No more Sales Tax Instead Operating Licence For Shop keepers


   No more Sales Tax Instead Operating Fee Licence For Shop keepers….

      The government should drop the sales tax and replace it with an operating fee  for each retail store.Many Shopkeepers don’t turn in their collected sales tax. What they do is for instance buy $10.000 worth of cigarettes and pay $7.000 cash and pay the reminder buy check. What that means only $3,000 shows and that is all that they pay tax on.You can bet your bottom dollar that they  work it out with their accountant to justify their living expenses.
In other words they hand in lets say tax on $3.000 if their living expenses are greater otherwise it would draw suspicion by the tax department.
What we propose is and operating fee payed by the shopkeeper. In other words a shop with x amount of square feet would pay a certain amount a Deli would pay less  than jewelry store with the same square footage.This way every store pays into the coffers of the government .In end it stops the shopkeeper from”Collecting tax from you and me  and not turning it in ..

Government Must Stop Tax Write offs for Phony Charities

There are many for a lack of a better word ”Phony” charities, that only say that they are non profit organizations, yet the CEO and officers of the corp  can make  a million dollars a year in salary and junkets, The problem is that they are tax except and most only give 3%of the donated money to their cause , the Government must step in and stop this fraud.end

Red Light Camers Causing Unsafe driving Conditions


Image Ref: 21-33-72 - Green Traffic Lights, Viewed 4791 times 


Red light camera are causing accidents and unsafe conditions on the road, Did  you ever see the cars trying to make a green light on a turn lane ? its like the Indianapolis  speedway and you come to a sreetching halt when it turns yellow so not to get a ticket burning rubber and wearing out your brakes trying to come  to a stop Name ,Location, Description
Milburn at Merrick RoadMilburn at Merrick RoadCarle PlaceWorking Map it
Old Country Road and Glen Cove RoadOld Country Road and Glen Cove RoadCarle PlaceWorking Map it
Merrick Road at Grand AvenueMerrick Road at Grand AvenueBaldwinWorking Map it
Merrick Road and Milburn AvenueMerrick Road and Milburn AvenueBaldwinWorking Map it
Merrick Road at Bellmore AvenueMerrick Road at Bellmore AvenueBellmoreWorking Map it
Newbridge at Bellmore AvenueNewbridge at Bellmore AvenueBellmoreWorking Map it
Central Avenue at Stewart AvenueCentral Avenue at Stewart AvenueBethpageWorking Map it
Old Country Road at Ring RoadOld Country Road at Ring RoadEast Garden CityWorking (this camera was vandalized on August 1, 2010) Map it
Atlantic at Ocean AvenueAtlantic at Ocean AvenueEast RockawayWorking Map it
Mill Road at Peninsula BlvdMill Road at Peninsula BlvdHewlettWorking Map it
Jerusalem Avenue at W Old Country RoadJerusalem Avenue at W Old Country RoadHicksvilleWorking Map it
Broadway at Old Country RoadBroadway at Old Country RoadHicksvilleWorking Map it
S Oyster Bay Road at Old Country RoadS Oyster Bay Road at Old Country RoadHicksville/PlainviewWorking Map it
Rockaway Tpke at Nassau ExpyRockaway Tpke at Nassau ExpyInwood/LawrenceWorking Map it
Long Beach Road at Austin BlvdLong Beach Road at Austin BlvdIsland ParkWorking Map it
Wantagh Avenue at Old Jerusalem RoadWantagh Avenue at Old Jerusalem RoadLevittownWorking Map it
Merrick Road at Park BlvdMerrick Road at Park BlvdMassapequa ParkWorking Map it
Merrick Road at Merrick AvenueMerrick Road at Merrick AvenueMerrickWorking Map it
New Hyde Park Road at Marcus AvenueNew Hyde Park Road at Marcus AvenueNew Hyde ParkWorking Map it
Lakeville Road and Union TurnpikeLakeville Road and Union TurnpikeNew Hyde ParkWorking Map it
Lawson Blvd at Atlantic AvenueLawson Blvd at Atlantic AvenueOceansideWorking Map it
Long Beach Road at Daly BlvdLong Beach Road at Daly BlvdOceansideWorking Map it
Long Beach Road at Mott StLong Beach Road at Mott StOceansideWorking Map it
Earle Ovington Blvd at Charles Lindbergh BlvdEarle Ovington Blvd at Charles Lindbergh BlvdUniondaleWorking Map it
Salisbury Park Dr/School St at Old Country RoadSalisbury Park Dr/School St at Old Country RoadWestburyWorking Map it
Post Avenue/Merrick Avenue at Old Country RoadPost Avenue/Merrick Avenue at Old Country RoadWestburyWorking Map it
Merrick Avenue at Stewart Avenue/Park BlvdMerrick Avenue at Stewart Avenue/Park BlvdWestburyWorking Map it
Peninsula at Woodmere BlvdPeninsula at Woodmere BlvdWoodmereWorking Map it
Glen Cove Road at Westbury AvenueGlen Cove Road at Westbury AvenueCarle PlaceIn production Map it
Hempstead Tpke at Merrick AvenueHempstead Tpke at Merrick AvenueEast MeadowIn production Map it
Hempstead Tpke at Newbridge RoadHempstead Tpke at Newbridge RoadEast MeadowIn production Map it
Lakeville Road at Marcus AvenueLakeville Road at Marcus AvenueLake SuccessIn production Map it
Lakeville Road at Union TpkeLakeville Road at Union TpkeNew Hyde ParkIn production Map it
Guinea Woods Road/Glen Cove Road at I U WilletsGuinea Woods Road/Glen Cove Road at I U WilletsOld WestburyIn production Map it
Jerusalem Avenue at Uniondale AvenueJerusalem Avenue at Uniondale AvenueUniondaleIn production Map it
LIE Service Road S. and Ocean AvenueLIE Service Road S. and Ocean AvenueRonkonkomaSuffolk’s only working camera Map it

Airlines Putting Themselves Out of Buisness

Between the pat down or the body scanner , this has to hurt the Airline Industry. I know many people are concerned  about th e radoation levels on the scanners  , since its going to scan downstairs, many men still mant men still want to  become  fathers and there is a legitament concern, plus the pat down lines are from here to next week.

Having said that their charging for extra bags the non meal , charging for food on flight , , whats going to happen is that the   very rich and the  businessmen    will travel in the just as it in the 1950’s , we now that security is paramount but there has to be  a better way..end

Uncle Sam Should Draft Government Contractors Such As Haliburton To Build Jersey Hudson River Tunnel


 Why should The Federal Government should foot the Entire Bill for the Hudson River tunnel to N.Y. Instead they should  draft rich government contractors to do the job  pro bono. This is a must needed project for  our infrastructure that is needed not only for its finished purpose but for the  jobs that it will create.end