Anti Semitism Runs Rampant.. Take a Look at the New Democratic Party..

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Thomas Lopez with President Obama

  Warning Some People may find this offensive

*Hitlers Voice Posted  Because This is What Lopez’s Speech is Paramount To. 
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It has become open season to crap on Jews and Israel all the way from The U.N. to the E.U. right up to the American Universities and all over the U.S.A… This is the New Liberal Lefts Politically Correct Agenda.. Sad to say as far as they are concerned the old saying  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”  no longer seems to apply to Jewish people.

Where is the outcry from the Leading Jewish Politicians and Office Holders  . The saddest thing of all is that all these Jewish liberals will run like a thief to cast their vote and pull the lever for this creep and other Jew Haters like him. Wake up fellow Jews the Democratic party of your dear old departed Bubie and JFK no longer exists.


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