Columbus Day Must Remain Stop All This Political Correct Crap
  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   I’ve been hearing all this anti Columbus retoric for way over 20 years …but now it has reached a  crescendo as the whispers are getting louder amoung it’s Amen Corner. The new  Politicaly Correct Police are vigorusly pushing and promoting their agenda. I will say this up front that I’m not a bigot or a racist so please I don’t need anyone to preach morality to me.I’ve never uttered or hurled a projarative towards any one of any group even in anger in all my entire life nor have I hindered any groups Progress to rise up rungs of the ladder to obtain the American Dream.This Liberal Political Correct Crap must stop..In trying to push forth thier agenda they steam roll over Everyone elses cultures caring nothing about any feelings or senisitivitys other than thier own.
Columbus Day was well in place and celebrated way before any of the politicaly correct new commers immigrated to this country and decided to call it home.It appears that if any other beliefs don’t fit into your grand scope of your ideology it most must go.That was never the American way.What your doing is stirring up a hornets nest of new reverse discriminstion.If this nonsence continues to escalates pretty soon low lifes such as The KKK and Neo Nazi’s will get into the frey.I hope it never gets to that point because I find those groups the most discusting of all mankind and how dare all of you and your ilk attempt to place me and others who honor Columbus amoung them.This was a peaceful nation for the most untill the Politicaly Correct Police reared thier ugly head createing new issues such as this one. Columbus Day is a treasured American Holiday for many centuries. When I see these Anti Columbus Crowd looking to tear down statues of Columbus it reminds me of  ISIS smashing ancient Assyrian and Judeo-Christian Artifacts in Palmyra Iraq.
I find that those who subscribe to Political Correctness never allows for any compromises of their views ..its either thier way or the hi-way. Since all those in the forfront of this Anti Columbus movement respects nobody elses Culture, Heritage or Traditions We at the Lerman Report can lend absolutly no symphathy whatsoever towards their cause.

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Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C.

***For Nassau County Residents and visitors.READ ON
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…Nassau County Must Adopt Exact Resturant Health Code Law As N.Y.C. The  Dinning public has a right to know who has a Roach or Rodent problem..who’s back room and kitchen has the mice droppings etc ..etc..etc.We heard that although there will this code system .the rating cards will not be displayed in the resturants window as N.Y.C. law requires. Why ?We want the rating cards displayed just like it is in N.Y.C. resturants less..write your county executive today and let them know how you feel.

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I Went To School With Fidel Castro’s Son At P.S.20 Queens

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 Now that we have normal relations with Cuba I’d like to tell this story of mine so here it goes…
  It Was in the late 1950’s -1961. Fidel Castro had sent his son to live with his sister in Flushing N.Y. during the revolution of Cuba,& attended my school P.S 20 in Queens & when the war was over and Batista was ousted from office, Fidel was supposed to come to my school, and take home his son home in  dramatic fashion in an elaborate ceremony  at the Tuesday Assembly. Fidel was busy and sent his brother Raul Castro in his place,  I remember  Raul and his  fatigued wearing comrades marching down the aisle during our assembly…
   Raul presented the principal Mr. Phillips with a giant bust Fidel and Mr. Phillips couldn’t stop showing off and bragging that he was friends with Fidel Castro. Not long after that assembly Fidel started summary executions and reveled that he was  a communist. Mr. Philips hid the Castro bust in the cellar of the school and that was the end of his bragging.     My  Great Great grandfather and his older son had lived down south during the American Civil  War, and   left as there was not any work after the American Civil War during  the reconstruction period  down South in what was the former Confederacy and  to returned to Europe for employment….
Their  return to Europe was short  lived as they were to  forced to flee eastern Europe at the onset of the pogroms , and settled in Cuba  as they were not able to immigrate to The U.S.  since  they lived in the C.S.A. However my Great Great Grandfathers  youngest son my Great Grandfather in which I’am named after was born in Europe and was  able to secure a visa & immigrate to this country . . My mothers  Mother would travel to Miami  to visit her  Grandfather, uncle and cousins during the 1920’s and 1930’s from Cuba.     Castro confiscated property and  money from the common folk , now we are not talking about Big Sugar or Big Tobacco , but the Small Retail owner the Mom & Pop style shops ,  in which I had relatives that  fled Cuba , ..     Castro was billed as a guerilla fighter ,well that’s just a fancy more palatable way the press cleaned it up for a different than Hamas .By the way all of my family in Cuba’s money and properties confiscated by the Castro regime without reparations .people were burying money as hopeing Castro would only be in power temporarily.well that did not happen  and thats  the way it was.
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We Support The Police But There Is a Particular Policy or Practice That They Must Reevalulate..

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    Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     Let us start off saying the We at The  Lerman Report support the Police infacticly, Our Editorial  Board was  both highly reluctataint and hesitant in publishing this post as perhaps it might lead to an anti Poice bias that was never and is not our intention now. However there is one issue that stands out that doesn’t sit well with Us.
To protect the privacy and confidentiality of those whom we are about to mention We will refrain from using their real names. The Police in N.Y.C.and in Nassau County do or have done this if not as an official policy but perhaps a practice that they must cease to do. If someone is some sort of altercation with lets say a neighbor this is what almost always happens…. We personally know of a story in which a woman who sent her son to get a quart of milk in their apartment buildings milk machine.. The money got stuck in the machine a few times as her son hit the machine a few times trying to retrieve his money as he attempted to get the milk…. The noise was  very disturbing to the another tenant that the son was making attempting to get back his mother’s money from the malfunctioning Milk Machine.  That other tenant then confiscated the kids money telling him he was making to much noise. When the kid went back up to the apartment his mother says “Where’s the Milk? The son replied” That this guy on apartment 205 took the money away from me ” The mother rushes to the lobby &  approached this guy and said”  let me have the money that you too from my son back ” The guy wouldn’t budge and she insisted that he he return the money that he confiscated from her son.
 The man says you want something? I’ll give you this.. and Boom he begins to deliver a series of  punches and slaps her untill she is  black-and- blue and lying on  the floor .. The bldg.  security called the police. Now this woman was only 5 feet tall maybe 110lbs soaking wet but this guy was 6’6”weighing pretty close to 500 lbs. He looked liked  Haystack Calhoon the former wrestling champion. It was quite obvious as who did the assaulting.. But now listen up… this is the practice that We now refer to… There are always 2 cops  on the scene one goes  to the principle complaintee while the other goes over to the guy and suggests to him that he press counter charges and then most certainly she’ll drop her complaint as she probably don’t want to be arrested too. Now While We would venture that it is not official Police Policy..  But it is or  was  Police Practice. What We just told you is the 100% truth as we say in Yiddish “The Epis” This particular Accually occurred We can access both the arrest records and the court document that will prove that it was on the Docket.  Whether this still goes on…  Who’s to say.. Thou this incident happened years back  anyone who was ever in a similar situation will swear on a stack of Bibles that this is so.
Police should never have been told the other party to press counter charges. Why did they do what they did? One could only speculate as to why…Less paper work Lesscourt appearances? Exactly why it s only speculation.. Read on .
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School Budget Votes Passed… We Don’t Buy It…

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          The school budgets in 123 school districts passed in Long Island.. We at The Lerman Report.Com are scratching our heads in disbelief.. Everyone we talk to is up in arms and totally outraged at the constant increases in our school taxes any it’s passing at the ballet box with flying colors. The laws must be rewritten concerning the school budget votes.. One if it fails it’s brought back to the ballet box in 60days for a remote. If that vote fails too its still increased but not to the intended amount.. Its a no loose situation for the school administrators. That’s the crux of  the problem.. You have to rein in the administration and its higher ups who care little or nothing for the education of the students and  definitely nothing for the plight of the taxpayer . They scare and threatening us with eliminating school sports and programs while they remain above the fray with untouchable salary cuts or reductions in their benifit package .. Many teachers are burnt out.. Tenure must be eliminated.. The voting tallies must be recounted.. Whenever there is a Cap on School Taxes the School Districts will bust it  as easy busting a pimple.  Each and every the voting machine plus the  computers that tallied the votes  have to be forensicly taken apart as to find out if the final outcome matched what the Board oof Elections claimed .. The voting public is startled as to the outcome.

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Long Island School Elections 2016-17 – Data – NewsdayImage result for pointing finger picture

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Long Beach Developer Must Believe Government Exists For Their Own Purposes

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         Manhattan developer IStar Financial, with Plainview-based contractor E.W. Howel is tring to receive a $109M tax break from the city of Long  Beach. This development outfit has to be put in their  place. To insist to a point where they remain indignant as to the fact that they are not getting a handout in the form of a tax abatement is way beyond the realm of decency. This is another travesty that would be put on backs for the Long Beach Homeowners. Apparently they have the audacity to threaten some sort of legal action to advance their  selfish interests.  Hey the Government is not anyone’s  “Cash  Cow”.  The homeowners are already paying through the nose when it comes to taxes. Your corporation is way out of line. To put your hands out for sort Cash Break for your private venture that no entity other than your own corporation will benefit  is the hight of Chutzpah (in the English vernacular “you have some of set of balls” )
We at here at The Lerman Report believe the Long Beach City manager most now Ban this company from any and all future buisness dealings with the city of Long Beach starting from right now.
If any politician goes along with  this proposed giveaway  we suggest you vote  them out of office, starting with immediately impeachment  and conduct a full investigation into their finances with an audit of their bank accounts going back 5 years to see if there is any paper trail of money exchanging hands for any and all favors from the Long Beach government.

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Chutzpah | Define Chutzpah at

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France No Longer a French Nation

Maurice Chevalier – Sweepin’ the Clouds Away
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         France has ceased to become a French Nation. The immigrant population has finally outnumbered the Frenchman. With the election of Emmanuel Macron it shows a new pivot point in not only French politics but the very fabric of France itself. Macron received a whopping 2/3 of the vote… This is unprecedented basically the France electorate feels a more close kinship with the E.U. Than being Independent French Nation.  As  A Matter Of Fact Macron Snubbed the  “La Marseillaise” The French National Anthem In Favor Of The E.U Anthem “Ode To Joy”.
   We remember all to well when  Charles de Gaulle  refused to allow Nato Troops and Nato Military Bases on French Soil..He insisted on France being its become the opposite.. At one time it was virtually impossible to obtain French citizenship if you were not born in France even if your family lived in France for  3 generations.   Perhaps if you enlisted in the French Foreign legion then maybe citizenship could become a reality.  Lately France has been Pressuring and Pushing Israel to Capitulate and Summit To A Two State Solution..Which We All Heard Over And Over From North The Palestine People And Their Leadership That A 2 State Solution is just a Stepping Stone To Destroy Israel..For Israel to Ever Sign Another Peace Treaty With The Palestinians Would Be  Nothing Short of Shear Lunacy  After The Palestinians Reneged on the Last 2  Peace Treaties First When Israel relinquished Control Over Sinai,the Second the handing  over of part of Judea and  Samaria (West bank) as a Prelude for Further Peace..Instead they Received  More intifada, More Random Stabbings,Vehicular Assaults and Vehicular Homicides,Tunnels to sneak into Isreal in Order To Murder Innocent Israeli Families While They Are Sleeping To Rockets launched into Israeli Towns,The Anti Jewish  Hatred being Taught in Their U.N. Run and Funded Schools,monetary Rewards for Murdering Jews Issued from the Palestine Authority as Well as Streets Being Named for terrorists Who  Murder Jews. The Sponsoring of The Lopsided Hateful Resolutions At The U.N which disavows Jewish People Claiming Any Connection Or Historical Ties to Jerusalem and Judaism most Holyist  Site “The Kotel” (The Western Wall) Do These Events In Way any Produce an Atmosphere That Is In Any Way  Conducive In Which Isreal Can Engage In Any Contractual agreement? Everyone knows That The Palestinians Will Never Accept An Israel Evening If It Were Only One Inch Wide. Who’s Fooling Who?
So France Now With Your Large Immigrant Muslim Population It Wont Be Long Until You Will Ne Asked To Create A 2 State Solution Of Your Own Right Smack In France Itself …When You Do Then Please Let Israel know How you Like It Untill That Time Comes Along.. Mind Your  Own business!
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East Meadow Library Holds Stealth Election.

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 For those who haven’t heard yet, on March 7th 2017 the East Meadow Library held an election to exspand its library and to  have the homeowners taxes hiked. Now first of all all these Library and Firehouse elections should be well publicized and held at same time when the voting takes place for the school budge and not in the confines of Library building or the Firehouse .  The library’s are employee heavy.. You’ll find more employees there than make matters even worse basically their clientele almost exclusively exists of vagrants or  homeless individuals who  hang out there for there strictly for  air conditioning. These employees are  for the most part the same folks who call you up at general election time to  get out the vote.. All the party faithful.. Self serving. You can access any and all info today from either your computer or smart phone.. Hence what do we need a library for anymore.. Just take a gander at your tax statement for what look at what your paying for library services and your eyes gonna pop right out of  your head.  We would like to know was this election conducted  under the supervision of the board of elections. If not so than who or what entity monitored the voting process., From what from information that we gather   this vote was not publicized on any media outlet.. It was merely posted on the library wall .. Taxpaying Homeowners”have the right to be notified when there is an election which the outcome will result in a property  tax hike.  At this particular time the East Meadow  demographics show  a large senior citizen contingent plus a large immagrant population who by in large remain illerterate in English  and so we can’t see for the life of us why these two groups even need a library and would want to vote for the increase.  The taxpaying homeowners are being taken to the cleaners.. They are getting fleeced big time and there seems to be not one elected official whatsoever who is willing to step up and advocate for them..
From now perhaps may we suggest that everyone go directly to town hall turn your pockets inside out plus put your  wallets on the desk and say ‘Here take whatever  you want but please just leave me us a small amount so can perhaps we can can  by a burger from the dollar store so we don’t starve to death.

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Restaurants Who Hire Illegals Should Be Closed Down and Fined Plenty

. The California LWmakersImage result for illegal immigrant protest pictureRelated image
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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       From what we hear & read in the Mainstream Press it appears that much of the  restaurants staff today are illegal aliens.They apparently want cheap labor but charge a premium price on what ever appears on their menus.. Simply Outrageous!. If this is found true then they should be shut down, boarded up and fined plenty..
    Having said that the was some sort of sick out where Illegal immigrants  protesting such practices. While we sympathize with the downtrodden  and agree that they are being taken advantage of  big time.. we will say this load and clear… No Non Citizen   especially an illegal alien has any right what so ever to protest in the U.S.A.. That is reserved for citizens only…  Any protester found to be undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it and  It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever  if they hail from  our Southern  or Candian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .
   It has come to our attention that in California has now given the go-ahead  for  Illegal aliens to attain drivers licenses and can so will be eligible to vote as well.. If this is so then it must be stopped by the Federal Government. If that’s their intention then the California liberal Politicians care little about American Law all they really want to accomplish is  to create a voting class  that is indebted to them to keep their political party in office nothing more.  To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwa Jima and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away. Though all non citizens are deserving of of Police protection..Certain Constitional right are not accored them such as protesting, voting and bringing  civils suits in an American Court this  is the sole right of U.S.Citizenship//end
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Governor Coumo Don’t Let L. I. Down Again..

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            L.I. Along with N.Y.C. Pays the Lions Share of all  N.Y State Tax Revenue, that also goes for all lotto sales too. While New York City gets everything on their wish list from the State, Long Island ( Nassau & Suffolk County) remains the step child of the state..Governor Cosmo got L. I. the worlds worst Utility company PSC&G. While Long Islanders were assured that their rates would not be raised in 3 years in the first 5 months correct us if we’re mistaken but PSC&G passed along 6 raises.  Governor Coumo put a cap on school tax.. nearly every school busted the cap. Now he proposing from what we gather to  perhaps consolidate school districts to lower property tax.. That will kill the  high resale value of our homes. Thats not the solution.. The solution is to get rid of all these high priced Administrators.. The School Superintendents and  all their leaching cronies. Next get rid of Tenure. What we gave a bunch of high salaried burnt out teachers that can’t be fired. 
What we have is a crazy set of protocol when it comes to a school tax hike vote.. If it fails.. It is brought up again for a another vote in 60  days..If  its voted  down once more for approval your taxes still go up.. But after school programs such as sports and music are cut meanwhile all the  the Administrators and Teachers remain above the fray.. Their salaries and perks are not touched one ioda.
The school district heads will always try to bust any  future cap.. You can bet you house on that. What the Governor should do when they propose to bust any cap is immediately have the Administrators arrested. That will send a clear & resounding message that this will no longer be tolerated. This is what Nasssua  and Suffolk Counties needs.. As it stands now the school system is  not really there  to educate the students but strictly as a  vehicle for employess to make a living. Many of us l old timers remember back in the 1950″s when  teachers told students that sanitation  workers make as much as them  (that should have been brought up to the Mayor not the grade school  students) . . With all the holidays and winter and Holiday recess the teachers  accually only  work 6 months a year.. We Don’t feel sorry for them. Our heart goes out for the students and Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer. /the final complaint on Governor Court is  that you had a great heart when you were  the New York State Attorney General but why did your cuts have to  include the Developmental Disabled  was that neccesary ? Look we all know that deep down  Coumos a decent guy and its no secret that he has perhaps future Presidental assperations ..but  let him do the right thing by Long Island  first/end
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