Those Outfits Running Search Engines Are Scrubbing Facts Not In Line With Their Political Or Religious Beliefs.



For legal purposes I shall omit the actually names of any search engines and all other entities guilty of this practice.
Search Engines are scrubbing Data from search engines just because they don’t fall in line with a particular Political Agenda or  Religious Theology that they subscribe to.
We all are aware that International map  makers and Encyclopedias always have a specific Political Agenda..Let me tell you more in detail …. I was Looking to purchase an Encycopedia..When turned to “Jews “It said the people of Ancient Israel not to be confused with present day Jews who are just a social economic group that tends to marry among themselves “Jews were both insulted & dismissed in one sentence.
While still reading the same encyclopedia I then turned to “Greek”  It read a bold proud people of antiquity and went on to 30 pages of recitation.Very political and insulting from a Jewish perspective. I’ve personally attempted to look up on search engine a well know story that was written in the late Moshe Dyans autobiography where Dyan claimed that as visiting Israeli foreign Minister Vice President  Walter Mondale slapped him across his face in the oval office..Now I had  personally read in Dyans book years ago concerning that alleged incident and I know whether true or false that storyline existed in print. I searched  far and wide…it was scrubbed clean. Now it comes to the attention to The Editorial Staff at The Lerman Report that more historical facts are being scrubbed concerning Jewish History and  are being replacing it with false Revisionist Historical data  from Arabs and other Jewish adverceies.Why? Hatred? Money being passed under the table who’s to actually say ..but we know its  not right…This is the highest form of fake news.The shame of  the matter is everyone today knows it’s bullshit but sad to say that generations born in a few years might take it for fact..

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