Federal Government & The 50 States Should Start Outsourcing Prisoners To Foriegn Countries




As over crowding Jails and prisons have begun taking it’s toll on both the Tax Payer and the Court System the Federal Government & all 50 States  Should Start Outsourcing Prisoners to Foreign Countries.
In our quest to perhaps to create a more manageable condition  in our Courts  & Prisons we have stumbled on idea in which  these Foreign Nations can pay back their Foreign Aid Debt that they concurred to Uncle Sam. We must now look to implement this idea of Outsourcing Prisoners to those Foreign Countries.
These Incorrigible Prisoners will be gifted to those nation’s permanently.  Start with the lifers and move on to those having sentences longer than 10 years and those Inmates and Prison Gangs that are uncontrollable

Duke’s Restaurant Congrats Duke’s on the BIG WIN at NYC Wingfest!!!!!!

– -click above to hearHuman Ear Clip Art
 Duke’ Restaurant wins wing fest 2 years in  a  row  . Dukes 2011 Wing Champ Don Lerman Says for everyone to come on down to Dukes and try some  , you won’t be sorry ” Hows the wings you might ask ?” Best in the city!

How Good Is All That Bottled Water That Everyone Is Drinking?


   How Good Is All That Bottled Water That Everyone Is Drinking?
Ever wonder if drinking all this water is all that good for you? The craze started with upscale water such a Perrier and now spread to  such Bottlers as Poland  Spring produced By Talking Nestles.Every Chain has there own private label & the sad thing is all comes mostly from the tap.They get away calling it spring water because the taps source is an underground Aquifer. You’d probably would be just as well off if you bought filter such as a Brita or another  high quality brand  filte.It’s just as good as so called high end bottled water after all  your  most likely getting tap anyway!
Now We don’t Purport to be a Doctors but common Sense will tell you if you have   a car and you put 3,000 miles a year  in 10 years you have an old car however if you put 10,000 miles on a you then you have  an old car in 3 years.
  Image the extra taxation on your kidneys your bladder Your Urethra and the rest of your Urinary tract by drinking all this water ….By the way I gave my Uretha a last name “Franklin” Uretha Franklin! 
We think its not all  that good as its cracked up to be whats your take..let us know feel free to comment  here at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD


For Nassau County (East Meadow Residents) Lets Make Eisenhower Park An Industrial Park


  (East Meadow Residents)

       Make Eisenhower [Park An Industrial  Park. East Meadow residents don’t benefit  from an Industrial Park as Hicksville, Bethpage  and Plainview does .East Meadiw Tax Payers are burdened with is the Jail, Numc and Eisenhower park .All basically  are non tax payers. What we propose is  turning it into an Industrial park  and get a tax base for the EastMeadow Homeowners so their taxes can go down on their homes.
     Lets face the facts ,who uses the park?  Not homeowners and their families they don’t need a park they bar -b -que in their own backyard … so who’s using the park? .Only those who are Renters of illegal apartments who want a spot to grill up a meal .We don’t have to maintain a park for them at taxpayers cost. Make The park into a deluxe Industrial park and lift  the tax burden away from East Meadow Homeowners..end

A Fun Fact: Who is The Most Powerful person In Society?





  Who is the most powerful person on todays Society?..Is it a Politician? Is it a Policeman? Is it the Top General at the Pentagon? If you said none of the above you are correct. It is none other than “The Auto Mechanic”!

Because every year he rams a pole up your rear end without mercy and it’s called an inspection. No driver is immune from his theivery. Then there is his good buddy the Dentist..He too is a very powerful member of society as well. You’ll soon find out that the dental Pic is mightier than the sword. He drills your mouth without mercy and  the inside of your mouth is like a small Gold mine.Are you ready for a $1,500 root canal? If he  wants a new car all he has to do is tell every patient that they must have oneand  lets say he has 8-10 patients a day at $1,500 a pop he has  the new Mercedes in 2 weeks, What a racket . God Help us/end

The Stick That Your Auto Mechanic Uses On The Day  He Inspects Your Car


For Nassau County N.Y. Let State Troopers Take over Patroling On All State Roads In the County”


Nassau County  to save money why don’t you have the N.Y. State Troopers take over the patrolling all state roads  in  your  county? The public wont be sacrificed any police presence and you can lay off the cops employed by your county. Why should we pay into the State Coffers and not take advantage of it?                                                                                                                               Why Pay twice for the service when you only have to pay once? Makes Cents  Dollars and cents plus an EMT should respond to vehicular  road accidents  rather than a Policeman..they make less pay and free police where they can  be put  to better use   ..end     

Federal AND State Governments Cutting Programs & Services.. Savings Will Just End Up in the Pork Barrel

       Both the Federal & State  Governments are slashing programs and services with a Meat Cleaver, but who’s fooling who?
    While everyone  will feel the  pinch the  Good old pork barrel(n. Slang
A government project or appropriation that yields jobs or other benefits to a specific locale and patronage opportunities to its political represenative
  will most properly continue , unabated as before with this new found revenue from the cuts. We at the Lerman Report.Com  urge everyone to let your elected officials at know that this if and when it does happen that it is unacceptable , that even I cent is out of line if it is to go to Pork-Barrel
Thumbnail 0:08Porky Pig Cartoon Ending “That’s All Fonulks!”

“The Standing Ovation Became A Bunch of Bull”


 Whenever you go to a Music Hall regardless of the caliber of the stars talent is and it doesn’t matter how lousy they were on stage… everyone performing  today gets a standing ovation.
The Audience is loaded with shills who stand up and prime the crowd to do the same.
These are the same  type of phoney’s that comedy club’s plant in the audience to pepper the crowd in order to prime them to start off the laughter.
How sad there was a  time when you had to be  a star of a stature of a Enrico Caruso to get a standing ovation and then only when he gave the performance of a lifetime.
Sad to say those days have long sailed away.
So take some advice good advice from us at and just remain seated and only stand when they play The Star Spangled banner..end