Jews Demand That Egypt Pay Them Reparations For Building The Pyramids

 Jewish leaders have met secretly with many of The World’s Movers and Shakers. Their goals are to have Egypt pay some sort of Reparations to Jews for building the Pyramids 4,5000 years ago a precondition to any Future peace deal.
We want to say this upfront that we  at the International Herold have no knowledge whatsoever of either any Israeli or Egyptian Government Officials  agents or their proxy’s being involved  in this in any way shape or form in these negotiations.
This belief that the Hebrew slaves built the Pyramids is a corner-stone (no pun intended) and central belief of The of the Jewish Religion.  It is taken as fact by each &  every stream of Judaism.  Those denying the validity of that belief are busy at work attempting to rewrite what has been widely accepted by both Jews and Christian People along with their Theologians and Sages for Thousands of years .  What we are now witnessing  today is a classic example  history revision  to suit political views.
As we speak we are witnessing a smear campaign against Jews and Israel where every Jewish Tenet concerning The Holiness of either places.. cities or shrines  are coming under review & they are being voted away by hostile Anti Semitic elements at the United Nations.  As we approach this Pesach  (Passover) Jews the world over will not sit back idly and let the worlds Jew haters take away our beliefs and put a Damper on our Holiday.
What is paramount right now is to promote this fact that The Hebrew Slaves toiled in building the Pyramids exactly as it appears in Jewish teachings.
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