Is Isis Forming a Fifth Column The In The West?

fifth colunm

    Issis is actively recruitment in western nations for their forces,  could perhaps forming a fifth column in theses western countries?More measures must be made to curb this possibility this may be  worse for the government than following the German American Bund or  the KKK as in the 1930’s.
Wecaew now seeoig candidates from middle-Eastern backrounds  running for.U.S. office  on a pro Hamas  pro BDS &Pro Issis pledge.
They hate America ..hate ours ways refuse to assimilate..refuse to recite our pledge of Algeyance..If they Hate America  so much and romanized their old country..then why did they leave their former nations to come here?..If they dislike the American Standard  the solution is a simple one return to your  former homelands  make America happy again.You got to start worrying why immigrated here and what is their true intent.To make matters even more worrisome we now have invasion style immigration along with a chain migration element attached to it & any attempt to.stop it  is immediately overturned & bllocked by a Federal Judge.


However these groups are now voting  & electing  like electing like-minded candidates
I  am sure the federal agencies  are on this as we go to press/end
fifth column (military tactic) — Encyclopedia Britanni/
Fifth column – Merriam-Webster Onlineo


lerman (1)                                 THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

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