No More Free Press In U.S.A.?

  When you hear all the pundifts and pontificators, all the news stations comentators and some anchors on  National T.V. have or will be working in  a particular canidates camp it reaks of no longer a free press. If you hear this from people on camera  just think of whats happening behind the camera and presses from the  editors and  writers and program directors. When You Hear that a  particular news anchor or news  contributor leaves their job & goes to work  on a some canidates campaign, it gets you thinking…… and  sort of sick to your stomach.
   When you hear the news comentators speak ,all they are doing is pol Parroting thier radio or T.V. Stations script what they where told to say and or convey. Its no longer A free press ,but a controled contrived Political Motivated bunch of bull- sh-t. All I can say  try to make up your own mind and see through the spin if theris any way one can no matterwho you vhose this election year./end


Are the TV anchors rooting for President Obama?Light Orchid





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