International Law Is Just A Stacked Deck Against Israel.


   International Law Is Just A Stacked Deck Against Israel.It no longer has any validity..value or and any merit whatsoever.When we see organizations such as Amnesty International push for boycott of Israeli goods from the West ban and parrots The Palestinian line word for word ..Then we have 2 words for them and it’s not Happy Birthday.

These rogue band of Jew Haters now sit on all the world organizations and the only see and cite those nations that fall into their lopped sided agenda.They have a track record of ignoring atrocities  like Syrian gassing its adversaries to Human rights abuses from Iran to every port world-wide focusing their rath on Israel.

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Theses people are the best that money can buy? What do you think? When we see nations that never had any Jewish people living  in their country past or present & they are voting against her with a vengeance we scratch heads  in puzzlement their actions makes Jews say things that make you say hmm…These International rogues gallery fool no one.We all know where their sentiments are coming from..the all mighty $$$buck$$$ .
Breaking in to a Jews house and hacking them up in plain sight  of their children as they where about to sit down for Sabbath dinner..does not phase them one bit..suicide bombers in the market place killing & maiming plenty is also not of any importance to them well targeting kindergartens children.
So until we see truth and balance from any and all of these International band of rogues we can not value anything that they say.

Telemarketer Calls Has Reached A Crescendo..They Must Stop & The Technology Is At Hand

 Your relaxing at home & the phone rings..when you pick up the phone…no ones there…It is a machine set up see if a live person picks up.
When someone does answer they commences to  give you the hard sell.
They get your name  from sucker list from having bought a particular item or from cookies that pick up and selectively gear the for sale item to your commuter viewing.The correct thing that we call do when making a phone call is we identify ourselves to whom we calling”This is Moses Lerman can I speak to  Joe Smith They don’t do can expect something like this”Mr.Lerman”? Who is this I reply back?.Mr.Moses Lerman?..who is this I say once more.Mr Lerman.They may say that they are your chimney cleaner….At that point I hang up.


Can it be put to an end? Yes it can the technology is at hand..many years was virtually impossible to find out who’s calling.The technology was available but the phone company never fitted their systems with the stuff that would do he job.When they call and you pick up I urge everyone never confirm your name …talk in a foreign accent…be blunt and get your line quickly..never ever  engage them in conversation or even acknowledge  your true name or address.If they feel that you Mr Joe Smith is no longer is connected with your number than your number no longer has a value to them


We need  new legislation and a support team from our providers right now
This my friends in the trade is known as Planned Obolesesance..A company will only give the public new   technological feature when they are forced to.It will be out in given in dribs and drabs & only when they want to have the jump on their competitor..
If you don’t answer these phone calls ..they will call and call until you do.When you do no ones there..
So if they want they can stop it..why don’t don’t they stop it now? Money they are making money from these calls that’s why .Call or phone your municipality …State and Congressional representatives to have new laws enacted to stop this insanity once & for all.

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Is Schumer Re Electable? Did Schumer Fafeare his Jewish Constituency..



   Can Chuck Schumer be reelected? He is voting and doing stuff contrary to his constitutes wishes.
While personally against BDS he  could not convince or stop the entire anti BDS vote from failing.
Lets tell it like it is he’s losing his voting base. As of right now The Jewish voter is not going to vote for him..and does he think in  his wildest dreams that any of the new radical element in the party will ever in a million years vote for a Jew for senator then he’s only deluding himself.Dance with the on that took you to the party(Senate).
Where was he as a Senate Minority Leader to  stand up & say that the  new Democrat Members of Congress who are cloaking Jewish hatred of Jews in the veil of freedom speech and a big attempt to strangle Israel.
When are incoming member of Congress Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib in her first act in office to  accuse Jews of being disloyal to America.. where was Schumer’s voice of disapproval?
Somebody pulled strings to lend out The Jefferson Koran from the Smithsonian for her to be sworn in on..who allowed it.We not implying that it was him…but he had to hear who did ..if  he didn’t he should have.
  Rashida Tlaib to swear in for Congress Jefferson’s Koran | Miami Herald
Bernie Sanders while elected as an independent he caucuses with the Democrats..where does he stand with Sanders association with Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory .Dov Hikind is a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman representing Brooklyn’s Assembly district 48, having held this position for 35 years, from January 1983 until December said Schumer no longer has American values .In 2006 he was 100% for border security and rallied against illegal border jumpers.He has now flip-flopped for  party purposes.Some critics say that he waited untill the senate pro Iranian deal vote was  already defeated before he placed his no vote ballot.

Bottom line if AOC makes a  Primary  Senate Challenge we feel Schumer is Through.. The New radical Democract party followers simply will not vote of for anybody Jewish .. Schumer Fafeared his Jewish Constituency..

Sanders rhetoric ignores  Israels Right To Defend Itself…

It appears that He’ choosing not have any conformation with incoming Anti Israel Anti Jewish congressional  and Senate members. Is  he is working on it behind the scenes?
If so there are no press accounts of any activity coming from his office concerning that issue 
International Herold 

The Writings On The Wall..Jews Get The Vote Out…

With the  recent election of  Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib it has got to be wake up call for Jewish Americans to see the changing of the Political Climate right here in the U.S.A.The Democrat Party Leaders seem  un perturbed with extreme leftist shift replacing years of once was a great political party
In 1938 Jews Had No Nation To Flee To Arabs Have 22

It is now echoing Europe with it’s  vile  hatred that anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head once more  right in our own backyard..I keep telling liberal  minded Jews that it’s not fake or conservative news. You think it’s not bad now? It’s reality & it’s only going to get worse..So think again With the slated influx of Syrian and other Arab and Muslim.immigrants along with chain migrating …in a short while they to will be voting  against Israel  at the ballot box & Israel can kiss goodbye any support and aid from the U.S.A. as our halls if Congress will resemble the U.N.General Assembly
Don’t hand me I’m a human being and not a Jew one on this Earth is a Human Being.We are all defined by our ethnicity whether we like it or not.I urge Jews to wake up now.
Please don”t fall their line their old line that they are 70 year  refugees with no place to go because there are 22 Arab Nations right at his moment that they can go to.
In 1938 Jews had no nation that would take them in.Now Jews have Place their own their ancestral homeland “Israel”Lets face facts .The Palestinian Arabs will never accept an Israel, even if it were only one inch wide..who’s fooling who?.
Green Shaded = 22 Arab Nations
Red Shaded =Israel
keep in mind they have resorted to terrorism to advance their cause..if you capitulate to them you are saying that the end justifies the means.
             The Pathetic Sad Reality Below

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