A New More Palatable Way to Be Anti Jewish..Be Pro Palestinian


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                      Editorial     7/23/14

    I been around for 65 years and I met my share of Jew haters , I heard all the lines and taunts and antisemitic messages , a good deal of the time it was spoken right in front of me as I’m often mistaken for Italian , I never denied the fact that I’m Jewish and I am very proud of it , I was in the Marines and took an Anti Semitic brow beating daily as any Jew can verify to that who served in the Armed forces .
However today the Jew haters cloak there hated of Jews in the veil of Palestinian rights  , they couldn’t care less about the Palestinians but will say  they want to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more than hard core Jew Haters.     Oh , what they are really saying is ”the hell with the Jew bastards’ ‘

*A whle back the singer Rhanias tweetedRihanna tweets #FreePalestine support, deletes it, posts …
The Independent ‎- by Jenn Selby ‎- 6 days ago
Unsurprisingly, Rihanna’s decision to post a tweet in support of Palestinians as the conflict between Israel and Gaza reaches death toll highs . also in recent news of..Jeremy Corbyn as he rears his ugly head on the world stage as labor party in  the U.K. I feel this story is paramount in todays arena 

jeremy corbyn

    Now were am not implying or accusing her of anti Jewish sentaments   ,but when I hear and  read stuff like that I have to wonder . does she really care about The Palestinian plight? News reporters are infamous for this new way of being  a Jew haters  and coming across well all Care is about the poor Palestinian ‘s..they couldn’t care less about them in reality. Do you hear them speak about the Catholics in Northern Ireland or            The Kurd’ s  or People in. Africa or any of the  worlds downtrodden  people .No ..enough said /end

Kristallnacht once again

          Jewish shops  are targeted by Anti Semitics  crowds …read on…..

Massacre in France: Why Were Jews Targeted?Light Orchid
French officials decry rioters who target synagogue, Jewish Light Orchid


Israel Gets Hatchet Job From The Press While Protecting Itself



    With the Missiles trying to reach Israel from Hamas and Israel responding as any nation would do when its being bombarded with Missiles , Israel is being made out to be the aggressor in this conflict, Israel can do no right and the Arabs can do no wrong ,No matter how many are killed in Israeli market place by suicide bomber or what ever atrocity Hamas commits ,it doesn’t matter, Antisemitism rears it’s ugly head by some members of the press. What other-nation send a warning ”A tap on the roof” or leaflets as to for warn civilians to evacuate the premises now. As for  Palestinian children killed by Shelling     it it a very  Sad situation  indeed, however keep in mind  this was not deliberately intention of The IDF and the press knows this darn well, and is being investigated  by Israel. I wish the press would have had the same anger and outrage when Jews were killed as the 3 teenagers were kidnapped And Murdered too,. It shows years of deep rooted Anti Jewish thought coming to the surface. What country would tolerate shelling on indiscriminate civilians and not respond?

: July 23rd 20014 The press continues to show residents of Gaza and their  homes damaged,while ignoring the Israeli side , showing sympathy for Palestinians and making Israel out to be an aggressor . The world of nations  say that Israel has the right to defend itself  from rockets until they do  then they say your going to far. the press is not evenhanded but biased on the side of Hamas, meanwhile the FAA has halted all flights to Israel as unsafe because of the incoming Missiles  and crippling The Israeli economic  if the missile bombardment  continues for lets say a year  do they expect Israel to  survive the economic plunge ?  Lets face it  its an antisemitic world by far  every-time Israel has the upper hand or gain on the battlefield the world yells for them to pull back and stop , no nation would allow this (Missile bombardment on their country to happen and not retaliate  the same way That Israel  has done )


lerman report satff 



Our Allies Should help U.S. Absorb Illegal Immigrants crossing our Border


  Neil Diamond – Coming to America        Light Orchid



                    If our Allies want any u.S. aid they should help us absorb the flood of Illegal Immigrants crossing our border and give them a home in their country. This is the only humanitarian way to solve this crisis. The U.S.A. simply can not have open borders and take in everybody its a simple as that, let our allies the ones in which we give them millions in aid take in some of theses Immigrants   and solve our problem in this matter /end

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Free Speech Or Inciting To Riot A Thin Line…


nazi flag

         I was at Atlantic City  N.J. . I was on the Board walk by The Mall on the Steel Peer. There was a unsavory character with a Nazi flag wrapped around Himself.His wife was exstremly embarrassed and asked him to stop but he continued to stand with the Nazi flag wrapped around his shoulders. To Make matters worse there was a Cop standing right next to him and did absolutly nothing as it is free speech ..if someone would hit this low life they would be arrested… The cop could have  arrested him or told him to move  on but he chose to do nothing. The Cop should have arrested him for inciting to riot.The Atlantic City Board Walk Hotels and  Casinos have no say or pull in a matter such as this?

I can’t believe that .

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Years Ago It was a Tough Thing To Talk Out Of The Side of Your Mouth

        Back in the lets say from 1880 to the 1950’s it was  a tough thing to talk out of the side of your mouth.  Many old timers that I knew spoke like that particularly when they were upset or wanted to yell or make a point…for men that is. In New York regardless of ethnic background  if you were a tough sort when you yelled it was always out of the side of your mouth.Ever hear  a Construction Watchman yelling ”Hey you get out of here”  always from the side of his mouth. How this started whose to say .

   My own grandfather would always talk out of the side of his mouth when he wanted  to act tough. Perhaps it was  just strictly a New York Style of acting tough.It may have been that way in Philly  or Chicago but I’m not there so I couldn’t tell you for

 I guess In the movies you always saw James Cagney taking from the side of his mouth when he wanted to act tough.

Even in the movie “‘The Wizard Of Oz “The Lolly Pop Kids ala the munchkins  spoke from the side of their mouth as a tough gesture.

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