Don’t Like Trump? Do Not Look To Overturn Trumps Election Results..


    Democrats and people on the left want to attempt to overturn the Presidential election results.
      If  the election results get overturned that it will be the end of Democracy as we know it.  A precedent will be set allowing overturning election results… Do not go down that route..If Trump  is found to have committed any malfeasance or anything illegal than Impeach him then indict him and then Jail him ..Just as it would be done with any corrupt office holder. But to overturn an Election?
We are even hearing disgruntled voices yelling for a Military Coupe and a lot of this subversive talk is coming from well-known “A” List Celebrities no less..No active duty General is going to risk his enormous  Pension and the thought of spending his Golden Years in Levenworth..Anyone who cherishes  the thought of living in  nation where there are no elections and have Military Rule..Then We have good news for you..We hear that there are many homes available in North Korea and Cuba.We’d like to remind Everybody that We are not some Rinky Dink Banana Republic this is the U.S.A. & we live by the Election Results whether we like the outcome or not.


Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C.

***For Nassau County Residents and visitors.READ ON
File:Seal of Nassau County, New York.svg
…Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C. The  Dinning public has a right to know who has a Roach or Rodent problem..who’s back room and kitchen has the mice droppings etc ..etc..etc.We heard that although there will this code system .the rating cards will not be displayed in the resturants window as N.Y.C. law requires. Why ?We want the rating cards displayed just like it is in N.Y.C. resturants less..write your county executive today and let them know how you feel.

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Whatever Happened To Decent Toppings On Ice Cream Sundaes?



Whatever happened to the good old fashioned Ice Cream Toppings ? In it’s place is stuff that has absolutely no business whatsoever ever being in any sort of either Ice Cream Parlor or Frozen Yogurt Eatery. I find the nuevel toppings not only ridiculous but not appetizing in the least. Gone are the Wet Walnuts,The Deluxe Sweetened Pineapple Topping,The Hot Fudge ,The Hot Butterscotch and a Cornucopia of  other Toppings  that went to the wayside along with other great food of the past. We most likely will never see them again if they are available they most proberly be of an inferior quality at best ..Here is sample listing of the crap  that took their place being pawned on us today…You be the Judge…

  • Fresh Fruit. ..
  • M&M’S….
  •  Broken up Cookies.
  • Gummy Bears …
  • Cookie Dough
  • Broken up Candy Bars
  • Flack seed

Today’s Obsession With Shampoo…

Typical Shampoo Isle in Todays Drug Store

Hair” by the Cowsills/
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   I never saw many  different  brands of shampoo in my life..When I was growing up  in the 1950’s we had only  3 Brands Prell, Breck and Johnson’s Baby shampoo and that’s it . Most people used a bar of soap and that was good enough..Fast forward around  15 years Head and Shoulders hit the market they saturated the airwaves promoting  their Dandruff  Shampoo . Today you have not only have to buy the  shampoo but a bottle  conditioner as well. The difference between  Shampoo and soap is that there is actually detergent in today’s Shampoo not unlike what you do your laundry with. However in ever bottle of shampoo there  are trace amounts of conditioner otherwise  it would be no different from washing your hair using a box of Tide. I say all this Shampoo is  nothing but frivolous. You can clean your hair with your bath soap and you’ll  get the same results..Instead of spending your hard-earned money on  an expensive bottle of shampoo bring your money right over  to your toilet bowl and flush…It’s easier..bottom line either way line which ever one you choose to do… ..your just throwing  your money down

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