Medicare and Medicade For Our Pets It’s About Time!


     It was only today that someone mentioned to us that they brought their Dog into a Vet for annual Examination and vaccinations at a cost of  $750 .. That’s beyond outrageous!
If Uncle Sam can give away the store to Every Shmuck and his Brother Jumping Our Border Then Let Him Impelmate This!
The sad reality of the situation is that no poor person or even the average working stiff can afford a Pet with todays skyrocketing costs that Veteranarian’s charge.
Every  time any Pet owner  takes a trip to the Vet they will pay between $85.& $100 and that’s not including any minor procedures such as nail clipping, shots,bathing,or any thing else that may be done.
It’s high time that the Government gives Medicare or Medicade to our Pets .We will say this from the Get Go it has to be an up hill battle all the way..It almost appears that if there’s is no group lobbing for some specific cause and making some sort of contribution to a Politician’s Re Election War Chest..It’ll never happen
Pet owners don’t hold your breath for Government Health Insurance for your Pets.Uncle Sam is slow in giving Veteran receiving pensions or compensation a COLA increase . So any movement on this issue will be very slow..It’s harder than pulling teeth for Animal rights groups can’t get laws passed to make stronger penalties for Animal abuse and Neglect. It seems that our Pets  are a non issue to our Lawmakers.However  the time has come to demand Medicade or Medicated for Pets.

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