Go Go Curry Launches 2nd Annual Eating Championship

The qualifying rounds will be April 15th-May 20th, from 3-5pm. Pick up an application at Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th), there is a $20 registration fee. Final round is set for June 5th at 5pm. Let the challenge begin!I will try to be there at the finals…Don Lerman8

The Lerman Report Will Focus On Reporting On Eating Challenges In The Future

I will focus on Eating Challenges rather than contests with the exception of a few contests that I feel an importance to , such as the Go Go Curry, which I will try to be at the finals in person to report back to the Lerman Report for publication on this site. If anyone  wants to have their challenges   or their contests wins published , send    pictures and a brief Story about  them to Donmoseslerman@gmail.com and we will put them up..Thank you       Don Lerman , Blog Administrator

Time To Ban The Sale of Cigarettes


  Cigarettes are so bad for us why don’t they just ban the sale,  importation and growing of all tabbacco products period ? Smokers have been reduce to pariahs in the workplace  in restaurants  all over . If your in restaurant and light up , they can throw you out and call a cop  but if you sit there and break wind they can’t do a thing to you.. How unfair. In the workplace smokers are going out for smoke every half hour , look at the loss in productivity..Nobody quits for the price  of cigaretes .In third  world nations like the Philippines ,Bangkok and West Africa where people don’t have  a pot to piss in ,they are willing and  do pay $20 a pack for American Brand cigarettes.
So the Government kows that   in a relatively healthy American Economy  we’ll pay $10 a pack most willing .Its an addiction harder to stop than Heroin. The first thing the U.S. should do is no more subsidizing the  growing of  tobacco . followed total ban in 3 years  with Tough measure for illegal import and sales to include Rockefeller type drug laws  to be enacted for the sale distributive , importation and growing of all tobacco products. It should be a bipartition effort and a National Lottery should be put forth to replace the loss in tax revenue.

  • We personally would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire loyal fan base throughout the entire World .. Bartholomew Bitsko

Druze : Israel Should Have Created Them a Homeland in Lebanon when they the Chance.Israel Will Never Find Better Friend.

  You don’t hear too much or anything in the American Press these days about the Druze. What’s their status in Israel? However all we ever hear about is the Palestinians?  Yet the Druze are much larger group then they are. The Druze who prefer to be called Druze rather than Muslims. They actually are an off shoot of Islam in the same way the Mormons Usually refer to themselves as Mormons than Christians. They served in the Jewish states war of Independence along side of their Jewish counterparts and continue to serve and in the Israeli Army today. They maintain their own courts in many matters.They have been loyal to Israel and continue to do so..They are true friends of the Jewish people.

Perhaps when Israel went into Lebanon in the 1980″s some sort of homeland or autonomous region should have been made for those Druze who reside in Lebanon

New Wave( No Pun Intended)of Barbers From Former U.S.S.R. Best in U.S.A.



 I’ve noticed that  in the last  20 years there were new group of barbers that spoke Russian…looked middle eastern and closed their shop on Rosh Hashanah..They are Jewish barbers from the former Soviet Union .They hail from countries such as Azerbaijan, and Bokhara.They have technique that’s about the best I”V seen in my 70 yrs.. even the discount barber shops their skill is unbelievable, The best haircut around.
I personally go to one in my neighborhood and I get my haircut ( every 2 weeks ) If they here where were they when I was growing up, I suspect that  in the late sixties we may not have a Hippy era and revolt on getting haircuts.end

Antisemitism Rears Its Ugly Head Worldwide

Isreal is the only nation that has to answer to the world body as where it can have its   capital. and where or where  or where not it can build houses . Its  Prime Minister is called on the carpet at the White House and read the riot act. Even if Israel went along with every Arab conditions it wouldn’t  be enough, Nothing is going to make the Antisemites like Israel and  Jews , But By standing firm they may gain respect if not love for Israel , There isnt a European Nation that wants to see a nuclear device in  MuslIm hands  yet no one will support  Israel when they voice their fears for an Islamic Bomb, Israel must not bend from world pressure , they don’t give  crap for Jews to begin with. this pressure e on Israel is reviving old  blood libel type hatred.   at this very moment in time the Palestinian authority along with the other 22 Arab nations are teaching Nazi type propaganda in their U.N. Funded  schools.The Jewish State must do whats in their interest first and last and always.end

Rabbi’s No Longer To Teach ”The Old Time” Jewish Belief

     I Often hear from Christians on the subject of the afterlife.While theirs is a concept of Heaven and Hell…However by Jews it is not…Its Reincarnation. Rabbis of today skip the old fashioned Judaism of yesteryear and say “We don’t know what exactly the afterlife is”  That’s not so  please don’t play Putsavota  with your congregation and fellow Jews.
Its called Reincarnation exactly as  it’s referred to in “The Sefer Yitsera”(Jewish Book of Creation).
In that particular book there is a chapter in there that is known as  “Otz Chaim”(sic) or The Tree of life.
In there it speaks of it in 2 terms
Related image
1.Gilagul Hanefesh( sic ) soul-trans migration or…
2.Radshesh Ha Gilagulim, (sic) revolution or schemes of souls…
In which a soul is returned to life based on ones past life’s behavior just as it is prescribed in the Book  Of  Life on Jewish New years A Rich man who never  gave to charity will return as a poor beggar..  a Poor Man good of heart comes back as a Rich Man… in other words your behavior in your past life  shapes your present one and your behavior in the present reflects on your  future one and you  keep on doing  this reincarnation until you  become a pillar in the Temple of the Lord  other words a perfect person.
 East European Jews Name after the dead to help bring  the soul Back into earth this is called Redemption upon inheritance (Book of Ruth). Today this still remains standard teaching Of among Karaites and Chasidim.
When I was growing up (I was born in 1949)  Reincarnation was standard teaching taught in each and every Jewish home the world over.
*Sic-spelling incorrect. 

International Herold


*Meaning of Putsavota …to feign stupidly or no knowledge of incident

Tough Sanctions Are Not Forth Coming For Iran

Iran  is a very dangerous adversary, for them to have attained nuclear capabilities is a direct threat to peace in the middle east. What we need is a naval blockade of the strait of Huruz and tough sanctions , and then tell them to shove their oil wherether sun don’ tshine. Iran needs crippling sanctions not stinging as the state dept, has suggested. An Atom Bomb is at hand in a loose cannon of a country run by a maniac.what we must put  in place is a total sea and air blockade along with . with sanctions for countries that import their goods (, no foreign aid , no trade protection  no more immigration from their nations). Russia seems to be willing to see l them the enriched  Uranium and need parts for a doomsday machine , We must put Russia in its place , No oil imports  from them until they reverse their thought on this issue.end</span>

Why Are All Present Day Jews Thought To Stem From Chasidim While Christians Are Not Compared To Amish?


Many People  Today Believe That Modern  Day Jews where once Chasidic came to America shaved off their beards threw away their black coats and assimilated into modern society as present day so-called secular Jews?   (and believe it or not that belief is shared by many Jews who remain  ignorant of their own history and heritage). . Why aren’t  todays modern day Christians painted with the same broad brush thought as stemming from the Amish?  To believe either one the above remains a false perspective.
 The Chasidic Movement started around  circa 1770  in The Ukraine and it comprised half of all The East European Jews but not half of the Jews who have immigrated to the U.S.A.  Those non Chasidic Jewish group arrived to American Shores before WW I which was basically was between the years of 1876 to 1922. That group for the most part did not contain any Chasidium. Another Group of Jews “The German Jews” immigrated to America from 1840 -1855. Before that in Colonial times basically only Spanish Portuguese Jews resided in the U.S(Sephardic) You may have found a small sprinkling of Chasidium living in America before 1945 however the Chasidic population by in large was not living the U.S A. & it was only after the Holocaust that took place after WWII that the bulk of The Chasidum immigrated to the U.S. 
  When the Chasidic movement started the Vilna Goan who was the Chief  Religious Authority among Jews forbid regular Jews from both marrying and having any contact with this those of new Jewish sect.
The Chasidium have different tenents than other Jews such as having a Grand Rabbi (Rebbi) or Tzadik .When they initialized this concept of  “The Rebbe”It was then that the Chasidium that left the mainstream of Judaism not the other way around..All though many Jews are perhaps secular or less or even nonreligious in todays modern society.We Believe that they are around the same overall degree of practicing and observant  than their Christian counterparts.That is it in a nut shell condensed for this brief article


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