E U Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.


     Israel is a Sovereign Nation Beholding Absolutely Nothing To Any Of The E U.Nations.
The E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.Each And Every European Nation Was Complacent In The Demise Of Six Million Jews
Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced them …
Jews who were denied a homeland for 2,000 years And Remained were good Subjects To Their Host Nations.
I Stop Short Of Referring To Those Jews As Second Class Citizens Because For Most Of Their Sojourn In Europe Were Regulated to Walled Ghettos Living Out A Merger Existence For Nearly 2,000 Years.
Even After The Nazis Killed 6 Million Jews Those Who Survived WW 11 were Chased Out Of Europe At Wars End Being Denied Any Entry Into Any Of The Various European Countries Not Even Allowed To Return To The Nation That They Lived In Before The War.Then They Were Forced To Endured Any Three Years In An Internment Center In Cyprus Until Their Entry Into Their Ancestral Homeland Israel.
Its  Beyond The Pale Of  Both Shameful And Disgraceful That Jews Had To Endure This Fiasco At The Hands Of Their European Host Nations.So We Say This Loud And Clear To The Entire European Union and now Canada has chimed in as well.Arrest every foreigner involved in any act which is detrimental to Israel”s safety ..existence and we’ll being
..No and if or buts about it
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Americans Political Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary



   Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary.Let me cut to the chase..

I saw many stage Hyptosists..There talent is scary mind control if you ask me.They talk to the audience and walks over to the people he had in stage touches some pressure point on their neck and they immediately go under his mesmerizing spell.However some audience members will go under in a room of lets says 1 in 50  will automatically go under his spell..Like  I said without him touching him in any way..1 in 50 is a very big number  believe it or not1 in 50 nationwide adds up to millions..As we all watch T.V.1/in 50 are getting their political  view manipulated by biased commentary Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Fake News Commentary .

There has never been  any President or Politician for that manner who has millions hate him more than President Trump.

When I ask people just what legislation did Trump vote for or veto that  gets your level of rath and distain..they cannot answer.

Like the subliminal cuts on movie theaters in the 1950s Anti Trump biased is being pumped out. This also implies to Anti Jewish and anti Israel thoughts are being projected by constant bombardment of negative commentary from the media..

We urger every American don’t just follow the popular idea by getting on the band wagon.Reject  news  whose main object is getting fans or adherents to their opinions.Form you own thoughts and stop your opinions from being manipulated By biased news commentary.

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