Can Sand Dredging Ships Can Solve Palestinian- Isreali – England Northern Ireland Problem?

Don’t Fence Me In
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Can a Sand Dredging Ships Solve Palestinian Isreali – England Northern Ireland Problem by creating a hundred mile extra land off shore? There is no reason why a sand dredging Ship can’t creat 100 miles of off shore land off Israel in the Meditatrain Sea And In England off the English channel to create land for over a million people..The technology is here, off shore land increase has been successful in other areas. We at The Lerman Report see this as a possible solution to these two conflicts.Whether either side would accept newly created off shore land rather than Isreal proper or Northern Ireland itself is another story but like we mentioned it can be China has created many artificial Islands in and around the Pasific Rim  The question remains  “Does The Palestinians or England’s Adversary’s in Northern Ireland  want  a homeland then this is the solution.However since it would be right on each of those Nations border then it would be imperative that it must be a highly and tightly monitored Demilitarized zone.end
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Sand Dredging With a VersiDredge 5012HP Dredger …
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Piling Sand in a Disputed Sea, China Literally  


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