Biden Call For Unity..I Will Govern With The Phone & The Pen



Let Us Start Call For Unity Seems To Be Nothing But A Sound Bite Created By Very Good Speechwriter..
Right Away Even Before Any Court Ruling He Says I Will Govern With The Phone And The Pen..I Other Words He Plans To Undue Many If Not Most Of Trump’s Presidential Directives.
The Entire Media Handed Him This Victory..First  By Projecting Bidden The Winner and The Having Their Descion Desk Give The OK Sign For Program Directives To Announce On Air That Bidden Win.
Bidden Has Already Nulified Any Laws That.Was In Effect By  Signing Over 40 Excuctive  Orders.In What Biden Term A Dictator Style Of Government  Before He Took Office. Open Borders..More Chain Immigration From South Of Our Border And The Middle East..Making Illegal Border Entry To The U.S. No Longer A Crime.The Working Stiff Will. Now Have More Taxes Levied Upon Them. Who Will To Foot The Bill For All These Immigrants..The Working Stiffs That’s Who Will Foot The Bill.


These Immigrants Will Receive SSI Medicade With Total Dental Coverage..Child Care. Food Stamps A paid Apartment For 6 Years Plus Each Person In Thier Household Will Get $1,8000 Relocation Fee .Make D.C and Puerto Rico A State Creating 4 More  U.S.Senators Giving The Democrats Carte Blanche On Our Democracy Thus Controlling The House ..The Senate ..The Supreme Court And The Executive Brach..Day Goodbye To Democracy.Bidden Wants To keep America Closed Down .This Stifling Any Movement In Our Retail Business And  Creating A Road To Third World Status  For America


Someone Has Got To Pay For All That.They Will Make It ..Yes The Working Stiff .




Unacceptable To Make Over $400.000. And Kill The American Dream.. Mr.Bidden No one In America Should Ever Have To Apologize For Success.




When I First Heard Obama Say Right. Before His Inauguration”Get Ready For Change” It That




His Actions. Will Only Cause Further Division In American Society..Fashion For Democracy’s Sake Let The Courts. Deliver Their Ruling.



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The Lerman Report Staff

Some Nerve Democrats Now Urge Everyone To Join In And Heal The Nation




Let Us Start Democrats have some nerve.The first thing out of Bidens mouth is we must heal the nation..For four unrelenting years the Democrat Party knocked President Trump from Pillar to Post..They knocked his wife even his young son Barron nothing was off limits to them .

They Democrats and the Main stream media knocked his supporters. They Called his followers a a bunch of stupid uneducated racists and white supremacists.Trump was put down for his border policy which was no different from that of his predecessor Barrack Obama.They made nothing out any diplomatic breakthrough that achieved world wide.

We all watched as gangs of Anitfa and BLM pillaged looted and burnt down business’s areas in all of our major cities ..All while Democrat Mayors refused to let Police do their job and protect people from these marauding bunch of bums and thugs.

The Democrat Governors inturn also  refused to remove these rouge mayors from office or call out the National Guard..and those who are Trump Supporters are asked for calm and help heal the nation..some set the Chutzpah to say that after all the events of the last four years events.

At one time when we all tuned into the evening news we saw Journalist ls such as. the likes of a Walter Kronkite delivering the News ..When we wanted commentary we all waited till Sunday and watched Meet The Press or Argonsky and Company or The  McLaughli.Group..Today the line between news and commentary has been blurred.

The Democrats held up The stimulus package and every American in our heart of hearts we got to believe for political purposes only .The Democrats.didn’t like the outcome of The Muller Commission Report results and still didn’t stop them from Impeaching Trump.

We at the Lerman Report even lost both respect and trust of Fox News.First Fox made their prediction that Bidden is winning and later they confirm that prediction puting Biden in ths win column.

We see both Elected Republican Party Officials and Republican Office Holders  along with the Major Press Corps spending no time in throwing Trump under the bus and getting on band wagon of Hail Bidden upon his victory.

Key Top Republican Legislators  Are Jumping Ship To Side With Democrats And Not Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With The Former President As We Believe They Should. Most Americans Agrees  Whether You Like Trump Or Not..Its A Witch Hunt.

The Democrats Now Have A Clear Majority In Both Chambers Of The House..They Don’t Need Any Republican  Participation.We Got To Believe That Cozing Up To Democrats May Just Be A Clever Way To Insure That Thier Pet Projects Make Their Way Into The Pork Barrel..And Puts Them In A Good Favorable Light So In Few Years When Thet Leave Capital Hill That They Can Become Good Influential  Lobbyists 

We Are Not Throwing President Donald UnderThe Bu For The Behavior Of A Wild Mob Maybe At Tops A100 People Strong That The Democrat Controlled House & Senate Looking To Impeach Him.We Heard And Saw Trump Ask Them To PEACEFULLY MARCH..
Trump Is Being Vilified For What The Democrat Party Big Wigs Have Been Guity Of By A Bunch Of Hyprocites 


Take A Peak Just Click Link Below

We will continue coverage on this every time something new is reported …Moses Lerman 



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

The Lerman Report Staff


What If We Find Out Someday That Antifa Were Taking Their Marching Orders From Some Prominent Democrat?


Let Us Start Off By Saying What If We Find Out Someday That Antifa Were Taking Their Marching Orders From Some Prominent Democrat?
Perhaps All Thus Looting and  Burniing Being Done In Our Cities Have Been Orchestrated By Someone  In Or Supportive Of The Democrat  Party
Hear Us Out…Doesn’t Everyone Find It Bizarre That While Every  Big City Was Being Sacked..Looted And Burnt Down Every Democrat Mayor Stood Bye And Basically Tied The Police Hands Behind Their Backs?
Equally Bizarre Is The Fact That  Each And Every Of These Democrat Governors In Those  Cities In  Turmoil Both Refused To Remove These Mayors From Office That Didn’t  Provide Protection To The Citizens As Well As Property.


As A Matter Of Fact They All Downright Refused  To Call Out The National Guard.Every Person Who Witnessed This Carnage Either On The Scene Or On T.V. Said Why In The World Are The Mayors And Governors Letting This Happan? It Didn’t Make Sense Until  Now..Mind You Every Governor And  Mayor  Can’t  Be Of The Same Mind Set..Why..Why..Why..Now  We Have An Awakening  And Think We Know Why..
This Was Done All Over America Doesn’t That Sound A Bit Strange .
That  It All Went On & Police All Over The Country Stood By And Did Squat.We Saw What It Appeared As If Antifa Infiltrated The Crazed Mob At The Capital Building..Did They Orchestrate It?..It was Documented On Tape Thar They Were There  Right  Smack In The Rotonda  Of The Capital Building As This Wild Mob Ran Amuck


Who Exactly If Anyone Sent The Orders To These Antifa Mobs?.. Rest Assured If It Was Some Well Orchestrated Event Then Perhaps A Sitting Mayor Or Governor knows Something More Than They Are Letting On..When We See The Likes Of Representative Nadler When Aproached  By A Reporter And Asked About Antifa..His Response Was “Anitifa’s Is A Myth”.. Come On Give A Break..Anyone Who Turns On His T.V.Set Or Picks  Up A Newspaper  Or Starts Their  Computer  Up Knows About out ANTIFA..except Representative Nadler..


Are These Antifa Thugs Under The Thumb Of Someone Big In The  Democrat Party  Or  Someone  Very Close To Them? At This Juncture Its just Shear Spectulation And Not An Outight Charge However We Will Say This Much This Antifa And What They Did All Across  America Mirrored That  Of Hitlers Brown Shirts Who As We All Know  Where Puppets  Of The  New Emerging  Nazi Party..Every Main Street Across  America Looked Awful6 Similar To Krystal Nighacht . Didn’t It? Instead Of Browm Shirts It Seemed To Be Replaced By All Black Clad  Clothing Holding A Black Umbrella.
However Their  Behavior Was Exactly The Same. 
All This Big City Take Burning And Looting  Occuring In America Is Not Done Haphazardly Every Thing Has A Reason..All Democrat Politicians Are Laying Low Avoiding The Press And Not Speaking Out  .If Anyone Was Pulling Their Strings Ordering Them To Remain Idyl It’ll  Come Out  Eventually. Howeever As For The Present Time Unfortunately Just Like When Wilbur Leaves The Room  Mr.Ed Aint Talking ..



I’m An Top Notch Chess Player. l Can Play With The Likes Of A Bobby Fischer And Hold My On….But Have Anyone  Been A Spectator At Any Chess Game..Well Any One Who Has Been In That Position Will Tell You That When You Are You See Moves That For Some  Odd Reason Deludes You If You Were One Of The Players..Ever Wonder Why A True Friend  Whould Walk Away From Old Friendship Or Get Stood Up By Them..Something Happened That They Made That Move ..Years Later We Figure It Out  Why They  Did That To You.
While We Have Not Been Privy To Any Reports From Any US Intelligent  Organizations  We Scratch Out Heads And Wonder If This Can Be The Reality Of The Situation Today.
Their Deaths Be In Vane …Please Do The Right thing.



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

                The Lerman Report Staff

Concerning The Impeachment

USA Today


Let Us Start Off By Saying The Exact Same Legislators That Were In Office When Trump Was In Office Should Be The Only Legislators  Allowed To Sit In On The Impeachment.
This Trial Is The Most Diviaive Vindictive Untertaking  That Any Session Of Congress Has Ever Untertaking In The Nations Entire History.
To Be Done After Trump Left Office As Akin To A Kangaroo Court. To Now Have A Different Cast Of Characters Passing Judgment On Ex Prediident Trump It Flies In The Face Of  American Jurisprudence.It is Sort Of  Stacked Deck if  They Are Not The Same Legislators As Before .

In Our OpinionThe Real Reason That We Are Seeing Pominent Top Republican Legislators Jumping Ship And We Have To Take In Consideration Is That Perhaps It’s Inorder To Gaurantee their Pet Projects Makes Its Way into the Pork Barrel & To Become eligible To Become Future Lobbyists…
After All The Democrats Will Have A Lock On Everything ..Majority In The House ..Majority In The Senate..As Well  As Having  A Democrat President Who Sits InThe Oval Office.


Soon When DC Becomes a State There Will Be 2 More Democrat Senators..And Lets Not Forget All These Immigrants Comming Through Our Southern Border And Middle East With A Quick Pathway To Citizenship..Guess What?Democrats Will  No Longer Need Any Republican  Participation.We All Can See That  By Jumping Ship Those Turncoat  Republicans Will Bring On The Death Knell Of The Republicans Party ..They Got To Know That All To Well That Thier Actions Wlll Bring That About .
They Where Their Bread Is Buttered!
What They Intend On Doing IsTo Make Certain No Schools..Bridges ,Federal Buildings Or Even A Park Bench Can Ever Be Named After Trump .They Will Make Trump Into A Pariah Like That Of An OJ Simpson.
Keep This In Mind If They Can Do This To An  Exstreamly Rich Man Than  What Chance Does The Average American Ever Have Running For Office If This Opposition Democrat Party  Can Do This To A Sitting President From Day One Of His Term  And Keep It Going Untill He’s  Made Into A Nothing.
In Closing  We Saw Tapes In Where Leading Democrats Where Calling For More Rioting Prior The DisturbanceOn Capital Hill..It Is Beyond The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

     Democrats Nothing But A Bunch Of Hyprocites 

       Watch  For Yourself You Be The Judge 


Moses Lerman Blog Administrator and Editor 

               The Lerman Report Staff 


Biden Has Painted Himself Into A Corner Won’t Be Able To Heal A Divided Nation




  Let Me Start Biden Has Painted Himself Into A Corner Won’t Be Able To Heal A Divine Nation .
While Biden’s calling for calm and healing  From What We See And Hear Those close to his administration What best can be described as perhaps Surrogates Or Proxy’s calling for DeProgramimg Camps To cure those who and we quote them from Brainwashing In Supporting the cult of Trump..Since when is having an opposing  Political View A Sickness?If It is then Democrats Are inflicted with that psychosis As Well…Bidden  first Act As President will be to sign Presidential Directives undoing  laws that Trump inacted…Open Borders Stop the Building of The Border Wall..Repeal Ban on Muslim  Nations Travel..Say hello to Middle East Immigratiion which will tip the ballot box against Christians and Jews..


We Explore You To Use Your Influence As Commander In Chief To Have This Move To Impeachment  Trump Stopped & Nipped In The Bud Right Now.This BS of he orchestrated an Insurrection is the height of insulting and mean Spiritness .To attempt to make A Pariah out of Trump  and Put Him in a class of OJ Simpson and Ultimately Ruin His legacy  is Never Anyway To Pull this nation together.


Our Northern  Canadian Border  gets no coverage but many seek in from the confines of The US Canadian border as well as commiung in on international flights and overstating their visas.Our Water Supply is low  ,our garbage dump are already filled to capacity Now we need new Recycling  facilities to handle  all the extra incoming  population.


Schools will become way overcrowded..School districts and School Zones will be combined throughout the nation.We are no longer an industrialized nation..Just What job’s Are all these immigrants  going  to have? Oh We Forget  there going  to receive a cornucopia of freebies..SSI.Medicade .Child Care, Food Stamps and a subsided apartment for 6 years.Plus $1,800 relocation  fee for every person in their  family. So tell Uncle Tanoose and Senior  Wenteze to let everyone  in his family and village know that  because we will have Chain migration once again.


New York Governor Coumpnwant to give Daca immigrants  free! An American citizen has to pay $$40,000 per Semister thats $80,000Year over a Half a million for 4 years.
The high wage earner will get bye basically  unscathed but the average working  stiff will get burnt Paying tax upon tax upon tax. 


We say out evert able bodied  male Immigrant in the army for 6 years ..don’t worry about his family  getting support  uncle Sam  will be there. Whatever was to be spent on the Border wall will be resoentbonIce Agents and Border  police to facilitate these arrivals of millions more peoples at our  southern border.promising to Reinstate the Iranian Nuclear Deal Giving Iran a fast track to an Atom Bomb and mire money to sponsor  Terrorism  with their  proxy Armies .


He promised  to Reopen The US Political Headquarters  with The Palestinian Authority who pay rewards to those who kill Jews.Siet if Implying that their murdering of Jews was Ok as the end justifies the means..


What disturbs us the most is the Press acted and took a different role in the last 4 years . It seems that the line was Blured between  News and Commentary.Does they still consider themselves Journalists?Because we Don’t. Included  among that crowd we will lump all those actors  voicing Thier opinion  against Trump..We have to believe in our hearts of hearts that perhaps the studios are having then speak out on hot button issues  and against knocking Trump from Pillar To Post from day one of his tenure in the invaluable office.



These members of the media and Actors will always be above the Fray and will never suffer one ioda of a bead if sweat  as tge8will become a protected  class in any socialist nation..Sad ..very sad indeed. 
So In closing  We will say this although Trump  Places suspicion on the Election outcome we  will pass on that issue and let it slide.What s Trumps Disctractors said  and yelled about Trump “Not My President”..Bidden is Our President ..But he has to stop this insanity of repealing what Trump’ll  never heal the nation that way.



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator and Editor 

The Lerman Report Staff

In Defense Of My Ashkenazic Heritage We Are Real Jews Who Are Indigenous To Israel And Not Interlopers

Herzl’s Dream Forfilled.Jews Have Returned To Their Ancestral Homeland

Theodor Herzl ‘s Dream Forfilled.Jews Have Returned To Their Ancestral Homeland



Let Me Start Off By Saying That Ashkenazic Jews Are Real Jews And Are Both Indigenous To Israel And Are In The Way Shape Or Form And Was Not Interlopers.

The Roman Legions Stationed In Ancient Judea  Were Not Roman Soldiers But For The Most Part  Consisted Of German  Mercenaries.

These Mercenaries Upon Completion Of Their Tour of Duty usually consistently of  25 Years Returned  Back To What Was Termed Germania Located In Alpine Region(Vorms).Along With The End Of Tour Of Duty They Took Slaves Slaves Back With Them Thus starting The First European Community ..

  Those  Who Were In The  Upper Class Secured A Spot In Rome.

These Decendants  Of Those Jews Are Todays Italian Jews Claiming Neither To Be Of Ashkenazic Or .Sephardic


The Yiddish Language Spoken By The East European Jews Had It’s Origins And Based On Old Or Middle German.In order To Escape The Horrors Of The Crusades Where It Was Acceptable To Kill Jews Casimir The Great King Of Poland  Invited Jews To Live In Poland.There The German Component Which Was Around 90% Old Or Middle German Then Infused With About 10% Old Slavic Some Hebrew And Aramaic Only Concerning Religious Holidays And Religion And Hence The Yiddish Language Was Born.

Forget The Fable That Arthur Koester Wrote The Kazhars Were A Turkic  Language Group..They Don’t Exsist Today .A Small Karaite Group Converted By The Tatar’s They Speak Tzgadic known Are Known As Russian Karaites.They Are Few And Far Between Numbering In Few Thousand  In A Small  Separate Community. Yiddish Has Absolutely No Turkic Words In It At All..



My Grandparents Hail From Warsaw Poland and Lublin Poland.

Once Casimir The Great Died Jewish Exsistance In Poland Declined As In The Rest Of Eastern Europe..Jewish Desire To Return To Their Ancestral Homeland Was Blocked By The Heads Of Each And Every European  Nation For 2,000 Years..They Needed A Tax Payer  And Soldier .My Mothers Side Of My Family Who As All Jews Were Drafted IntoThe Czar’s  Army At 12 1/2 For 25 Years

My Great Great Grandfather Distinguished Himself In Battle.He Was One Of The Four Jewish  Cannoneers Who Kept Cannon  Battery Going To Win The Battle.


The Crown In Russia (Poland Was Part Of The Russia Empire Then Known As Russia-Poland) My Great Great Grandfather Was Awarded The Biggest Brewery In Lublin For His Deed In That Battle.


My Great Grandmothers Family Name Was Singerman Her First Cousin Was Issac Beshivish Singer ( He Shortened His Name To Singer).He Wrote Yentle And Tevyeh The Milk Matthew Basis Of Fiddler On The Roof. When The Bolcheveks (Comminists) Took Over They Gave My Great Grandmother’s Family $10,000,000 In Reparations For Their Brewery.They Moved To Israel Circa 1923. They Became  Early Movers And Shakers In Then Newly British Palestine .


Jews Of “Ashkenazic “Background Are Authentic Real Jews..I Had My Blood Type Tested..It Is The Exact Same As The  Druze And The Kurds..My Mother Used To Tell Me When Was Young That You Should Always Be Proud Of Your Heritage That We Jews Kept A Culture Alive For 2,000 Years Without A Nation In What Is Known As The Diaspora.


I Went To A Bar Mitzvah In Which The Father Of The Bar Mitzvah Boy Was Sephardic But The Mother Was Ashkenazic..The Rabbi Who Was Of Ashkenazic Heritage Spoke After Services. His Speech Was To The Congregants And The Invited Guests ..He Turns To The Bar Mitzvah Boy And Says “You Should Be Proud That You Have Some Sephardic Background “.After The Services I Asked The Rabbi Had Their  Been A Sephardic Rabbi Would Have  He Had Said”You Should Be  Proud That You That You Have Some Ashkenazic Background “?

I’ll Tell You The Answer That He Didn’t Say As He Stood There Silent Like Dear In The Headlights And ..It’s “ABSOLUTELY NOT..Hatred Of Ashkenazic Jews Not Only Comes From Arabs But From Some Sephardic Sources As Well.I Have Been At The Receiving End Of Their Insults..At On Time Many Sephardic Jews  Would Sooner Have Their Daughters Marry Out Of Their Fath Than An Ashkenazic Jew.I Don’t Think That Way.

I’m For All Jews Even  Chasidim Though They Dislike Jews Such As Me.

I’ll Say That With One Small Caviot As Long As  These Jewish Groups Do Not Question Or Belittle My Ashkenazic Background And That Includes Not Correcting My Ashknazic Pronoucations Of Hebrew Words.

When A Map Or Encycopedia  Is Created It Can Be Very Biased as We See Map Makers Today Omit Israel And Word It Palestine.I Went To Purchase a Encycopedia  When I Opened It Up To Jews It Said The People Of Ancient Israel Not To Be Confused With Todays Jews Who Are Merley A Socio- economic group Who Tends To Marry Among Its Own Group..Jews Were Dismissed and Written Off In One  Sentence. However When I Turned  The Page To “Greeks,”It Read Bold Proud People Of Antiquity  And It Included 30 Pages Of  Recitation.

Ashkenazic Jews Are Real Jews.We Have Forfilled  Herzl’s Dream And Returned  To Our Ancestral Homeland..Take That All You Haters And Dissractors Of Jews And Thier Authenticy As Real  Jews

I Made The Cut For Cut And The Inclusion Of Jews . See Below Go To Gallery





Those Outfits Running Search Engines Are Scrubbing Facts Not In Line With Their Political Or Religious Beliefs.



For legal purpuses I shall omit the accuall names of any search engines and all other entities guily of this practice.
Search Engines are scrubbing Data from search engines just because they don’t fall in line with a particular Political Agenda or  Religious Theology that they subscribe to.
We all are aware that Intetnational map  makers and Encyclopedias always have a specfic Political Agenda..Let me tell you more in detail …. I was Looking to purchase an Encycopedia..When turned to “Jews “It said the people of Ancient Israel not to be confused with present day Jews who are just a social economic group that tends to marry amoung themselves “Jews were both insulted & dismissed in one sentance.
While still reading the same Encyolpedia I then turned to “Greek”  It read a bold proud people of antiquity and went on to 30 pages of recitation.Very political and insulting .
I’ve personaly attempted to look up on search engine a well know story that was written in the late Moshe Dyans autobiograpy where Dyan claimed that as visting Israeli Foriegn Minister &  Vice President  Walter Mondale slapped him across his face in the oval office..Now I had  personaly read in Dyans book years ago concerning that alleged incident and I know whether true or false that storyline exsisted. I searched  far and wide…it was scrubbed clean.Now it comes to the attention to The Editorial Staff at The Lerman Report that more historical facts are being scrubbed concerning Jewish History and  are being replacing it with false Revisionist Historal data  from Arabs and  other Jewish adverceies.Why? Hatred? Money? whos to accually say ..but we know its  not right…This is the highest form of fake news.

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Israel Will Never Allow Itself To Be Forced Into A Sucicide Deal With Palestinaians


 Israel  no longer needs a deal with the Palestinaians.Israel Will only be pressured to return to pre 1967 lines .
The Palestinaians want all Terrorism perpetrated  against Israels Jewish population from Sucicide  Bombings,Car Ramming and Stabbings forgiven as the end justifies the the means.
Israel be asked to look the way  from all Anti  Israel U.N. resolutions.The simply fact is an unrelenting negative  public  relations campaign  has been  going on against Israel  for years.
The Arab nations that are lining  up to sign on the dotted line with Israel are feed up Palestinaian and Irani violence..
Two previous land for Peace deals were made with the Palestinian  leadership as a prelude for further peace were violated by the Palestinaian  leadership.Israel can no longer take their word for a 3rd time.
We have witnessed  sophisticated Tunnels drilled with International aid that was  intended for to make Gaza the Hong Kong of the Middle East for the sole purpose to murder Jews while they sleep  their  homes.
Rest assured  that Bidden’s Secretary of State will  attempt to restart the deal with Iran (the biggest sponsor of state run Terrorism) as well as reopen the PLO Office  in Washington D.C only siding with Terrorists over their victims will accomplish nothing but creating more friction with the players in the Region  that are looking to live a peaceful existence.



So in closing we will say that Obama..Kerry and the Democrat Party voices including congressional anti Israel members such as the Squad will only make matters worse.
Bidden Presidency Please Go Along With The Situation Of Continuing With The Abrahan Accords Accords And Block Out Palestinian Authority -Hamas As Well As Iran Out.
Please Respect The Victims of Palestinian Terrorism And Not have Their lives Taken Away From Them And Have Their Deaths Be In Vane …Please Do The Right thing.



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

The Lerman Report Staff

Israel Must Continue To Build New Settlements….& They Must Remain A Part Of A Soverign Israel At All Costs

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Proclaim liberty throughout all the lands,

     Israel has made it known that it has begun to build new settlements.  The press release said its the first in 20 years.. The International community of  Jew Haters are outraged.  So what.. Who gives a crap..Did they care one iota when rockets were being lobed into Israel from Gaza ..or Tunnels being build by Palestinians for the sole purpose to Murder innocent Israeli’s in their sleep?  Or all the random stabbing?  Not a peep out of them? 
     First of all it’s not their country nor their buisness to point fingers a give ultimatums to Isreal..They want a 2  state solution That alright  because with the their large Arab and Muslim populations in their own backyard  pretty soon they well face the same pressure to form a 2 state solution right smack in their own nation….when they do then they should  tell   Israel how they like it..untill  that Time But out !
     With all this terror over the years  in the end  the International Nations give them a Bye & it  all gets forgiven ..Terror means nothing to them  when it happens to  Jews.. however when Terror reared its ugly Head in Belgium & France then entire world stood shoulder to shoulder with them in solidaridy..and rightly so but when it occurs in Israel,Israel is then asked to capitulate and  make concessions.
The Palestinian Arabs have zero respect for anyone other than themselves. The Unesco vote claiming that Jews have no ties to Temple mounts and the Western Wall ( The Kotle) which is Judaism Holiest Site demonstrates a big lack of respect… Now Israel is falsely being labeled an apartheid state by the Palestinian Public Relation Machine .That tract of land that the settlements are on are never be  handed over as an appeasement in any future peace deal. 
Bottom line not only must new settlements stay but they must be expanded and always remain under Israeli sovereignty. We have a suspicion that Bibi Government sole our use of increasing settlements is that they want  big Jewish presence if and when that disputed tract if land is handed over to the Arabs..We hate to clue  Bibi in ..The settlers are proud  Jews as well as nationalistic ones  as well & had they wanted to live in an Arab country they would have took out their passports and moved to Jordan or Egypt long ago.
Former Netanyahu advisor Lerman discusses Israel’s true settlement …/

′Israeli settlements are not an obsta
Jcle for peace′ | World | DW/
Israel to build entirely new settlement in West Bank/

If Israeli Leaders Are Stupid Enough To Sign Another Peace Treaty With Palestinian’s Then Israeli Jews Have Your Passports Ready.





The new Bidden’s peace plan will be 100% unacceptable to Israel if it divides Jerusalem.. If it reiterates every plan put forth in the last 40 years it’ll be dead in the water right away.If that be the case then Israeli & Diaspora Jews will nix it  immediately as capitulation to 70 years of Terrrorism..By introducing this monstrosity of a plan  would imply that  terrorism pays off and the end justifies the means.We said this time & time over “once a side introduces Terrorism as a means to advance their cause come negotiation time the only thing that they deserve is a swift kick in the pants”.
The Palestinian Leadership reneged on  the last 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace..lsrael can no longer trust them for a 3rd time

There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”.

When it comes to keeping their word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Israel if it were only one inch wide and they then would fight Tooth and Nail with every Once and Fiber and Strength to take over that one inch …
Who’s Fooling Who? The International Peace Keepers that were placed in Sinai after The Camp David Accords remain useles..Hamas and Isis are well entrenched there with their Troops & neither the Multi National Force or Egypt’s El Sissi can curb them.
We can see El Sissi’sArmy failing since it’s basically just a Police Force but The U.S.lead International Army is grossly negligent in  not carrying out their function as it was guaranteed as it was laid out in The Camp David Accords.

A 10_20 year moratorium on any Future Peace Deal is in order..

Let the Palestinian Arabs display good behavior for that period ..and if they comply and remain free any Terrorist activity for that time period ..Then and only then can they be trusted..

We at the Lerman Report Editorial Board feel that perhaps Netanyahu’s increased settlement activity is just  smokescreen a brainstorm of his to have some Jewish  population in any future  Palestinian State  that will be a giveaway to a  final Palestinian peace deal.If there’s any truth to that…..THEN THAT IS 100%.UNACCEPTABLE.

Is it Israel’s leadership intendtion to give away Judea and Sameria?Jewish settlers are proud Jews and passionate about being instrumental in building up the Jewish State.If they wanted to settle in an Arab Nation they would  have applied for a visa and immigrated to Jordan  or Lebanon.

..Israel has to be weak militarily right now not to squelch the fiasco playing out in Gaza. However if a deal is struck then  two things are a reality .

Read Them Below

1st.Israel”s Leadership was nothing but a bunch of Stimayutz’s

2nd .Each & Every Jew have your passports ready pack your satchels gather up your all your Pots & Pans ..Remove your Bubby’s 8×10 from off the wall & get ready to get out of Dodge  & find another nation that will take you in.

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