Syrian Refugees Will Tip The Ballet Box Against Christains and Jews


 In a few years  all the hundred of thousand  Syrian Muslim Refugees Will Tip The ballet Box against Christains and Jews. Right now as we are poised to accept 200 thousand Syrian Refuges in a few years they will have voting block the likes that we never seen in U. S. Voting History . Evangelical Christans ,and Catholic and other mainline Protestant Voters will have no say in government matters as well as Jews. The once Mighty Jewish voting block, now deminished by intermarriage  will have no say and U.S  Isreal relations can only get worse.  Refuges are slated to get  $1,800 relocation fee as well as S.S.I.,  food stamps  & Medicade! When Seniors on  Social Security can’t get a COLA RAISE sad. Just how much money is in the U.S. treasurey coffers anyway ? Where  are the 22 Arab countries and why aren’t they offering to take in their co Relgionists ? Why Should they become the Western Nations RESPONSIBILITY? thou about 99% of the incoming refugees may pass muster to with our exstreme vetting process. However we are concerned about the remaining 1% which can accually may tally in tens of thousands and can reck havoc on us.

  Veterans and active duty service members are up in arms and its hurting them  in the pocket book. We at The Lerman Report.Com say hold off on the refugess , not only are they a security risk but a finacial one too !

The Lerman Report Staff

lerman report satff


 File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg


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