NRA Lobby Money Seems More Important Than The Publics Saftey

 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign    At the conclusion of this post we will be supplying everyone with a list of which members of Congress and the Senate  that have been in receipt NRA Lobby Money.
These tragedy’s that we are witnessing  much to often at both  Schools and Public Paces are only compounded by our Politicians utter greed in filling their campaign war chests with cash.
This most despicable practice of accepting NRA Lobby Money extends across both sides of the Isle.When it comes to taking NRA money many Democrats and Republicans are in  total agreement .
Congress is now in full”Damage Control Mode” and are  looking for a  way to push any culpability away from them and find a scapegoat so to speak.
They found one.. They are now actively blaming Mental Illness and attempting to walk away with their hands clean and remain un scathed.
Make no mistake about it ..Yes only an extreme deranged Crazy Individual does something like this Mass Murdering….However the NRA continues to omit the fact  that all of these acts are being done strictly with both Guns & Automatic Assault Rifles & not with the killers bare hands alone.


We want to stress this point…
How many people would not have met their doom in a movie theater or a school had the maniac had only  used his fists ?
While we are not laying blame on just only one Political Party we will say this… Obama was POTUS for 8 years and enjoyed a full Democrat Party majority in the house and nothing was done.
Lets us tell everyone the Facts of Life..So listen up..
If you’re hoping for change don’t hold you breath.. We would be willing to bet our bottom dollar that it will be business as usual between those in Congress and the NRA.


While reporting the news remains important The Press Corps must be become more prudent and show less off this horrific coverage.
Ever Watch Baseball Game on T.V.? There is always some clown that loves to jump the fence &  run on the field during game time…
The camera crews are specifically instructed not to train their camera’ s on that Shumuck running on the field so as not create copycats and  encourage others to do the same.
There is a thin line between reporting the news and just sensationalize it on order to  sell more Newspappers….Sad to say that line has now been blured..We have complied a short list of those politician who are taking NRA lobby money.
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Trumps Proposed Parade Will Not Even Cost A Penny To Run…

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   Weve been hearing ever since Trump  said that he would like to have a military parade like the one in which inspired him such as the on the saw take place in France that it’ll cost a small fortune to have ..NO TRUE AT ALL..
Let us just state right now it will cost the American taxpayer  “0′ absolutely nothing to run .
There will no cost concurred by Uncle Sam and we are going  to tell the American Public exactly why. So we suggest  that everybody  listen up..use your common.sense and wake up the simple truth of this Gross Misperception that Main Steam Media Outlets   have been feeding us for way too long .
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Every body serving on active duty in our Armed Forces does not  punch a time clock..they are being payed 24/7 whether they are in the Battlefield.. in the Mess Hall  or if  they happen to be  are Marching up on Pennsylvania Ave.As,far as all the extra Police needed..Just have the military Police to patrol the parefery of the Parade Route..
For any media outlet to say different is misinformation it’s  bogus either based on stupidity or playing politics..
This parade will boost morale  among  our citizens and inspire many to run out and enlist.
So let’s have the Parade and make it annual American tradition !
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American Voters Say No To Modern Day Carpetbaggers.


Romney parachuting Into                     Utah?

America’s foundation of Democracy   was created on voting for your local or Statewide fellow citizen.
How many of us who are old enough and who hail from N.Y. State  remember when Bobby Kennedy ran for the U.S.Senete Seat against James Buckley. Kennedy Parachuted in from Massachusetts to run for  the N.Y Senete Seat.Buckley’s campaign commercials said that if Bobby Kennedy could vote in this election he’d  vote for Buckley. Hillary Clinton also did the exact  same thing mentioned above.Why did Neda Loewy who was poised  to run for the N.Y. Senate step aside and make way for Hillary Clinton to run?What if anything  was done in order  to persuade Loewy  to give up the dream of  becoming a U.S Senator?
Now Massachusetts resident  Romney just Parachuted into  want s to run into Utah and tossed his hat in the ring to run for Senator for retiring Oren  Hatch’s Senate seat.
This parachuting into a state or municipality in order to run for political office is not what America is all about .It flies the  face of our electorial system.
We urge everyone from Utah to vote for their native son or daughter and send Romney packing  back to Massachusetts

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The Left Is Ripping Apart America Seam By Seam..

OPEN IN  NEW TAB TO HEAR  Human Ear Clip Art

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign
 I grew up in a Democratic voting household…My family like most  lower-income blue-collar working  folks were big time Democrats.As much as our my family and circle of friends and relatives voted Democrat we never had the hatred for Republicans as it exists today.No Democrat or Republican was ever made into an apologist for their way that they cast their vote.
Let us make this perfectly clear..The new Democratic Party is no longer the party of your Dear Old  Departed Granny and JFK. In its place is a bunch of radical left-wing bigots.. They are uncompromising and have absolutely no respect whatsoever for anybody elses opinions ..values or traditions if it does not fit into their grand scheme of things.


Their rally’s have become staging areas for all sorts left-wing hate mongors..They are well orchestrated with plenty of  professional agitators and rabble rouses present to work up the crowd. We also spot at each and every rally a variety of fringe groups waving their flags and hoisting up their placards high.You won’t have to strain your eyes to find uterly despicable groups such as Hamas,BDS and the Antifa movement taking up space within the crowd..Are these the people who you want to associate and align yourself with? We think not.
We always urge everyone that no matter what  party that the vote for to never give an  automatic hands down of approval for every one of their pet issues.. Each issue must be evaluated on its own merit.Whether your a Democrat or Republican you never have to extend a Carte Blanc of approval to each and every one of their issues.We also tell everyone to watch and read a variety of news programs from both a Conservative and Liberal bent. Do not let anybody Digest the news for you and form your opinion.I know I don’t and you shouldn’t either. 
We scratch our heads in utter amazement as The Democratic Party places Illegal Immigrants over of our Soldiers and Veterans as their top priority. Take care of our  soldiers and Veterans than play worlds social worker.


The Democrats couldn’t care less about the plight of immigrants..All they are attempting to do is  to create a permanent class of voters indebted to  their party for free benefits.
Who do you  think will wind up paying for all of their free benefits? That right you and me.Ever see how much taxes are taken out each week from your paychecks? Now you know who footing the bill for all of their freebies? Yes it’s no other than Mr.And Mrs working stiff  that winds up paying the bill.


How about those college loans of yours that you’ll be  paying off till the day in which you die?N.Y Govenor Coumo now wans to give these DACA immigrants free college tuition. How does that grab you?
There  is a 1000 times more discontent in America today than in the all during the Viet Nam war.
Wake up see the situation for what  it really is ..a  bunch of sore  losers who can’t and won’t accept the fact that they lost the Election.
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Ex Secretary Of State Kerry Has To Cease Underminding The Current Administation



Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign Former Secretary of State John Kerry has to stop trying to interfere with the current Administration’s Middle East foreign policy.He already put the entire Middle East particularly Israel in great jeopardy with the Iranian Nuclear Deal.He gas got to stop undermining the Trump Administration’s foreign policy.
He has no authority whatsoever to go around as if he is once again in the drivers seat.He  making statements which may be misconstrued  as if he was intrusted with some sort of  authority to do so by our present government…He was not.Kerry is making his rounds and injecting his personal brand of one-sided solutions  which is pathetic. He is making himself out to be some sort of appointed  envoy or even a shadow diplomat which is false & most disturbing.He may even  be in violation Logan Act) in what he’s doing.
He’s allegedly going around telling the Palestinian Arabs basically to hold tight and whether the storm a Trump will be thrown out of office soon. If this proves true was Kerry was implying that Trumps would be leaving before his elected term is up?…Then we demand to know ..Who told him that & when did he became aware of it?
It would almost sounds as if something of that nature spoken by a former Secretary of State that perhaps something is in the works to accomplish that goal.If that is found to be true then Kerry having for warned knowledge of that and by not alerting the authorities then he maybe considered an accessory to the fact it then may be construed as being part and partial to treason or subversion.
Kerry’s Statements may be interpreted Anti Israel and Anti Semitic. His rhetoric is most disturbing as he sides with The Palestinian Arabs and by doing so he is  seems to be giving Terrorism an air of acceptability …so long as it is perpetrated against  Jews..  Why is he doing this ?
We at The Lerman Report think we have a  theory as why he may be is doing this….While we find that while there is no blame directed towards Kerry in his family converting a few generations back from Judaism to Christianity ala Madeline Albright or even perhaps a Casper Weinberger..We  ponder if his blatant Anti Israel stance is his was of distancing himself from any semblance of Jewishness in his background or even some sort of litmus test his own mind test to prove his acceptance in his current Catholic Faith.Only a trained Psychiatrist  may be able to determine if is there is any validity in that assumption.
  He can only make matters worse..Kerry stay home you have already done enough damage..
In closing the current State Department must bring Kerry onto the carpet and straighten him out him ..


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Main Stream Press No More New Reporting News… Only Presenting Commentary

The Mainstream Press has ceased to actually reporting the News.In it’s place is a biased steady diet of  Anti Trump commentary.Basically the entire Press Corps both Written as well as T.V (Broadcast and Cable) are sumerged in it.They take the lead story and then begin their Anti Trump diatribe.We would venture to say that what the Public are seeing today is paramount to only 10% News and 90% Commentary. When we had  the Gov’t shut down  twice under The Obama Administration they never once had a single word of discontent directed toward Obama.
The new Liberals remain a hateful bunch. We tell everyone that The Democratic Party  today is no longer the Political Party of your dear old departed Granny and JFK.In it’s place is an uncompromising bunch of radicals no longer respecting  anyone elses Beliefs or Traditions that is not inline with their own.
Is this what all these Men and Woman  saught a career as Reporters and T.V. Anchors for?They have killed Journaism and replaced it with a steady diet of Parroting the  whims of their Program Director.Don’t take our word for yourself … judge for yourself.

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South Korean Leaders Capitulation To Kim Jong-un Is Simply Shameful

Johnnie Ray – Cry – Light Orchid




 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign
It was just reported that South Korea will march under one banner at The 2018 Winter Olympics along with The North Koreans.
For the South Koreans to capitulate to  North Korea under the tutlege of Kim Jong-un is simply shameful..For all the U.S.Serviceman’s blood spilt in Korea right up to the present time where U.S.has had Troops deployed there for over 60 years we find South Korea’s present actions discraceful.For South Korean leader Moon Jae-in to do this without  capitulation or any change in policy from North Korea is simply not acceptable.
The U.S should cut off any finnacial aid and pull our troops out immediatly.South Korea wants a repatriation with North Korea?Let them have it….but don’t come running to Uncle Sam to pull your chestnuts out of the fire when Kim Jong-un sticks it to you..


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The Big Lie that Uncle Sam Has Been Feeding Us Conerning China For The Past 70 Years..

Chow Mein –Light Orchid
Image result for extra news boy cartoon signWe remember hearing and reading that after WW 11 that China was completelyBleed dry by the Japanese.That they were on the balls of their ass finacially.That  goes for Russia (The Soviet Union) as well.The news and texted books emphasised the during siege of Moscow the Russian people ate wallpaper paste and vaseline  to stay alive.That presents a  false  picture that remains far from the reality of the Russia and China in post World War was both Russia and their cohort China that propped up North Korean and ran a proxy war with the against the U.S. in Korea.China and Russia were Broke? Please don’t insult our intelligence any further. We were beyond  flabbergasted when we were alerted that the U.S.Is indebt to China in the sum of uncountable Billions of dollar$.
 While we  would like to state that we find Communism reprehensible however we scratch our heads in uteri disbelief that these two Nations which were supposed to he broke  after WWII are now financial Giants controlling our economy.
We remember in the 1950’s made in Japan was synonymous with a cheap crappy frivolous product.Today that distinction can be put towards  products coming in  from China..Many people tell us that  they now go to China on vacation..why? Because they can buy all their souvenirs when they return home to the states.
Just how big is this net that China has draped over us affecting our foreign policy? We thought NAFTA  would break the yolk of Chinese dominance in our product market.However  Big business still opts not to have  their goods made in Central America along with its lure of duty-free for all those products  brought back across our border.Can we ever break free of the yolk of China? 
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Can Sand Dredging Ships Can Solve Palestinian- Isreali – England Northern Ireland Problem?

Don’t Fence Me InLight Orchid
Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign
Can a Sand Dredging Ships Solve Palestinian Isreali – England Northern Ireland Problem by creating a hundred mile extra land off shore? There is no reason why a sand dreging Ship can’t creat 100 miles of off shore land off Isreal in the Meditatrain Sea And In England off the English channel to create land for over a million people..The technology is here, off shore land increace has been successful in other areas. We at The Lerman Report see this as a posible soltion to these two conflicts.Whether either side would accept newly created off shore land rather than Isreal proper or Northern Ireland itself is another story but like we mentioned it can be done. The question remains  “Does The Palestinians or England’s Adversary’s in Northern Ireland  want  a homeland then this is the solution.However since it would be right on each of those Nations border then it would be imperative that it must be a highy and tightly monitored Demilitarized zone.end
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Piling Sa
nd in a Disputed Sea, China Literally Gains

Like Him Or Loath Him…Trump Is No Manuchurian Canidate

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  Let us start right off and say that to imply that Donald  Trump is  some sort Manchurian is grasping for straws by his distractors in order to defame him.Every Nominee seeking The Oval Office both the Democratic and Republican picks are given an audiences with Every Major World Leader. Those seeking the Highest Office of  the Land will meet with the G8 and Isreal as well as all of our Allies including our Adversaries which will include The Russian Leadership.In other words all the Worlds leaders the Movers and  Shakers of the International Nations will  greet every U.S.Politician running to be President.Period.
For all those who wish to make Trump out to be a some sort of “Manchurian Canidate” it is Beyond the Pale of Decency and Uterly Outrageous.There is no Conspiracy or Cabal with Russia or Putin..The Democratic Party should apply to be the Poster Boy  for Sour Grapes.They can’t get over the fact that they lost the election..Get over it.Let everyone see it for what it really is a “Witch Hunt”and nothing more.Trump is not a puppet and no one pulls his strings.He is now and has always been his own man.
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