A Word Of Advice To The Trump Campaign If They Want Victory

‏Let Us As An Ardent Supporter Of President Trump To Give His Campaign Manager A Good Deal Of Well Heeled Advice.


Bidden Is Basically A Looser .His Campaign Is Very Wise In Our Opinion..He Comes With An Awful Lot Of Baggage..8 years Of A Major Part Of The Obama Administration,His Son Hunter A Big Salaried Recipient Of No Show Jobs In Industries That He Knows Nothing About..His Forgetfulness Or Senior Moments Have Been Well Documented..but His Campaign Is Smart Very Smart.
Bidden Is Winning in The Publics Eye..Why? Because Instead Of Directly speaking to his supporters who are already in his camp He’s reaching out Saying Stuff To Win Over New Voters…While Trump. And His Campaign Seems Content Just To Have An Amen Cheering Section..
That Does Not Win Over New Friends ..All It Does Is Have Him Have A Stacked Crowd Of Trump Supporters Yell And Cheer Him On.
So In Closing We Sincerely Suggest The Trump Handlers Heed Our Thoughts Before Bidden Gets Any Bigger Lead In An Already Biased Media…
When I As Editor Follow People or Blogs On Facebook Or Twitter..My Camp So To Speak Will Always Applaud My Posts..I want To Go And Comment On Sites That Are Not Necessarily Echoing My Thoughts But Are Opposed To My Line Of Support and  Perhaps Wins Friends and Influence People Something The Bidden Camp Is Doing And Trump Camp Is Nothing..
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If Covid 19 Hasn’t Yet Dissipated In Our Atmosphere Then Perhaps China Is Continuing To Pump More Out Daily…


Is the Government being totally transparent with us visa vie the Cornona Virus? Even the Nuclear Fallout when we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long. They claim that its droplets from our breath..We demand to know the truth is China manufacturing this Corona in the lab? The line that it came from the wet market where someone ate a bat…HA!!!
We believe that the only reason that Covid 19 still among us is we believe perhaps that China continues to pump out so to speak out more covid as we speak and is wreaking having on the world.
Has it been reduced to a flu strength status?
Everyone who know that acquires it as if late seems to survive and in  a week is back to their old routine..
Are Hospital’s padding the covid casualty Count count by adding all Pneumonia..Staph… Sepsis and every other ailment as covid deaths?
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Where Has All The Good Will Towards Jews And Israel Gone To?

Fiddler On The Roof –Image result for hand pointing picture
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Where has all the good will that Jews and Israel enjoyed years ago vanished too?
I remember in 1969 nearly every country had a live play of Fiddler On The Roof shown in their theater district.Every performance was 100% sold out.It was enjoyed in many  different languages. It played not only Jewish audiences but was enjoyed equally by Christians as well.
I remember when Golda Meir was Israel’s Prime Minister  & arrived in town people of all  backgrounds waited in long lines all across America just to get glimpse of her..
Now this was well after the 1967 war .Years ago the most bigoted hard core Jew hating Politicians would stifle their hate speech while  in public. Today these the Jew haters  don’t care and spew their vile hatred .They wear their hatred like badge of honor.When did siding with terrorists rather than their victims become acceptable and in vogue?
Israel may be winning battles but is losing the public relations war.
In nearly every nation among The European Union the Arab & Muslim  immigrant population has now exceeded those people of their host country that took them in and gave them sanctuary.
In the U.S. we are now witnessing the rise of “Social Democrats”who are  pro Palestinian.We are also seeing many misguided self hating Jews clamoring for as they term it  End The Ocupation.Little do they realise that Hitler made absolutely no distinction between a very observant Jew or a secular one.. That difference didn’t matter one iota to the Nazi’s because knew that they both can be turned  equally into the same quality of lamp shade or bar of soap.
It”ll take years to rebuild that good will and press and respect that Jews and Israel once enjoyed world-wide.
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‘Fiddler on the roof’ in various languages +must see Japanese .Image result for hand pointing picture


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Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture


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Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed


Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed. Lets Take A Lesson From The Catholic Church where All Where All Bishops Are Retired Automatically At 75 and. For A Pope a Suggested 80..Everyone once they hit 70 years of age get a little forgetful or as we like to term it in a much more palatable way experiencing a “Senior Moment”  
A Jurist Sitting in the capacity as a Supreme Court Judge Must be sharp minded without any lapses in memory.
We don’t know about you but We often wonder do these Supreme Court Judges Always do their own work or are they eventually at some point just sort of a figure head with staffers in the background rendering all their rulings.  
However not knowing if that’s the case a mandatory step down and retirement age should be in place. The American public deserves for a lack if a better word a sitting cadaver on the Bench.
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If Bloomberg Is Paying & Bailing Out Felons To Vote Then He’s Making Jews Look Bad..





If it  fans out that it is true that Ex. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bailing  out felons in Florida inorder to have them vote in the upcoming Presidential election then he should step back and see what hes doing to further make hatred toward  Jews in America.
While everyone is only responsible for their own actions his actions make it look very bad for Jews.He’s got more money than God he’s remains one of the most wealthiest people in America..Then why in the world would he look to do something that of these felons vote Democrat help bring about a party that is increasingly becoming Anti Semitic and moving towards socialism?..We sincerely hope that that the Florida Attorney General and head of the Florida Board of Elections steps  in quickly to quell this most asinine of deeds.
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A Dangerous Precedent Will Be Set If Both Houses Go To Democrats.



America will  have a new precedent will be set if both The House Senate tilts into The Democrats corner.Nancy Pelosi already said that they will look to expand the supreme court in order to pack it with Judges leaning in their party’s Directions..We should be required to have a constitutional convention to do such a thing.
They are also clambering for another impeachment of President Trump as a testaments to their patented form of mal contentment and sour grapes of not having the election go to Hillary Clinton.
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged everyone to vote for Bidden and to radicalize an already far left bigoted Anti Semitic ,Anti White Party which is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Granny and JFK but closer to Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong based in the company that they are keep.
As De Fund has become a mantra and battle cry for the leftist mobs who are burning & destroying cities Mayors in these troubled Democrat elected cities sit idly and do nothing.Governors also sit on their hands in those States and are neither removing those Mayors from office  or calling out the National Guard the squelch these insurrections.
The choice remains clear in this Presidential election does the American voter want to be closer to. Communist China and North Korea or want to stay on the course that our fathers layed out for us in our Constitution…Let us say thus and make it crystal clear ..The President has the constitution on his side. When he say its his call to pick a Supreme Court Justice.Had the Democrats held the presidency they would do no different.
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When This Nightmare Of Defund The Police Has Ended And Law And Order Restored Those Mayors & Govenors That Stood By And Did Nothing Must Be Held Accountable

When The Smoke Clears And Sanity is Restored In Those Cities That These Thugs Such As Anita and BLM Masquerading As Champions Of The Downtrodden Those Mayors And Governors That Stood By And Did Nothing To Protect Citizens And Property Must Be Held Accountable.These Mayors Who Refused To Allow Police To Do Their Job And Governors Who Down Right Both Remove Those Mayors From Office As Well As  Refusing To Call Out The Nation Guard Must  Be Held Accountable .
They Must Be Brought Up On The Carpet And Indicted So That This Never Occurs Again.
The Radical Left Is Destroying Our Great Nation And Is Looking To Turn It Into A Socialist One.
Haven’t We Learned The Lessons Of The Past With The Rise of Nazi Germany. And Castro To Let This Happen This Elected Officials Giving This. A Thumbs Up Are Merely Doing Biggest Act Of Pandering The World Has Ever Witnessed.
It Appears That These Politicians Want To Stay In Office No Matter What Happens And Are More Than Willing To Sacrifice Everyone Safety To Achieve That Goal.
Many Have Wondered How Jews In  Pre WW11 Germany Were Passive To Allow The Nazi’s To Perpetrate That Level Of Violence Such As kristalnight To Occur ..Well This Is How. By A Do Nothing Complacent Leadership.Well It’s Deja Vue All Over Again.Here Is An Exact Repeat Of History Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes..New Yorks Governor Andrew Coumo Said When Asked About The Toppling and Desecration Of Historical Statues Replied”It’s A Healthy Expression.Nancy Pelosi Said Of That. Same Question”People Will Do What People Do”When Its over it’ll Be time for self serving do nothing Politicians To Pay The piper
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One Man’s Take Can Turn America Into A 3rd World Nation…Think About It!


  • Fauci’s take is not the end  all wisdom out there when it comes to opening up or keeping  America shut.
  • Perhaps we are wrong but seems to us that it doesn’t phase him if we are all boarded up for the next 2 or 3 years.
  • What does he care how long we all stay shut up….He makes a very large salary plus commands an enormous department .
  • He’s sort of living it up in the limelight.
  • He doesn’t have the problems that Joe and Jane America has making a living…
  • He’s not a retailer who’s rent goes even though he has to keep his shop closed nor work at a Business that is closed down and employees are at the moment jobless at the moment due to that fact…
  • Fauci’s Favorite Song?


We get the impression that the Government will wait as long as it takes  one of the blessed & anointed member of Big Pharma to come out with a vaccine.What if takes 10years for any of these Drug Company to achieve a Vaccine?Will Uncle Sam still keep everyone in this semi quarantined state?
Many Nations have found other forms of drugs off label usage which works just as well.Israel has developed clothing which does the trick.
However Fauci remains adamant about standing by and saying that expect to be closed  up for another year or so.
Pfizer is getting  $1.95 Billion to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine by Year’s End and have now we hear that Johnson & Johnson has gotten their feet wet in a done deal with the Administration..
Open up America now ..Lets roll the dice and see what happens.
Keep this in mind the nuclear fallout from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long to dissipate.
America is being taken for a downhill ride to Palookaville right into being a 3rd world country.In a year if retail outlets are do not open up factories will fold for good and We as nation will never recover for a good 20 years.
We would venture that this Corona virus is all petered out reduced to a bad cold or flu like symptoms at best..
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Bet The Farm Everything Will Be Open For Buisness By Nov.2020

Bet The Farm Everything Will Be Open For Business By Nov.2020.Its only logical that One There Will Be Another Stimulus Package Before The Holiday Shopping Season By This Upcoming November ..and Two Every Shmuck And His Brother Will Be Open For Business.
If Stores remain Closed During The Holiday Season Our Economy Will Tank For Good.
Without The Big Retail Holiday Season Which Retail Needs And Waits All Year For..Retail Can Not Stay In Business Period.
Every Manufacturer..Distributor..Repossessor…Retail Outlet From The Giant Chains To the Mom And Pops Right Down To The Mall ..Strip Mall ..And Every Retail Renting Landlord Can Fold Up Their Tents For Good.
So Let Us Keep This Storyline Short And Say This Expect Your Stimulus In Time To Spend On  Christmas And. Chanukkah Gifts This Season.
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Is The U.S.Government Pushing Hot Button Issues In Order To Divert Attention From The Pork Barrel?


      There  not to many”Hot Button Issues” We could properly surmise that we can count them on one hand. Yet these same issues are dominating the news every night .The top ones are Abortion..The Middle East..Immigration…Health Care and Gun Control.These 5 “what We will term “Hot Button”Issues we are  witnessing  on the news everyday.
While we are not down playing or discounting the value or personal importance of these issues.What we are pointing out that it almost appears the media is making these issues their focal point and by doing so are creating an  atmosphere  of animosity and division among the populate as to steer everyone away from the real business at hand which is our elected officials in Congress making money for themselves and their friends (their campaign contributors and Lobbyists).
When a bill is passed it ‘s not a thin 2 page booklet but a  big thick publication like Ala Websters dictionary.There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.   We would venture to say that every member of Congress has their hand in the pork barrel at one  time or another President Ronald Reagan wanted  Congress to enact the line item veto so that certain other proposed Bills and Pork Barrel  that the President can veto it and still sign on to the rest of the Bill thus leaving selected laws in and eliminating other attached to “The thick phone book style Bill..


We further will go on to say that in reality it almost appears as if that is the Government is actually 90% Pork Barrel including government contracts ..grants ..federal jobs and Judgeship appointments and  only 10% actually policy making.
Think about it for a moment..the party faithful spends millions on a campaign for congress to get elected to a job that only pays a measly $174,000 a year. Why?
  So we got to walk away thinking perhaps all this perhaps is only a well orchestrated plan over the years only intended to be sort of a ploy in order to divert any and all attention from the all matters of business that those serving in Congress are up to... Could that be of raiding the Pork Barrel without any outcry or examination,scrutiny devoid of any public forum or  discussion of how our hard earned tax dollars are being spent?
 Tell us that we are wrong and this is not a Smoke Screen of sorts keeping Mr.&Mrs public in the dark and incumbency is not there basically for the Pork Barrel.Sad to say  we believe that if not for this cash cow the hall of Congress would empty. .The perception of way the news media presents it  is the Democrats and Republicans can never have meeting of the minds and is always at odds.Not  so..
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