What Ever Happened To The Old Time Tough N.Y. Jew?

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What I am about to say is the crux of Anti Semitism in America and Euroup.Where did The old tough Jew go to? From a time span in New York  or any American city Jews circa 1900 to 1940 was a rough and tough sort.On the N.Y.Lower East side spawned such types as Meir Lansky ..Bugsy Seigal and plethora of characters who brooked no nonsense.
My own grandfather born in Poland  in 1901 but arrived at Ellis Island at 3 months old was raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn.His two Brothers Meyer and Sammy were bar tenders the old type Jackie Gleason  portrayed as Joe the bartender.You could only crap on him  or his brothers once.The sport of boxing was dominated by Jewish boxers.From that rough and tumble type what transpired to transform the modern Jewish male into a weakling and milk toast.
I Pull  no punches when I say what I just said because it is so..Jews are no longer feared and respected anymore as lets say like their Italian or Irish counterparts.Had Jews remained rough sorts you would not see the rise of Anti Semitism as you see today.Jews have become stationary easy targets to go after..When did this start to first happen?
Who’s to say an influx of post WW1 Jews of different stock and mannerisms?More cultured oe more educated ..who’s to say ..it would only  be sheer speculation
The Israel Jew is now of a different mind-set and is  both feared and respected in non-Jewish circles in their realm of the globe.
Untill the day  comes along that Jews start raising their young in a different manner as in days of old & Jews start to say that being able to kick ass is just as important as education nothing will change that.

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It’s A Shame The Way Trump Is Still Being Tarred And Feathered Out Of History

It’s A Shame The Way Trump Is Still Being Treated. He Is Being Made Out To Be A Piraha The Same As An OJ Simpson.This Should Not Be Occuring. Biden Is Signing So Many Executive Orders That Even Evelyn Wood Couldn’t Keep Up With Him.
A Leper Gets A Better Welcome Then Former President Trump Is Getting. As More And More Brown Noses Distance Themselves From President Donald Trump.It Seems That The Major Networks Are Giving Him The Blackout Treatment Mirroring The Policy Of Facebook And Twitter.Trump Can No Longer Tell His Side Of Story.
That’s Un-American.Every Day The Press Gets Closer To Being Partner With The Goverment Rather Than A Watchdog.
Time Will Tell If Trumps Ideas Were Folly Or Genius We Are Now  Under Biden Trading A  Wall For A Revolving Turnstile At Our Southern Border.America  Will Now Give Basically Instant Citizenship To Anyone Making Their Way Into America.
Is It From The Bleeding Hearts Of Democrat Party Faithful? WE Doubt That It’s Just A Ploy For Them To Aquire A Permanent Class Of People Indebted To Then At The Polls By Giving Away The Store With A Cornapopia Of Frebies.
If A Rich Man Of The Caliiber Of A Donald Trump Can Be Craped On In This Matter..Then What Chance Does The Average Joe Or Jane Have To Become President Of The United.States..Answer..None.
Yes There Are Some Exstream Right Wing Groups..But That Is Not What The Mainstream Trump Devotees Are Aligned With.Just Like Kirk Douglas In Spartacus When The Authorities Where Looking To Cruicfy Him..His Supporters  Stood Up.Every Body Who Believes That He Got  The Shaft Should Stand Up Say 

                  “I’M DONALD TRUMP”

It’s Most Disrespectful That He Has To Leave In This Manner.Think About What We Just Said.
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