Bonded Leather Not Real Leather Find A New Name



Bonded Leather is not real leather …it’s  the Bologna of leather. The public is being led to believe that it is accually leather while ita a step below vinyl, So dont fall for the sales pitch that it is leather ../end
  1. bonded leather
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    1. Bonded leather or reconstituted leather is a term used for partially synthetic leather. It is a synthetic material made of varying types of plastic that may be spread over ground-up leather and other substances, mechanically processed to give the appearance of leather, but at reduced cost and …–

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Old Time Jewish Mystical Belief

Shoo Fly Live
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I remember my mother and my grandmother had many Mystical Jewish Beliefs if I can term them that way.  For instance if  a house Fly was to get into the house it was a dead relative bearing news that everything upcoming will be alright.
I recall when My grandmother saw two birds perched upon her window sill one was a fat bird  & the other a thin bird the day before her surgery She. went on to say that the fat one was her husband  (my Grandfather) and the thin one was her mother  (my great grandmother) had come from the after world to let her know that everything will be alright.
 My mother would often say that when Fly was in the house that is that my deceased father so don’t  kill  it. As strange as this sounds this was the central Jewish Belief over  a 1/4  century ago .I honestly doubt that it is tought today.

New Low of Rudeness For Shopkeepers

shopkeeppper 3
          How many time have you  went to a store to be checked out or buy a lotto ticket or whatever and the owner or clerk behind the counter doesn’t get off the phone with their personal call? Or even say excuse me Sir/ Madame I’ll be right with you ? We all experienced this  one time or another.
With all the Lotto stores or Bagel Bakeries or Pizza  Parlors & Delis around you would  think that they would care if they lose your business.Sad to say they don’t give a  crap… and guess what ? It ain’t going to change either.We noticed at a lot of retail stores especially the big chains non of the cashiers be instructed to say thank you  to the custumer anymore.We guess that  it’s ok with the management.
This is the era of disrespect and that’s the way its going to remain ./end
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Starbucks Not Wise to Inject Politics In Their Stores

         I learned one important lesson when I was in Business at my Day Old bread  Store, It’s the first thing you learn and that’s never discuss Politics or Religion with your customers. Starbucks is wrong to ask customers so put forth their sentiments and send it to Uncle Sam  no matter what the merit or non merit of the matter period !
    While I’m here let me say  a few words about big Dept. Stores asking customers  for charitable donations . For example…I went to Wal-Mart and the greater came up to me  and said “Would you mind give  a donation to ————? I said listen I shop Wal-MArt to save money not give it away!  They wan to collect a large stash of gelt  (money )and go on T.V. and say look what we donated. You want to donate? use your own money not the costumers.I give to my own Charities at home and don’t need them to hit me up each and every time I shop’
..Let  all tof these chartable organizations set up shop  in front of store as such as Neman Marcus & not the Stores that cater to lower income shoppers.
So this  was a bad move on Starbucks part  Plain and simple/end


Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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1950’s Hamburger vs. Todays Burger

50's burger


     In the general N.Y. Metro area we had no malt shops in the 1950’s as on T. V. . what we had was lunchonetts ,coffee shops ,or candy stores. The Hamburgers they made was out of this world! The butchers secret was that they used Ground skirt steak for their burgers ( never frozen meat ) , if you can’t get that at your local butcher shop or supermarket  , go to any kosher butcher shop and buy a mixture  of skirt , neck and Diaphragm it tastes the same . it was always cooked on a griddle and a press was used for side two of the hamburger   when it was flipped to get the grease out, then the  bun was toasted as the future ketchup on it wouldn’t adsorb into the bun like  a sponge., a shot glass of potato salad was served  on the same plate along with a 1/4 spear of 1/2 sour pickle. .There was a cheese burger also but never lettuce or tomato or mayo and that’s the way it was back in the day ! Today’s   burger is a frozen piece of substandard meat made up of scraps that you would not  feed to dogs 
 ,you decide  1950’s burger  or today’s be the judge !