U.S.Woman’s Army Corps Picture Being Circulated With WAC Wearing A Keffiyeh

Just who is responsible for this picture of an American WAC sporting a Palestinian Hamas/El Fatah keffiyeh on her uniform? Is the Pentagon aware of this? What about the Department of the Army were they  in the loop on how this picture became made and circulated?

Any time a U.S.uniform complete with official insignia’s are used in either a movie..T.V.Show, Commercial or Print add  it must have the official permission from the particular branch of service.This print add was not created hap hazard band neither by accident but deliberately created having an American woman soldier wearing a symbol of Terrorists and resistance against Israel.

Even though the ads picture is right in your face it still resonates sort of a subliminal style of  message.Whoever put this add together wanted to make a political statement that is contrary to the to  the current Trump Administrations U.S. policy and at the same time attempt to manipulated your sympathies visa vie the Arab Israeli conflict.


Who commissioned this add with featuring an American Service member wearing  a keffiyeh as part of their uniform?
The  keffiyeh is not GI issue  and wearing it disgraces the uniform.Somebody at the pentagon had to both commission and approve this add.While complements and alcaldes poured in on Facebook to what seemed to be a proud woman serving her country ..no one seemed to question the keffiyeh on her uniform except the members of The Lerman Report Staff.
Although the add does not actually say U.S.Army it is meant to appear that it is.
We are intimating an enquiry and will find out who the culprits are.
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The Sukkus Is Coming To Town(2019)

Sukkot 2019 will begin in the evening of

October 13
and ends in the evening of
October 20

I  remember Sukkot 1967 I was in Paris Island  S.C. attending  Marine Corps Boot Camp and the Savanna  Jewish Center would make a Sukkah and stock it with fresh fruit and wine right on Paris Island .It was welcome site from the rigors of recruit training.

Because they couldn’t interupt the Saturday Training Schedule hence the Jewish recruits had to have their weekly services on a Sunday’s & as sort of consilation the Jewish Personel we were told that they would be  taken to Savanna Georgia to attend services on Yom Kippur. If that not all a lavish catered meal was supplied for us in a Catering Hall just like a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding right after the services. I thought it was the greatest thing ever done for us. In addition every Sunday they had Bagels and Lox waiting for us outside of the Activities Building were our services were conducted. I will never foget what the Savanna Jews  Community did for the Jews and Myself when  we attended Boot Camp.

I don’t know if that Savanna Jewish community remains there today in  or if  are do they still help the  recruits the way they did back then But I would like to find out and make a  long over due donation to them if they are still in business..

 *Sukkus- Ashenazic pronouciation of sukkot   Me on Yom Kippur at The Savanna Jewish Center 1967

A Happy Rosh Hashanah 2018 From The Staff At The Lerman Report .Com

Happy Jewish New Year...Dirty joke warningCLICK ZHYHICKS FACE TO VIEWImage result for hand pointing pictureImage result for hand pointing picture
                                 .DIRTY JOKE WARNING-

Rosh Hashanah 2018 will begin in the evening of

 Sun.September 9

and ends in the evening of

Tue.September 11