President Trump Find A Way To Remove Governors And Mayors From Office That Refuse To Protect Its Citizens.

President Trump Please Find A Way To Remove Governors And Mayors From Office That Refuse To Protect Its Citizens And Property..
The Mayor Can Only Be Removed By The Governor..Mayors Nationwide Are Instructing  Their Police To Stand Down To Rioters And Looters Thoses Looting And Causing Massive Distruction And Looting  And Lawlessness…
To Make Matters Worse Like Throwing Gas On A Fire Governors All Across The Nation Are Refusing To Call Out The National Guard.
President Find A Way To Bypass These Rouge Mayors in And Govenors And Help Protect And Defend Our Population When The Speaker Of The House Had The Guale To Say”People of Will Do What People Do .
 Governors Such As New Yoks Govenor Andrew Coumo Chimed In About Treasured Stautes Being Torn Down His Reply To Distruction “Its A Healthy Exspresion”
President Trump Stand Fast And Do Not Release Any Federal Funds Earmarked For Clean Up And  Rebuild Those Cities in That Those Officals  Just Allowed Thosed Crazed Mob To Have Catre Blanche On Ripping Down Our Nation With Bizzare Logic Of Defund The Police
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E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.


     Israel is a Sovereign Nation Beholding Absolutely Nothing To Any Of The E U.Nations.
The E.U.Nations Got To Learn To Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Israel’s Internal Affairs.Each And Every European Nation Was Complacent In The Demise Of Six Million Jews
Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced them …

Jews who were denied a homeland for 2,000 years And Remained were good Subjects To Their Host Nations.
I Stop Short Of Refering To Those Jews As Second Class Citizens Because For Most Of Their Sojourn In Euroupe Were Regulated to Walled Getos Living Out A Merger Existance For Nearly 2,000 Years.
Even After The Nazi ‘s  Killed 6 Million Jews Those Who Survived WW 11 were Chased Out Of Europe At Wars End Being Denied Any Entry Into Any Of The Various European Countries Not Even Allowed To Return To The Nation That They Lived In Before The War.Then They Were Forced To Endured Any Three Years In An Internment Center In Cyprus Until Their Entry Into Their Ancestral Homeland Israel.

Its  Beyond The Pale Of  Both Shameful And Disgraceful That Jews Had To Endure This Fiasco At The Hands Of Their European Host Nations.So We Say This Loud And Clear To The Entire European Union



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A Pathetic Path Awaits America Now That Democrats Won The Oval Office..Senate & House Tantamount To A Dictatorship Of Sorts




      A pathetic future Now Awaits America Now Thar Democrats Won The Senate  Presidency and House Prepare for DC to become a state hence 2 more Senators From a District  less than  Brooklyns Canarse..Theycwill Pack the Supreme Court  adding 5 more Justices..Open borders alijgvwith SSI ..Medicare Foodstamps..$1,8000 relocation fee per family  member and a subsdized apt for 6 years a quick path to  Citizenshio to every Shmuck and his brother.Free College education for Daca immigrants. This will guarantee them a Group a  permanent class of voters  emdebted to them.
As Of Right Now Every Democrat Led City Has Been Looters and Rioters A Free Rein In Their Onslaught Property.Mayors In These Municipalities Have Looked The Way And Tied The Police Departments Hands Behind Their Backs.Democrat Governors Are Reluctant To Call In The National Guard Which According  To Law & Protocol Its The  Governors Call And Not The Presidents.

            Non Citizens Allowed To Vote

Rioters And Looters Gave Crossed The Line And Are Now Terrorists.These Lawless Destructors Of America No Longer Fear Nor Respect Authority Just Like A Brazen House Mouse Who Rears Himself In Broad Daylight.
Democrats Had The Exact Position As Trump on Protecting Our Border As Trump When Obama Held Office


This All Occurs As We In A Shutdown First The Corona Virus.New Yorks Own  Mayor Has Downright Threatened To Lock Shut House’s Of Worship If They Break The Social Distancing Rule But Gives Protesters Freedom  To Congregate Wherever They Choose And May We Add In Massive Numbers As Well.

They’ve Been A Green  Light To Do As They Bloody Please.Politicians Have Already Capitulated To Their Demands Making A Sham Out Of Our Ballot Box.Anytime That They Find Something  Not To Their Liking Just Start Burning And Looting Again And Our Elected Officials Will  Just Throw In The Towel And Capitulate To Anything That They Demand. If You Ask Us That’s Not Anyway To Run A Nation.
Democrats Want Reparation For Slavery Paid To Blacks

If The GOP Loses In November And The Democrats Are Successful vin Capturing Control Of The Senate.Get Ready For A One Party System..We Will See Open Borders And Voting Rights For Non Citizens..Goodbye To Our Once Great Democracy.
These Rioters Should Have Been Stopped Right From Day One.They Now Reveal Their True Colors (No Pun Intended) As Anti White,Anti Semitic And A Communist Agenda..
Are You Mr. And Mrs.Voter With That? No? Then Get Out and Vote.
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Americans Political Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary



   Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Biased News Commentary.Let me cut to the chase..

I saw many stage Hyptosists..There talent is scary mind control if you ask me.They talk to the audience and walks over to the people he had in stage touches some pressure point on their neck and they immediately go under his mesmerizing spell.However some audience members will go under in a room of lets says 1 in 50  will automatically go under his spell..Like  I said without him touching him in any way..1 in 50 is a very big number  believe it or not1 in 50 nationwide adds up to millions..As we all watch T.V.1/in 50 are getting their political  view manipulated by biased commentary Americans Opinions Being Manipulated By Fake News Commentary .

There has never been  any President or Politician for that manner who has millions hate him more than President Trump.

When I ask people just what legislation did Trump vote for or veto that  gets your level of rath and distain..they cannot answer.

Like the subliminal cuts on movie theaters in the 1950s Anti Trump biased is being pumped out. This also implies to Anti Jewish and anti Israel thoughts are being projected by constant bombardment of negative commentary from the media..

We urger every American don’t just follow the popular idea by getting on the band wagon.Reject  news  whose main object is getting fans or adherents to their opinions.Form you own thoughts and stop your opinions from being manipulated By biased news commentary.

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Happy July 4th From The Staff At The Lerman Report.Com

Happy Birthday America

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N.Y State To Push To Clean up Grumman Poluted Water Area..Just a Photo Op..


*Updated Story




 N.Y.States proposal to clean up the Grumman area polluted by the Navy and Gruman.It just doesn’t sound right to us. It’s not a puddle beneath the ground but a river as wide  and deep as  New York States the Hudson River.Their going to pump out poisoned water and replace it with good water? Come on it sounds a bit wacky like Junk Science to us. Once all that water is pumped out then get prepared for massive land collapse sink hole style above the ground all around the periphery of all that water drainage.

The water that is to be pumped out & and different water intended to go right back into the ground?..That sounds ludacrist.

Listen every bit of bed rock, sand and soil would also have to be removed as well.In the future were going to be right back in the same spot. It takes 30 long  years for the water that was collected in the recharge  basins  (Sumps) to enter the  L.I. Aquifers.

Right now  if they drill any further they will be at the Brackish (salt) level..It sounds to us a like damage control & Grand Standing directed towards  with Mr & Mrs.Taxpayer who living in a High Tax State and County that from the Politicians and nothing more.

 Schumer had to be given some bad info by his staff for him to pitch an idea  such as this to Long Islanders.

 Schumer Just exactly how much is ito going to cost Long Islanders..are bonds going to be  floated  (got to pay them back down the line) or is all New Yorkers taxes going to go up..


There is supposed to be a Superfund in place for this already..where is that money now..Uncle Sam  must pay any cost incurred 100%. We will tell you this much for the role that Grumman played in polluting the water supply plus in addition to  what Grumman did on this other unrelated issue…Grumman took U.S.grants and  reneged on their promise to keep jobs in L.I. that Grumman  should be permanently banned from being permitted to do any further business with the Federal Government .

Northrop Grumman Should Be BARRED From … – The Lerman Repor/


Long Island Aquifers: The Basics | Nassau Suffolk Water …

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