U. S. Should get Cheap oil Guarantee Before We help Libyan Rebels

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The U.S, and its Nato alies should get a clear garrantee  for cheap and ever flowing oil from the Libyan opposition before  we shed any of our soldiers blood, Remember the 1st desert Storm war we saved  Bahrain and Saudi Arabia from destruction by Saddam Husein  and  after  that they continued to Rake us over the coals when getting oil , lets not let that happen again. NO deal for Oil–then your on your own

U.S. Economy is in a Downhill Spiral Ready to Hit Rock Bottom


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The U.S.      Economy  is in a Downhill Spiral  Ready to hit Rock-Bottom soon.
Unless Oil and gasoline prices drop sharply and The  banks start giving a greater percentage of interest on CDs and saving and checking accounts , don’t plan for a recovery any time soon in the economy .
Many people used to rely on interest income , now what do we  get 1% while credit card company charge us 23% for late payment –an outrage and where is the cost of living for Social Security Recipients? The Real estae market continues to go downward and all homeowners are seeing thier equity go down the drain.  Its  a sad day for The U.S. economy ….end

Special Passover Bread Developed in Bucharest Roumania


The kitchens  in Bucharest Rumania have developed a Kosher for Passover bread that uses no leavening whatsoever. It relies on steam and forced air to act in  place of yeast and other leavening agents. Usually Bread is made from Dough and cake is  made from batter, this process uses a rye flour that is mixed with a blend of millet and white flower and formed into a batter which is known as a continues mix then it undergoes a secret process of steaming and forced  air induction  which produces a conventional style  Rye Bread.Thou a white bread won’t be available  for some time this year the Passover rye Bread will be available for Peasach 2022. The taste is indistinguishable  from any other bread made with yeast or other leavening agent.  However it remains unclear whether the Board of Rabbis and Rabbinical organizations will sign off on it , But Hallelujah  its here at last Passover Bread!


U.S. Government Must Put Money in Research & Development in Oil Alternatives

The U.S. Government must  should  start thinking about ways to  make themselves  energy efficient without the use of consuming oil for energy.http://venturebeat.com/2011/03/02/saudi-arabia-solar-oil/. we should’t have to be dependent on any country for our energy , water grain , food source at all.we should start by burning our coal, which is in abundance and forget about nuclear  power plants( remember Chernobyl) and solar power would be a wise second choice and an artificial fuel should be top priority to be developed in place of Gasoline or oil.