When McDonald’s Initiates Automated Ordering..Lets All Wish Them A Fond Farewell..

  McDonald’s’  is perhaps the most successful fast chain as well as busiest both in America as well as abroad..Now they intend to terminate workers due to  new minimum wage requirements.& replace them with an automated ordering kiosk. What a brass set that their upper management has.
They should  be contented to have a fraction less profit.Their food leaves  an awful  lot to he desired to begin with.We guess that bombardment  with commercial pays off.Time for the public to wake up and bid them a fond farewell.
If I was in a famine zone such as Biafra and war starving To death and some walked by and said hey get your free McDonald’s here..I’d pass and “no thanks I’ll starve.”
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A New More Palatable Way to Be Anti Jewish..Be Pro Palestinian

          An Exercise In Bigotry.

 I been around for 70 years and I met my share of Jew haters. I heard all the lines and more of my share of Anti Semitic taunts and messages.Sad to say that a good deal of the time it was spoken right in front of me as I’m often mistaken for Italian
I never denied the fact that I’m Jewish and I am very proud of it.
I was in the Marines and took plenty of Anti Semitic brow beating on a daily basis as any Jew can verify to that who served in the Armed forces .
However today the Jew haters cloak there hated of Jews in the veil of Palestinian rights.

They couldn’t care less about the Palestinians but will say that in order to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more than hard core Jew Haters.
What they are really saying is ”the hell with the “Jew Bastards”
Today we witnessing bigots such as the likes of Jeremy Corbyn as he rears his ugly head on the world stage.

                  Jeremy Corbyn

When we hear and read stuff like that we have to wonder does these protesters really care one Ioda about the so called Palestinan plight?

News reporters are infamous for this new way of reporting this sham of these bigots venting their frustrations of being a Jew haters and at the same time wanting to come across well all Caring folks.
Do they really care about the poor Palestinian’s?

Not really they couldn’t care less about them in reality. Do you hear them being vocal about The Kurd’s or People in Africa or any of the worlds downtrodden people …answer “No” enough said/end

Kristallnacht once again

 Jewish shops  are targeted by Anti Semitics  crowds …read on…..

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