Watch Out For Auto Manufacturers As They Cut New Car Warranty Time.


    Many Auto manufacturers have or intend to cut their new car warranty time. Toyota is advertising 2year 25,000 mile warranty.. This has been reduced from 3 years 35,000 miles.  Chevrolet and GMC has also reduced drive train from 100 000 miles to 60,000.
They apparently are pushing the “exstended warranty” now.. Most auto companies have a plethora of warranty options available past the initial 2 or 3 years that you get include when you purchase a new car.
We  at The Lerman Report never saw or heard this mention led once on any mall media outlet. Get use to less is not more
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Republican’s Should Be Totally Ashamed of Bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection.

      Trump and the  Republican Congress should be totally ashamed of themselves for passing a bill Disallowing Internet Privacy Protection. Now your internet provider Comcast , Verizon, AT&T  etc.  can sell, trade or use any and all things on your computer. Outrageous is an understatement. This shows that every legislator who was part and Parcel in putting this into law doesn’t give a crap about anyone other than themselves.
This brainstorm didn’t happen overnight so why didn’t any media outlet report on it sooner? I’m pretty certain that they had to know and sat on the story until it was a done deal. This law is a travesty on the American people.
Call or right your representatives today and voice your displeasure.Related image Orchid

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We’re Not Fond of The Expression “On The Right Side of History”

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What concerns us as Advocats for Jewish interests is when We hear  Liberal Politicians as well as all the International world leaders say
 “Your on right side of History” referring to the Syrian refugee immigrants entering America and the West. Their version the PC of multiculturalism is not compatible with  my views and  or with Judeo_Christion values. Why is it alright to take up the “Palestinian Cause” while throwing Israel under the bus is ok. We know all too well that in a few short years these Syrian refugees will be voting and once they do there will never be a Jewish or pro Israel politician elected in America.. Europe has always abandoned Israel and Jews a second time since the Holocaust.
When We see world leaders such as Angela Merkel turns a deaf ear to her  fellow countryman  dissatisfaction with the influx of millions of incoming Syrian refugees.. I can conclude only one thing… That perhaps the German elections are not on the up and up and she knows that she can’t loose.
Why else would she dilerbertly disregard her citizens wishes? There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area of the continental United States  let their brother Arab nations step up to the plate and show them some hospitality and take them in their co religionists it’s not the western nations obligation to do so.
The press is manipulating this Syrian refugee story. While they constantly continue to show  mothers holding babies and young children, absent from the cameras are the big strong strapping young men who should be staying behind and fighting for their country.. Those men are there they are right next to these women holding up their babies but there not bring filmed..Millions of Syrians left their Homeland for greener Pastuers of Euroupe today .People who live in Germany for example  will have to work at least till their 75  to  pay for the overhead of the immigrant  resettlement  cost..
Why should the American Army and their Allies have to go to Syria and pull  their peoples chestnuts out of the fire?
Let’s tell it as it is the new left is in American Political circles
It is not the left of  your dear old Granny and JFK.. The thing that they are looking to accomplish is to create a class of voters that are indebted to their  political party for a handout of a plethora of free benefits Nothing more
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     Can anyone tell us what ever happened to the Hero Sandwich ?   Today they will refer to it as a ‘Sub’ or a Hoagy.  However in N.Y. at one time it only went by one name and one name only “A Hero Sandwich .”All that went to the way side.. Gone are the days went you ordered a Hero at an Italian Eatery and they actually hollowed out the center of the bread to load it up with more stuff. What we despise and  loath is when you order a Hero and instead  of puting The veal Parm or Egg plant in a some sort of baking dish in order to heat up… They place it right on the bread itself  to heat.  To us  that just leads us to believe that they don’t get a fresh  bread delivery on a daily basis.  When they do that all I can say is that it leaves a lot to be desired and I don’t care for it one bit. Then there is the club sandwich ( which is also some sort of a Hero Sandwhich). That can found at  any Jewish Deli ..At one time  it was also a Huge Sandwich.. well those days are long gone now.Today it has become a  very small  sandwich .They slice the bread on the bias to make it appear larger(their fooling no one) plus every  Jewish or German Style Deli as their slicing the Cold Cuts for their sandwiches the meat immediately hits a scale ..They maintain the exact weight that goes on your sandwich not a speck more . They  have it down to an exact science.Fnally there is the” dressed sandwich”.. That only means more lettuce and tomato less meat.  The Hero Sandwich is not what made the hero sandwich famous for



East Meadow Library Holds Stealth Election.

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 For those who haven’t heard yet, on March 7th 2017 the East Meadow Library held an election to exspand its library and to  have the homeowners taxes hiked. Now first of all all these Library and Firehouse elections should be well publicized and held at same time when the voting takes place for the school budge and not in the confines of Library building or the Firehouse .  The library’s are employee heavy.. You’ll find more employees there than make matters even worse basically their clientele almost exclusively exists of vagrants or  homeless individuals who  hang out there for there strictly for  air conditioning. These employees are  for the most part the same folks who call you up at general election time to  get out the vote.. All the party faithful.. Self serving. You can access any and all info today from either your computer or smart phone.. Hence what do we need a library for anymore.. Just take a gander at your tax statement for what look at what your paying for library services and your eyes gonna pop right out of  your head.  We would like to know was this election conducted  under the supervision of the board of elections. If not so than who or what entity monitored the voting process., From what from information that we gather   this vote was not publicized on any media outlet.. It was merely posted on the library wall .. Taxpaying Homeowners”have the right to be notified when there is an election which the outcome will result in a property  tax hike.  At this particular time the East Meadow  demographics show  a large senior citizen contingent plus a large immagrant population who by in large remain illerterate in English  and so we can’t see for the life of us why these two groups even need a library and would want to vote for the increase.  The taxpaying homeowners are being taken to the cleaners.. They are getting fleeced big time and there seems to be not one elected official whatsoever who is willing to step up and advocate for them..
From now perhaps may we suggest that everyone go directly to town hall turn your pockets inside out plus put your  wallets on the desk and say ‘Here take whatever  you want but please just leave me us a small amount so can perhaps we can can  by a burger from the dollar store so we don’t starve to death.

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This Call May Be Recorded For Quality Control or Training Purposes..


Who hasn’t  made a phone call only to hear the warning “This Call May Be Recorded For Quality Control or Training Purposes”
Let us at the International Herold tell you exactly what that means.. Number one there is no such thing as training purposes or for quality control. The Insurance Industry has lobbied lawmakers both on the State & Federal level to have that statement Paramount to an acceptance of their verbal agreement. The real reason is that the outfit that your calling will record your conversation is to record you if you  say something threatening, commiting liable,say anything about a commission of a crime. If none of that occurs then the recording gets erased. However if they (the company that’s recording you) says or admits fault  or make promises that they won’t keep, makes false statements or any form of negligence on their part then you can be rest assured that it will be erased.. Its as simple as that.

Keep in mind that even if either you or the other party records a phone call and even there is no warning that cannot be admissable in open court but a Judge still may listen to it in his Chambers.




With Its Crazy Obsession With Israel The U.N. Has Accually Writen It’s Own Obituary.

          The U.N. is out of control. With its lopsided unbalanced treatment of Israel along with their of Anti Israel resolutions it won’t be long untill backfires on them. We can’t wait  until the day  that the  U. S. puts the lock on the door and sends all those Jew hating “diplomats” packing permanently.
Who needs them anyway, it has become exactly the opposite of what it was created for. It serves no purpose  anymore to bring about world peace. It is also a den of Espionage and many illegal drugs come into our country through diplomatic pouch. The so called diplomats flaunt their disrespect for our nations law from parking violations and beyond claiming diplomatic immunity.. Plus it creates the worst case senerio for tying up traffic to a security nightmares for our Police.
From the days under leadership of Nazi Kurt Waldheim to the  Anti Jewish Tutledge of Sun Kim Moon it has been a stacked deck against Israel never giving it a fair shake.. Can’t wait for the  U. S. Marshalls to make their move and close it down permanently.. Good Riddance would like to say it’s been a pleasure but it hasn’t now go find some dictatorial despot nation to host you for the next 50 years..

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Jimmy Carter No Friend To Jews


        Jimmy Carter is a card carrying Anti Semite.. He is no different from his brother Billy but in a 3 piece suit. His humanity doesn’t extend to Jewish people as his anti-Jewish rhetoric never stops . Even after an Israeli drug saved his life and put his terminal brain cancer in remission his anti-Jewish diatribe continues unabated.. Usually when someone getting on years they bury the hatchet on any old hatred that they may have had in their heart.. But not him… That alone speaks volumes as to his true character. He is not deserving of any praise or accolades . He purports to be a religious man, However we  at The Lerman report Report .Com believe that is the furthest thing from truth.

When he occupied the White House then Israeli defense Minister  Moshe Dayan wrote in his autobiography that at his Oval Office meeting with President Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale that Mondale  slapped him across the face. Though we will stress that this incident remains to be alleged.However if true that would be unheard of for a sitting Vice President to stoop to something so low.. Slapping someone across the face was something you’d expect someone like Moe of the The Stooges to do to Larry or Curly…but  for a sitting VP resort to  such  behavior if true would be beyond unbelievable.That  alleged incident lost Mondale the Vote from the vast Jewish voting block when he ran for POTUS.  We have prepared some links on this topic .please read below…Related image
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Sad To Say America Will Always Remain an Obese Society.

Weird Al Yankovic – i’m Fat Light Orchid
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 It’s a very sad commentary on the American way of life.. Those fortunate enough to reside here in the U.S.A.  We have the best supermarkets than any country on Earth.. Our meat and produce supply is unlimited. However it’s not the high Fructose Cornell Syrup that’s doing us all in.. Its the amount of unnecessary garbage  that we are consuming.
     When I was Growing up in the 1950″s you were lucky if you had 10 varieties of breakfast cereal on the grocers shelves.. Today the supply tremendous, one can go to any supermarket and you’ll see an entire row dedicated to just breakfast cereal. Bakery products that’s another culprit. Every supermarket has its own fresh bakery on premises.. Plus the pre made package cakes cookies and donuts the amount of shelf space that they get us staggering.
    The potato chip isle  is another one of the culprits it extends from here to next week.  When I was Growing  up we were a family of  four and we only had a quart bottle of soda between us four at the supper table..and there as still some left over, today people are drinking soda like crazy. The amount and variety of restaurants and eateries is staggering.. America is the culinary capital  ON Earth.. No other NATION has the amount of different ethnic restaurants than in the America. I get highly annoyed when someone from another nation comes to America and some putz takes them to a Mc Donalds to show off American food. The amount of all your can eat buffets are just unbelievable.. What a concept “all you can eat” you’ll find it nowhere but here.
     All the exercise at the gym doesn’t men squat.. No body growing up everybody  plays   ball  anymore today.  When I was Growing up everyone played ball or some street or sand lot sport of some kind.  Today nobody puts down their smart phone.. You wanna loose weight then you have to one important exercise…
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