Strictly Our Opinion:Democrats Control Both Chambers Of The House..So Why Would Republicans Side With Democrats?



Democrats Now Maintain A Clean Cut Majority In Both Chambers Of The House..So In Any Up And Down Vote Republicans Are No Longer Needed In The Mix.
Republicans Members Will Now Sit  There Like Potted Plants There Taking In The Sunshine  Doing nothing.
So Why Would Some Republicans All Of Sudden Jump Ship And Get On The Anti Trump Bandwagon?Although We Say This This Is Merly An Opinion And Not A Fact..Could It Be To Curry Favor In A Democrat Filled Senate and Congress To Perhaps It Is Some Sort Of Plea To Continue To Have Their Pet Projects Makes Their Way Into The Pork Barrel? Are They Also Laying A Foundation To Be Lobbyists In A Few Years.

You Be The Judge


The Lerman Report Staff

Don’t Ever Buy A Best Buy Service Contracts Or Product Insurance.

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  If there is one bit of advice I’d care to pass on to other shoppers is.. Do not even take out a Best Buy Insurance policy or service contract on any thing that you purchase from their store. Remember the Movie Men of Honor staring Cuba Gooding Jr.?  Well I consider Best Buy is Men Without Honor. In July 2016  I got a new cell phone from Best Buy, thou my cell phone is part of a family plan it’s under a family plan administered on under my sister name, I have my own line and decided after the salesman spoke to me to Buy separate insurance coverage for my cell phone, the works Water Damage, Thief, and Breakage I put the insurance under my name and  instructed the Best Buy salesman that it is exclusively for my line only.. I then paid with my debit card and my debit card only and gave Best Buy privileges to withdraw the monthly charges from my checking account and my account only . They initially took out payments.. Now I give quite few other outfits drawing privileges from my checking account also.. My 2 Gyms Several Dating sites, My Satellite radio for my car. Now I left Best Buy put my receipt of the new cell phones  in the original  box and stored it away for safe keeping.. and in doing so slept comfortably that I’m covered if anything happens.



Face forward to April of 2017, I’m having massive WiFi issues I went back to Best Buy showed them the insurance policy and receipt and they informed me that I was dropped from any coverage for lack of payment.. Hiw can that be in asked.. They said that the bank refused to remit the monthly stipend. Apparently they went to someone else’s bank.I double checked the receipt…it taken out on by me but they went to somebody else’s bank not  mine and well you guessed it that persons bank who wasn’t involved on my sale in any way shape or form didn’t remit any money.. Now every outfit that I’ve given withdrawing privileges at times don’t pull the money every month but stack payments up into a balloon payment..
This is common practice in business who have withdrawing privileges.. They never contacted me in any way to tell me that my account is in jeopardy for non payment not by text, cell phone message or phone call, E mail, U.S. Postal service mail,  Western Union Telegram, Fed X, Ups, Facebook, Smoke Signals, or Personal Courier. In other words I was not in any way notified. They gave me some double talk thst they emailed me my sister the owner of the family plan.. A big bold face lie. My sister checked  all her texted messages and E mail archives .. What thay told me is not true at all. Now I’m forced to purchase a new cell phone at the cost of $700. I was engaged in conversation with the store manager for two hours to no avail, at that point I called thier customer are department. I spoke to 3 separate individuals who sounded like they were from behind the Iron Curtain. They had very little command olive the English language . now while I’m all for everyone putting  food on the table for their family and paying the landlord, however If English is not your first language than you really shouldn’t be in a position to pull any sort of phone duty..
I believe that they outsourced their customer service department.. What a shame. Bottom line instead of purchasing any coverage from Best Buy  bring all your money over to your toilet bowl and flush it down to the drain.. It quicker, it’s easier either way you’ll never see your hard earned money againRelated image
Top 982 Complaints and Reviews about Geek Squad – Consumer Affairs
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Top 3,135 Complaints and Reviews about Best Buy – Consumer Affairs
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The Lerman Report Staff

The Lerman Repirt Staff

The Lerman Report Idea For Distribution Of Covid Vaccinations


The Lerman Report Idea For Distribution Of Covid Vaccinations. It’s Not To Late To Implement Our Plan.First Off Have A Fleet Of Military Duece And A 1/2 Trucks Come To Every Neighborhood Filled With Corpsman Or Medics.
Have Army Troops Form Sort Of Human Link Chain Around The Periphery Of Neighborhood  As Each Area Is Being  Administrated.
Do Block By Block The Same Way Mr Softee Used To Come Around To Every Neighborhood Just  Like Back In The Day.When Mr.Softee Played Their Familiar Music Evey Shmuck And His Brother Ran Likes Theives And Lined Up For Thier Good Old Thick Shack Float
If The Public Can Line Up  For A Mere Sundae We’re Pretty Sure That They’ll Line Up For A Vaccine To Save Their Lives..Go Neighborhood By Neighborhood..Block By Block..Like We Said Take A Page From The 1960’s Mr Softee Playbook

Think About What We Just Said.

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* Mr Softee Is A Trade Name And Is Not Involved In  Our Plan Or Post 

The Lerman Report Staff

Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye





Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye.

Ever Hear About The Fire At The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory. The Owner chained and Padlocked The Doors Shut So As Employees Don’t Skip Out With Merchadise While HeWent On His Lunch Hour. It Was Brutal Woman Jumped 6 Stories To Their Death Rather Than Be Burnt Alive..A True Tragedy.

However Those Days Are long Gone.Today Unless You Have AJob Where You Can Squeeze You’ll vowing up with Squat. Essentially Services..Police, Fire Dept, Santation,Truckers And I’ll Include The Transportation Industry(Airlines,Rails& Buses).

However TodayAll  Unions Do Little But Exstract Money From Your Pay Check..Its called Dues & Innitiation Fees.I Belonged AUnion In which For The Purpose Of This Post It Will Remain Nameless..

What I Whould Characterize As Crooked As They Come..We Had An Employee Association..We’d Rwnt A Small Conference Room At A Local Motel & Have Our Meetings..Well We Voted Unanimously  To Strike.

Many Mainstream Unions Approached US To Join UpvWith Thier Particular Union. We picked One Gave Us Breakfast Money And  A  $30 AWeek Strike Pay Stipend.

IF You Chose To Strike That Is Sort Of A Self Inflicted Injury  Hence The Unemployment Agency  Places A Penalty Of 2 Months Before You  Can Collect. 

Our Boss Sent Out Mailings To Every Employee..

“It’s Freezing Ouside Come Back To Work And Well Negotiate While Your In A Nice Warm Building “

Our Union Delagate Screamed Back” We’ll Return Only With a Signed Contract..Every Week For Months We Receive md The Same Letter From The Boss And With Each And Every One Of The Bosses Letters To Return And Negotiate At A Nice Warm Workplace.

Guess What The Day That We Were About  To Receive Our Unemployment With Concuring Our 2 Month Penalty The Business Agent Sends Us Back To Work Without A Contract. And He Sold Us Out Giving The Boss A SweetHeart Deal

I Will Take My Chances Without A Union Kissing The Bosses  Ass Or Work Extra  Hard To Get Ahead.Like My Grandfather  Used To Say “Hard Work And Earnest Effort Brings Success “

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.

American Culture Is All Due To Manipulation
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OPEN IN  NEW TAB TO HEAR  Human Ear Clip Art
American Culture Is All Due From Massive Bombardement Of Advertisements…New Euphemisms..Slang Words..Code Words…Different Emphasis and The Key Usage Of Cetain Words In our Daily Vocabulary. 
  Every 10 To12 Years  Americans Undergoes Masive Manipulation by Media As Well  As All Those New Hairstyles..New Hair Lengths and a brand new style of music.
Ever notice that if your a German or Russian or a Frenchman  or an Italian living in and growing up in your perspective Nations in Euroupe or any other continent that your culture.. clothing styles and Music is the basically the exact same as every generation before yours?
Your style or manner is no different than your grandparents.
Like we just made mention before America’s  generations changes drastically every 10 to 12 years.Those of the previous generation in America that don’t change and bow down to peer pressure from massive amounts of peer  pressure And commercial  bombardment  are labeled Old School..Squares or Nerds.
Those who grew up in the 1920’s are different than those who grew up in the 30s..40’s,50’s  60’s and so on get the picture?
In America the media manipulates not only our clothing style but the way we style including hair our hair length
While in Europe watch kids growing up listen to the same music as the grandparents did.
With a small exception today due to internet and T.V.  all through out the World each &  every generation will continue to grow up with the same style as their great grandparents.
America marches to a beat of a different drum…all manipulated by massive bombardment of commercials,music and the new trendy clothing that we all must have leash Dance Today In Moscow  Same As Back In Your Great Grandfather Day…See What We Mean?

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.

I Never Saw a Snowball Fight That Didn’t Escalate to Fisticuffs.

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     Why delude yourself that there’s nothings bad will happen when there is a snowball fight .Take it from me I’ve been around for a pretty long time and it happens every time to everyone..

It starts innocent enough but there is always some A hole that eventually throws a snowball right at someones face & let me tell you this its compacted icy and it hurts .Thats when it turns ugly and then the fists start flying/

Same thing with waterguns and water balloons there’always someone who got to get the last spritz in &  that too turns ugly. If you doubt just ask anyone and they’ll tell exactly what I just told  you.So remember don’t  be surprised if you pitch a snow ball to someones face and you get your head handed to you/

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A Big Contradiction In Government Thinking…



  Why Do We Have This  Big Contradiction in Government Thinking ? Well for starters the Government wants  us to be healthy .. Don’t Smoke ..Don’t Drink..Don’t Eat Transfaty Foods…Exercise Take Medications Be Well ..Remain Heathy And Be Sure To See Your Doctor  Twice A Year For Check Ups And Live  A Long Life ….Take The Covid Vaccination…
But on the the other hand they don’t really want us to live into our 90’s..Do they? As a matter of fact they would proberly  like us to pass away at a much younger age perhaps in our 60’s as not to drain the Social Security  & Medicare fund. So I ask you this why the Contradiction ?


If You Suggest That It Is to keep The General Public Alive Longer To Further Line The Drug Companies Pockets By  Keeping Us Living Longer To Buying More Prescription Drugs And To Keep The Nursing Homes In Business As Well As All The Oncology And Radiology Clinics Going…Plus Keeping The Altzimter Industry Alive You Won’t Hear An Argument From Us.

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The Lerman Report Staff


Biden Call For Unity..I Will Govern With The Phone & The Pen



Let Us Start Call For Unity Seems To Be Nothing But A Sound Bite Created By Very Good Speechwriter..
Right Away Even Before Any Court Ruling He Says I Will Govern With The Phone And The Pen..I Other Words He Plans To Undue Many If Not Most Of Trump’s Presidential Directives.
The Entire Media Handed Him This Victory..First  By Projecting Bidden The Winner and The Having Their Descion Desk Give The OK Sign For Program Directives To Announce On Air That Bidden Win.
Bidden Has Already Nulified Any Laws That.Was In Effect By  Signing Over 40 Excuctive  Orders.In What Biden Term A Dictator Style Of Government  Before He Took Office. Open Borders..More Chain Immigration From South Of Our Border And The Middle East..Making Illegal Border Entry To The U.S. No Longer A Crime.The Working Stiff Will. Now Have More Taxes Levied Upon Them. Who Will To Foot The Bill For All These Immigrants..The Working Stiffs That’s Who Will Foot The Bill.


These Immigrants Will Receive SSI Medicade With Total Dental Coverage..Child Care. Food Stamps A paid Apartment For 6 Years Plus Each Person In Thier Household Will Get $1,8000 Relocation Fee .Make D.C and Puerto Rico A State Creating 4 More  U.S.Senators Giving The Democrats Carte Blanche On Our Democracy Thus Controlling The House ..The Senate ..The Supreme Court And The Executive Brach..Day Goodbye To Democracy.Bidden Wants To keep America Closed Down .This Stifling Any Movement In Our Retail Business And  Creating A Road To Third World Status  For America


Someone Has Got To Pay For All That.They Will Make It ..Yes The Working Stiff .




Unacceptable To Make Over $400.000. And Kill The American Dream.. Mr.Bidden No one In America Should Ever Have To Apologize For Success.




When I First Heard Obama Say Right. Before His Inauguration”Get Ready For Change” It That




His Actions. Will Only Cause Further Division In American Society..Fashion For Democracy’s Sake Let The Courts. Deliver Their Ruling.



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