A Moritorium On all Immigration To The U.S.A


   Lets have A Moritorium On all Immigration to the U.S.A. starting as of today….When past groups immigrated here such as The Jews, Irish And Italians we were becoming an industialized nation and America needed a force  .
    Right now we have record number unemployement we are a service nation and hardly nothing is manufactured here anymore ..What are these immigrants  Syrian Refugees in particular going to do for a living? You tell me? They will be slated for  $1,800 relocation fee  per person plus medicade, SSI,Food Stamps and will get free subsidized housing ( I  believe an apartment thou an not sure for how long). Whatever money is in the U.S. coffers should be spent on Veterans & Active Duty Serviceman first. If you look at the Arab -Muslim Immigrants entering and settling in Euroup they  clearly do want to assimilate into European culture and accept Western standards..It’ll be no different when they arrive onto American shores.
 There is no true way to vett them as you can not verify their info and background data. How many members of  ISIS will get through with this mass immigration?Do you know ? Does anybody? As  a Jew and an loyal Patriotic American Marine Corps Veteran I feel that most if not all are Anti Jewish And Anti ISREAL anyway. Just ask any one of them does Israel have the right to exsist & does Israel have the right to defend itself..Each and everyone asked will spit on the ground right away as their answer.
Lets face facts in a few years they will be  able to vote and a pro Isreal politician will become a thing if the past …If they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballet box.
Once again we do not need a labor force today and it should be incombundant upon the Arab and Islamic nations to take in their co relgionists  not the western nations ./end
File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg

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