Putin Give Assad Asylum In Russia & It Will End Some of The Blood Shed


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animated-update-image-0024         Putin grant Bashir Assad asylum in Russia in order to start ending this misery in Syria. Lets face facts eventually hes going to loose ground and there isn’t a place on Earth that’s safe for him except behind the Iron Curtain. So put him on a plane headed to Russia and  let’s begin an end this nightmare that we’re seeing unfold in Syria today.
It was alleged that l recently he once more used Chemical Weapons on his  own people.If this is  proven true than it is a total callous disregard for the sanctity of human  life. To make matters worse he’s starting to flex his muscles with Israel perhaps looking to curry some favor within the various factions within his bombed out beleaguered nation which is practically in rubbles.
In 1967 Syria along with 4 other invading Arab Armies invaded Israel unprovoked and when the smoke cleared Golan was no longer Syrian territory.. For Assad to ever entertain the thought that he can regain  Golan is nothing but a pipe dream. ..as millions of his subjects exited Syria for greener Pasteurs there is no  longer any need for more land.  Golan can only be used as a staging point to rain rockets down onto Israel. With today’s modern weaponry it would be  suicide for Israel to ever return it.. Ever hear the expression “to the Victors goes the spoils of war.. Name me one nation on Earth that ever returned land that they won in a war in the history of all mankind even  before Neanderthal Man..answer   “NONE’
So once again we urge Putin to give Assad asylum in Russia and that will be the  first step on restoring some long awaited civility in Syria. /end 

Never Buy Fruit Cut Up AT Your Supermarket

Annette Funicello – Pineapple Princess

 Never Buy Fruit Cut Up AT Your Supermarket. The only time a grocer cuts up fruit such as watermelon or Pineapple and melons  is when they are getting old and to soft or to moldy to sell. Secondly I have  seen them cutting it up at plenty of markets , not  once did I witness any worker who was doing the cutting wear gloves .Recently a market in N.Y. C. was sited for Hepatitis A  and anyone who ate the cut up fruit had to get a vaccination shot.. How sad for the costumer.
            While we are on this subject ,Let me mention shrimp . First of all all shrimp comes in frozen , it is then shelved with ice on the showcase .and put back in the deep freeze at night second when the shrimp starts to smell they are  then boiled and ,  when that shrimp ( the boiled ones) starts to smell they put on a barbecue sauce on it , and let me tell you you could get plenty sick.  All can say is that Buyer   beware!!!!!/END

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General Appearance or Jewish Look In America Is Changing

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The General Appearance Or ”Jewish Look ” concerning Jews in America Is Changing .Let’s say from Jews Born lets say in the 1920’s vs.Jews born in The 1940″s 1950’s and beyond, Pre  World War I Jews hailing from Russia when they came to this country only bothered with other Jews from the country of their origin, For example Russian Jews did not generally associate with Polish Jews or Hungarian etc  etc and so forth. However this wasn’t the case with their children, in this country 2nd generation Jews had no compunction of associating and marrying Jews of a different country of origin than their parents,
    Russian Jews have different stock than Polish Jews  ,the overall look is not the same . When I was in Florida at  a senior condo area (mostly Jews ) I noticed a distinct look of Jews different from today’s Jews , What I was looking at was Russian Jews, Polish Jews  and such that the  blood line was not broken . Today with a mixture of Russian jews that married Polish Jew in Lets say The 1940’s and 1950’s the new generation looks nothing like their parents visa vie “A Jewish look” Not to mention Intermarriage offspring that identify  themselves  as Jews, Look for  yourself …  Jews in America  today just look at your grand parents & great grand parents photos when they were your age bracket and compare them to yourself and you’ll agree with me..


Turkey Spreads Lies About Isreal To Apease Moslem Brotherhood



rioter in turkey

    The Knickerbockers Lies 1965
Rioting in Turkey Today  Turkey has  made an offical statement that Isreal is responcible for General El- Sissi’ Coupe, This was done to quell thier own riots inside Turkey by Patronizing  who they believe is responcible and behind thier own rioters. That Isreal planned and coaxed  the General to Take over is compleatly false and  is to blame Isreal for this what turned out to be  a major fiasco  is and totaly is unexusable, The Turkish – Israeli tension is rooted in differences over the Gaza Strip, particularly a May 2010 raid by the Israeli military on a Turkish-organized flotilla trying to run the Gaza blockade, which left eight Turks and a Turkish-American dead.   Meanwhile The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey used his appearance be to blame  the  U.S. And Israel for their worlds economic woes Meanwhile some aid to Egypt has been cut off,Watch Later
Turkey’s Erdogan slam
s Israel, Arab states over Egypt response
Harsh Words From Turkey About Israel, and From Iran About United



When Your On A Diet , It Costs More To Eat Less… And Thats a Fact

          I  made a bet with my nephew who could loss the most weight in 3 months, he requested that I start at 250 as I was 255lbs  he weighed 199lbs, its who loses the most percentage of weight in 3 months , the bet is $4oo , winner take alll. However there is a stipulation if you don’t keep it off for another month you got to return the cash.I’m in it for the long haul ,
I project I’ll be 200 by Nov, 1st and 170lbs by Nw years day .. I’m Motivated for  bith cosmetic and health reasons , In the ast year it was  discovere d that i had an and under active Throid , I take Synthroid to correct it
 To diet I’m eating about 6 small tubs of yogart and frozen vegetables , it costing me a small forntune aboyt $10 a day  you would thing tat whe  your eating less ir would cost less, not so its like cooking for obe is more costly than cooking for a family, Getting back to my goal , Will I be succesful ? I’m betting yes ! only time will tell /end

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The Nature Of Neighbors In THe Suburbs

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My family moved to the suburbs in the late 1960’s My parents bought a resale house.Everyone else in the neighborhood were oringinal owners.We were practically shunned and ignored at the best. I grew up in Queens and Broklyn N.Y.in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our Neighbors in Brooklyn & Queens  were like the Murzt’s on I love Lucy  Show or The Norton’s and Ralph Kramdon on the Honeymooners. People were close in those days. You didn’t lock your doors in those pictures are days.A key was to  used strictky to start a car period! We always had a neighbor in our small apartment or we were in their apartment,  people just knocked and walked right into your home.
      I was in for a shock upon moving to the suburbs in 1968, the neighbors viewed us Brooklyn folk as  sort of ”Beverly Hillbillies” not good enough to even stop and say good morning to .. The most  conversation we ever had with a neighbor was when getting out of our car…one simple nod and thats it.Sometimes neighbors quickly scurried into their houses when they saw you as they didn’t  even want to nod hello.How pathetic. Mind you we were of the same ethic group as our neighbors but we were resale buyers.and not good enough for them.The Husbands of these original owners although not professionals or college graduates ls however they had good jobs after WW 11 and we’re able to afford a house which enabled their wives to sit home and eat Bon Bons.We were not good enough for them.
Today I have good neighbors on both sides of my houses, also resale owners , thou not great friends  but I would go out of my way for them anytime  anywhere at the drop of  a dime. I guess those old days of Brooklyn & Queens in the 1950 ‘s are over.. I wish they were still here /end
beverly hillbillies

Egyptian General Can Curbs Riots in Cairo Meanwhile The Sinia Ramains A Hot Bed For Hamas & Issis

egypt general sisi
  Gen. El-Sisi while focusing on keeping riots at bay in Cairo has left the Sinai go virtually unchecked as Hamas and Isis continues to fortify their position there.As they builds up weapons of destruction poised at Israel El-Sisi remains  powerless .
As the  world of Anti Semites screams at Israel Building settlements in East Jerusalem  not one word was uttered about  the Hamas and Isis  build up of a cache of missiles in the Sinai .These  weapons are at a very  close proxproxmity to Israel &  can and most likely have  a capability of reaching Israel proper. Israel knows what to do and its only a matter of time before this is rectified,
The Mainstream Press has not put this on the front burner and only seems to focus’ on Housing being proposed in Jerusalem..
It doesn’t get more one-sided and anti Israel than as this lopsided reporting continues… read on Below


Egypt’s Military Buildup in Sinai Violates Its Peace Treaty with Israel …

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Bring Back Trans Fats

 At one time food had great taste from pastry items to sauces to gravy’s and such. Where did the taste go You might ask  ? answer… To the way side when they took out the trans fats , Donut shop doughnuts taste like crap ,sauces in restaurants are bland. all the trans fats have been removed and in its place only God knows what chemicals are present in food now. All the major manufacturers sell the trans fats s to their overseas markets while food state side remains bland .
 They say it no good for us … well listen up Nobody lives forever we all got to die sometimes and we got to die from something When you used to get popcorn in a movie theater it was drenched with coconut and palm  oil that where all the taste came fom .People used to cook in Bacon Grease. Lard ..Smaltz (chicken fat rendered with onion) Coconut Oil and food taste great Dad to say that today bland is in ..tasteless is in today. When we go to a restaurant and get a big mound of tasteless food ..how sad
 Bring back trans fats  now!

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Why Should Kosher Corned Beef and Pastrami Cost So Much?



      Why Should Kosher Corn Beef and Pastrami Cost So Much ? We know for a fact that Pork products undergoes more costly production costs that beef in general . Swine production is much more costly than Beef processing , from raising , feeding swine to  smoking and curing it actually costs double that of what beef does that slated for Kosher Corned beef & Pastrami .
    At one time all the Kosher provision companies where  bought out by one or two concerns , this  not the case as of today and yes there is a Machiacah fee (Ritual kosher inspector)  , but it doesn’t justify the  hefty cost. We could buy a Mussolinis revenge hero loaded with all good Italian cold cuts for $7.00 how in the world do they get away selling a kosher corned beef or pastrami on Rye for$19.00
    You be the judge is it worth the extra cost when it undergoes less processing? We don’t think that  the hefty price is deserving

Home Heating Oil An Obsolete Way to Heat A House



     The government should step in and find out why the cost of home  heating oil is on the rise.Home heating Oil is the same  as Diesel Fuel.They put a red dye in the Home Heating Oil  in order to render it unusable in your car. My home costs $550 every month and a half to heat my house and  I keep the thermostat at 56 degrees no less.If you jack up the thermostat to 70 degrees it will run $40 a day …simply out of the question. To convert to gas heat runs around $10,000  people got to decide whether to heat their house or buy food .. how sad.
      There should me a major investigation as to why home heating oil is not at least the same price of regula gas or   even that of diesel fule at the Gas Stations pumps./end

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