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Blast From The Past…2017 National Bagel Eating Contest Video Coverage At Bagel Boss Hicksville Location


Don “Moses”Lerman Celebrity  Judge
Bagel Boss Hicksville Location

Municipalities Stealing Taxpayers Blind And Are Focusing On Banning Plastic Straws As A Diversion



    A Lerman Report Exclusive…

Who is bullshitting who?..Municipalities are raising taxes to the roof .. Giving away 6 figure  patronage jobs &  no-show jobs to political cronies as if it were candy…no bid contracts..wasteful useless grant & study money giveaways and all this continues to go on unabatted.They are focusing on a smoke screen of an issue banning “plastic Straws” Is everyone that stupid to allow this charade this Shame to go on?
Another Red Herring is the “Plastic Shopping Bags “.The real reason for that is the retailers want to pass the cost of their bags to their customers and not  preserving our landfills & environment as they are telling us..looks like they got a great return on their lobbying efforts  to eliminate the cost of  bags from their own expenditure. What a we’d like to know just how much money the retail industry spent lobbying your local legislators to pass this bag issue into  law . Guess what the buying public still has to throw the bags away in to the garbage unless they intend to start a bag collection.Did  that ever cross their minds? So the bags still wind up back going into the landfills just as before only now the retailers save a bundle.
Oh yes Mr.& Mrs.Public now must bring  10-20  canvas bags from home every time that they go shopping and marketing…Fat Chance that will ever occur.
Wake up and demand that your local municipality stop this scam that they are perpetrating on Mr .& Mrs .Public

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Is Schumer A Lame Duck Senator?



Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign‏Can Schumer be reelected? He is voting and doing stuff contrary to his constitutes wishes. While personally against BDS he  could not convince or stop the entire anti BDS vote from failing.
Lets tell it like it is he’s losing his voting base. As of right now The Jewish voter is not going to vote for him..and does he think in  his wildest dreams that any of the new radical element in the party will ever in a million years vote for a Jew for senator then he’s only deluding himself.Dance with the on that took you to the party(Senate).
Although he initially spoke out against the  BDS  movement he was infective to stop other Democrat Senators from decrying that  BDS is constitutional protected free speech.Where was he as a Senate Minority Leader to  stand up & say that it was it’s not and is only cloaking Jewish hatred in the veil.if free speech and a big attempt to strangle Israel.

Why was he silent when new incoming member of Congress Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib in her first act in office to  accuse Jews of being disloyal to America..
Somebody pulled strings to lend out The Jefferson Koran from the Smithsonian for her to be sworn in on..who allowed it.We not implying that it was him…but he had to hear who did ..if  he didn’t he should have.
  Rashida Tlaib to swear in for Congress Jefferson’s Koran | Miami Herald
Bernie Sanders while elected as an independent he caucuses with the Democrats..where does he stand with Sanders association with Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory .Dov Hikind is a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman representing Brooklyn’s Assembly district 48, having held this position for 35 years, from January 1983 until December said Schumer no longer has American values .In 2006 he was 100% for border security and rallied against illegal border jumpers.He has now flip-flopped for  party purposes.Some critics say that he waited untill the senate pro Iranian deal vote was  already defeated before he placed his no vote ballot.
Sanders rhetoric ignores  Israels Right To Defend Itself…

It appears that He’ choosing not have any conformation with incoming Anti Israel Anti Jewish congressional  and Senate members. Is  he is working on it behind the scenes?
If so there are no press accounts of any activity coming from his office concerning that.
*Can Schumer And Pelosi Save An Exodus Of Jews & Old & stalwarts from leaving  the party ..click link below




Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s…A Lerman Report Exclusive!

      A friend of ours‍ made mention that the Advertising Industry is slipping into commercials commercial actresses that  bear a  striking resemblance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez every chance they get.This is being done to keep her in the public’s eye as much as they can.She is the new darling of the Democratic Party..Industry sources told us this and we take it as factual.Watch  a lot of commercials and  see for yourself.
As far as we are concerned the Democrats could have chosen a better staff bearer for their future.We consider her an empty suit with little upstairs.We are appalled at her support for the Palestinians which is paramount supporting terrorism.

 Now Watch This Trailer Invasion Of The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s..

Syosset Animal Hospital. Their Allergy Testing..In My Humble Opinion Is A Fraud Fraud Fraud Fraud.


My Dog After She Ate What The Syosset Animal Hospital Allgery Test Said Was OK

Animal Hospital at 700 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY 11791 in my humble opinion when it comes to algery testing is an out-and-out fraud..bogus..This is how their practice appears in Google search engine
Pet Allergies –  Animal Hospital – ..


Let me give everyone reading this story some real good advice Instead of going to the Syosset animal Hospital & paying them your hard earned money..Just go to your toilet Bowl …throw your money in it & flush   its easier it’s quicker..Either way you will never see your hard earned money again..This very practice refers to themselves as the “Gold  Standard”in Vetinary care..
Well if this  allergy testing is any my barometer of the quality of Syosett Animal  overall services .I would not refer to them  like they want to spoken of as “The Gold Standard” more like some metal on the bottom of the totum poll” So Due to the bogus nature of my Dogs test results that almost killed her I now dub them “The Trace Element Standard”  of veterinary allergy testing.
    Their Allergy Testing In My Humble Opinion is bogus and Fraud. I took my Dog into the Syosset Animal Hospital for allergy testing as my Penelope was getting hives from a host of Dog food brands as well as non dog foods brands..


The price for the initial allergy treatment injectable set is $236.25 and the price per injection for us to administer is $28 when we begin the injections she gets 1 injection once a week for 1 month then it’s monthly. When it’s time to refill the serum the refill is $217.50.
I was told to stand by for 2 weeks for results ..Low & Behold I got the results back in a week .It said that she was cleared for chicken.I gave her a bowl.if steamed chicken …she broke out like before.I called the lab that did the testing & they said that they want to make me happy & will re-do the test .
I Spoke to their head veterinarian said he told me  that the test is not  intended to actually show what she can safely eat but merely a guide
He said that I should do trial and error and buy different brands.
I said look I didn’t need to spend $750 so that you can tell me to do trial &  error.
Hr then tells me to get fresh venison .. what am a hunter? The Vet also said that she is allergic to me..I”m no dope I think that  in his own mind that was his escape clause  to absolve his bui‌sness of any mis dynastic stemming from these Blood work ups.
I called and said I’d like you please return my payment.He refused.I said look if I owed you money you would send it out to a recovery firm(bill collection) & if they are  succesful then you’d  only recieve h‎alf and the collection company would get the other half I ‘ll be nice about  this just give me half  of what spent on the actual test alone ..forget about the cost of the serum & we will call it a day..I will send you a  signed Bloom Release  form absolving your buisness from any further legal action.I  told him to do the right thing.I then terminated our phone conversion  .


If he does not return my money  Then my next step I will follow through and take him to court..Let him.set dowm and take stock.of the reality of the situation and what will occur .
It will cost him plenty in legal fees .He’s not stupid but his stubbornness on his part will ru cost him plenty ..No lawyer works for free.
So in the end I believe that if  We go to Court that “The truth shall prevail ” and I will win hands down and he will  wind up having to pay his Lawyer so much that he”d only wished that he would have taken me on with my offer.
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Will N.Y. Governor Coumo March In This Years Columbus Day Parade?



Glenn Miller – What Do You Do In The InfantryImage result for hand pointing picture

    We at The Lerman Report are going to publish this story a bit early. .
Being the new Political climate we are wondering if The Governor will march in this  years Columbus day parade or skip it.
Will he capitulate to the new left and side with the new lefts mantra of Columbus was an enslaver & murder.Will he march in the indigenous Native American Indian parade playing both ends to the middle?
     Will he ignore the rants of the nouvelle politically correct crowd and proudly march once again in the Columbus Day parade as  he did last year? Will he try to bring the Party back to Center.
We are witnessing Governor Andrew Coumo’s campaign T.V.spots it shows among others for a lack of a better word in his crowd or supporters featuring a Woman wearing the Hijab. Jewish voters are being disenfranchised from the Democrat Party.
With the brash of candidate’s such as … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .. Thomas Lopez-Pierre and the constant socialist rantings of Bernie Sanders all who are Pro Palestinian..This image then  becomes troublesome for Jewish voters.
We at the Lerman Report question the wisdom of his campaign to include and obvious Hijab weaning Muslim Woman in his commercial. Yes the Democrat party should be one of Inclusive of all..However the reality of the situation is  quite different.What is playing out in the Middle East with Israel and it’s adversaries and to include this in his  T.V. commercial  is turning off Jewish Voters big time.
Here is a clip of the New Darling of The Democrat Party Pro Palestinian Anti Israel Linda Sarsour

The optics  alone in Governor Coumo’s T.V. clip of “Inclusion”  is not a good one if he intends on having any Jewish support on Election Day.
It paints another picture of perhaps where he now stands Vis-à-vis  Israel vs. the Palestinians ..
Do you want Jewish Support = Jewish voters or Muslim Support= Muslim voters?.In todays volatile situation in the Mid East you have to take a side..you can’t straddle the fence & have both
From the surveys that we saw when asked to most Muslims “Does Israel have aright to exists and does Israel have  the right to defend itself” The answer every time with everyone asked is a loud and resolving “NO”..

We all know of his Presidential ambitions.So what will he do? So what will candidate Coumo do? Get in step with the new Democrat crowd to garner more votes?
Jewish voters do not feel comfortable with this new Democrat Party’s stance..Will he break ranks and do right thing by Marching up 5th Ave.on Columbus Day? Only time will tell.
Italian-Americans fight movement to abolish Columbus DayImage result for hand pointing picture
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We Honor And Remember Those Who Died In Active Military Service ..MONDAY MAY 28TH 2018


             Veterans  Freebies – 

Memorial Day Food Freebies and Deals – Offers.com


Memorial Day 2018 Deals & Freebies For Active Military and Veterans
Memorial Day Deals and Discounts: Where Active Military and …


L.I. School Taxes Taking Another Hike..Throw The Scoundrels Out Of Office


The Overtaxed L.I. Homeowner

     Homeowners are  once more being bent over and and is asked to shell out more for their school taxes .The various School Districts Superintendents are in full P.R damage control Mode
“We  Constantly are hearing  the School  Superintendents say”We want to keep students after school actives continuing”. Want to keep the after school programs from ending? Then quit your feather betting job ..Get rid of Tenure.The only tenure that I want to see is a good opera singer like Pavarotti.
Long Island is slowly becoming  a ghost town as the middle class and senior move away to lower taxed states & municipalities. Unless you have a civil service job  or perhaps a  no skilled job but you accumulated along the years of employment a lot of raises in salary then your stuck living in L.I.but if  you have a good job skill or a college degree then our suggestion to you is find a new home town or state to dwell  in.
Our politicians believe  government is a cash cow.. they have draining our coffers as they drink and drink plenty from the public’s through. They sold out the future for  your grandchildren to live here in Long Island.Enough is Enough already lets  end this insanity…
When will Mrs.& Mrs.Taxpayer wake up and  start the process to throw the scoundrels out of office?
Say NO to school tax increases & say Yes to cutting salaries.. ending tenure and handing out pink slips.


LI school taxes: 2.6 percent increase for 2018-19 | NewsdayLight Orchid
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