Supermarkets Making Out Like Bandits

Since the quarantine Supermarkets gave ceased to put out and run any sales. Everything sold in their outlets are way over priced.We as consumer’s no longer have the luxury to pick  & choose certain brands.Like the menu at Buffet Restaurants we must take what they give yes whether we like it or not.
Everyone gas to eat and wipe the rear end so they continue to gauge the public.They bend the public over the a shopping carts and gjve them a good
I was in a few retail outlets that sell T V’s . TV that before Corona  Quarantine which sold first $675 now sell for $875  .
In essence they want the public to foot the bill because of amy quarantine loses concured during this fiasco.
When this Covid19 is over We suggest that the public boycott just one supermarket  chain in their vicinity..
WORLD HITS ON THE INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture