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How Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

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Just how Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

Let us start by saying that we read that a chimpanzee shares 99%  of our DNA.So in other words All these home kits take everyone back to hundred and thousands of years all the way the way back  to our  Neanderthal relative with that 1%? Come on give us a break.

An entire family took a DNA test from one of these popular DNA home testing kits.One of my staff members took such a test. It showed both him and his sister are listed as full brother and sister…yet DNA found relatives that are are his 2nd cousin are his sister’s distant cousin..how is this possible?

Now a 2nd cousin is a close relative …. it means that one of your grandparents and their grandparents were siblings.It is impossible for you to have a 2nd cousin with a non half sibling and your siblings is their 6th cousin… Impossible.

Let us tell you our theory.What we believe what they are doing is merly conducting a deep computer search…90% deep computer searchs and only 10% actual DNA testing….

Most people think of computer search engines as a relative new thing ..not so.

Computers go back hundreds of years.

Henry Faulds – Father of Fingerprints. Henry Faulds was a Scottish physician, missionary, and scientist who is noted for the development of fingerprints.


Then cames , F Galton an anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin, began his observations of fingerprints as a means of identification in the in 1880.

So inorder to make any attempts at identifcations a computer is needed.Deep computer may contain restricted sealed records going back hundreds of years may be in play and may not be that small cup of spittle that we all send in…All records from School records to vital statistics from church recordings going back not only your time but your grandparents and beyond are all available in deep computer searches.

In 1925 Leonard Lerman, DNA researcher & co-inventor of DGGE, is born in Pittsburgh, PA. http://t.co/aIz5UFay6h(We wonder what Leonard Lerman whould have to say on this matter).

Is this how they determine to have you trade those Dutch Klogs for a pair of  Bruno Magli Shoes ….get the picture!






Reparations Will Further Destroy An Already Fractured American Society

Most if not all the Democratic Party feld if not all are promising black Americans reperations for slavery as part of both their campaign pledge & party’s platform.
All this “reparations”are is nothing but a big pandering ploy at campaign time.. nothing more..it’ll never happen and each and every politician proposing it knows it all to well.
It will rip the nation apart.What person of color would not want a big pay out?
It’ll never pass muster in the Senate and from non African American’s both whites  & everyone else.
Rioting  most likely  will occur from both sides.
The best solution and compromise is to have a Marshall type plan for inner cities put into effect.
Reparations for slavery will never see  the light of day from Congress right to the populate..So we urge those on the campaign trail not to to promise what you can’t deliver and what your doing will  rip apart the nation.

Jews demand Eygpt Pay them reparations for building the Pyramids..read below.



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