East Meadow Library Holds Stealth Election.

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 For those who haven’t heard yet, on March 7th 2017 the East Meadow Library held an election to exspand its library and to  have the homeowners taxes hiked. Now first of all all these Library and Firehouse elections should be well publicized and held at same time when the voting takes place for the school budge and not in the confines of Library building or the Firehouse .  The library’s are employee heavy.. You’ll find more employees there than patrons.to make matters even worse basically their clientele almost exclusively exists of vagrants or  homeless individuals who  hang out there for there strictly for  air conditioning. These employees are  for the most part the same folks who call you up at general election time to  get out the vote.. All the party faithful.. Self serving. You can access any and all info today from either your computer or smart phone.. Hence what do we need a library for anymore.. Just take a gander at your tax statement for what look at what your paying for library services and your eyes gonna pop right out of  your head.  We would like to know was this election conducted  under the supervision of the board of elections. If not so than who or what entity monitored the voting process., From what from information that we gather   this vote was not publicized on any media outlet.. It was merely posted on the library wall .. Taxpaying Homeowners”have the right to be notified when there is an election which the outcome will result in a property  tax hike.  At this particular time the East Meadow  demographics show  a large senior citizen contingent plus a large immagrant population who by in large remain illerterate in English  and so we can’t see for the life of us why these two groups even need a library and would want to vote for the increase.  The taxpaying homeowners are being taken to the cleaners.. They are getting fleeced big time and there seems to be not one elected official whatsoever who is willing to step up and advocate for them..
From now perhaps may we suggest that everyone go directly to town hall turn your pockets inside out plus put your  wallets on the desk and say ‘Here take whatever  you want but please just leave me us a small amount so can perhaps we can can  by a burger from the dollar store so we don’t starve to death.

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Restaurants Who Hire Illegals Should Be Closed Down and Fined Plenty

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       From what we hear & read in the Mainstream Press it appears that much of the  restaurants staff today are illegal aliens.They apparently want cheap labor but charge a premium price on what ever appears on their menus.. Simply Outrageous!. If this is found true then they should be shut down, boarded up and fined plenty..
    Having said that the was some sort of sick out where Illegal immigrants  protesting such practices. While we sympathize with the downtrodden  and agree that they are being taken advantage of  big time.. we will say this load and clear… No Non Citizen   especially an illegal alien has any right what so ever to protest in the U.S.A.. That is reserved for citizens only…  Any protester found to be undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it and  It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever  if they hail from  our Southern  or Candian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .
   It has come to our attention that in California has now given the go for head Illegal aliens to attain drivers licenses and can so will be eligible to vote as well.. If this is so then it must be stopped by the Federal Government. If that’s their intention then the California liberal Politicians care little about American Law all they really want to accomplish is  to create a voting class  that is indebted to them to keep their political party in office nothing more.  To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwa Jima and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away. Thou all non citizens are deserving of of Police protection..Certain Constitional right are not accored them such as protesting, voting and bringing  civils suits in an American Court this  is the sole right of U.S.Citizenship//end
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Governor Coumo Don’t Let L. I. Down Again..

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            L.I. Along with N.Y.C. Pays the Lions Share of all  N.Y State Tax Revenue, that also goes for all lotto sales too. While New York City gets everything on their wish list from the State, Long Island ( Nassau & Suffolk County) remains the step child of the state..Governor Cosmo got L. I. the worlds worst Utility company PSC&G. While Long Islanders were assured that their rates would not be raised in 3 years in the first 5 months correct us if we’re mistaken but PSC&G passed along 6 raises.  Governor Coumo put a cap on school tax.. nearly every school busted the cap. Now he proposing from what we gather to  perhaps consolidate school districts to lower property tax.. That will kill the  high resale value of our homes. Thats not the solution.. The solution is to get rid of all these high priced Administrators.. The School Superintendents and  all their leaching cronies. Next get rid of Tenure. What we gave a bunch of high salaried burnt out teachers that can’t be fired. 
What we have is a crazy set of protocol when it comes to a school tax hike vote.. If it fails.. It is brought up again for a another vote in 60  days..If  its voted  down once more for approval your taxes still go up.. But after school programs such as sports and music are cut meanwhile all the  the Administrators and Teachers remain above the fray.. Their salaries and perks are not touched one ioda.
The school district heads will always try to bust any  future cap.. You can bet you house on that. What the Governor should do when they propose to bust any cap is immediately have the Administrators arrested. That will send a clear & resounding message that this will no longer be tolerated. This is what Nasssua  and Suffolk Counties needs.. As it stands now the school system is  not really there  to educate the students but strictly as a  vehicle for employess to make a living. Many of us l old timers remember back in the 1950″s when  teachers told students that sanitation  workers make as much as them  (that should have been brought up to the Mayor not the grade school  students) . . With all the holidays and winter and Holiday recess the teachers  accually only  work 6 months a year.. We Don’t feel sorry for them. Our heart goes out for the students and Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer. /the final complaint on Governor Court is  that you had a great heart when you were  the New York State Attorney General but why did your cuts have to  include the Developmental Disabled  was that neccesary ? Look we all know that deep down  Coumos a decent guy and its no secret that he has perhaps future Presidental assperations ..but  let him do the right thing by Long Island  first/end
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N.Y State To Push To Clean up Grumman Poluted Water Area..Just a Photo Op..




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N.Y.States proposal to clean up the Grumman area Poluted by the Navy and Gruman..It just doesn’t sound right to us. Their going to pump out poisoned water and replace it with good water..sounds a bit whacky  like Junk Science to us. The water is to be pumped out  & is going right back into the ground..In the future were going to be right back in the same spot. It takes 30 long  years for the water that was collected in the recharge  basins  (Sumps) to enter the  L.I. Aquifers. Right now  if they drill any further they will be at the Brackish( salt)  level..It sounds to us a like damage control & Grand Standing directed towards  with Mr & Mrs.Taxpayer who living in a High Tax State and County that from the Politicans and nothing more.

Just exactly how much is it going to cost us..are bonds going to be  floated  (got to pay them back down the line) or is our taxes going up..There is supposed to be a superfund in place for this already..where it that money now..Uncle Sam  mUst pay any cost incured 100%. We will tell you this much for what Grumman did the  water supply plus the fact  (thou unrelated) to this issue & too U.S.grants and  reneged on their promise to keep jobs in L.I. that Grumman  should be permanently baned from being permitted to do any further buisness with the Federal Government .

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Don Moses Lerman will be a Judge at the 2nd Annual National Bagel Eating Contest Hicksville Location Sunday 2/12

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Keith T.defends his Title.  432 S Oyster Bay Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801  1 Pm

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Nassau County OTB…Shut Them Down

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     Lets shut down and eliminate each & every OTB beating parlor County wide . Why you ask ? Because its nothing but a cash cow politicaly conected people thats why.While the lines place bets are from here to next week and their doing a Land Office Buisness the does the County really  benifit from OTB ?..A while back Town of Hempstead Supervisor Mondello left that position and moved on to OTB president..The next Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor  Peterson did the same .  Another Pension perhaps?  A bigger salary ? . .Its got to come under some sort of independent review and shut down permanently… Plus they are consitanly looking to open up OTB casino  style betting facilaties which the homeowners are always against..and guess what ? they dont care..
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Stop Increase on The L.I.R.R…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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      Stop the fare hike on the L.I.R.R. What is Long Island getting from the State of New York..along with New York hefty fair increase  on the Rail Road a few years ago ?  Anwser….Nothing…  Now they want more.. . .What in God’s name is going on ? The MTA is out of line big time.. The L.I.R.R is the lifeline for the suburban commuter If anything TheRail Road should recieve a subsidy  not an increase from the MTA.
Nassau and Suffolk County alongs with N.Y.C. pays practicaly everything into the State Coffers from The bulk of the Taxes to  The Lotto  Revenue …While N.Y.C  gets  whatever it wants & asks for from the State …Nassau and Suffolk County remains the Step Child of New York State . Is there no end to this nightmare of increases?  Governor Coumo along with getting Long Islanders PSC&G as our Power Supplier which is raking  the ratepayers unmercifully over the hot coals he is not doing enough to end the stop increase in Long island School taxes…Why should Nassau and Suffolk voters even think of supporting him if he ever has assperations  to run for national office ?
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Panera Breads Clean Menu.. . Bovine Manure


Panera Bread is doing a Multi Millian Dollar commercial media blitz a Campaign to Push their”Clean Menu” Well I purchase a bagel which was accompianed with an individual  packet of an cream cheese which I photographed and I posted it right here..Well you be the judge.. Related image

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