A New More Palatable Way to Be Anti Jewish..Be Pro Palestinian

          An Exersize In Bigotry.

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign I been around for 70 years and I met my share of Jew haters. I heard all the lines and more of my share of Anti Semitic taunts and messages.Sad to say that a good deal of the time it was spoken right in front of me as I’m often mistaken for Italian
I never denied the fact that I’m Jewish and I am very proud of it
I was in the Marines and took plenty of Anti Semitic brow beating on a daily basis as any Jew can verify to that who served in the Armed forces .
However today the Jew haters cloak there hated of Jews in the veil of Palestinian rights.

They couldn’t care less about the Palestinians but will say that in order to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more than hard core Jew Haters.
What they are really saying is ”the hell with the “Jew Bastards”
Today we witnessing bigots such as the likes of Jeremy Corbyn as he rears his ugly head on the world stage.

                  Jeremy Corbyn

When we hear and read stuff like that we have to wonder does thees protesters really care one Ioda about the Palestinian plight?

News reporters are infamous for this new way of reporting this sham of these bigotsventing their way of being a Jew haters and at the same time wanting to come across well all Caring folks.
Do they really care about the poor Palestinian’s?Not really they couldn’t care less about them in reality. Do you hear them being vocal about The Kurd’s or People in Africa or any of the worlds downtrodden people …answer “No” enough said/end

Kristallnacht once again

 Jewish shops  are targeted by Anti Semitics  crowds …read on…..

Terrorism Should Never Be Given A Bye « The Lerman Report®


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Jews Should Boycott Starbucks.. Jewish Groups Kicked To The Curb Disinvited To Be Apart Of Sensitivity And Anti Bias Input

Starbucks in offering sensitivity training for having some Black people arrested have removed Jewish organizations from those to be involved in their in training for sensitivity and anti bigotry.
It appears that Starbucks respect for all backgrounds doesn’t apply to Jews.. While the Mainstream  Media is praising Starbucks  to High Heaven they are virtually ignoring the snub and disinviting of Jewish Groups particiption.This apparently came about from pressure from Tamika D. Mallory activist and the national co-chair for the Women’s March who is closely aligned with Linda Sasour and Louis Farrakhan.
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Tamika Mallory is who had Starbucks CEO ear and had them drop Jewish participation 
We call this a travesty and both despicable & beyond a shame.


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Not only Jews but all Racial and Ethnic groups as well all people of Decency should immediately boycott Starbuck’s and any company that align themselves with such haters as listed in the above links.
Read Below…
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We Honor And Remember Those Who Died In Active Military Service ..MONDAY MAY 28TH 2018


             Veterans  Freebies – 

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Mainstream Press Posting A Pro Palestinian Spin On This Border Breaching Rioting

     It sickens us  that the mainstream press is putting a pro Palestinian spin on this violent rioting.
The level of sympathy for those killed trying to breach Israeli soil by their own words in order to wreck havoc..to murder & cause mayhem is unbelievable .
Where is was the sympathy for all the Israeli’s and Jews who were victims of their Terror?
Euroupe stood by while six Million Jews perished in Concentration Camps after the was ended nearly everyone of those European Nations shut their door to Jews  & refused  those Holocaust victims to return to their former home & host countries. Now that Jews have returned to their ancestral homeland that too is not acceptable to E.U. nations..Where just then should Jews live then on Mars?
Read the links that we provided and view the clip below and ask yourself are  you comfortable supporting these the people who are rushing to  breach the Israeli border?
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Barry Goldwater: “Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice


 Barry Goldwater: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice …Barry Goldwater Said that 55 years ago in the Presidential election and basically was run out-of-town and that expression lended its weight to him losing the 1964 presidential election vs. Lydon Johnson . Now nearly 60 years later this expression rings true as we most proberly will lose some of our liberties do to the current terrorism.The terroist attacks in Boston,Paris,Belgium & Israel are sad examples of his forsight.What can the civilized world do?

You will be checked over and over as a precaution for our own safety.. No one wants it but its a must .

Goldwater, was right 55 years ago.
Video for Goldwater extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice .

Where Is The Shah When We Really Need Him?


Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   There was never the level of hatred from the Iranian people towards Jews and Israel when The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran was in power.There  now seems to be some outcry not scrape this  one side bizarre Iranian nuclear Deal.
Let us at The Lerman clue everybody in.
First of all Trump is not attempting to scrape the deal. For those who know U.S. Law there is stipulationin inacted by an  act of  Congress that allows for final recertafacation for any deal or as we like call it an exscape clause.
The Iranian’s down right lied about their massive underground Nuclear facility’s all during these negotiations as they were in progress.
Thee  frozen assets to be returned can only  further  prop up the biggest Sponsor of state terrorism to have their  poroxy armies wreck havoc in the Middle East.When we French Prime Minister Macron Easy is lobbying to keep the deal  we are beyond saddened.
France is  telling Trump to re-certify the Iran Deal.. News Flash! Iran’s  Atom Bomb will not be trained on France but on Israel.
This reminds us of  the old story of the Chicken talking to the Pig..the Chicken tells the Pig “I’m proud to be a part of everyone’s morning breakfast ritual”
The Pig replies back…
“Easy for you to say with you it’s merely a contribution but with me it’s a total commitment”..
Ex U.S. Secretary of  State Kerry  is  barnstorming to help keep the deal. Kerry has to sit down and shut up.He is not  in any way a Trump envoy and holds  absolutely no diplomatic credentials ..He is in direct violation to the Logan Act.
This deal.must be nipped in the bud and toot sweet .

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Is The U.S.Government Pushing Hot Button Issues In Order To Divert Attention From The Pork Barrel?

Roll Out The Barrel Image result for hand pointing picture

      There  not to many”Hot Button Issues” We could properly surmise that we can count them on one hand. Yet these same issues are dominating the news every night .The top ones are Abortion..Israel. Affirmative Action…immigration…
While we are not down playing or discounting the value or personal importance of these issues.What we are pointing out that it almost appears the media is making these issues their focal point and by doing so are creating an  atmosphere  of animosity and division among the populate as to steer everyone away from the real business at hand which is our elected officials in Congress making money for themselves and their friends (their campaign contributors and Lobbyists).
When a bill is passed it ‘s not a thin 2 page booklet but a  big thick publication like Ala Websters dictionary.There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.   We would venture to say that every member of Congress has their hand in the pork barrel at one  time or another.
We further will go on to say that in reality it almost appears as if that is the Government is actually 90% Pork Barrel including government contracts ..grants ..federal jobs and Judgeship appointments and  only 10% actually policy making.
Think about it for a moment..the party faithful spends millions on a campaign for congress to get elected to a job that only pays a measly $174,000 a year. Why?
  So we got to walk away thinking perhaps all this perhaps is only a well orchestrated plan over the years only intended to be sort of a ploy in order to divert any and all attention from the all matters of business that those serving in Congress are up to... Could that be of raiding the Pork Barrel without any outcry or examination,scrutiny devoid of any public forum or  discussion of how our hard earned tax dollars are being spent?
 Tell us that we are wrong and this is not a Smoke Screen of sorts keeping Mr.&Mrs public in the dark and incumbency is not there basically for the Pork Barrel.Sad to say  we believe that if not for this cash cow the hall of Congress would empty.
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Vets and Active Duty First… Then Play Worlds Social Worker


Do not take in the Immigrants  from Syria for two reasons


.1.It’s a  security nightmare ..We don’t know how many immigrants arriving have some sort of terrorist affiliation. All thought most may pass muster as few as 1,000  people who don’t can reck havoc in our Country.
In addition we have absolutely no sure way to vett those who arrive without or with questionable documentation which can not be validated due to uncooperative and unfriendly governments  such as   that of the Assad regime . 
2.Take care of Veterans & Active duty personnel first.Veterans have not received a cola on their Pensions or  Compensation disability checks  for 8 years. Can anyone enlighten us to as what kind of mindset does our Elected Officials subscribe to keep and continue this kind of lopsided logic festering ?
At a time that our Naval statically numbers are at pre WWI levels and Active Duty Serviceman are not getting rank due to cutbacks and it  no make matters worse it spilled over and is effecting our  recruiting Station tally .
However plenty of money will be earmarked  for these immigrants.The immigrants  will receive and $1,800 resettlement tax free bonus plus  SSI, Food Stamps,Medicaid,free child care and a subsided Apartment. We urge all government agencies and representatives earmark any future  funds to active duty service men and Veterans first last and always Does American’s have a sign attached to our far heads that reads Shmuck?..” They all know all over the world Come to America and get all the goodies for free”.
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Didn’t We Learn Our Lesson With J.Edgar Hoover ? America Doesn’t Need a Permanent Non Elected Government..

S.Prokofiev. Suite from The Love for Three Oranges. Light Orchid
 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign  The American people does not need  a permanent non elected government.
       Well That what the F.B.I. is Paramount of being. Trump fired F.B.I. Director Comey and he can fire the entire Bureau if he chooses to do so. Whether it was a good decision or a bad  decision as The Commander in Chief its his prerogative.
    Each and every Federal Non Civil Service Employee works at the Presidents Pleasure.  Trump as President has every right to give any Federal Employee the Heave Ho at any time. In a nut shell Comey apparently engaged in working to undermine impartiality and showing preferential treatment toward the Democrats.  When it comes to partisan politics the F.B.I. should be like Caesar’s Wife  above reproach..and sad to say it was not.
 If The F.B.I. can go after the Presidents personal lawyer the let us ask everyone…what chance does the average U.S. Citizen have for non Gestapo style Justice? The targeting of  Trumps lawyer Cohen is  beyond political  and vengeful..
Drain the Swamp..Drain the Swamp. Drain The Swamp.
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