The Writings On The Wall..Jews Get The Vote Out…

With the  recent election of  Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib it has got to be wake up call for Jewish Americans to see the changing of the Political Climate right here in the U.S.A.The Democrat Party Leaders seem  un perturbed with extreme leftist shift replacing years of once was a great political party
In 1938 Jews Had No Nation To Flee To Arabs Have 22

It is now echoing Europe with it’s  vile  hatred that anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head once more  right in our own backyard..I keep telling liberal  minded Jews that it’s not fake or conservative news. You think it’s not bad now? It’s reality & it’s only going to get worse..So think again With the slated influx of Syrian and other Arab and Muslim.immigrants along with chain migrating …in a short while they to will be voting  against Israel  at the ballot box & Israel can kiss goodbye any support and aid from the U.S.A. as our halls if Congress will resemble the U.N.General Assembly
Don’t hand me I’m a human being and not a Jew one on this Earth is a Human Being.We are all defined by our ethnicity whether we like it or not.I urge Jews to wake up now.
Please don”t fall their line their old line that they are 70 year  refugees with no place to go because there are 22 Arab Nations right at his moment that they can go to.
In 1938 Jews had no nation that would take them in.Now Jews have Place their own their ancestral homeland “Israel”Lets face facts .The Palestinian Arabs will never accept an Israel, even if it were only one inch wide..who’s fooling who?.
Green Shaded = 22 Arab Nations
Red Shaded =Israel
keep in mind they have resorted to terrorism to advance their cause..if you capitulate to them you are saying that the end justifies the means.
             The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

OPINION | WHEN PROGRESSIVES EMBRACE HATE – THE NEW YORK TIMES/Image result for hand pointing picture

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