ve been around for a pretty long time  and it happens  every time to everyone..It starts innocent enough but there us always some A hole that eventually throws a snowball right at someones face & let me tell you this its compacted icy and it hurts .Thats when it turns ugly and then the fists start flying/

Same thing with waterguns and water balloons there’always someone who got to get the last spritz in &  that too turns ugly. If you doubt just ask anyone and they’ll tell exactly what I just told  you.So remember don’t  be surprised if you pitch a snow ball to someones face and you get your head handed to you/


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You Can’t Live on Your Laurels Forever…

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 Image result for picture of stan laurel       Some food items sold today are not what brought them to the legendary fame of yesteryear. Lets start with Pizza…year’s ago you stopped by your local Pizza Parlour for a my time it cost only 15 cents..Today I had a slice although I ‘ll admit it had a topping & a small Fountain  soda the tarif… $6.50. Today you order a Pie with a topping it runs you close to $25.00..WhenI was growing up there wasn’t  a man who could left $25.00 worth  of Pizza .Plus they open up & comence to make a dozen pies with different toppings at 10am .by lunch time the slices are cold & dried out & have to be reheated ..not to tasty anymore.Plus all these franchise pizza places,sad to say thats the future of Pizza  stores  down the line so get used to it..Between cost of product & rent the Mom and Pop Pizza stores will soon go to the wayside.
Second Chinese one time all you had was was never authentic  ethic Chinese cuisine but the concoction  of the  great Chinese  American chefs who operated a central culinary  school .No matter what neighborhood in the N.Y.Metro area that you at every resturants had  identical receipes ..Today with the Schezwan  & Hunun It’s just not the same  not only that but every place has a dissimilar receipes and it couldn’t light a candle to the old  Cantonese  style of  years ago.
The list is extensive  but for a quick read on this site I will just mention the others briefly so here goes…. gyros, knishes, Diners .I’ll say this if they  started introducing those  items today the with the medicore taste & high today’s high costs like a thousand pound glider would get off the ground.


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Fancy Box of Chocolates are Basically Just for Presentation

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Who ever bought one of those fancy box of chocolates knows this to be the truth..There are several  different gift style boxed chocloares on the market. Anyone whoever bought  a box knows that  most of the candies on the box are not worth the wasted calories to consume them. There are  about 5 major brands but  whatever brand  box that is opened you’ll  soon  agree that  there are only 3 chocolates  worthy  to  have per Box the rest is just junk.. We all have said it all along. You would be 100% better off buying a box of  of Turtles or  a Pecan  clusteres any day of the year, but they come in a non-fancy  style box not exactly what you would never think to present that to someone on a memorial occasion. Like we mentioned earlier Its all about presentation nothing more.  The chocolate company selling that fancy box chocolates fools you everytime.


I’ll Bet Didn’t You Didn’t Know That !

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Did you know that back in the time of the American Revolution that they already had Electricity and Refrigeration.? Yes it a little known fact but true..They had Ice Houses for a good 40 years at that juncture in time .Though the refrigeration units of that time to make the ice for home ice boxes was enourmous but if you had ice houses you had to gave electricity. It wasn’t for a hundred years later in the late 1880’s that   the electric street lights were installed & electricity become installed in homes nation wide it was a monumental undertaking at that time.
Also Fingerprint Technology was developed around 1880,that means that they had computers back then too..How else  could they have matched up prints in any data base..I know that years ago when you received any gov’t check it always said  “donot bend fold  or. Spindle” doing so would ruin the computer reading, same goes for all those Iowa Tests we took back in the day using those number 2 pencils.
Al  Gore accually did invent the  Internet. Before  Gores advocating  so the internet-to be open to the general public it was used strictly by Government Intelligence  agencies including  the pentagon..I will go out on limb and venture to say that the government must have had cellphone usage years before it hit the market for you & me.
I rememberer The 1964 world’s Fair at each & every eatery  they had 2016 prices back in 1964 it was beyond exspensive..however I was at he N.Y.State Pavilion next to the top of the fair & I purchased a full meal for 25 cents..when I started to consume if it was ice cold..I returned it to attendant she informed me  to use the ” Ultra  Violet” ovens..I was amazed it heated it up  in 2 minutes was an early  microwave  oven. It didn’t hit the public   until 1970..though I heard that they accually were available to Mr. & Mrs. Public back in the 1950’s..same goes for  Video Tape Recorders although  they were much bigger & not yet available in VHS or Beta Carridge” as we all remember but had a very large tape  cartridge. Lets not forget the rear projection T.V. it accually was available in 1958.
Same with T.V.Hitler watched the 1938 Olympics on T.V. back then..however it was untill 10 years later that it became a consumer item. I wonder what the Government is sitting on today?


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What Ever Happened to Ziti?

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        Can anyone enlighten me as why the Italian Restaurants no longer serve Ziti ? In its place is now another shaped pasta known as Penne. As far as I’m concerned it’s just not the same.  Although the taste & nutrition value are basically alike it’s just not Ziti . A while back I took  issue with  the waiter his responce was its really no difference.I said then why don’t you serve shells in that case. Even in the Supermarkets you would be hard pressed to find a box of Ziti & if you do its a very small sized variety.
      At one time resturants &  take outs were serving  a “Veal  Patty “in place of  Veal Cutlet …My father who ate Veal nearly every day complained loudly at every Eatery that replaced  a Veal Cutlet with a Patty…A law was passed saying that a restaurant must tell you that in advance whenever anyone orders Veal Cutlet  (at least in N.Y.C.
      Another food that resturants tried to slip by you was Turkey Roll  (a compressed product made with Geliatin).I know a member of my family went ballistic when she orderd a Hot Open Turkey Sandwich & was served Turkey Roll in its place… She yelled at the poor waiter as if he just cheated  her out of her life savings , Her yelling was reminiscent of the way N.Y.Yankee Manager Lou Penella used to yell at the Umpire..right in his face.Bottom line when someone orders Baked Ziti thats exactly what should be served to them.


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Don’t Be Suprised if Each & Every Elected Republican Will Line up With Trump

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       Listen up ..Whether you voted for Trump or not. We said this all during the campaign that every  Republican holding office will support him once he gets elected. We would’nt be one bit surprised if when they were in the voting booth that they pulled his lever. Believe us when We tell you  that all the bluster that everyone heard during the campaign was just politicaly correct posturing..nothing more.
The real name of the game is Jobs  & Contracts  not policy with the politicians. We would venture to say that it is 80% plumb Politicaly connected jobs & that will include those most sort after Lucrative Gov’t Contracts & just 20% policy.  Thou We will step foward & say thats not the case with all elected  Politicians,We still have some real dedicated Loyal  Patriotic Americans holding office today.
The Top Echelon Cabinet postions are Small Potatoes in the handing out government conected jobs .What where  talking about  is Tens of thousands of politicaly appointed jobs from  low to mid level positions & let us not forget those most sort after luctative Gov’t Contracts that is why each & every sitting elected  Republican will get in line with Trump.
Policy is basicaly not what they are concerned with. You can be rest assured that they will play the public like a fine violin with hot button issues such as Abortion &  Middle East  and more..but make no mistake about it without the all the available  Jobs and Contacts the halls of The Senate and Congress would have an abundant of vacancies./end


Does Your Dentist Send Copies of your Xrays To An FBI Database?


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CLICK ABOVE OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB TO HEARHuman Ear Clip ArtI know for a fact that the FBI has a Database on each and every sole of any given pair of shoes that are sold  nationwide. Every shoe sole has a distinctly different patern from one another thou we  never really notice that ,Thats how the police knew back in the OJ Simoson trial that the shoe imprints were made from Bruno  Magli  shoes and  that OJ Simpson owned a pair of that brand  brand if shoes.  So his pair of Bruno Magli’s were then compared to the  FBI ‘s data base of shoes & found to be a match. I  happen to know about the Shoe Sole Database for a fact because my father was a Skiver in a Shoe Factory & it was a well know fact amoung workers in the Shoe Industry .
However ever wonder if all Dentists do the same with our dental X-rays ?  When ever a body is found in a Police investigation we all read that Their teeth were matched up with dental records. .Well if this is so then the only  logical answer is that Dentists must be doing the same as the Shoe industry. Since there are literally tens of  thousands of Dentists nationwide & that has to be the only logical answer as to how they can match up the deceased Teeth to an X-Ray /end


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