Competitive Eating ,My Story by Don Lerman( installment #3)


Perry Como – Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)

   After winning the Ben’s  Deli Matzoh Ball Contest I decided to branch out to other food groups “The Nathans Hot dog Contest”
At that moment the sport of competitive Eating was born. Until that time the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contrstsnt stood in their arena and didn’t venture out to other food eating events. The  same went for Matzah Ball crowd as they  did the same concerning the Matzoh balls. I changed all that… As a champion in one field I took a giant step into the Nathans arena ..yes there was always contests but not  a sport.
 I  went down to my local Nathans and said That I want to be a part of the 4th of July  Hot Dog contest .I spoke to the Manager  who said this is the number that you should call ”Shea Communications”.  I called and  Rich Shea  answered the phone.I told him who I was ”The Matzoh Ball Champ” and I want in on the Hot Dog Contest ..His reply is just wait till I tell my brother George he wont believe it! I asked what locals can I go to he told me that the contest will start in 2 weeks at the Ducks and Belmont…I said OK!’ this was around late May.
The next day Rich called me back and asked if I can do him a favor and go to the Coney Island promo and I thought it was big honor to be asked to attend. I had yet to qualify but I attended The Coney Island Promo anyway. I couldn’t help to wonder why  Rich Shea would  to ask me to do him this favor since I never met him before nor have I ever entered any Nathan’s contest  before in my entire life.  
I looked around and spotted the biggest  & Heaviest  eater and w up to him and asked for some scoop on the  contest..I later found out it was Charles Hardy. I also met Leon Fiengold that day.During the promo it was a  5 hot dog eating contest  (The first person to eat their 5 Hot Dogs  is the winner).Everyone seemed to have water and was dunking but I didn’t get any water. I was determined to keep up if not beat Hardy ..We tied. As I left my Nephew says to Hardy see you on the fourth and I departed.
I found out a later from an anonymous E-Mailer that if had I not gone to this promo  That I could have gone to the Carnegie Deli Pickle contest and competed. From that point on I now no  longer viewed my going to the Coney Island Promo that day as an honor. I  must had a sign Scotched taped to my forehead that read “Shmuck”.
In any event I’m glad that my then future friend Kevin Lipsitz won the Pickle contest that day .
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Competitive Eating , My Story by Don Lerman( installment #2)



         When I won the matzoh  ball contest there was a sea of reporters maybe  a 100 to say the least , it was over whelming. for the next month and  a half I didn’t leave my house as I was doing radio interviews for Ben’s Deli for  the to view!

I saw my local newspaper Newsday ran a story  about the  upcoming 2001 Matzah Ball contest  it mentioned Charles Hardy who has yet to go to a qualifier  and the former defeated champ Russel Macover  was interviewed and the focus of the article…. I saw RED as I was  the champ Not Macover …I  immediately called Hawlleis office  to voice my displeasure,    Hawelli gets on the phone YELLING , you f-n ingrate  what I did for you , I fired back Steve you did nothing  for me you did everything for Ronnie (Ronnie Dragoon  Bens Owner) not me  and I  did this public service interviews  for no pay or compensation out of the goodness of my heart,  He then said take  your matzoh Ball trophy  and put it in your F-n  matzoh ball pipe and  smoke it the rest of the conversation would make a sailor blush so for the sake of decency , Ill omit it from this article.
The next morning I was in Bens  for  a shoot with Larry Hoff. I told Ronnie I will not be spoken to in this fashion and if I don’t get an apology Toot Sweet from Hawelli , I’m walking and that I wont defend my title .  After the big Bens Meeting with all the suits Hawelli and Ronnie emerge  Haweli says here is the photo of you and mayor Giuliani and  as a Bonus I’m going to get you an interview won the Curtis Slywa radio show. I was sick all week with 103 fever and influenza & to make matters worse I fell getting off the Railroad and broke my left index finger (my eating hand)
 The first thing out of Curtis’ mouth was “Whe’re going to have  Black champ the Jews are finished , no more  sons of Moses” . I was  stunned I never thought of Myself as The white or the Jewish champ , I was the peoples champ for all the people.  I was deeply hurt that he  had injected Race into the contest ,and mind you this was seconds before the contest was to begin.I would only speculate that  at that big meeting with all the suits it was decided to make it from contest mostly made up of Jews to open it up so to speak to every one ,  Guess what  no one was ever turned  away before 2001 based on ethic or racial or religious background  so why the move  and  insult me and the Jewish people? Ronnie should be ashamed  for himself for letting this happen ..Next MY branching out to other food s entering the Nathans contest and creating the sport of competitive  eating.. in instalement #3

Competitive Eating , My Story by Don Lerman( installment # 1)


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 \ Matzo Man

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In Jan. of 1998 I met Allan Schwartz an interfaith nutrition network volunteer he had urged me to enter the Ben’s Matzo Ball contest. Allan had known me when I was 289lbs and saw the transformation to a svelte and muscular 142lbs, It didn’t interest me .Again the next year he nudged me to enter still no interest. In late 1999 my nephew said look / all your life your bragging how great an eater you were , show me what you can do put up or shut up. I went to the Bens express in Huntington mall , there I met Kevin Lipsitz and his then future wife Lorraine for the first time . there were many heats as the stage only accommodated 4 people at a time . the first heat my nephew was in with a Steve “‘the Matzo man “”Morrison who ate a whopping 10 to take on an early lead. My group went next , I never competed before I stumbled in the beginning on my third Matzo ball, got my composer back and continued on , I remember so one yelling from the crowd look he’s like a machine , then someones creamed from the crowd ”he’s an animal” as I went past the second bowl of 5on to uncharted territory of 12 matzo balls in 2 minutes 25 seconds. I went on to the finals having only 3hrs of sleep in 48 hrs to win with a world record of 12 in 5min 25 sec. Then Mayor Rudy Giuliani presented me with the 1st place trophy it was the greatest moment of my life…Next being crapped on by Public relation firm hired by Bens Deli
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Stay Away From Jones Beach This Season


Poison Ivy   – CLICK OPEN  LINK IN NEW TAB TO HEAR                 I just returned from a concert at Jones Beach,Mary Lamont, she preformed excelent as always, however the Gnats  , Mosquitoes and frogs  were all over  the place , a major distraction and annoyance,

During the day they charge you $10 a car for a poison Ivory, infested  Filthy beach, The Men’s toilet was filthy as usual, urine on the floor , urinals and commodes not flushed  loaded with feces, . And again for the 2nd year in a  row no Fireworks show . The entrances and exits leading to the parkways are not lit up  , making it very dangerous at night, I know I never felt more uncomfortable riding on  a parkway in all my 40 plus years behind the wheel.

where is our tax dollar going . upstate , to maintain parks in their localities , who knows but Long Island pays the lion share of the states taxes sand we get Squat. Boycott Jones beach, The concession Stand  is priced as if your going into   Yankee stadium    and did  I mention   the ocean is dirty, the U.s Army Corps of Engineers should clean up the water . it looks like someone if i may express my self in Yiddish     ”Gay Cocken Ofen Yom” Translation = someone shit in the ocean. stay away this  season and show  your  displeasure with the beach …end


What Technology is Uncle Sam Sitting On?

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      If  you still don’t have  a Computer or Cell   Phone , and I  know many  who don’t have either  as of yet, Then Your living in the 1960’s, wake up and smell the Technology,  I had a Doctor who was in the Artillery in Viet  Nam 1965, He went on to tell me that they had T.V. Monitors in the field  , satellite equipped that could pinpoint enemy troops , I mean this was 1965, I remember President Carter  saying that at Camp David, that they have  a room that will show  via satellite that will show  a clear picture sidewalk level at any location in The world , what year you ask ? 1976.  What would you rather do without for a week , your T,V, set or Your Cell phone .Of the people we polled , nearly  all said that they would   rather have their Cell Phone.Look at the GPS amazing that it can be   set up in any car. 
    Just what is the government sitting on a cure for Cancer and  other diseases, perhaps Sitting on that for  a fear of   over population ? seeing through walls without cameras?talk about paranoid. time travel , being put in a state of flux? stick around if your alive in 30 years you’ll find out  .

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Support Congressman Peter King

      t1larg.peter.king.cnn    Peter King (RN.Y.), The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is

doing a first rate  job at his comitte , dealing with Islamic extremism.Don’t let him go out on a limb alone , support Peter King In his quest to find out whats going on in the U.S.A , concerning Muslem extremism


Attention All Readership Of The Competitive Eating Corner

 ‘We at  The Lerman Report  have decided to remove “The  Competitive     Eating   Corner” And replace it  with the Miscellaneous Page which will Have local N.Y. and Long Island News as well as any  category not pertaining to World News desk, Jewish News orJewish Humor.We did this as a lack of interest in Competitive eating from myself and the pubic  at large . I have walked away a winner after winning my last contest at Duke’s Restaurant    and having done that, I no longer wish to focus on competitive eating anymore. I would like to say that I have no interest whatsoever   in any contest today and having said that will be  shutting down this page ,  I wish to thank everyone  of my loyal readership for their support. 

BY weeks end the new title should be up …. Don Lerman, Blog Administrator


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Exiting the competitive eating arena  a winner


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