Boycott Sprint..Has Their Actress Sporting A keffiyeh Scarf

Sprint has chosen  to have one of it’s commercial actresses  sport a keffiyeh scarf in one of their adds.

It was not done by accident or haphazardly it had to be deliberate

Here is the close up and still version..You be the Judge…are they promoting a pro Palestinan agenda?

*ThePalestinian keffiyeh (Arabic: كوفية, koofiyyeh) is a chequered black and whitescarf that is usually worn around the neck or head. The Palestinian keffiyeh has become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism, dating back to the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Then British Palestine 

Yassar Arafat Wore One Too

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Blast From The Past…2017 National Bagel Eating Contest Video Coverage At Bagel Boss Hicksville Location


  Don Moses Lerman Celebrity Judge

Don “Moses”Lerman Celebrity  Judge
Bagel Boss Hicksville Location

Trump Must Garner All Jewish Support At The Polls In America


  Trump has been a true friend to the Jewish community both here in America and in support for Israel.. American Jews must wake up to the rude awaking that the Democrat Party is now radicalized and has become ardent Anti Semitic..What We are about to say is the crux  of why some old  time Die Hard Stalwart who will not leave the Democrat Party..So listen up:

       The Crux to His Lack of Jewish Support.

Trump must address and permanently put this to rest  his comment concerning This Alt Right  rally(A white supremacists rally where Neo Nazi’s) we’re in their ranks/also known as the Charlottesville rally or Charlottesville riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, from August 11 to 12, 2017 I’m which he said”There are very fine people on both sides”..This was a response from an inexperienced politician ..A poor choice of words off the top of  his head & nothing  more, so please don’t read anything further into it.
What he most properly attempted  to convey is that there are many people on the alt right who deep down though decent but Grossly misguided.It was merely poor attempting to defuse a most volatile situation..This is the ammunition that the Democrat are using to keep Jews in their fold..
Again last night at the debates when asked if he’d condem white supremacists his response was unsatisfactory ..I’d tell them to stand down.. It came across as if he controls these militias..Again it waa just a poor choice of words but he must address that issue and clear up any ambiguity..If he is attempting to play both ends to ths middle in order to get support at both white supremacists and the Jewish electorate then He must stop it right now.


So untill Trump clears up that issue & that statement  he will forever he haunted by it by and it’ll be constantly be used as fodder by the Democrat Party.
So Fellow Jewish Voters Wake up to reality of today’s Democrat Party . It is no longer the party of your Dear Old Departed Bubby & JFK…only the name remains the same.It has been  usurped with a new bunch of radical left-wing Anti Jewish & Anti Israel followers.They no longer share Jewish values anymore
Time for today’s Jews to leave the Democratic party.For all of the yeas that Jewish people who were among the most loyal of Democrat party voters in the end they get the old pervervial kick in the pants
               The Pathetic Sad Reality Below


Trump Most Supportive President Of Israel Ever & Can’t Get Enough U.S.Jewish Support To Make A Minion

Photo: Andrew Harnik

President Trump  is most supportive President Of Israel Ever & Can’t  seem to get enough U.S.Jewish support to form A Minnion..When will U.S. Jews wake up to  the reality that the Democrat party is no longer the party of your dear old departed Bubby and JFK.It is craping on Jews and Israel big time..It no longer shares both Jewish and American values.The party is turning Socialist which is the best friend of Commumism.It has become a bastion  of Anti Jewish and anti Israel hatred . They cloak their distrain for Jews and Israeli under the veil of constitutional free’s not is Jewish Hate Speech nothing more.
I never saw an overall hate for a  sitting U.S.President as I’ve seen given to Trump ..It’s gross manipulation by the media and commercial bombardment  Plus news the hour which is not news but only presenting commentary.It doesn’t share Jewish or American values.It’s Monkey see monkey see  do….Follow the leader get on the band wagon.. whatever you want to call it..It’s not  logical.Jewish Americans are not embracing Trump. Jews should be more grateful  & lend at least if not financial support to Trump  but at least  vocal  support for his efforts ,deeds & going out on a limb for Israel.
Did you fellow Jews like Obama? He fooled us all.
Remember his real name was changed to Barry Soretos by his step father who raised him In the Muslim faith which was suppressed all during the presidential campaign.Also a photo of him wearing Muslim Garb remained hidden as well as a picture of him and Farakkan which were kept under wraps by the congressional Back Caucus
Now newly elected to Congress are 3 new Democrats 2  of which are Muslims one of them is a Palestinian the 3rd while not  a Muslim like the first 2 are pro Palestinian and Anti Israel. They are Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez…Alexand Tlaib & Ilhan Omar.The party is treating them like stars…They are the party’s future.Jews no longer seem to count.

So to secular Jews let me make this clear HITLER made absolutely no distinction between the very Pius and secular Jew..Why you ask? Because he knew that each one can be made equally into the same quality Lamp Shade..Wisen up!
                      Is This the Party You Want?


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 OPINION | WHEN PROGRESSIVES EMBRACE HATE – THE NEW YORK TIMES/Image result for hand pointing picture
ANTI SEMITISM RUNS RAMPANT.. TAKE A LOOK AT … – THE LERMAN REPORTImage result for hand pointing picture

Time for Jews To Bid Farwell To The Democrat Party.. click below
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4 Things That Will Spell Diaster For the Democrats In 2020

1. First is open borders.With an open border policy there is no longer a United States of America period end of discussion.

2.Second free college for illegal immigrants.. most collegates pay $80,000 a year for tution and  if they’re lucky maybe their great grandchildren will pay off their college loans in the next century.

3.Thirdly support BDS and Anti Israel is Anti don’t side and champion terrorists over their victims.. stop supporting Hamas BDS and Hesbollah.

4.Forthly they must quickly distance themselves from this new radical left wing of the party and do it toot sweet these 4  Things That Will Spell Diaster For the Democrats In 2020 and that’s a fact.

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America’s Left Will Make Us Just Like Europe Today..A Big Cesspool

There  Left Will Make The U.S.A. just Like Europe Is Today A Big Cesspool nothing  more..
Whenever you disembark from a cruise ship the shipping lines make extra certain that everything is pristine  and safe within the periphery of the souvenir shops..but rest assured  you stray off the beaten path and venture a bit deeper into town and its not what they want any American Tourist to see.

The line between the extreme left and anarchy line is now blurred.. Police in N.Y.C. are doused with water and the mayor tells the police to stand down.

Antifa runs  assaulting people and mainstream press is absent from any critic whatsoever.

Democrat Party Leadership is silent on the freshman members of Congress as they rip apart the only democracy in the middle East  Israel.

The same freshman members of Congress are heaping praise on murders and are only too eager to capitulate to terror.

The generation today is super liberal and disrespectful.They  say whatever is  on their mind devoid of tact and respect even for elders .Years of liberal college professors influencing  our youth with thier own  progressive style of thought process..has taken its toll.. So we have now turned 180 degrees away from  the middle of the road or center …..


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