It’s A Shame The Way Trump Is Still Being Tarred And Feathered Out Of History

It’s A Shame The Way Trump Is Still Being Treated. He Is Being Made Out To Be A Piraha The Same As An OJ Simpson.This Should Not Be Occuring. Biden Is Signing So Many Executive Orders That Even Evelyn Wood Couldn’t Keep Up With Him.
A Leper Gets A Better Welcome Then Former President Trump Is Getting. As More And More Brown Noses Distance Themselves From President Donald Trump.It Seems That The Major Networks Are Giving Him The Blackout Treatment Mirroring The Policy Of Facebook And Twitter.Trump Can No Longer Tell His Side Of Story.
That’s Un-American.Every Day The Press Gets Closer To Being Partner With The Goverment Rather Than A Watchdog.
Time Will Tell If Trumps Ideas Were Folly Or Genius We Are Now  Under Biden Trading A  Wall For A Revolving Turnstile At Our Southern Border.America  Will Now Give Basically Instant Citizenship To Anyone Making Their Way Into America.
Is It From The Bleeding Hearts Of Democrat Party Faithful? WE Doubt That It’s Just A Ploy For Them To Aquire A Permanent Class Of People Indebted To Then At The Polls By Giving Away The Store With A Cornapopia Of Frebies.
If A Rich Man Of The Caliiber Of A Donald Trump Can Be Craped On In This Matter..Then What Chance Does The Average Joe Or Jane Have To Become President Of The United.States..Answer..None.
Yes There Are Some Exstream Right Wing Groups..But That Is Not What The Mainstream Trump Devotees Are Aligned With.Just Like Kirk Douglas In Spartacus When The Authorities Where Looking To Cruicfy Him..His Supporters  Stood Up.Every Body Who Believes That He Got  The Shaft Should Stand Up Say 

                  “I’M DONALD TRUMP”

It’s Most Disrespectful That He Has To Leave In This Manner.Think About What We Just Said.
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Debunking The Myth That All Jews Are Doctors And Lawyers And Are Rich

 Jewish Pretzel Lady Looks Like A Rich Woman? Or Perhaps She Has “White Priveldge

  Let me start this post by  saying that no one in America ever has to apologize for success.Having said that if I heard it once I’ve heard it  thousand times. People  look at him he’s a rich Jew. Lets say for moment that he was a rich Jew..That expression imply’s that he shouldn’t have success.I will also say this that not all Jews are succesful or rich.We are like every other  ethnic group someone some doing well and some rich.Once again the tag a “Rich…….Never is used except when referring to Jews.


I personally grew up in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s in N.Y.C..Although we didn’t live in some slum out an old movie never the less my family was poor  low-income not middle class by a long shot. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment for about a good dozen years and graduated to 2 bedroom apt , when some other poor soul moved away or died in our old apartment building.
My parents biggest Dreams was to get in a city housing projects.Most of my extended family was living there already or in other low-cost apartments, We weren’t home owners or even college educated .
Let me share this tidbit of a story When I was in the Marines.I was a patient at Buford Naval Hospital.A Navy corpsmen would drive me to religious services said listen buddy I mean no offence but I was under the impression that all jews are rich and have horns.(This is because Michael Angelo sainted Moses with horns This was a mis- interpretation of  The Hebrew-Cannanite written language.. Hebrew being one if  first written alphabets doing so  originally they there were no symbols for vowels.Having said that the word Karin meant light but Karen meant horns) I told him that I  had mine surgical removed before joining the Marines &  sold it for $10,000. I also told him that my father had two giant horns and pawned them for $20,000 and they keep growing back and he keeps removing them and selling them that’s why were rich..After I said that he knew I was putting him on.   .         While On Active Duty In The Marines 1966
*That  misinterpretation is now an accepted by Christian theologians as a mis pronouncing of a vowel and  that Moses had a beam of light shinning from his head & did not have horns.


I was all grown up and out of the service when my parents put together enough for a house of their own. We were like the Beverly Hillbillies moving into the neighborhood & not the original owners who were of my ethnic group for the most part and were to ritzy to associate with us.The men in the neighborhood all had good jobs & were college educated and the women didn’t work they stayed home and ate Bon Bon’s all day.  Both my parents worked my father worked in a shoe factory as a skiver most of his life, My mother found luck late in life and secured good job as a mortgage possessor enabling us to have house at last.Eventually become a vice-president and underwriter at a leading mortgage company. In my day no lower-income Jew or white went on to college for the most part Vietnam changed that forever.
All my relatives went into the service and for the most part worked low-level blue-collar jobs, when I moved to the suburbs I was the only Jew working in the warehouse.

My Job As A Narrow Isle Fork Lift Operater

It wasn’t fun and was never really accepted by my fellow workers as own of the guys at work.I put all My savings and went to work for myself as a day old bread store operator.
When I hear the whispers that all Jews Are rich It make my blood boil. There was and are many Jewish families struggling today who just don’t fit that stereotype.

   My Day Old Bread Store 1976

I will end with this thought while many Ethnic  groups have found the good life in the American Dream .. ..Only Jews  have to make excuses  if they ever have financial success as if they did something  wrong.
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Dems Say Violence in Oregon Ok Because It Occured At Night




l Let Us Start  Let Us Start by saying that Merrick Garland Nominee For Attorney General said It first that the Violence in Oregon Ok Because It Occured At Night.That’s utterly the most outrageous statement that ever heard.Thats Akin to saying that a senseless killing on the lower East side..a man was murdered for a mere $2 found in his wallet ..While Uptown a murder occured and the robbers took$10,000 from the victim

Violence is Violence  At Daytime or at Nighttime.What they’re Implying is that those rioters we’re merely protesters because it was done at night..Whould they use this same logic if their Own Property was burned and looted like all those retail stores


Yes this particular capital  building was at daytime  but not once in any media outlet when President Trump was blamed for the mob violence at the Capital Building did they preface it with the term “ALLEDGED” 


Those responsible for  Burning And Looting  our cities and harassment of diners may never be brought to justice but Mayors And Governors who let this occur unabated  and gave Carte Blanche To Rioters must be brought onto the carpet and pay the piper
We heard quite a few Pundits and Ponifacators on news talk shows use that logic when they were guests on T.V.
Vilolance is Violence  whet it occurs daytime or nightime


Nothing Is Ever Done In Politics Without Rhyme And Reason ..There’s Always A Method Their Maddness..

       Whats Really Up Their Sleeve?


  Open Borders When There Are Virtually No Jobs Nationwide.By Doing So Will Be Relinquishing Our Sovereignty..Keep America Closed Down Creating A Third World Economy. Keep Schools Shut Down But Borders Can Be Open..And Open Up And Forgive Us If We Sound Insulting But Incoming  Immigration Are Coming From Nations With Poor Levels Of Hygine And Sanitation And we Are In A Pandemic.
Reinstate the Iranian Nuclear Deal Giving Iran A Fast Track To An Atom Bomb.Keep Schools Closed And By Doing So Basically Ruining Any  Hopes For Any Higher Education .So We Ask what are the Governments true motivation..To Destroy our economy and Inferstructure? To Create A Situation rife for  International  Globists to Pull their Tanks and Armies into Our Nation?
Like we said nothing is off-limits and ever done with out some sort of master plan  in the works
Let Us ExsplaIn What We Believe Is The Reason Behind the Madness..By Keeping Eveyting diving down our economy.. With No More level of prosperity it will  destroy the American Economy  making It no better than any 3rd World nation
Do not open up our Borders  creating an Open Border policy plus keeping  everything shut will quickly bring America into the realm of a true equal with any 3rd World Nation .
 It is a sure fire way to kill our economy and create a situation that it’ll never in in a thousand years.
Now American’s would have  no compunction whatever of moving any where Worldwide and no longer believing that they have the best nation in the world..Making it ripe for the Globists takeover over America.
No foreigner ever whould want to move to 3rd World America...All While The American Democrat Party members will  Be siting well above the fray and living a charmed life all while destroying the American Dream.  
Think About What We Just Said.
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What Does Global Climate Change And Covid Nine Teeeen Have In Common..Well Tell You..Stick Around

“Theory OF The Year”



  You Ask What Does Global Clinate Change And Covid 19 Have In Common?..We Believe In Our Heart of Hearts That The Various World Wide Goverments Have Their Foot Prints Formed In These Two Fiascos.
My Father Who Was An Talk Radio Devotee Told Me Something That I’ll Never Forget. He Went On In Great Detail How He Heard That The Goverment Is Exspirmenting  With Controling The Wheather. His Understanding Was That It Was To Be Used To Quell Riots And Aproaching Invading Armies Thus Creating An Uncomfortable Wheather Condotions
For The Life Of Me I Don’t Accually  Recall Where Or When He Heard About It..Maybe I Did But I Took His Story Just A Current Bluster Or Every Day Chatter And Didn’t Believe That It Had Any Merit  At That Time And I Didn’t Bother Writing Any Of It Down. 
We At The Lerman Report In A Previous Post Went On In Great Detail On How China Owns Us Lock Stockman Barrel  First It Was Global Warming Not All Of A Sudden Scientist ls World-Wide Made A Mistake And Changed It And Said Its Accually  Climate Change.



This Climate Change Aling With The Coronavirus  Reeks Of Globist New World Order..Throw  In Open Borders .Throw  In No More Equally For All But Here In America Lay All Blame On The White Man.Have Massive Immigration At A Tine When America Is Exsprencing Record  Breaking Levels Of Unemployment.We Got To Conclude That Perhaps World Leaders Are Together In This Charade. After We Saw Former President Obama Tell Americans About This Over 8 Years Ago..Things That Make Say Hmmm.
We recall only last week.on the evening news that they had made mention of the Grid in Texas..all of a sudden certain areas in Texas around a particular perifery had snow and sub freezing temperatures of -20 below zero.Keep in mind those areas in Texas are Warm all year like South Florida.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gets on TV and instead giving them words of support chides them for not upgrading Electric Grid..(sort of blaming the victim) Hmm Grid goes on the blink in the area that the new was talking about a week ago? Perhaps we’re  mistaken but can’t that be  misconstrued of sorts of like of a veiled threat of I warned you so.l? Plus let us emphasize that only in certain areas that President will only give relief funds in Texas not the not the entire state..Sounds more like Controling the Weather pin pointing on certain areas doesn’t it?
Spring Break at Famed Daytona Beach Has Just A Wet Blanket Delivered By Mother Nature..Hail And Ice Storm..hmmm  Only Days Before Police Departments WercUp On Arms,From Their Downright Refusl To Wear Masks..Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore ‘Buried in ice!’: Hail storm rains down in Daytona Beach 

What International Globists Want Is One Race One Relgion World-Wide.Sounds Good But We’ll  Stick With The  Present Status Quo. Dont Tell Anyone Who They Must Marry Or What Faith That They Must Raise Their  Family  In..Thats Un American.  .In Closing We Remain Highky Skeptical  Of All This Climate Change ..Whats Your Take….


A Moritorium On all Immigration To The U.S.A

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The Big Lie That Uncle Sam Has Been Feeding Us Concerning China For The Past 70 Years..
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Will Capitulation to Fake Climate Change or Changes in American Politics Create Future Immigration From The U.S.A. To Another Country?
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As Americans We Must Fight & Resist The Globalists At All Costs…

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Mark Lamont Hill Is Jew Hater Of The Highest Order


A good friend of mine who is a prominent Psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct Professor in leading Ivy League school in Psychiatric studies once told me that when someone lashes out unprovoked against verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though We are in no way accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge.    
What we are Acousing him of is that Mark Lamont Hill In Our Estimation Is A Very Hateful Individual. He Is Involved In The Black Lives Matter Organization..Make No Mistake About It Believing That Black Lives Matter And Supporting BLM Organization Remains 2 Very SeparateThings.
While We Believe That Black Folks Have Been Delt A Grave Injustice Over The Ages ..We Will Continue To Speak Out At Every Juncture When We Find Anti Black Rhetoric Being Perpetrated  Throughout  The Nation..Mark Lamont Hill says that he wants to dismantle the Zionist Project..
What kind Of Person Looks To Champion Terrorists  over Their Victims?
For himTo make this sort of his new pet project is utterly disgraceful. What makes him a dangerous person is that he has the media’s ear
We Blame the  press for giving him air and print time..He should not be Accorded that luxury  to spew his vile Anti Semites Views cloaked  under the cover veil of Palestinian Rights .Make no mistake about it  He is niw part of the problem And not the solution to Black accending up the Rungs of the ladder to achieve the American Dream..
In closing we urge all Americans of All Backgrounds to avoided his message of hatred as he will only make matter worse for all..

Think About What We Just Said.

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Boycott All Items From China


Boycott All Items Manufactured..Assembled Grown Or Distributed From Red China.
Make No Mistake About It. China Is No Friend To The U.S…The West..The East The South..The North.Anywhere. They Are Out To InThe WorssOf Another Communist  Nikita Krushev”We Will Bury You”.

Took 4 Years For Our Navy Too Jockey Around With Our Marines And Go Island Hoping..To Capture The Pacifc Rim.. China  Has Built A Plethura Of Artificial Islands And Now Contolls The Pacic Ocean..

They Control The Entire Fish Farming Industry..Feeding That Fish Stock With Pug Dung..They Control All Sustainable Fish Sold At EBy Every Fish MongerThrougout America..The Frivpolous Crap Sold At All These Dollar $tores Right Up To All Those Bigh Tech Items That Everyone Needs And Uses Today..Uncle Same Is In Debt To Them In The Tune Of Billion$.
When We See Al Of Our Igor Politicians That Lining Up  As If There To To Once Again ..They Have Have To Have To Have A Conection Of Some Sort. And Are Basically  Looking To Curry Favor To Do Business There..You Better Believe It.
We All Praised Then Secretary Of State Henry Kissingrr Wirh His Majical Detonate..

Getting to Beijing: Henry Kissinger’s Secret 1971 Trip | US-China Institute
So In The Near Future We Will All Aware Of Any And All Financial Dealing In Which vHenery Kissingrer Was OartcAnd Parcial And If An Profiting Was Made Towards Him..
So How Many Remember The Anti Frezze In Toothpaste Imprted Crom American Companies That Had Their Products  Made In China?
Nowthe Knew This 40 Years Back That Nearly All Dog Food Comes From China..U.S.and International vDog Foid Outfit  Give China Their Receipes And China Cans It Lables  It All According To Dig Foid Companies Instuctions..Remember When We Had A Big Major Problem cWith Nearly  All Dog Cood From China?Thats Because  One Company Makes Nearly  90% Of American  Dog Foods..Just Like Our Coffee  Manor Food Companies  Never Touch Thier  Product..

Let Us Never Forger That China Has Labor

So Its Up To Everyone..oi oit Feed Into Their Econmomy..Avoid Dollar Marts If Your About To Take An MRI or Otger Big Test And  Sse The Name On The Machine That Your Medical Facility  And It Was Nade In China Then Insist On Taking It Elsewhere 
We Drew Up The Nafta Aggrement  To Thwart Chinese  Imports At The  Same Time Rebuild The Central American Economy. WOMEN Agreeded To HavingcGoods Trucked Across Our Border Duty Free. ..However  American  Movers And Shakers As Well As All Those In The Know American Importers Had An “In” Which Certain Big Wigs In China  Sooner Had Their Good Made There And,Pay The Tarif.
We  Are In  A Pandemic. dmDies Anyone A Accually Know What’s China  Is Capible Of?
..Are Pumping Out More Covid On A Daily Basis?
We All Must Do Our Fair Share And Little By Little  Avoid ..Buy And Eventually Boycott  All And All Goods Coming From China
Last But Not Least  China Maintains Slave Labor From Thier Northern Provences Mainly Muslims Population  The  Uyghurs. Please Stop Buying Tgeur Goods Many Are Prodced With Slave Labor. When We Se China President All Decked Out In Very Exspensive Finely Tailored 2 Peice Suit…So Costly That It Would  Make A Brooks Bros.Suit Rival One Bought At Robert HallHe Still Is Nothing But A Bum In A Suit.Nothing More.
HOW DOES CHINA INFLUENCE THE U.S. DOLLAR? – THE BALANCEImage result for hand pointing pictureI
LET’S FACE IT, CHINA RUNS U.S. MONETARY POLICY NOW – TIMEImage result for hand pointing picture
CHINA OWNS US DEBT, BUT HOW MUCH? | INVESTOPEDIAImage result for hand pointing picture
AMERICA OWES CHINA $1TN. THAT’S A PROBLEM FOR BEIJING, AND TRUMP …Image result for hand pointing picture



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Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye





Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye.

Ever Hear About The Fire At The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory. The Owner chained and Padlocked The Doors Shut So As Employees Don’t Skip Out With Merchadise While HeWent On His Lunch Hour. It Was Brutal Woman Jumped 6 Stories To Their Death Rather Than Be Burnt Alive..A True Tragedy.

However Those Days Are long Gone.Today Unless You Have AJob Where You Can Squeeze You’ll vowing up with Squat. Essentially Services..Police, Fire Dept, Santation,Truckers And I’ll Include The Transportation Industry(Airlines,Rails& Buses).

However TodayAll  Unions Do Little But Exstract Money From Your Pay Check..Its called Dues & Innitiation Fees.I Belonged AUnion In which For The Purpose Of This Post It Will Remain Nameless..

What I Whould Characterize As Crooked As They Come..We Had An Employee Association..We’d Rwnt A Small Conference Room At A Local Motel & Have Our Meetings..Well We Voted Unanimously  To Strike.

Many Mainstream Unions Approached US To Join UpvWith Thier Particular Union. We picked One Gave Us Breakfast Money And  A  $30 AWeek Strike Pay Stipend.

IF You Chose To Strike That Is Sort Of A Self Inflicted Injury  Hence The Unemployment Agency  Places A Penalty Of 2 Months Before You  Can Collect. 

Our Boss Sent Out Mailings To Every Employee..

“It’s Freezing Ouside Come Back To Work And Well Negotiate While Your In A Nice Warm Building “

Our Union Delagate Screamed Back” We’ll Return Only With a Signed Contract..Every Week For Months We Receive md The Same Letter From The Boss And With Each And Every One Of The Bosses Letters To Return And Negotiate At A Nice Warm Workplace.

Guess What The Day That We Were About  To Receive Our Unemployment With Concuring Our 2 Month Penalty The Business Agent Sends Us Back To Work Without A Contract. And He Sold Us Out Giving The Boss A SweetHeart Deal

I Will Take My Chances Without A Union Kissing The Bosses  Ass Or Work Extra  Hard To Get Ahead.Like My Grandfather  Used To Say “Hard Work And Earnest Effort Brings Success “

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.

American Culture Is All Due To Manipulation
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OPEN IN  NEW TAB TO HEAR  Human Ear Clip Art
American Culture Is All Due From Massive Bombardement Of Advertisements…New Euphemisms..Slang Words..Code Words…Different Emphasis and The Key Usage Of Cetain Words In our Daily Vocabulary. 
  Every 10 To12 Years  Americans Undergoes Masive Manipulation by Media As Well  As All Those New Hairstyles..New Hair Lengths and a brand new style of music.
Ever notice that if your a German or Russian or a Frenchman  or an Italian living in and growing up in your perspective Nations in Euroupe or any other continent that your culture.. clothing styles and Music is the basically the exact same as every generation before yours?
Your style or manner is no different than your grandparents.
Like we just made mention before America’s  generations changes drastically every 10 to 12 years.Those of the previous generation in America that don’t change and bow down to peer pressure from massive amounts of peer  pressure And commercial  bombardment  are labeled Old School..Squares or Nerds.
Those who grew up in the 1920’s are different than those who grew up in the 30s..40’s,50’s  60’s and so on get the picture?
In America the media manipulates not only our clothing style but the way we style including hair our hair length
While in Europe watch kids growing up listen to the same music as the grandparents did.
With a small exception today due to internet and T.V.  all through out the World each &  every generation will continue to grow up with the same style as their great grandparents.
America marches to a beat of a different drum…all manipulated by massive bombardment of commercials,music and the new trendy clothing that we all must have leash Dance Today In Moscow  Same As Back In Your Great Grandfather Day…See What We Mean?

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.

Biden Call For Unity..I Will Govern With The Phone & The Pen



Let Us Start Call For Unity Seems To Be Nothing But A Sound Bite Created By Very Good Speechwriter..
Right Away Even Before Any Court Ruling He Says I Will Govern With The Phone And The Pen..I Other Words He Plans To Undue Many If Not Most Of Trump’s Presidential Directives.
The Entire Media Handed Him This Victory..First  By Projecting Bidden The Winner and The Having Their Descion Desk Give The OK Sign For Program Directives To Announce On Air That Bidden Win.
Bidden Has Already Nulified Any Laws That.Was In Effect By  Signing Over 40 Excuctive  Orders.In What Biden Term A Dictator Style Of Government  Before He Took Office. Open Borders..More Chain Immigration From South Of Our Border And The Middle East..Making Illegal Border Entry To The U.S. No Longer A Crime.The Working Stiff Will. Now Have More Taxes Levied Upon Them. Who Will To Foot The Bill For All These Immigrants..The Working Stiffs That’s Who Will Foot The Bill.


These Immigrants Will Receive SSI Medicade With Total Dental Coverage..Child Care. Food Stamps A paid Apartment For 6 Years Plus Each Person In Thier Household Will Get $1,8000 Relocation Fee .Make D.C and Puerto Rico A State Creating 4 More  U.S.Senators Giving The Democrats Carte Blanche On Our Democracy Thus Controlling The House ..The Senate ..The Supreme Court And The Executive Brach..Day Goodbye To Democracy.Bidden Wants To keep America Closed Down .This Stifling Any Movement In Our Retail Business And  Creating A Road To Third World Status  For America


Someone Has Got To Pay For All That.They Will Make It ..Yes The Working Stiff .




Unacceptable To Make Over $400.000. And Kill The American Dream.. Mr.Bidden No one In America Should Ever Have To Apologize For Success.




When I First Heard Obama Say Right. Before His Inauguration”Get Ready For Change” It That




His Actions. Will Only Cause Further Division In American Society..Fashion For Democracy’s Sake Let The Courts. Deliver Their Ruling.



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