Jewish Synagogue Service attendance At An All Time Low


      Jewish Synagogue Service is on the ropes,partly because of old school ideas, I went to Florida  a while back  and  wanted to attend a celebration of a relatives 85 th birthday at the shull..I was denied entry because I  was not dressed properly in a suit & tie.The services are too long , Yom kippur services practically totaled 9 hours.

   What I proposes is a radical change in the synagogue service , 1. get rid of the cantor and replace it with a will  pack the people in once again like years past  2..let the people attending sit on comfortable leather lounge chairs like  Starbucks has in its seating  3.let the congregants  have coffee or any beverages food available with the service 4.   .Dress code should be whatsoever one wants so long as its cleanly washed or and pressed within reason of  modesty 5.shorten the length of the service &,6. teach Hebrew  the same way the Chinese or Greek or Polish send their kids to Greek , Chinese or Polish school were they learn their language as a living spoken tongue ,not phonetically like as its done in Hebrew schools as we know it today were you read Hebrew but don’t understand what your reading.7 accept as fully Jewish with one as if both parents were Jewish ,whether it be mother or Fathers decent even   in all demonstrations from orthodox to reform. and that’s my proposal ..take it or leave it.. Don ”Moses”Lerman

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Canned Laughter On Sit-Coms Got To Go


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        I hate canned laughter on sit coms , phony laughter that is supposed to prompt the T.V .audience to laugh at what is not even marginally funny , nobody likes it.  The only comedy that was on T.V.that I saw that had no laugh-track was Larry Davids Curb Your Enthusiasm – Whats yours thoughts?

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Kaci Hickox, a nurse who recently returned to the United States after working in Ebola-ravaged West Africa, sent CNN this image of the tent where she was being isolated for Ebola monitoring Sunday, October 26, in New Jersey. Hospital officials told CNN the indoor tent is in a climate-controlled extended-care facility adjacent to a hospital. Hickox has twice tested negative for Ebola.

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      Ebola  nurse  Kaci Hickox says she will sue if she s not released for  quarantine , why should the whole East Coast  be in jeopardy for the incubation period for 21 days ,because she don”t like the accommodations?. If I was the New jersey governor I wouldn’t have budged ,I say all suspected Ebola patients should be forced to stay off shore in West  Africa for the whole 21 day incubation period   .period !

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New Jersey releases nurse quarantined inEbola scare-Light Orchid

Nurse quarantined in New Jersey after returning from Ebola …

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Will ‘Understand’ Her Quarantine

Write Your Phone Company To Stop Telemarketing and Unknown Calls



       Write or call  your phone Company To Stop Telemarketing  and Unknown Calls ,Restricted  and Private calls, The no call  list,that nearly everyone signed up for  has no teeth . The reason why we are getting Telemarketing  as unknown ,private or restricted id if they use their real phone number.they will get a hefty fine  as simple as that .Telemarketing firms can have a fake number show up with either  merely a name or just a locality,just try calling that number back ..its non existent. Ma Bell sits by s does nothing ,because they make money on ever call .Complain loudly and don’t answer blocked Calls /end

Never yell At A Shop keeper



    Never yell at a store owner any time at any type of store &  I’ll tell you why ….If you yell lets say at barber for a lousy haircut or store keeper for not cashing your winning lotto ticket ..If some drunk in the middle of the night breaks his store window unrelated to your dispute with the shopkeeper..they will blame you .You can take that advice to the bank..that should be awake up call not to yell  at a Shopkeeper anymore. Anyone can get my point across very well now with out screaming . /end