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Next War IDF’s General Staff Better Not Be Asleep At The No Wheel

Golda Meir’s most famous saying  “If the Arabs would put down their weapons there would be no more war. If the Jews puts down their weapons there would be no more Israel”.
       There never has never been a more  accurate and truthful assessment of the Arab-Israeli Situation.  In The next war The Arabs will be  going to come after Israel  with every thing they got from Hezbollah to Hamas to Isis right up to Fatah they’re gonna  go to after Israel from every which way…Gaza,Sinai, West Bank,Syria,Lebanon and Jordan. Let no one underestimate their fighters ability or resolve as they have some tough Mother Fu-kers out there ..not exactly a rag tail Army of years past lacking  only Aircraft and Tanks.
As an Arm Chair Quarterbacks We will say don’t let history  repeat itself  as it was done in The Yom Kipper War by David “Dado” Elazar  Chief of Staff IDF  war and eventually forced to resign for basically being caught with his pants down so to speak as Invading Egyptians and Syrian Forces attempted to take Israel by surprise.  This time the General Staff must not be sleeping  behind the wheel. What other Arab Governments  if any will  be involved in the next war? Can anybody say  with any degree of certainty that they will remain noncombatant?
However except the front line to be made up of children equipped with rifles and such testing Israel as to see if they should stop them..A major contingency  plan must be in Israel’s playbook NOW as how to deal with that issue
      We would bet our bottom dollar  that when the shit hits the fan there be will most likely highly saturated carpet bombing on the Israeli border by the Israeli Air Force the likes the the world has ever seen.
Will Israel find that another Arab nation  perhaps  Syria having had aircraft snuck in from Iran or Turkey somehow supplying‎ air support or a combatant Air Force..Like we said earlier there is no second chance for Israel..


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Sad To Say That When It Comes To The Electorate Former Military Service In The U.S.Has No Value.


Whether you were a fan of John Mc Cains politics or not that’s not the point of this post …..
We decided to write this story because we posted this story when various news outlets  that Senator John Mc Cain has been  diagnosed with Brain cancer.
I had  an Uncle who was an American Serviceman Prisoner of war in WWII and spent time in one of the infamous German Stalag’s .. It was no walk in the  park & nothing like the old T.V. Show Hogan”s Hero’s
John Mc Cain was a Navy Pilot who was shot  down in Vietnam…His arms were broken in the ejection fall from his aircraft ..His father John Mc Cain Sr. was a current serving Big Time U.S.Navy Admiral  and because of that fact The North Vietnamese were willing him release him and  return him  home to the U.S.
However John Mc Cain wanted no special treatment that wasn’t accorded any other POW and declined the offer and stayed on as a POW..His  arms were never tended to properly and it never healed right leaving  him limited  motion from that point on.   As a POW he lived in what became to be known as “The Hanoi Hilton” …his accommodations remain among the most deplorable conditions you ever saw ..POW “s were often crated like dogs.
Any Former military  Service is by no means any special  qualification to fill an elected  government office.  What I’m trying to convey is today it means  a barometer of how any candidate will perform once elected. So after 50 years of no military draft  being a Veteran when running for office no longer seems to have any value  at the Ballot box..and  We find that both pathetic and shameful./end
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Israel Should Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office In Favor of A Board of Rabbi System

   The Sephardi Chief Rabbi (Yitzhak Yosef)     The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi (David Lau)

   Listen Israel  must scrape the current Chief Rabbinate’s Office in favor of a Board of Rabbi System. The current Chief Rabbinate s Authority is part and parcel to making it possible to rip apart the very fabric of Jewish life. No group of Jews is either the barometer of what’s acceptable or more entitled to more  or exclusive  privileges among other Jews.
No Stream of Judaism is the final word on Jewish practice today.”Having said that We will  automatically disqualify Messianic Judaism (Jews for Jesus) from any form of  acceptance in the Jewish community as We do not consider it any Stream of Judaism but a cleverly packaged way of converting Jews to Christianity
The Israeli  parliamentary system has to bear some brunt of the blame too.These small religious parties are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. They have the major parties by the short hairs..What got to be done is for both major Israeli  political parties to shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.
Let me tell all in Israel the facts of life..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t serve in the IDF and put their  life on the line..they perform a valuable service to Israel  non the less..Without the American Jewish voter casting their most  valuable vote for pro Israeli Candidates in  America..Does anyone in think for one second that Israel would get any foreign aid package from  Uncle Sam?
So do not Alienate any stream of  American Judaism at the Kotel (Western Wall)  or have place restrictions on them that Haredi Jews don’t have to adhere too.With the large influx of Muslim Immigration coming to American shores in a few years these people will vote and there may never be pro-Israel politician elected again..Like I once said if they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballot box..Bottom line  drop The Chief Rabbinate Office for a Rotation  system of the Board of Rabbis./end
Chasidim and Orthodox are Not The Barometer … – The Lerman Report/

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Here is the Chief Rabbinate’s ‘blacklist’ of American rabbis | Jewish ./
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Are All These Tests That Your Doctor Order Bogus?

Good Lovin the Rascals)

I know of many people that were sick with ailments which  forever remained a mystery and their sickness went undiagnosed and eventually they died. My  father was one of those such patients. His physician ran every test known to mankind..A complete Blood spectrum, An MRI,a Catscan, a Chest XRay, a Bronchostmy,a Colonoscopy you name it he had it.It was beyond inconclusive…It showed absolutely no abnormalities and in just 6  short weeks after loosing 65lbs he died. My dog suffered too, I always brought her in for 2 checkups a year which included a complete blood work up..she died prematurely from enlarged  organs…A specialty Vet that I took her to in order further to evaluate her condition and possibly save her life told me that her condition was preventable and her  treating Vet  most properly never looked at the blood work up because it would have showed her condition years ago.
Either all these Cat Scan and MRI machines are in need of recalibration,or operater error and  perhaps the test results are misinterpreted. However what may be criminal negligence if your Health Care providers  never laid eyed on these tests but merely putting them in their desk  unread..Same thing happens to a lot of people this is a very common occurrence..
It a shame we all pay through the nose for medical care in this country and this crap continues to go on unabated..Bottom line people are dying for nothing and it most likely could have been  private

Israel Must Quell Any Violence Stemming From The Temple Mount Area ..

You know what? You can not operate a nation or negotiate a contract if the implied threat is “If you don’t do it our way then we will riot or do mayhem”. What that is paramount to is that you have zero % input but 100% capitulationThere is not a single corporation, nation or a municipality on Earth that can ever let that happen..its beyond anarchy. Israel must set straight all these Agitators, Instigators,Rabble Rousers right now & the Hell with World Objections..Israel you can no longer tip toe on keeping the peace concerning violence stemming from Temple Mount Area. No policy or contingency plan should ever be determined on a threat whether real or implied.  Israel if you intend on keeping  a country  of your own you must maintain peace and order on your terms and your terms only. Like we mentioned  before that means you must exert 100% % Input and  0% Capitulation no ands ifs or buts…Keep this in mind  it’s your country.All this could and should have been Avoided Had After the 6 day War With An Absolute  Victory Over 5 Invading Arab Armies Had The Golda Meir Government Not Handed Over The Administration of Temple Mount over The Waqf.To late Now

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Summer Oylmpic Slated For L.A. In 2024..We Don’t Need It..Have It Someplace Else..

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  So a deal was made for Los Angeles to host 2024 Summer Olympics Games..It’s a long way off between now and then for them to change their  mind.
It’s a Security Nightmare  its a Traffic Nightmare and the local  Brick and Motor shops will be loosing business left and right due to the massive tragic increase. Who’s  going to profit? The construction outfits who will win those  most  sort after lucrative  building  contracts that’s who…nobody else.  The California Hi -way  system is much to much conjested right now to handle  any more traffic. The citizens of Los Angeles cry out Find some other Place to hold your events. Its just not in The General public interest to hold the Games here so do us all a favor and find a different locality may I suggest Guam. We don’t need that honor….Hold it anywhere but not here..

Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In Favor Of Terrorists And Murderers …

Jews and Israel are being scapegoated  to pacify terrorists. Where has the World’s Moral  Compass gone? From the U.N.to the E.U. and right up to the American College campus ‘s you can hear the Anti Jewish Venom being spewed. The BDS movement has been given a permanent seat of acceptance among  the political left and Anti Semitic propaganda is now making head way right up to the top rung of ladder in the Democratic Party itself. It has become open season to crap on Jews and Israel.
At one time even the most ardent hard-core Bigot or Jew hating Public figure whether it be a politician or celebrity would sniffle themselves holding their  tongue  publicly and leave the hate rhetoric at home behind closed doors. Today the  Jew haters have absolutely no compunction  to hide their bigotry and publicly and wear it like a badge of honor..

We guess the murdering  of innocent families while they lie sleeping by terrorists that entered  through tunnels is ok.
We  never thought  horror such as the like putting on a Suicide vest to the shooting committed in a kindergarten class or the heinous butchering of  families while they sit and have their  Sabbath Dinner all the way to the Random stabbings of unsuspecting Israeli Citizens would find acceptabily &  pass muster among the new liberal left.
Finally let’s not forget the slain Israeli  Olympic Athletes who were not even given a moment of silence after being killed  at the Olympic  Games and now the next Prime Minister of The United Kingdom “Jeremy Corbin” has visited the graves of those very Olympic Terrorist Graves and paid homage to them.You can’t make this stuff up. It defies  logic and all sense of  decency from every and all backgrounds. All of this now get a bye.
When terrorism reared its ugly heading France and Belgium every world leader marched in unison with the E.U. Nations. We were sickened and appalled when We witnessed P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas was  given place a honor allowing him to walk arm in arm among the World Leader’s at that  solidarity March. He should have been excluded right from the get go since he pays dividends to Terrorists that murder Jews and also names Streets after them. What a Hypocrite this guy is and does it with his head held high and not lacking any shame. Today bigots mask their deep-seated Jewish Hatred under the veil of Palestinian  rights ..They fool no one.We always say that decent people of all background will see right though their charade.
Still Champion These Murders?  Take A Look At the Reality Posted Below…
* Warning Contains Graphic Pictures 
 The grisly scene of the Halamish terror attack – Arab-Israeli



Melania Trump Passed on Wearing Hijab…So What Get Over It.


Hosni Mubarak At Yitzak Rabins Funeral Wearing No Yamaka


First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Wearing Hajib..Melania trump No Hajab

  Melania Trump Passes on wearing the Traditional Muslim head covering for Woman “The Hajab”a Babushka type  woman’s scarf on her recent trip to Saudi Arabia… You know What? We seem to recall at the Late Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral there were a few Arab heads of State and not one chose to put on a yamaka.  It is customary when a male enters either a Synagogue or a Jewish Cemetery to cover his head  it is a requirement whether they be Jewish or not..This a major Jewish rule. So Melania forgoes the traditional Muslim Woman’s head-dress.  You know What?  Respect is a two-way Street a Double Edged Sword …If you want respect then show some respect..Whats good for the Goose is good for the Ganda.You know what else? Had Rabins funeral been today..It whould have played out in the exact same manner.



The Truth About “You Tubes” Going Viral…

First of all no You Tubes actually receive those large amount hits from viewers.. In Reality it just doesn’t happen.
Example: Did you ever Did you ever wonder how someone who videos a clip of their Dog doing what they feel is cute & show worthy gets massive amount of hits in a relatively short matter of time? ..How does the Okie from Muskogee find out about your dogs cute stunt in a matter of minutes after it get posted?  As the exspression is said today “It goes Viral ! If you believe  that  all those hits are legit then We got  a Bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you.
First of all even if viewers type certain keywords in exactly how would they know about your cute clip of your Dog? Answer: It can’t happen.. We spoke to a few Webmasters and they inform me that most of you tubes are merely a vehicle for new small independent producers to showcase their work ..a calling card so to speak. There is not one You Tube clip  that can ever achieve those high volume of hits ever unless the You Tube viewer saw or heard someone or  something which was the lead story on the 6 oclock news ..It can’t happen period.  Acording to reliable sourses what is employed is a “BOT”(Robot) that keeps starting and  racking up hits ..Then they say wow look we went VIRAL! .. .I say  Don’t Pee on My Back and he me Its raining, in other words “Don’t Bullshit a Bullshiter”
In a gambling casino the tip off when the house suspects a player is cheating is simply  by the very large amount of  table wins. They know  right  away that somethings not Kosher .The Cheaters just can’t walk away with a decent amount money they must make pigs out of themselves.  What these You Tubers are doing is merely pumping up their clip just like an unqualified Shmuck does to inflate his or  her own worth up on  resume in order to impress the interviewer at Human Resources  It’s phoney, it reaks of Bullshit  so please don’t fall for those falsely  inflated numbers..Truth is it can never happen..

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