Reparations Will Further Destroy An Already Fractured American Society

Most if not all the Democratic Party feld if not all are promising black Americans reperations for slavery as part of both their campaign pledge & party’s platform.
All this “reparations”are is nothing but a big pandering ploy at campaign time.. nothing’ll never happen and each and every politician proposing it knows it all to well.
It will rip the nation apart.What person of color would not want a big pay out?
It’ll never pass muster in the Senate and from non African American’s both whites  & everyone else.
Rioting  most likely  will occur from both sides.
The best solution and compromise is to have a Marshall type plan for inner cities put into effect.
Reparations for slavery will never see  the light of day from Congress right to the populate..So we urge those on the campaign trail not to to promise what you can’t deliver and what your doing will  rip apart the nation.

Jews demand Eygpt Pay them reparations for building the below.


lerman (1)

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