Neither The Left Or The Right Interested In Courting Jewish Votes


      A while back with the defeat in the Virginia  primary of Eric Cantor Who Had A Prominent Post In Congress In  The Republican party it shows that the right has no interest in courting the Jewish vote neither  has the  left.

How sad that the Jewish voting block has been just about  made neutral and neither party seems to  actively seek its vote.

How sad the tea party to put a damper on ERIC CANTORS reelection quest is nothing short of outrageous. For Ann Cutler a commentator for fox news to actively seek Cantors opponent to win is  a travesty that took him out of consideration as A viable person in which Republicans can cast their vote.

Cantor and his place as Republican Majority Leader in the house when his opponent  won the general election he will not have Cantors seat but be  merely a junior  freshman congressman with  no influence whatsoever.

Although We Favored Trump We Consider Him The Best Pro Jewish Pro Israel President Ever wood Scratch Our Heads in Discuss And Disbelief That Key Prominent Republicans Are Deserting Trump.We Hear From News Briefs That They Might Support Biden On Palestinian  And Reinstating The Iran Deal ..If We Were Betting  Men We’d  Venture To Say That That’s Their  Way Of Insuring That Their Pet Projects Make Their Way Into The Pork Barrel Giveaways And Puts Them In A Most Favorable Light To Become  Lobbyists In A Few Years As Republicans In A Democrat Party Lock Dominated In Both Chambers Of The House.

Now we are witnessing a battle cry to make America a Christian nation from prominent Republican office holders in the Senate. 

Jews must be middle of the road in today’s political climate having little in common  with the left or right today ../end

Think About What We Just Said.

WORLD HITS ON THE INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
International Herold

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