No More Free Press In U.S.A.

  Whenever you hear all the pundits and pontificators on  all the news stations commentators and some anchors on  National T.V. have or will be working in  a particular candidates camp it reeks of no longer a free press. Chris Coumo..Dana Perino George Stephanopoulos..Samatha Guntrie to name a few..get the picture
So you hear this from people on camera  just think of what’s happening behind the camera and presses from the  editors and  writers and program directors.
   When you hear the commentator speak all they are doing is pol Parroting their radio or T.V. Stations script what they were told to say and or convey. It’s no longer A free press but a controlled contrived Political Motivated bunch of bull sh-t. All I can say  try to make up your own mind and see through the spin if there is any way one can no matter who you whose this election year./end

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Gas Prices onThe Rise And Still No S.S. COLA

  people going broke  while paying high oil prices

Gas Prices Going Up Again..Were’s Our COLA? We were  promised that because of the low gasoline prices and home heating oil that seniors were not going to get a cost of living  increase in their  Social Security Checks. Now the President has put a halt on off shore drilling in  and because of this action-gas prices are on the rise once again .

No press outlet seems to care to report this or put iton the front page, just like the age to fully collect Social Security rose from 65 to 66 it is virtualy being given the blackout treatment by the press.
Call or write your representative and now that gas prices are soaring  tha we want our cola.
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Are Israeli Jews Distancing Themselves Away from American Jews?


  Are Israeli Jews distancing  themselves away from American Jews? Does Non English Israeli Jews Have less in common among English Speaking Israelis & American Jews in General. Is the fact that the  Conservative and Reform elements of the Israeli population being treated second-rate by the  Chief Rabbis bearing its toll?

 The American Jewish public  seems to have found common ground in Politicians such as Netanyahu who was educated partly abroad in The US. rather than the strictly Hebrew Speaking Israelis. The non English speaking Israeli Generals and Politicians come across a sort of alienated from American Jews..

Netanyahu’s major appeal to American Jews was his command of the English language and not coming across and sounding like for lack of a better word what  Pre WW 11 American Jews once refered to as “A Mocky..Once another Israel politician obtains the Prime Minister office and English is not their first language drives a wedge  between & distances itself from who American Jewish voters can relate to as one of their own.

Many American Jews hailing from Eastern and. Central Europe  have often pondered if this could have been avoided  avoided had Israel Adopted  Yiddish as their national language rather than Hebrew .

Just think about all those Jews who came from Europe that would have packed up and moved to Israel However that’s a mute issue today.

 Has the Diaspora Jewish Community’s support eroding or at best a nominal or lack luster for Israel by from both American and non Israeli Jews?

Is this why American Jewish Lawmakers are voting contrary to Jewish and Israeli interests. In addition The Haredi and their small minor Political party “United Torah Judaism” are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. What the two major Israeli political parties have to do is shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.  Whether  the Israeli population realizes it the American Jewish  Community  is directly  responsible for the most generous foreign aid package that Israel receives and keeps its that way voting Pro Israel Politicians..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t put it’s life on the line by serving in the IDF it plays a vital role in the safeguarding ofIsrael.Do not alienate American Jews.

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Some Republican’s Are Way out of Line

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      Certain Republican Party  members are way out of Line.First Donald Trump signed a pledge not to run as an Independent by the party  & now that Trump is running away with the  Republican  primary  nomination, Some Republicans  are looking to back out of their word and not honor the pledge..not right if you ask me .
.For someone to float around the thought to allow Mitt Romney to enter the race is totaly absurd,Romney is a  looser number one number  he lost 4 years ago ,Second, haven’t we learned anything from the past when the old Democratic party every four years would put up  Adelei Stevenson for President ? I don’t believe Trump is a racist , and that he is  not a friend of Isreal that is totaly absurd, His  own daughter is married to Someone Jewish and his grandchild is being raised Jewish.
We see a major 180 degree turn around from the press to somehow derail his campaign from now  before  Nov, 5th, this is not right. the electorate is speaking loud and clear and we must respect the voting process after all we are not in Russia. What we need is term limits to vote out of office the old stowarts ,old boys club , the old cadavors that now occupy the halls of congrees. Trump represents the new voter a new fresh style of leadership that plenty of folks are flocking to at the polls.let the electorial process work. /end



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Most Election Rallys are Staged And Are A Made To Deceive The Public

  Election Rallys for the most part are A bunch of Bull sh-t, they pack whatever venue or location with their own people to make it appear that the crowd is 100% enamored  with the canidate, its bullsh-t, I know for this for a fact ..When Donald Trump said that the boos were coming from the other canidates supporters, it rings a bell of truth. My Grandmothers  own Synagogue in Canarsie Brooklyn was asked to host a rally for Walter Mondale’s Predidency bid. They had a catering hall that had a 600 people capacity. The Mondale people informed the Temple committe that  between  press,security and Party faithful will fillup the most of the room, and there will only be 25 seats made available for the congragation members.  The Temple upon hearing this immediatly flat out Withdrew their request to use their Synagogue as merly a back drop to make it appear as if the congrgation loved their canidate .. This is the way itis at most rally’s and you  better believe it


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