NRA Lobby Money Seems More Important Than The Publics Saftey

     At the conclusion of this post we will be supplying everyone with a list of which members of Congress and the Senate  that have been in receipt NRA Lobby Money.

These tragedy’s that we are witnessing  much to often at both  Schools and Public Paces are only compounded by our Politicians utter greed in filling their campaign war chests with cash.This most despicable practice of accepting NRA Lobby Money extends across both sides of the Isle.When it comes to taking NRA money many Democrats and Republicans are in  total agreement .Congress is now in full”Damage Control Mode” and are  looking for a  way to push any culpability away from them and find a scapegoat so to speak.
They found one.. They are now actively blaming Mental Illness and attempting to walk away with their hands clean and remain un scathed.
Make no mistake about it ..Yes only an Extremely Deranged Crazy Individual does something like this  Mass Murderings that we are witnessing way too often. Yet as we are seeing more and more of these massacres take place The NRA continues to quote their Trademark  Sound Bite”Guns Don’t Kill People Kill People Kill”
However they always  omit to mention the fact that all of these acts are being done strictly with both Guns & Automatic Assault Rifles & not with the killers bare hands alone.We want to stress this point…How many people would not have met their doom in a movie theater or a school had the maniac had only  used his fists.While we are not laying blame on just only one Political Party we will say this… Obama was POTUS for 8 years and enjoyed a full Democrat Party majority in the house and nothing was done.
Lets us tell everyone the Facts of Life..So listen up..If you’re hoping for change don’t hold you breath.. We would be willing to bet our bottom dollar that it will be business as usual between those in Congress and the NRA.
While reporting the news remains important The Press Corps must be become more prudent and show less off this horrific coverage.Ever Watch Baseball Game on T.V.? There is always some clown that loves to jump the fence &  run on the field during game time…The camera crews are specifically instructed not to train their camera’ s on that Shumuck running on the field so as not create copycats and  encourage others to do the same.
There is a thin line between reporting the news and just sensationalize it on order to  sell more Newspappers….Sad to say that line has now been blured..We have complied a short list of those politician who are taking NRA lobby money.
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American Voters Say No To Modern Day Carpetbaggers.


America’s foundation of Democracy   was created on voting for your local or Statewide fellow citizen.
How many of us who are old enough and who hail from N.Y. State  remember when Bobby Kennedy ran for the U.S.Senete Seat against James Buckley. Kennedy Parachuted in from Massachusetts to run for  the N.Y Senete Seat.Buckley’s campaign commercials said that if Bobby Kennedy could vote in this election he’d  vote for Buckley. Hillary Clinton also did the exact  same thing mentioned above.Why did Neda Loewy who was poised  to run for the N.Y. Senate step aside and make way for Hillary Clinton to run?What if anything  was done in order  to persuade Loewy  to give up the dream of  becoming a U.S Senator?
Now Massachusetts resident  Romney just Parachuted into  want s to run into Utah and tossed his hat in the ring to run for Senator for retiring Oren  Hatch’s Senate seat.
This parachuting into a state or municipality in order to run for political office is not what America is all about .It flies the  face of our electorial system.
We urge everyone from Utah to vote for their native son or daughter and send Romney packing  back to Massachusetts

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If The Law Concerning The Sale Of Medical Marijuana Just Passed ..Then How Come It’s Available Right Away?

      How did all these Marijuana growers  get away with growing their stock before the Law was passed?   Marijuana has  now become available along with all strains of growth in great supply in every state where the laws were changed..
We are talking about hundreds of different varieties instantly available along with brand names and pet names for each strain.How was all this growing  allowed while it was still pending legislation? Keep in mind that it took several months to grow process this crop.They apparenty were in violation of the law right from the get go when they planted the very first seed..
It”s beyond the government looking the other way with wink and a nod. Who and where are these Pot growers from?…  If it was done secretly in basement then the high electric bills from bills from ultra violet lights would have set up a red flag.


However it appears this present for sale stock was either grown in the open in fields and green house in plain view for all to see. It’s all local grown.If by any chance that you’re wondering perhaps it was not grown locally but imported where it didn’t have to pass muster in keeping within the parameters of our laws…The answer is NO it’s all domesticity grown Weed.All though there is grey area if it was shipped in from states where the Laws  effecting Marijuana were passed before.
We are not here to pass judgement on the wisdom  of Smoking Pot or to take a stand siding either with the Pro’s or Con’s of Legalizing Pot..However we remain  baffled as who allowed this occur.
The Marijuana stores almost seem to open up instantly by passing any governmental restrictions such as visits from the Board of Health ,Weights and Measures,U.S.D.A..or Building code Inforcement.Perhaps not in all jurisdictions ..but it ‘s happening in many Municipalities across the country. We are scratching our heads in puzzlement at all his instant Sale of Pot right after any favorable legislation and find it all suspect…What about you?
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