Price at The Pumps Must Drop to $1.6o Gallon or Economy Down The Drain

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*By new years end if the price at the pumps  does n”t go to $1.60 a gallon there Will be no recovery in the economy for a long time, By summers end if there is not a spiral drop in gas and home heating fuel there will be retail season in the fall  no  good retail Holiday season . real estate prices  will plummet   Houses worth less , equity goings south fast and the economy will  continue to get worse. Congress and the President must hold  Big oils feet to the fire  Quickly if they want relief in site ..if  Big oil is unresponsive ,then we should consider nationalizing the oil companies


Coming Soon $ 5 a Gallon Gasoline Time to Nationalize Oil Companies Now




        Coming soon To A Gas Station Near You … $5.00 A Gallon , Time To Nationalize Oil Companies, The massive greed beyond words can not describe , the oil companies have no shame or decency as they  increase the price of a gallon every week. Plain and simple its wreaking the economy  and taking everybodies cushion of comfortability away as prices soar. TIME TO Nationalize now

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The American Public should stand up and demonstrate Egyptian style for low oil prices


The American Public should stand up and demonstrate Egyptian style for low oil prices.  This summer  gasoline is expected to be $5.00 a gallon . How are we supposed to eat and pay our rent and mortgage payments?  Why is the administration and congress silent? What ever happened to the Alaskan pipeline . it was to forever free us from foreign oil dependence  The economy will be down the tubes.. stand up AMERICA AND HAVE A GIGANTIC PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION Egyptian SYTLE..END

Isreal Should Halt Iranian War Ships In its Tracks at Suez Before it Moves in To Syrian Port

Israel Should Halt Iranian War Ships In its Tracks at Suez Before it Moves in To Syrian Port . Once it reaches the Syrian – Isreali port ways , its to late, Give them the Old  Exocet missile now  or you may not  have  country , The ships have one of two missions  a. to deliver Weapons to   Hamas destroy Israel  , action is needed now.

More And More Supermarkets Closing … Here is the reason, Read on

        More And More Supermarkets are   Closing .. The reason is Two fold, One stores such as discounter’s as Target and  Walmart are  featuring huge  food isles at lower prices,  And the other reason is working couples have less time to cook and are eating out more often, and are shopping at specialty  shops that feature ready made food by the pound that have items  such as meat loaf . stew  lasagna etc (hot of course )  and its these stores that are  getting the customers while Supermarkets  remain  almost devoid of patrons forcing more and more to close down certain outlets ..end

Supermarkets Disrespect Soda Buyers

Marilyn Monroe Heat Wave

Each and every  Supermarket and those other outlets that sell bottled  Soda Buyers  are disrespecting there customers by  putting return for deposit sites out in the cold. IF you buy you beverage in a the store like a person they should’t make you get your deposit back like an animal out in the cold at some spot that they drooped the the deposit machine at , buy it in a heated or  air-condition store – get your refund in a heated or air-condition store ..The government  should get after them and make them change their policy Plain end simple. end