L.I. School Taxes Taking Another Hike..Throw The Scoundrels Out Of Office


The Overtaxed L.I. Homeowner

     Homeowners are  once more being bent over and and is asked to shell out more for their school taxes .The various School Districts Superintendents are in full P.R damage control Mode
“We  Constantly are hearing  the School  Superintendents say”We want to keep students after school actives continuing”. Want to keep the after school programs from ending? Then quit your feather betting job ..Get rid of Tenure.The only tenure that I want to see is a good opera singer like Pavarotti.
Long Island is slowly becoming  a ghost town as the middle class and senior move away to lower taxed states & municipalities. Unless you have a civil service job  or perhaps a  no skilled job but you accumulated along the years of employment a lot of raises in salary then your stuck living in L.I.but if  you have a good job skill or a college degree then our suggestion to you is find a new home town or state to dwell  in.
Our politicians believe  government is a cash cow.. they have draining our coffers as they drink and drink plenty from the public’s through. They sold out the future for  your grandchildren to live here in Long Island.Enough is Enough already lets  end this insanity…
When will Mrs.& Mrs.Taxpayer wake up and  start the process to throw the scoundrels out of office?
Say NO to school tax increases & say Yes to cutting salaries.. ending tenure and handing out pink slips.


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Mangano Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Nassau GOP..This Ships Going Down


                                  HARENDRA SINGH                                                      ED MANGANO

When we watch T.V and read the various news feeds concerning Ed Manganos alleged lack of a better word) ” Shakedown”of Harendra Singh who turned state witness who apparently shelled out plenty to Mangano and company.
Mind you that  Harendra Singh is just one A cog in the wheel among thousands of  other Businessmen and Businesses in Nassau County who apparently have play ball with The Republican Elected Officials in Nassau county if they wanted to get something done.. Put up or Shut up..No show Jobs ..Six figure Jobs given to Crony’s’ and Relative’s are what our Republican  and relative’s are what Nassau County Government has succumb to the Republican Party in Nassau County which many consider to be an Old Boys Club.
 Right now the Federal Attorney should prosecute Mangano  along with every other Republican who profited from the County trough with the same Vim and Vigor no different from anyone else.They Lined  their pockets and filled their war Chest with our hard-earned  Tax Dollars for ..Now its time reel them in and have them  pay the piper..

 We are also at a loss as to why the N.Y. State Fiscal Review Board knew nothing from this all along. Weren’t they just a bit suspicious with all the patronage jobs and overpriced supply contracts and such ? After all the Governor put them there to keep an eye on the financial string in Nassau  County. They were intended to act as watch dogs and protectors  of our money.  Why did they play Putzavta (Feigning Stupidity) all along. If they actually knew anything and didn’t say anything then they are as guilty as Mangano.  You Know What?  They had to know ..after all they knew of every penny in Nassau’s Coffers ..If proven true than they were complacent and part and partial of the problem but never the solution and they will face the same fate as Mangano.

Homeowners  Taxes  are so high  in Nassau County from this bullshit ..no-show jobs ..patronage appointees . contract giveaways..You name it the Taxpayer are footing Taxpayer in Nassau County. Your going to see an Exodus from the Island the likes the World has not witnessed for 3,500 years ago since Moses led the Israelite’s out of Egypt. Now the new incoming Administration Under Democrat  Laura Curran is poised to assess every homeowners property..also don’t be bit surprised if those infamous speed cameras rears their Ugly Head once more as well.
Singh details perks at Mangano’s corruption trial | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture


Edward Mangano took $17,007 pay raise | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture
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Starz Dropped by Altic USA Cable Systems and Screws Subscribers

    The Crying Cable Subcriber

 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign
        In a surprise stealth move Altic USA Cable Systems has removed “Starz” stations from subscribers line up.This was done in the cover of darkness so to speak without any notice on New Years Day of 2018.The timing had to be deleberate and strategically timed  making it totaly imposible to call up their offices and complain as they were completly closed for the New Years Day.
We are sure that they were new they could get away  with this crap as it appears it was be all done within the of parameters the Law.Proberly some fine print or Double Talk Speak on everyones Cable Bill lets them walk away  unscathed with absolutly no culpabilty whatsover.
Aprarently some thing went awry in their negotiations and the losses and as usual they immediatly passed on to the custumers..Let any losses in profits or operating costs be concured by the stockholders not the subscribers.
Everyone already pays threw the nose for cable.
They  connstantly look for more ways to exstract more money from our wallets with “On Demand”and”Pay Per View” as if we don’t pay enough already.
What they just did this time to the Subscribers is  paramount to what a Husband does to his Wife on their Honeymoon.
They seem to have Carte Blanch on every raise that they force on to their allready over charged subscribers.
We guess that all their lobbing payed off for them.The Public seems not to have any advocates when it comes to Cable vs.The Public..It seems that all of our Elected Officials remaim out of site and out of the loop once again  as Mighty Cable  takes out The Steam Roller from their garage and once more Fattens Their Subsribers.

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New Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Poises To Screw The Residents

Connie Francis – Who’s Sorry Now – 1958 – YouTubeLight Orchid


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  We said this last  year when Mangano was still County Executive ..That after the Elections we will see the return of “SPEED CAMERAS”.We at the Lerman Report urge the newly elected County Executive to rethink this insanity of returning speed camera’s to close the County’s Budget.
Laura Curran the Lerman Report endorsed you in your electon bid and one of  the very first things that you  want to do screw the redidents….Shame on you! This is not the way to balance the County’s Budget..The way to return to fiscal solventry is to give out pink slips to all the unneccecary political patronage jobs.How much more taxes and fees can the People of Nassau County endure?
We urge you “Do Not Reemplement The Speed Camera’s to balance the Buget.


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A Lerman Report Exclusive… Are T.V. Networks & Commercials Subliminaly Pushing The Palestinian Agenda?

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A One Minute Read….

You be the Judge ..We posted these 3 pictures from current T.V.commercials.The first one depicting a school teacher in a class room hosting a box from Progressive Insurance the 2nd of a manager at a Dairy Queen 3rd and finally a commercial from a TJ Max in which a woman making what it appears to be making an imaginary frame around her face in a cute fashion taking place at the conclusion of that commercial.
All these commercial spots are attempting to manipulate your feelings thoughts & perceptions of some people of  the several million immigrants of Arab decent who are slated to arrive soon on our shores
They look to be of  Middle Eastern origin though the actors themselves may be a different ethnic backgrounds..but its definite that they are not Swedish. The producers intent obviously is to make it appear as if  they of Middle Eastern background. The actors  in these commercials  present appear non threatening and  likeable folks.This is paramount to behavior modification.
We at the Lerman Report know this to be true..We were tipped off and told of this on the QT by confidential sources from within the Advertising Industry on the condition that we neither reveal their names or the firm in which employees them.

New Sprint Commercial With Commercial Actress Sporting A Keffiyeh Style Scarf

 We are left with no choice but conclude this is 100% Factual. Why?  because we  are now witnessing the Palestinian or Hamas keffiyeh (scarf) a checkerboard type pattern making many appearances on the scene.They are being slipped into Magazine Ads as well as T.V. Commercials.  We have spotted an awful lot of Keffiyeh style scarves being worn by actors in many commercials
Palestinian keffiyeh – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture
The most disturbing  aspect is when we spotted a  T.V. news reporters sporting an articles of clothing of  clothing bearing a  similar fashion.The news outlets have to be aware of what their field and on air reporters are wearing if only for the mere appearance of imperpriorty.We are witnessing this on an awful lot of News spots. So many as there many segments  that a blind man can spot them.
This diclsplaying the keffiyeh may have been basically going on for quite some time unnoticed.
For Example We saw a piece on the evening news in a Court Room with cameras scanning the Visitors Gallery.  There we see a man in a keffiyeh pattern shirt holding a cell phone which case was just happen to have the identical matching keffiyeh pattern..In addition in the same Court Camera Scan  we see  an Attorney  ( not his counselor) while approaching the bench & was wearing the exact keffiyeh pattern neck tie..
A Coincidence? Come on the public is not that stupid..If The Lerman Report Staff spotted it right away then were are pretty sure other viewers did as well.  Who knows with all these charges of fake new going around perhaps they are  right .The News seems to be part and partial of this manipulation of thought…We can well document all of what we are claiming ..

Watch Out For Keffiyeh Paterns On Clothing… Beware This is What Advertisers  Really What Want You To Accept.     

We at The Lerman Report are compiling a list of all companies that have the Keffiyeh  incorporated (cleverly snuck in) within their commercials.When you see for yourself  what product manufacturers that  are part and partial to promoting this agenda. .Then you decide if you want to  continue buy their items.So stand bye we will be posting each and every sponsors involved.Believe us when we tell that list is quite lengthy.
Remember when Angela Merkel had reservation about allowing in all the Muslim Immigrants to settle in Germany and President Obama reassured her saying .”In Europe your on the right side of history” Pretty Scary if you that’s she is wiling to sacrifice her nation for some  Bizarre   Social  Engineering Plan. This nouvelle Philosophy of if  you can’t beat them then Join Them should never be an option

.                     CONCLUSION…

 Keep an eye on the commercials and you”ll see for yourselves more of the same of what we just described..The proof is in the pudding.   This is not by accident or hazardly..it’s downright deliberate. Are the Advertising Agency’s so far above the fray that they are willing to sacrifice Judeo- Christian Culture & Values  for   the evil that may be unleashing on society ? It looks like for enough money people don”t mind selling their souls to the Devil.
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The Lerman Report Endorses Laura Gillen For Town of Hempstead Supervisor

    Town of Hempstead Taxpayer
Fiorello – ‘Politics and Poker’ Light Orchid
Click open link in new tabHuman Ear Clip Art
 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign  It’s time for every concerned taxpayer to vote out The Republican Leadership in The Town of Hempstead .When you have such an entity in goverment the likes of The Town of Hempstead Industrial Review Board who are non elected officals who grants a multi million dollar giveway to the Green Acrea Mall Owners without any oversight from higher up officials.Somethings not right with that picture.A giveaway of that magatude had to pass muster with the higher up Elected Offcials. Hempstead Town Supervisor  Anthony Santino along with other elected higher ups claimed that they were not in the loop..You believe that? We at the Lerman Report.Com finds it hard to fathom that they were held in the dark..If you do then we have Bridge in Brooklyn that We’d like to sell you. Because as of right now of this each and every Valley Stream Homeowners Taxes will now go up anywhere from $950 to $ 1500 per year.. Today Valley Stream tommorro your town.. So please don’t try to convince us that the Higher Up Elected officals knew nothing of this deal untill it hit the Newspapers.(*note it’s now in the hands of the Court)
 On a different note The Town of Oyster Bay supervisor was indicted for corruption.Yet we will give him credit since his Town had the money to build Ice Skating Rinks,,Gyms,a New Parking Garage at The Hicksville Rail Road Station in addition his Towns homeowners got new sidewalks,curbs, aprons and new paved roads on their blocks.Why wasn’t these amenities ever slated and implemented in the T.O.H  Many T.O.H residents tell us it’s been over 40 years and still old have broken streets on their blocks.
 The Republican Party throughout Nassua County including the The Town of Hempstead  have become sort of an “Old Boys Club”.
If  your happy with the present situation in the T.O.H.then on Election Day pull the Republican lever when your on the voting Booth. If the Republican Canidate wins then its your no ones fault but your own .Then exspect nothing to change .Listen I never blame the victim but if you cast your vote for Santino then you whould be part and parcial to his victory..Wisen up  this time around vote for Laura Gillen.

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Voters Should End The Republican Dynasty In Nassau County…


      The Nassau County Broke Taxpayer

     Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign 
 It’s time to vote out Republican Party in Nassau County.For years they ran  roughshod over the taxpayers.They sold out any future for your Grandchildren to live and raise a family here in Nassau County.How many of you remember the Speed Camera’s? Though loud public outcry  put an end those Camera’s the Red Light Camera’s still exsist..and it really has nothing to do with the Road Safety..it’s all about Revenue nothing more.The Republican Party has become a sort of “Old Boys Club” The N.Y. State Fiscal Board pulls the purse strings for Nassau County no longer is allowed that privilege after years of Mismanagement.Yet there had never been massive layoffs in any attempt in order to balance the buget.
Nassau County pays among the highest taxes nationwide..There’s an old expression “A New Broom Sweeps Clean”.We’ve spoken to many registered Republican voters they tell that this time around they will vote a straight Democratic ticket. Vote this time around for Laura Curran.
We urge every Nassau Voter to do the same.

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Columbus Day Must Remain Stop All This Political Correct Crap

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   I’ve been hearing all this anti Columbus retoric for way over 20 years …but now it has reached a  crescendo as the whispers are getting louder amoung it’s Amen Corner. The new  Politicaly Correct Police are vigorusly pushing and promoting their agenda. I will say this up front that I’m not a bigot or a racist so please I don’t need anyone to preach morality to me.I’ve never uttered or hurled a projarative towards any one of any group even in anger in all my entire life nor have I hindered any groups Progress to rise up rungs of the ladder to obtain the American Dream.This Liberal Political Correct Crap must stop..In trying to push forth thier agenda they steam roll over Everyone elses cultures caring nothing about any feelings or senisitivitys other than thier own.
Columbus Day was well in place and celebrated way before any of the politicaly correct new commers immigrated to this country and decided to call it home.It appears that if any other beliefs don’t fit into your grand scope of your ideology it most must go.That was never the American way.What your doing is stirring up a hornets nest of new reverse discriminstion.If this nonsence continues to escalates pretty soon low lifes such as The KKK and Neo Nazi’s will get into the frey.I hope it never gets to that point because I find those groups the most discusting of all mankind and how dare all of you and your ilk attempt to place me and others who honor Columbus amoung them.This was a peaceful nation for the most untill the Politicaly Correct Police reared thier ugly head createing new issues such as this one. Columbus Day is a treasured American Holiday for many centuries. When I see these Anti Columbus Crowd looking to tear down statues of Columbus it reminds me of  ISIS smashing ancient Assyrian and Judeo-Christian Artifacts in Palmyra Iraq.
I find that those who subscribe to Political Correctness never allows for any compromises of their views ..its either thier way or the hi-way. Since all those in the forfront of this Anti Columbus movement respects nobody elses Culture, Heritage or Traditions We at the Lerman Report can lend absolutly no symphathy whatsoever towards their cause.

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