Turkish Ambassador Must Be Expelled From U.S.

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     We are going to make this story short and as its plain as to what occured.. Four days ago the the Turkish Ambassordor had his security detail attack and assault U.S. Citizens protesting outside the Turkish Embassy, nine of those assaulted were hospitalized .  Maybe they can pull that crap over in Turkey but not here on U.S.Soil. There has never been any foreign dignitary ever to come to our nation nor any of our Ambassodors abroad ever dared to say anthing about protesters in the nations that they are stationed in . Turkish Ambasodor Serdar Kılıc shouldn’t never have even  remotely criticized any protestor against his nation on U.S. soil let alone have his security detail assault them .  He shouldn’t  never said intervened in the protests  against the protesters regardless what was being said.There was never a physical threat to either him nor the his Embassy’s personel . Now the ball is in Secretary of State Tillerson’s Court to eject Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıc’s credentials and get him he hell off U. S. Soil… This assault on our citizens is beyond the pale of acceptability for any visting dignitary to have contributed to do ..Please read below..

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Insurance Industry Must Be Banned From Lobbying Lawmakers

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Gold Diggers of 1933 – “We’re in the Money”Light Orchid
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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   Write or call both you State representative and Congressman as to pass legislation to ban any and all lobbying on behalf of the Insurance industry. What they are doing is having laws changed to solely benifit them run rough shod over the Policy Holder.. They give us less and less for our coverage. It’s hand tailored for then and no one else.
I’ll give you example. I was driving my car it was rush hour I was stopped at a red light  there were several cars on front of me.. Low and behold a Truck behind me barrels into the rear end of my car.. I did not stop short and was in no way repsonsible … It was no way my fault My Insurance Carrier completely recouped any loss  from the other driver and yet I’m being charged for the accident.. Yes they lobbied my state legislatiors to alter the law to suit themselves. Nothing really is  wrong with Obama care it’s the Insurance Companies that must be reined in. This goes on in each and every Insurance catorgory from Auto to Homeowners to life Insurance.. What most people dont know or realize that Politicians and High Echelons Government  Empolyees Become Lobbists when They leave politics  because they have “An In” Within Government Circles. We at the Lerman Report will lead the Charge to have  the Insurance Industry permanently banned from lobbing both on the Federal, State and Municipality level since they are principle players not only in our health care coverage but  other genres that are mandatory insurance coverage such as Auto and homeowners. Everybody who ever had to buy any form of  Insurance knows all too well that any coverage is not only way overpriced and its gauging the  consumer big time , We are  focusing on The Insurance Industry as our first stop to help  put  them in their place..


Between Big Pharma, The Insurance Companies and the Health Care are providers themselves it has be impossible to not get raked over-the-counter. A permanent ban from any lobbing on their behalf must be enacted and any legislation benifiting them going back 10 years must be repealed/ Below Read it And Weep…

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Who Will Speak For Dead Victims of Terror ? ..Don’t Support Terrorists Who Are On A Hunger Strike

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We can’t get over all the vocal outcry of support for these Palestinian Terrorists Who wish to participate in a hunger strike.. Why should any decent person of any Ethnic or Religious background champion these Animals.. Who will speak for all the  victims of their murder and mayhem? You drive a car into a crowed street with the sole intention  killing Jews or either stabbing innocent Jews to death in the market place or sneeking into Isreal via tunnels from Gaza and killing famlies while there asleep… This is what people are siding with?
Who cares if they don’t want to eat.. More food for everyone else that’s all.. There’s an old Yiddish expression  “Thrasha the Voncent In other word Don’t threaten us threaten the bedbugs.. At  the end of day We Would venture to say that  is proberly is not one Jew or Isreali who cares one a way or another if  these Terrorists  won’t eat.Related image
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France No Longer a French Nation

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           France has ceased to become a French Nation. The immigrant population has finally outnumbered the Frenchman. With the election of Emmanuel Macron it shows a new pivot point in not only French politics but the very fabric of France itself. Macron received a whopping 2/3 of the vote… This is unprecedented basically the France electorate feels a more close kinship with the E.U. Than being Independent French Nation.  As  A Matter Of Fact Macron Snubbed the  “La Marseillaise” The French National Anthem In Favor Of The E.U Anthem “Ode To Joy”.
   We remember all to well when  Charles de Gaulle  refused to allow Nato Troops and Nato Military Bases on French Soil..He insisted on France being separate..now its become the opposite.. At one time it was virtually impossible to obtain French citizenship if you were not born in France even if your family lived in France for  3 generations.   Perhaps if you enlisted in the French Foreign legion then maybe citizenship could become a reality.  Lately France has been Pressuring and Pushing Israel to Capitulate and Summit To A Two State Solution..Which We All Heard Over And Over From North The Palestine People And Their Leadership That A 2 State Solution is just a Stepping Stone To Destroy Israel..For Israel to Ever Sign Another Peace Treaty With The Palestinians Would Be  Nothing Short of Shear Lunacy  After The Palestinians Reneged on the Last 2  Peace Treaties First When Israel relinquished Control Over Sinai,the Second the handing  over of part of Judea and  Samaria (West bank) as a Prelude for Further Peace..Instead they Received  More intifada, More Random Stabbings,Vehicular Assaults and Vehicular Homicides,Tunnels to sneak into Isreal in Order To Murder Innocent Israeli Families While They Are Sleeping To Rockets launched into Israeli Towns,The Anti Jewish  Hatred being Taught in Their U.N. Run and Funded Schools,monetary Rewards for Murdering Jews Issued from the Palestine Authority as Well as Streets Being Named for terrorists Who  Murder Jews. The Sponsoring of The Lopsided Hateful Resolutions At The U.N which disavows Jewish People Claiming Any Connection Or Historical Ties to Jerusalem and Judaism most Holyist  Site “The Kotel” (The Western Wall) Do These Events In Way any Produce an Atmosphere That Is In Any Way  Conducive In Which Isreal Can Engage In Any Contractual agreement? Everyone knows That The Palestinians Will Never Accept An Israel Evening If It Were Only One Inch Wide. Who’s Fooling Who?
So France Now With Your Large Immigrant Muslim Population It Wont Be Long Until You Will Ne Asked To Create A 2 State Solution Of Your Own Right Smack In France Itself …When You Do Then Please Let Israel know How you Like It Untill That Time Comes Along.. Mind Your  Own business!
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Trumps Wall.. Let Us Tell Everyone The Facts of Life..


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       Trumps Proposed Wall on our Southern Border…Whether your pro or con we will attempt to explain the folly of this Suggested undertaking. First off  let us give everyone some insight to the reality of this venture. Over 20 years ago a I was a passenger  in a Limousine on route to the Airport the Limo Driver pointed out the fence along The L.I.E.(495 Highway). He went by to tell me that it costs a million dollars a mile, and that was then. Today that Same Wooden Fence along Fence along the same highway would cost with inflation 10x that amount. The MTA is building a tunnel from Pennsylvania Station to Grand Central Station it has been being built for the last 45 years and counting thou it’s  drilling through Earth and Stone  the distance is only a mere 15 minute walk from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. This Wall will take a minimum of 20 years to complete.
Trumps Wall if it’s ever going to be built was supposed to constructed of Brick Mortor and Lime, and not one done small patch of highway but from California to the end of Texas. It will be a  monumental undertaking if it’s ever gets launched. Now secondly from the start of the wall to the end is not a straight line many of not most of the land will have to be confiscated under the guise of Eminent Domain. Now this Eminent Domain is not like  your local county taking the. piece of grass between the Road and your Sidewalk, this undertaking will involve the scraping and relocating and restructuring of many Anesments. ..Such as Water Rights and Useage , Mineral Rghts and Unions.. Many  Water Anesments will have to be rerouted , Mineral mining and oil extraction beneath those areas are along with everybody else will put up a big legal battle..And thou when you normally build something in  Tank Town in Texas labor is non-union and dirt cheap that’s not going to be the case here. This would become entirely a Union production..It  be an extremely high paying sought after  Job similar to the Employment opportunity reminiscent of the “Alaskan Pipeline” Every Shmuck and his brother will be applying to work there.
It will be marked for dome right from the get go. If and when there is ever another Democratic party President regaining  the Oval office the very first item on their  order of business will be to eliminate any funding and further construction  no different from  what Trump did with Obama care..Bottom Line At the End of The Day a  Construction of The Wall across our Southern Border was nothing more than a  Great Campaign Sound Bite nothing more..That our friends  is The Facts of Life concerning the Wall and You can take that to the Bank..Believe Me!

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Did FDR Know All Along About Hitlers Final Solution for European Jews

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U..S .Soldiers Lie Dead Upon Invading Normandy Beach In WW11


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“Fanta ” on The Beach

THIS IS THE ARMY – 1943 clip 5 (Army, The End) – Image result for pointing finger picture
  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign             Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unpresidented four terms as POTUS and in no way was a friend to the  Jewish people . Both FDR, and our Allies during WWII knew all along what Hitler and his third Reich as up to. The railway system that transported Jews and Non Jews to the death camps could have been bombed , but Roosevelt and the allies  didn’t implement that. While thousands of our servicesmans bodies lay dead on Normandy Beach Roosevelt with a wink and a nod look and looking the other way allowed certain corporations to do business inside Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola as the story is told sold their soda inside Germany all during WWII marketed under the brand name “Fanta” supposedly an embargo on Cokes syrup lead to the formation of ” Fanta,” if you believe that then we have a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you. This is beyond shameful. Also It is widely believed that FDR had for known knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and gave 2/3of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines off base liberty to lessen the casulty count..disraceful..had this been knownn back then he would have sat out the War in a jail cell..
Most of the American Jews of that time were poor  illiterate  immagrant  factory workers many who obtained their citizenship through the efforts of local politicians ..In those days before  1930  one of the party fathful would accually go inside the voting booth with them  and made sure that they pulled the right lever ..others voters listened to who their union advised them to vote for. .Back at home in WW11 Hollywood continue to tow Uncle Sams company line by pumping out movies make light of the Nazi Atrocaties with Hitler portrayed in a lite comical vain.
We dont know about you but we at The lerman Report are totally outraged by all of this. After FDR’s  death Harry Trunman opon taking over the ship of state a scraped a private deal FDR made to the Grand Mufti which basically said that there will be no more Jewish Immagration into then British Palestine and no future Jewish nation. Truman scrapped that deal. Truman while he owned his Haberdasher shop  was buisness partners with his friend Edward Jacobson who was Jewish  saw the Anti Semitic ways of FDR and through his efforts the Modern State of isreral was created. Jews all over remain greatful for  Harry Truman.

Republican’s Should Be Totally Ashamed of Bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection.

      Trump and the  Republican Congress should be totally ashamed of themselves for passing a bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection. Now your internet provider Comcast , Verizon, AT&T  etc.  can sell, trade or use any and all things on your computer. Outrageous is an understatement. This shows that every legislator who was part and Parcel in putting this into law doesn’t give a crap about anyone other than themselves.
This brainstorm didn’t happen overnight so why didn’t any media outlet report on it sooner? I’m pretty certain that they had to know and sat on the story until it was a done deal. This law is a travesty on the American people.
Call or right your representatives today and voice your displeasure.Related image

https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/the-switch/wp/2017/03/28/the-house-just-voted-to-wipe-out-the-fccs-landmark-internet-privacy-protections/Light Orchid

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With Its Crazy Obsession With Isreal The U.N. Has Accually Writen It’s Own Obituary.

So Long (It’s Been Good To Know YouLight Orchid


Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign          The U.N is out of control. With its lopsided unbalanced treatment of Isreal along with their of Anti Isreal resolutions it won’t be long untill backfires on them. We can’t wait  until the day  that the  U. S. puts the lock on the door and sends all those Jew hating “diplomats” packing permanently.
Who needs them anyway, it has become exactly the opposite of what it was created for. It serves no purpose  anymore to bring about world peace. It is also a den of Espionage and many illegal drugs come into our country through diplomatic pouch. The so called diplomats flaunt their disrespect for our nations law from parking violations and beyond claiming diplomatic immunity.. Plus it creates the worst case senerio for tying up traffic to a security nightmares for our Police.
Front the days under leadership of Nazi Kurt Waldheim to the  Anti Jewish Tutledge of Sun Kim Moon it has been a stacked deck against Isreal never giving it a fair shake.. Can’t wait fit the  U. S. Marshalls to make their move and close it down permanently.. Good Riddance would like to say it’s been a pleasure but it hasn’t now go find some dictatorial despot nation to host you for the next 50 yearsRelated image
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Charles De Gaulle Set a Bad Example by Packing up and Leaving Algeria..

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MAURICE CHEVALIER – SWEEPIN’ THE CLOUDS AWAY – YOUTUBEImage result for pointing finger picture
Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign The French were well settled on Algeria from July 5, 1830 to July 3, 1962  . Generations of French families were born and raised in Algeria.. The French living there considered it a second state of France. When Charlies De Gaullel gave the order to pack up and leave many Frenchman including the General Staff was near revolt.
That set an exstremly bad  example that with enough pressure and Mayheim Jews will pack up their tent and leave in the same manner. That was a poor assumption as fleeing Frenchman had France to go to that was never the case with Jews as Isreal is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people and Jews in Isreal are not leaving they’re staying put & are in for the long haul . American author Mark Twain visited the holy land in 1873..   He described it as a desolate country – devoid of both vegetation and human population: When Jews started returning fleeing the horrors of the pogroms it brought Arabs into that are seeking work, We are sure that there was some other  populations  there such as caretakers of Churches and other religious site by in large it was an unpopuated wasteland perhaps a few passing through Beduians but nothing more.
The current Arab population living in Isreal are not indigenous to Isreal, they are not decindants of the ancient Philistines (Who Were of Greek Origins) as they would like everyone to believe.. Thats just History revision for political purposes nothing more. You can always tell the geographic area of origin of an Arab by their last names. Many of todays “Palestinian s’ cam eto ths area from Tunsia in the 1930’s to buid the British Highway System..In closing we’believe the Arabs underestimated the Jewish resolve and excepted Jews to run away with  their tale betweem ther legs and exit as France did in Algeria in 1962 Well it didn’t happen./end
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Restaurants Who Hire Illegals Should Be Closed Down and Fined Plenty

. The California LWmakersImage result for illegal immigrant protest pictureRelated image
Neil Diamond – Coming to AmericaLight Orchid
Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       From what we hear & read in the Mainstream Press it appears that much of the  restaurants staff today are illegal aliens.They apparently want cheap labor but charge a premium price on what ever appears on their menus.. Simply Outrageous!. If this is found true then they should be shut down, boarded up and fined plenty..
    Having said that the was some sort of sick out where Illegal immigrants  protesting such practices. While we sympathize with the downtrodden  and agree that they are being taken advantage of  big time.. we will say this load and clear… No Non Citizen   especially an illegal alien has any right what so ever to protest in the U.S.A.. That is reserved for citizens only…  Any protester found to be undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it and  It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever  if they hail from  our Southern  or Candian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .
   It has come to our attention that in California has now given the go for head Illegal aliens to attain drivers licenses and can so will be eligible to vote as well.. If this is so then it must be stopped by the Federal Government. If that’s their intention then the California liberal Politicians care little about American Law all they really want to accomplish is  to create a voting class  that is indebted to them to keep their political party in office nothing more.  To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwa Jima and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away. Thou all non citizens are deserving of of Police protection..Certain Constitional right are not accored them such as protesting, voting and bringing  civils suits in an American Court this  is the sole right of U.S.Citizenship//end
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