Gentleman Joe – Millender Qualify

Qualifier Times…
Joe Menchetti 41.90

Millender 42.31

Brian Kenny Pham125.47′

Moses Perez 140.03

Paul Arcaria 1 :15:75

Jiagi Li   1:43:1

John Luong   2:52:75

Nobuo Miki       2:56:16

Pete Czerwinsk 35sec

Things Happen That Way-click to hear/right click open link in new tab

Ed Jarvis Beats Cancer!

       Ed Jarvis personally called me up on the phone  and gave me the good news that he is cancer free!  Ed ”Cookie Jarvis   Top Rated competitive eating champion  of last decade , now retired from competitive  eating , has left a record  in this sport that will live in the annuls of this sport for many years to come . Ed Jarvis who along with the thyroid  surgery has  embarked on an exercise and diet program , making him A OK by the the Doctors pronouncement.
* Pictured  Ed And Myself at the ManhattanBens Deli Matzah Ball qualifier in 2001 when we met and became friends.ed jarvis